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Research Continues on the Brown Mountain Lights

charlotteobserver - A man who has devoted several years of study to the mysterious Brown Mountain Lights in northwest North Carolina claims a possible breakthrough in his research.

Joshua Warren said in a nationally broadcast radio interview early Thursday that his team of researchers might have captured on camera one of the lights -- almost.

Warren was a guest from 4 to 5 a.m. on “Coast to Coast AM,” broadcast in Charlotte on WBT. The show focuses on topics such as UFOs, ghosts and paranormal activities, and Warren, of the Asheville area, is a regular on the program.

He said he and a team of researchers set up a camera last month in the Brown Mountain area, along the Burke-Caldwell county line, and the camera captured what appeared to be a bright light. But the light was not directly on the camera.

For more than a century, there have been reports of strange lights in the area. A number of studies, including some conducted by Warren, have failed to answer the mystery.

In his interview early Thursday, Warren said the camera – hidden in a remote area, he said – picked up a bright light shortly after 1 a.m. Nov. 20.

“This was a top-secret project,” Warren told host George Noory. “The camera was in a remote area. We didn't want anyone to mess with it.”

He said that in reviewing the video coverage, his team discovered a short span of time when a very bright light was a short distance to the right of the camera.

“The light is so bright,” he said. “It is bouncing off the lens of the camera. There is no other light source out there. This was in a very remote area.”

Warren has conducted studies of ghosts in the Carolinas, but in a 2001 Observer story, he said he does not necessarily think the Brown Mountain Lights are anything unworldly.

“We don't have any reason to believe the lights are anything other than a natural manifestation of the Earth,” he said.

Warren, 33, said his team will return to the area with one or more cameras, in another effort to solve the mystery.

Captured by L.E.M.U.R. on November 20, 2009 at 1:09am, via a remote, motion-sensitive camera placed at secret, high-elevation location in the Brown Mountain area; a strange light is glaring right beside the camera.
Click for video
Originally posted 6/27/09

Video: The Brown Mountain Lights Phenomenon - Burke County, NC

The Brown Mountain Lights are one of the most famous of North Carolina legends. They have been reported a dozen times in newspaper stories. They have been investigated at least twice by the U.S. Geological Survey. And they have attracted the attention of numerous scientists and historians since the German engineer, Gerard Will de Brahm, recorded the mysterious lights in the North Carolina mountains in 1771.

"The mountains emit nitrous vapors which are borne by the wind and when laden winds meet each other the niter inflames, sulphurates and deteriorates," said de Brahm. De Brahm was a scientific man and, of course, had a scientific explanation. But the early frontiersman believed that the lights were the spirits of Cherokee and Catawba warriors slain in an ancient battle on the mountainside.

One thing is certain, the lights do exist. They have been seen from earliest times. They appear at irregular intervals over the top of Brown Mountain - a long, low mountain in the foothills of the Blue Ridge. They move erratically up and down, visible at a distance, but vanishing as one climbs the mountain. From the Wiseman's View on Linville Mountain the lights can be seen well. They at first appear to be about twice the size of a star as they come over Brown Mountain. Sometimes they have a reddish or blue cast. On dark nights they pop up so thick and fast it's impossible to count them.


More on the Brown Mountain Lights

Brown Mountain lies in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Parkway with an elevation of only 2,600 feet. The Brown Mountain Lights of Burke County, near Morganton NC, have intrigued residents and visitors for hundreds of years. The lights are mentioned in local Native American mythology, and by Geraud de Brahm, a German engineer and the first white man to explore the region, in 1771. The lights have been described in many ways from being a glowing ball of fire, to being a bursting skyrocket, or a pale almost white light. The fact that they never seem the same is as fantastic as the lights themselves. At times they seem to drift slowly, fading and brightening and at other times they seem to whirl like pinwheels, then dart rapidly away.

One of the legends explaining the Brown Mountain Lights was of a planter from the low country who traveled to the mountains to hunt, and became lost. One of his slaves came to look for him and was seen searching through the hills with a lantern, night after night. Now, according to the legend, the old slave is gone, but his spirit remains and the old lantern still casts it's light.

Another such legend is of a woman who disappeared about 1850, the general suspicion was that her husband had killed her. Almost everyone in the community joined the search for her and one dark night while the search was on the strange lights appeared on Brown Mountain. Some of the searchers thought that this was the dead woman's spirit come back to haunt her murderer and warn the searchers to stop looking for her body. The search ended without a trace of her body, but long years afterwards a pile of bones was found under a cliff and were identified as the skeleton of the missing woman.

The Cherokee Indians were familiar with these lights as far back as the year 1200. According to Indian legend, a great battle was fought that year between the Cherokee and Catawba Indians near Brown Mountain. The Cherokees believed that the lights were the spirits of Indian maidens who went on searching through the centuries for their husbands and sweethearts who had died in the battle. Early frontiersman believed that the lights were the spirits of Cherokee and Catawba warriors slain in an ancient battle on the mountainside. Some say the lights are just a troop of candle-bearing ghosts destined to walk back and forth across the mountain forever.

Of the many scientific theories made to explain the Brown Mountain Lights, none have been proven. Some suggest that the lights are caused by a combination of several minerals and gases in the area. One geologist suggested that possibly deposits of radioactive uranium ore in the area may be responsible for producing the lights. Another suggests phosphorus, but this element oxidizes quickly and is not found here. Pitchblende Ore, from which radium is derived, has been mentioned, but the rays from radium are invisible.

Some scientists have advanced the theory that the lights are a mirage. Through some peculiar atmospheric condition they believe the glowing balls are reflections from Hickory, Lenoir, and other towns in the area. The only drawback to this theory is that the lights were clearly seen before the War between the States, long before electricity was used to produce light.

A U.S. Geological Survey decided in 1913 that the lights were locomotive headlights from the Catawba Valley south of Brown Mountain. However, three years later in 1916 a great flood that swept through the Catawba Valley knocked out the railroad bridges. It was weeks before the right-of-way could be repaired and the locomotives could once again enter the valley. Roads were also washed out and power lines were down. But the lights continued to appear as usual. It became apparent that the lights could not be reflections from locomotive or automobile headlights.

A second U.S. Geological Survey report disposes of the cause of the Brown Mountain Lights by saying they are due to the spontaneous combustion of marsh gases. But there are no marshy places on or about Brown Mountain.

The lights can be seen from as far away as Blowing Rock or the old Yonahlosse Trail over Grandfather Mountain some fifteen miles from Brown Mountain. At some points closer to Brown Mountain the lights seem large, resembling balls of fire from a Roman candle. Sometimes they may rise to various heights and fade slowly. Others expand as they rise, then burst high in the air like an explosion without sound.

Brown Mountain is located in the Pisgah National Forest, in the Blue Ridge mountains of Western North Carolina. There are several places where the lights can be seen, here are a few of the more popular places.

* Brown Mountain Overlook Located 20 miles north of Morganton, on NC highway 181, 1 mile south of the Barkhouse Picnic Area.
* Wiseman's View Overlook Located 5 miles south of the village of Linville Falls on Kistler Memorial Highway a.k.a Old NC 105 or State Road 1238.
* Lost Cove Cliffs Overlook Located on the Blue Ridge Parkway, at mile-post 310, 2 miles north of the NC highway 181 junction.

The Brown Mountain Lights are a somewhat rare occurrence, and are not always visible. To see the lights you need good visibility between your viewpoint and Brown Mountain. Clear weather conditions with little or no moonlight are the most favorable for viewing the lights, but the lights have been seen during hazy conditions and light rain. The lights have been reported to be seen at all hours of the night between sundown and sunrise, but the best noted times are at 10:00 PM and 2:00 AM. The locals also say they are much more prominent in the months of September and October.

One thing is certain, the lights do exist. They have been seen from earliest times. They appear at irregular intervals over the top of Brown Mountain. They move erratically up and down, are visible at a distance, but vanish as one climbs the mountain. From the Wiseman's View on Linville Mountain the lights can be seen well. They at first appear to be about twice the size of a star as they come over Brown Mountain. Sometimes they have a reddish or blue cast. On dark nights they pop up so thick and fast it's impossible to count them.

Who knows what causes the Brown Mountain Lights, but if you view them, as I have, you can say you have viewed a natural phenomenon that scientists have yet to explain.


Spirits of Literary Family Inhabit Former Home

scarborougheveningnews - An historic Scarborough building is haunted by the late family who owned it – according to its current occupants.

Sitwell House, now known as Woodend Creative Workspace, is apparently haunted by members of the literary Sitwell family.

A live ghost hunt was recently filmed in the building and there was plenty of spooky goings-on to report.

Andrew Clay, centre director of Woodend, said: "We have always though Woodend was haunted. They are all friendly ghosts. We have seen very strange things in the past and someone once took a picture of a face in the window. People have told us they have seen ghosts here before.

"So we decided to do a ghost hunt to see if we can confirm it."

The ghost hunt was streamed live on the internet and Mr Clay says the ghosthunters picked up plenty of messages.

He said: "We went round the building seeing if we could find anything and Angie, the lady who led the session, was picking up signals all the time. It was fascinating."

Mr Clay said a signal was picked up from Ida Sitwell, who was the wife of Sir George.

Edith Sitwell, who is one of the house's most famous occupants, is also known to haunt the building's library.

Mr Clay added: "We were told some are visiting ghosts while the others are permanent.

"We know the Sitwells were into spiritualism themselves and they used to hold many seances in the library.

There was definitely a lot going on during the ghost hunt and it was confirmed there are ghosts at Woodend.

"There were about 15 people at the ghost hunt and we know a lot of people watched it live on the internet.

"It was quite spooky at times especially when the lights were turned off and when we were in the library as it has been said before that Edith haunts the library.

"It was extremely interesting and we would definitely like to do it again."


Woodend Creative Workspace is located in the town’s former Natural History Museum, Wood End, previously the summer home of Edith Sitwell and family. A main three-story extension lies in the footprint of the former walled garden to the rear of the building and includes a roof of flowering sedum. A further extension of workspaces has been added in the garden between the Sitwell Villa and the reconstructed folly, in the manner of a kitchen garden glasshouse, screened from plantation hill by the original garden wall.

Poetess Dame Edith Sitwell was born in Scarborough, Yorkshire, the only daughter of the eccentric Sir George Sitwell, 4th Baronet, of Renishaw Hall; he was an expert on genealogy and landscaping. Her mother was the former Lady Ida Emily Augusta Denison, a daughter of the Earl of Londesborough and a granddaughter of Henry Somerset, 7th Duke of Beaufort. She claimed a descent through female lines from the Plantagenets.

Sitwell had two younger brothers, Osbert (1892-1969) and Sacheverell Sitwell (1897-1988) both distinguished authors, well-known literary figures in their own right, and long-term collaborators.


Bizarre Death by Remote Control

thisislondon - A man has been jailed for three years after killing his wife by throwing a TV remote control at her.

In a freak accident, the 114g device struck a weak spot on her head, causing bleeding on the brain.

Doctors later found that Gloria Laguna, a former US diplomat, had no idea she had a congenital weakness around her vertebral artery.

A jury at the Old Bailey heard that the 48-year-old was struck behind the ear, causing a haemorrhage.

Only two years earlier she had given up her career to marry husband Paul Harvey and move to Britain.

In sentencing, Judge Giles Forrester said Harvey, who has two previous convictions for violence — including breaking a policeman's nose — and criminal damage, had a problem with his temper. This was exacerbated by the fact that both he and his wife had been drinking and taking cocaine on the night she died.

He said: “In any view you were taking a significant risk of injuring her, although — as the medical evidence makes clear — the risk was greater than anybody could have anticipated. This has been described as an egg shell skull case'.”

Mr Harvey, 46, rang 999 in tears and tried deparately to save his wife but she died later in hospital.

Harvey, an international electrical installation inspector of Warren Street, had pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

The court heard that a trivial row had blown up over Mr Harvey continuing to pay maintenance and education fees for his stepdaughter from his previous marriage, even though she was not a blood relative.

Jonathon Goldberg QC, defending, said: “All he did was throw the TV control in her general direction. He was not aiming at her neck or head but threw it in a moment of pique and anger. He is ashmaed and remorseful at the loss of his wife.

“She was a fine and well-connected woman, a member of the US diplomatic service who gave up that position to move to the UK and was looking for a position of equal status.

“But unfortunately she had a quite unique medical condition which was unknown to anybody, least of all herself, and the slightest trauma in that area of the vertebral artery could, and did, lead to death.”

The court heard that the TV remote control weighed just 114g (approximately four ounces). The couple had met in India where Ms Laguna was working for the US consulate and Mr Harvey was working on the Goldman Sachs building.

He was brought up in South Africa and was described in court as a “rugby-playing, beer drinking, alpha plus kind of male and very successful in the building industry.”


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Friday, December 18, 2009

Czernica: The Fuhrer's Roswell

NOTE: It is my understanding that the following account was a combination of information provided by Polish researcher Robert K Lesniakiewicz, Czech Researcher Milos Jesensky, Russian ufologist Anton Anfalov, Ukrainian psychic and witness Lenura A Azizova, Russian researcher Iryna V Volyk & Russian chemist Sergey V Kovalevskiy. I'm offering this as an addendum to my previous posting The Vril Society: Nazis, UFOs and Conspiracy...Lon

Czernica, Germany (now territory of Poland) - Summer 1937

"A multicolored ball or globe-shaped UFO was seen to fall in a field (or near a field) belonging to Eva Braun’s parents (this was the future mistress of Adolph Hitler) The area was cordoned off by SS-troops from the town of Jelenia Gora (called Hirschberg at the time)."

"The crashed disk was transported to the Hirschberg SS base and kept under very strong guard and super top security. The disk was 7.6 meter in diameter and 3.8 meters high. It consisted of a large “overwhelming” dome, encircled by a narrow outer rim, and smaller flat dome on the bottom with a flat lower section. The top of the dome was also flat and large. The craft had 6 oval-shaped structures resembling portholes but not transparent, or devices that radiated some type of light, located near the base of the upper dome. On the lower surface of the outer rim the craft had 12 lights. The color of the disk was a dull metal gray. There was an insignia on the dome resembling the letter “T” with 2 props on its sides. The entrance into the disk was found on the top of the upper dome. The general shape of the disk resembled that of a German soldier’s helmet with a small protrusion on the bottom."

"Inside the circular cabin were 3 small seats, there were control panels around the dome and 3 alien beings were found: one was dead, the other two were alive. One of the live aliens died soon after the crash, and the second live alien remained in custody for about 1.5 months and then died. The aliens were small dwarfs, about 0.9-1.0m in height, with large hairless pear-shaped heads, small dystrophic looking bodies, long narrow hands with 4 fingers, grayish skin and large dark slanted eyes."

"The Germans were afraid to move the disk to a more distant location, out of apprehension that it might explode during a long trip during transportation. So, a research laboratory had to be constructed nearby. From Hirschberg the disk was removed to a more secured underground location, which most likely, was called “Der Riese” a Nazi complex in the nearby Gory Sowie mountains (now in southwest Poland), which was also a site being used for excavating for uranium ore. This complex had an extensive network of underground hangars, connected by tunnels. The bodies of the occupants and the living extraterrestrial were also moved into this complex. The alien that lived for a little bit over a month apparently supplied the Germans with some type of information and was desperately asking the Nazi medical doctors for help, but they could not help him because of the different biological structure of his body. The alien died from an unknown illness."

"The origin of the crashed craft was apparently the double star system RA known on earth as 78 mu-1, Cygni, 73.1 light years in distance. Among the information given to the Germans by the surviving alien was that they had built underground bases in the polar region of the Canadian Northern Territories maybe Baffin Island. This data was supplied to Adolph Hitler himself. But no substantial technical data was in fact provided by the alien that could had help Nazi scientists to cope with the alien technology, despite their desperate attempt to obtain such data. The surviving alien also informed the Germans that the crashed was caused by some kind of technical malfunction. The alien was kept and interrogated at the same underground installation as the disk."

"Adolph Hitler and some other top Nazi figures including Werner Von Braun and Air Marshall Hermann Goring inspected the crashed disk, the alien bodies and consulted Nazi scientists in an attempt to use the object as a super secret weapon. Among those scientist involved in investigating the crashed disc were, Max Von Laue, Otto Hahn (who discovered nuclear fusion) and Werner Heisenberg. Fortunately (and unfortunately for the Nazis) the alien technology was extremely sophisticated and difficult to understand. The disc indeed inspired some Nazi scientists to construct different models of disc-shaped planes and the so-called flying bombs."

"This crash and possession of the extraterrestrial spacecraft was one of the factors that possibly inspired Hitler with extreme self-confidence to start World War II, hoping to use the craft as a sort of super weapon that would eventually help him conquer the world. Because of the approaching Soviet troops the whole underground complex was blown up, and the disk and the alien bodies was buried in one of the underground tunnels, the entrance was sealed with numerous huge rocks. It is apparently still there, unbeknownst to the Polish Government. The disk apparently still emanates radiation from its power plant, but because of the nearby uranium mines this source of radiation remains undetected."
Previously posted 7/28/07

Wernher von Braun at Roswell During UFO Crash

by Clark C. McClelland - Former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, Kennedy Space Center, FL 1958-1992

In 1947, a controversial event took place in New Mexico near the town of Roswell. The "Roswell Incident," as it has come to be known, remains the paramount case in UFO crash/retrieval history. In addition to the claims of a downed alien ship, alien bodies were said to have been recovered from the debris.

The United States Air Force (USAF) and U.S. Federal Government have kept a steadfast opinion that the object in question was a high altitude balloon project, code named: Mogul. The project was designed to detect nuclear blasts in the USSR. The bodies that were recovered, according to the USAF, were parachute test dummies that had been released high above the desert, and had eventually drifted into the "balloon" crash area. The USAF finally settled on this fabricated version of events and passed it off to the American public as truth.

During my long years of service in our national space program, I was very fortunate to come to know and exchange some very exciting data with former German scientists, who had been brought to the USA under Operation Paper Clip following Word War II. These men were the elite of the German rocket programs controlled by Adolph Hitler. On many occasions I had the distinct privilege of speaking with Dr. Wernher von Braun, the leader of the elite group, and several other scientists who were assigned to the ABMA (Army Ballistics Missile Agency) launch crews at the Cape Canaveral launch sites. Eventually, these same men were incorporated into the new National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) organization. During the periodic MFA (Manned Flight Awareness) meetings that were held at Cocoa Beach, I was able to talk freely and briefly with such scientists, particularly Dr. von Braun.

On one such occasion, he and I had taken a break and stepped out of the Cocoa Beach Ramada Inn into the back patio. I admitted that I was aware that he and his German Scientific team were located not too far from the crash site at that time. They were launching captured V-2 rockets from the White Sands Testing Range. On this night, I asked him a question concerning the Roswell Incident that caused his eyebrows to raise.

Did the Roswell Incident in fact happen, was an alien craft recovered along with alien bodies? Did you have a chance to go to the crash site?"

Dr von Braun was a cigarette smoker and he lit one up. He thought for a second, then proceeded to talk freely about his inspection of the crashed craft.

He trusted me to hear such astonishing events because I vowed to not report it to newspapers, magazines, television, etc. I never broke that vow. Since he is deceased, and the incident happened over fifty years ago, I am now disclosing what I heard. I have a right to speak about anything - even things that, according to certain agencies, "do not exist."

Dr. von Braun explained how he and his (unnamed, for now) associates had been taken to the crash site after most of the military were pulled back. They did a quick analysis of what they found. He told me the craft did not appear to be made of metal as we know metal on earth. He said it seemed to be created from something biological, like skin. I was lost as to what he indicated, other than thinking perhaps the craft was "alive."

The recovered bodies were temporarily being kept in a nearby medical tent. They were small, very frail and had large heads. Their eyes were large. Their skin was greyish and reptilian in texture. Dr. von Braun said it looked similar to the skin texture of rattle snakes he'd seen several times at White Sands. His inspection of the debris had even him puzzled: very thin, aluminium coloured, like silvery chewing gum wrappers. Very light and extremely strong. The interior of the craft was nearly bare of equipment, as if the creatures and craft were part of a single unit.

That's when I became lost in the moment. We returned to the awards ceremony, in which he participated, later bidding farewell. I went home with my head spinning from all I had heard. Keeping this quiet for many years was very difficult, especially with the temptations of having many friends and associates who believe in UFOs, ETs, etc. I never released this amazing data to Major Keyhoe and NICAP, or the public, until now. I considered my honor sacred when a vow was made.

Article author's note: This amazing interview with Dr. von Braun is only one of many events that I personally experienced as a space flight pioneer at Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, from 1958 to 1992.

NOTE: I realize that this has been a theory with many versions...but there are some interesting statements, especially how this incident parallels the Roswell Incident. Did the Roswell account borrow some of the details from the Czernica crash? What technology did the Allies gain after the war? The recent revelations that von Braun was at Roswell deepens this conspiracy...Lon


Reader's Paranormal Mystery: The Lost Amulet

When I was nine or ten years old, my mother and her husband bought a huge house near Anderson, Indiana. It was built in the 1870's on an area said to be sacred to the former Native Americans who had formerly lived there. It had a pool, tennis court and a small grove of trees, but it had been vacant for several years and was in need of repair.

Through research, I discovered that the house had been owned by a very old women and her husband. Previous to them, it was owned by the woman's family who had been wealthy. The woman had died in the house in the large master bedroom and her husband had died in an unknown accident. There were old servant quarters which was now an apartment and had been occupied by a man by the name of Sam. He informed us that the couple was buried in the grove because they loved it there while they were alive.

After we moved in, my mom and I would sit in the sun room. At times, we would smell the strong scent of sickening perfume. We looked all around but couldn't tell where it was coming from. A few weeks later, I began to notice more strange activity.

My room was on the end of a long hallway in which you had to cross through another room to get to. The rooms were separated by large French doors. My bed was facing towards the door so I could look into the other room. At night, I would hear heavy footsteps walking up and down the stairs and through the hallway. One night, I heard the footsteps coming in my direction from the other room and suddenly stopped. I could hear a faint and steady breathing noise. I just hide under my covers and cried myself to sleep. I told my mother but she simply told me I was imaging it, even though she later admitted that she had heard footsteps.

A year or so later, I was on summer vacation. My mother would leave me home alone sometimes so she could go and run errands. Occasionally, I witnessed black shadows out of the corner of my eye when I was watching TV in the living room, but when I would turn to look it would be gone. Once, when I was completely alone in the house, I heard something moving around upstairs. I muted the TV and heard a loud heavy thumping and then footsteps moving quickly back and forth through the hallway and the master bedroom.

Later, just before my mother and her husband divorced and we moved out, I had a few friends over. We went into the basement which had an old coal furnace and several other large rooms. My friends and I were pretty curious about the coal furnace, so we opened it up and found a bunch of old newspapers, chicken bones and a vintage amulet. It was obvious that it was made of sterling silver and had a large amethyst mounted on it. I removed it from the furnace, cleaned it up and took it to my room and laid it on my nightstand. Later, I told my mother what I had found and she said that I could keep it.

That night, I again heard footsteps coming into my room. But this time, there was distinct crying and sobbing sounds. I was terrified and covered my head with the quilt. After a few minutes, the crying stopped and I pull back the covers. Then I noticed that the amulet was gone. I looked all over, but never found the amulet.

Several years later, I was working on a school project that involved local history. My mother and I still lived in the same area though we now lived in a new smaller house. I was in the library looking through old photographs when I stumbled onto several old postmortem images. Immediately, I recognized the name of the woman who had lived in the old house previous to us who was buried in the grove. The photo was of her during the wake and around her neck was the exact amulet I had found in the furnace.

I never have understood how the amulet got into the furnace and later into the furnace but, I'm willing to bet it's around her neck.


NOTE: I received this account today. Marcy tells me that the grove of trees now has a fence around it and that Sam's nephew is committed to tending the gravesite...Lon

Close Encounter - 101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell, Kentucky - 9/10/81

NOTE: this unedited witness report was posted on the MUFON site this morning. Is this credible?...Lon

MUFON witness report (unedited) - Fort Campbell, Kentucky 9/10/81: In 1981 either in the spring or the fall it has been so long. I still remember fairly clear what had happened one night at ftcky (Fort Campbell, Kentucky...Lon).
The 101 Airborne.Div..had a division exercise and about 28,000 participated. We received a radio call from division HQ that we are halting the exercise and observe the sky for unusual objects. We have been notified that the object is unidentifiable. We were asked to mark our watches and monitor time loss. After the event we should examine ourselves for puncture wounds in the nape of our necks and behind the ear lobes. Not long after that about 1 minute a large object appeared in the sky I could not see it at first. It appeared like all the other other stars.
The radio operator whom I will not reveal his name from Long Island Ny. and the company commander a capt. who was my age 24 years old at the time, whom I will not reveal his name pointed out the object. It grew bigger and bigger and appeared to be approximately 2000 ft. up. One object turned into 4 maybe 5 smaller objects. They were discs and they came from the larger object. Now I can't figure out if the larger object was a cylinder or a larger disc because of the angle and postion it was in. The smaller disc as I recall glowed green on one side and orange on the other. They flew faster than any earth bound vehicle and could stop on a dime, a very sudden stop no coasting. These discs wanted to be seen obviously with bright colors and it appeared that the were flying in a pattern to triangulate the entire div. and then they stopped and spread quickly to various points. One of the silver discs stopped maybe 150 meters away from my company. I immediately asked the company commander, I volunteer to go forward and make contact. I will be peaceful and show no hostility. He said Doc I need to get that cleared. He radioed division .Hq and they said proceed with caution make note of any markings and observe for any life forms inside.
The company commander told me Doc you don't have to do this. I said Sir I have to do this we have an opportunity to meet someone from another world. I ran forward hoping this object would not leave before I could make contact. I stood before this disc that appeared to be silver now not showing what I will term its battle colors green and orange.
I carried a 45 calb. pistol as I was a senior combat medic rank E5. I was also wearing my battle dress to include the laser tag equipment used in training.
I approached the first time and waved with my hand and held the position waving as the satellite with the man and the woman on it (voyager). I felt maybe some other life forms had seen us from that satellite.
I could not see any movement and thought maybe it's my gear. I ran back and dropped my gear at the captain's. feet and told him to keep my 45 pistol I might be gone a long time and tell my parent I love them if this happens. He said Doc you need to stay here , I don't feel good about this. I said Sir if I make contact
do you want to approach me or do I bring them to you or do you send one of your lieutenants out. He paused as if he did not want to respond. Then he said we will cross that bridge when it happens.
I then jogged eagerly back to the silver disc and with 2 canteens in hand, some C rations in my pocket I offered food and drink to this flying disc.
no response. I had no weapons on me. I was nearly defenseless and I recall while running out there the second time I new I was not going to get any help from the 90 or so men who were now in my background a 150 meters away from me. It was me, against this disc. I also knew they would probably leave the others alone. My job as a combat medic was to protect the men on health issues and protect wounded from the enemy. I was 12 inches away from this disc. it was silver like flexible foil. It was Quiet never made a sound and hovered about 5' (ft) from the ground . I stood 5'11 inches 186 pounds in those days. I was literally nose to nose with this disc. I saw it to be flat on the bottom and contoured to the top with a small dome on top.
no markings of any kind . I think I remember portals on the dome on top of the ship. I saw no one I walked 3/4s around this ship.
no contact. I looked onward to my company who seemed very far away at this point.
then I became extremely concerned in my spirit. What use to be courage almost became fear and a warning, almost as if some one was talking to me.
I was being told to leave quickly that this was not normal and I was in harms way. It was as if my spirit warned me perhaps God warned me, or may be something in the disc warned me. I then walked quickly around and then faced the front position that I started in at the disc and waved one more time. No response and then with some fear about me I jogged in a zigzag pattern back to my company.
I did not want the occupants on board to think I was scared or let them think they had advantage over me. I could feel a presence and I sent a I am not scared presence back. It was for lesser words animal instinct being used by both parties in my opinion.
After I got back I said to the captain, I tried but they do not want to communicate and quite frankly I am scared sir. the company commander said to me you are not alone Doc look around you. Every man around us was praying to God. I knelt with one knee to the ground near the men
facing as bold as I could and prayed 'God make this thing go away, this disc is not of good nature, protect us. not more than 5 seconds latter this disc moved back as I left it , dipped down moved like a zig zag and straight out and up to the larger ship it went.
all the other discs left at the same time.

We were debriefed by I believe by an air force capt. who said he was with information / foreign technology. He asked me if I saw any markings chin se or Russian. I said no none. He asked me if it made sound, I said none, did I see anybody , no I saw no one.
He said we saw a bonified UFO and the discs were not of earthly origin. He also told us that one of the discs halted an air force C130 aircraft when it was taking off 2 feet from the ground at ftcky air strip. It drained the aircraft of energy and set it on the ground. He also said
the gov. wanted to reopen project Blue book because of the event. He then said he had no more time for us as he had to interview another company that had an experience that night. I asked what happened and he replied to all of us that is not up for discussion here.
I asked the air force debrief if we could talk about this. He said we could to anyone for the rest of our lives. he said the us gov. was real interested in this event.


Now, two weeks latter we were in the field training and one of the sergeants showed me with night vision goggles,
you could see for miles when the laser tag mechanism was fired. I said that's why they came down. They thought we had laser guns.
Its a good thing I took off all my equipment. Then the Sergeant turned to me and said Doc I heard a rumor that 3 men in another company were taken off of the ground and sent back striped of gear and clothing. 2 were dead and one got committed to the hospital crazy bin.
He also said I was either crazy or the bravest medic he had ever seen.

Mars Once Alive and Well? Are We Following the Same Road or Was That Our Road?

I am lost when it comes to Mars. Are we looking at a planet in ruins that once was alive and well? I wish I could decide what to think about Mars. All I can do is look at what we are being told and shown and try to work out the possibilities.

I wish I could trust that we are being told the truth on subjects like space and UFO’s. I wish I could believe half of what we are told and shown, however- I do not.

I try to find my way with what is available on as many levels as possible before forming an opinion yet admit I find Mars a mystery.

A man who reads my articles sent me very interesting photos taken from the NASA site of Mars surface. I admit most do look like natural rock formations to me. I also admit there are a few that simply do not seem to be natural. Some do look like intelligent built structures. I have to stop and give pause to how and why these things would be seen on a planet that we have been told is a dead barren landscape.

I have viewed videos concerning this topic and think some points made in the videos are valid while others just do not make sense. I find myself really at odds about this subject yet feeling; as more information comes to light that it certainly seems feasible that life did or does exist on Mars.

I have listened to theories of a possible civilization that once lived on the surface of Mars either dying off or leaving the planet due to a natural decline of the planets atmosphere. I also have heard theories that possible misuse of technology by the society on Mars caused the planet to decline to the state we now find it.

I know others think that the civilization that once populated the surface of Mars may have survived and exist below the surface in the interior of the planet.

I listen to it all yet feel confused and uncertain to what the truth is about Mars. The only truth I can depend on is that we most certainly are not being told the truth about Mars!

I do know that as we research Mars we are finding it appears Mars once was a planet that had or has water. New research also is finding methane on the planet that once thought was there by way of meteorites. Now it seems that theory is incorrect and the reason we are finding methane gas is from leaking gas during the warmer season on Mars coming from its interior. This could be the result of interior life forms forming the gas. Life may be living below the surface of Mars. It may be in the form of microorganisms forming this methane but the fact remains it seems to be life that is the cause of the methane gas detected.

I think that we may be seeing the remains of what was once a life filled environment that has fallen to the desolate condition we now see.

It could be possible that some form of intelligent life is alive and well in the interior of this planet. I think if even more likely the inhabitants had no choice but to leave their dying planet and have migrated to other living planets- like earth.

I would not be shocked at any discovery found on or about Mars. I think we will be finding out more about the planet Mars in the near future. I also think it unlikely the findings will be shared with society. I believe the facts found about Mars will be kept in the dark and far from the population of our planet earth. We live in darkness about so much concerning space and the universe around us. I believe we are kept in this darkness out of some great fear of what would happen if we knew or simply because disclosure at this point in history would be harmful and dangerous for all concerned including the other life forms involved.

I remind myself that in our universe we are the ones being visited and we are the ones who cannot get out of our own way. We also are the ones who cannot live in harmony with each other and we are the ones who do NOT understand the science of the universe. It stands to reason we are also the ones who are kept at arms length with universal truths, as we are the ones who need to evolve on many levels.

I think that other universal civilizations much older then ours, much more developed and evolved then we are also are the ones running the show with things like disclosure and connections to mankind.

We talk non-stop about our government’s disclosure and fail to realize that our governments have little to do but agree with what our galactic neighbors want. I would think to do anything other would be like ants fighting with pebbles against beings who could swat out our lights and lives with a blink of an eye.

We seem to be growing in ability in our investigation of Mars and the Moon. However I also think our planet and those living on it are primitive and have miles to walk before we are civil enough to join in with the rest of the universal neighborhood.

Mars may have many lessons for us to learn. I hope we continue on listening and learning as those lessons present themselves. We have miles to go and need to quicken our pace.

I will leave you with a compelling video and photos of Mars and let you form your own opinions concerning Mars. Are we looking at our past, could we be looking at our future? I hope we can keep our focus and understand the lessons of the universe as we advance towards our own future. LIFE ON MARS MAY 2001 Video
Click for video

Thanks to Chris Holly at Chris Holly's Paranormal World


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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Paranormal Activity Part of Flagstaff, AZ History

jackcentral - Since becoming a permanent settlement back in 1876, Flagstaff has evolved into a town rich with history and paranormal activity.

Originally a trading location, Flagstaff slowly grew into an urban center over time. Within thirty years of being established, the city was home to many hotels and schools, including NAU, which are still in existence. Over time, supernatural manifestations began contributing to the town’s rich history.

Kristen Kuykendall, a desk clerk at the Hotel Monte Vista, said the majority of ghosts are just desperate for attention.

“Whatever is here is trapped and bored,” Kuykendall said. “They just want to be acknowledged.”

Established in 1927, the Monte Vista is famous not only for the many celebrities who have stayed there over the years, but for its ghost stories.

In room 306, for example, two prostitutes were murdered back when San Francisco St. was the red-light district of Flagstaff. Since then, men claim to wake up in the middle of the night frozen in place by spirits from the beyond.

Kuykendall herself has experienced weird happenings in the hotel.

“It was about 3:45 in the morning and I was making rounds upstairs when I was walking down the hall of the third floor and heard live piano music,” Kuykendall said. “There are no pianos in this building. I stopped and listened, and then it stopped playing.”

A few blocks west, another hotel is filled with the supernatural.

The Weatherford hotel, built in 1897, accommodated a honeymoon couple. The story goes that the husband, having left the hotel during a blizzard, died on the streets. Thinking her new spouse had abandoned her, the wife hung herself in the room.

Matt Bial, the general manager of the Weatherford, said the couple has scared patrons out of room 54.

“The guests came back and told me they did not get much sleep the night before,” Bial said. “They said they woke up and there was a couple having a conversation at the end of their bed. They went and slept in their car that night.”

Downtown Flagstaff is not the only area home to these spirits.

Surrounded by three graveyards, NAU provides many different cases of paranormal activity, primarily throughout the dormitories.

Jeanine Rashbaum, a junior microbiology major and orientation leader, said the most popular legend involves Morton Hall.

“During World War II, there was a girl staying in Morton named Kathy,” Rashbaum said. “She fell in love with a sailor, but he died at war. When winter break started, everyone went home, but she stayed and hung herself.”

Morton was closed temporarily following the incident. When it reopened, strange events began taking place. Girls found themselves locked in the bathroom, which continues to this day.

“Kathy likes to play tricks,” Rashbaum said. “If you say, ‘Kathy, can you please let me out?’ she will let you out.”

On the opposite end of campus is McConnell Hall, originally crafted by an insane architect. Supposedly built so each room receives approximately six minutes of sunlight throughout the day, McConnell is shaped like a biohazard sign from an aerial view.

“He just wanted a building with that much light,” Rashbaum said. “There is a rumor that one room does not get the six minutes [the architect] wanted, so he went in there and killed himself.”

Though he lives in a town harboring these horrifying stories, Bial said the majority of ghouls are merely seeking their place in history.

“It is like their little space in time,” Bial said. “They have been able to seal that moment in the timeline of life.”


When tourism was on the rise during mid 1920's local residents agreed that Flagstaff needed first-class accommodations. Existing hotels were old and outmoded. Fundraising began in April of 1926, and within one month investments of prominent citizens and funds donated by the novelist Zane Grey, totaled approximately $200,000. Ground was broken on June 8.

Construction plans tied the 1917-1927 Post Office and incorporated the existing structure that housed The Coconino Sun, which is now the Monte Vista Cocktail Lounge, together with the hotel. The tallest building in Flagstaff, the 73 room hotel, originally named the Community Hotel opened on New Years Day, January 1, 1927. The hotel was then renamed by a contest winner, a 12 year old school-girl, who entered The Monte Vista Hotel. The Monte Vista continued on to be the longest publicly held commercial property in America until it was sold to a private individual in the early 1960's, and continues to be the longest lived operational hotel in Flagstaff. Listed on the U.S. Registrar of Historic Places.


The first mention of Texas-born John W. Weatherford in Flagstaff’s newspaper of the time, The Coconino Sun, describes the young deputy riding into town. He was coming here to dispel rumors of killing among the posse that had been trying to settle the Tonto Basin Graham-Tewkesbury feud, which was later immortalized in Zane Grey’s To the Last Man. Arizona is a territory in the Wild West. The Aztec Cattle Company, the Hashknife outfit, has just about finished moving 33,000 longhorn into the region, with cattle rustlers in their dust. Denis Mathew Riordan — Indian agent, lumberman, railroader, and philanthropist — has just purchased the Ayer Lumber Company. Timber, cattle, and the railroad rule the economic landscape. It is 1887 and Flagstaff is an island of commerce and culture in this changing land. The AT&SF railroad workers had already brought the rail to Flagstaff on on their way to California and San Diego.

In 1896 and 1897, fires plagued the city. Ordinances were enacted requiring any new construction to be of brick or stone. In 1898, Weatherford is granted permission to “construct a brick or stone business block on the southwest corner of Leroux Street and Aspen Avenue and … a sidewalk along the south side of Aspen Avenue from Leroux to Beaver Street.” In the late 1890s, Flagstaff streets were unpaved. They were dusty in the summer and muddy in the spring. Constructing sidewalks — a community upgrade — helped grease the wheels of city paperwork.

By April, they dug out the basement. Construction for the main dining room of Charly’s restaurant broke ground in February 1899. On January 1, 1900, the $10,000 Hotel Weatherford opened its doors to the public. It was the biggest and best; according to The Coconino Sun, “There is no finer hotel in the whole southwest.” Of Weatherford they say, “He is careful of the interests of his guests and every comfort obtainable is afforded them.”


Alien Beings in Neighbor's Yard - Connecticut - 12/17/09

NOTE: the following report was submitted to MUFON on 12/17/09 from a 15 year old in Connecticut. It's a bit crude but I think you'll understand the intent...Lon

MUFON witness report (unedited): "First what happened is I woke up because i heard a boom from outside. I was scared out of sleep. i sit up, and I see a white figure in my neighbor's yard. I figure it must be a light, and i try to fall asleep again. It doesn't work. I think about what it could be, and I surmised an extra terrestrial. For 30 minutes i was scared like hell to even get up, so i checked my cell phone which was on the table next to me to check the time. it was exactly 6:02. the event has gone from about 5:30 to now, for i currently see the objects while writing the report. i sit up, and i see the figures closer now, so i can make out what they are. Bodies. Paper white bodies in the distance. i stare at the figures longer. I see the figures blink their "heads" on and off, with no particular pattern, as if speaking to one another. Then i see a third one come in. The order of the objects in the window is this from me: Orange figure far left, short figure middle, a slightly bigger figure to the far right. This orange figure is about twice the size of the other two, and is orange. I heard a great roam from the sky, like the cry of a low wailing engine. I figure it could be their vessel's engine, but i cannot see any crafts. I get up a little bit later to look out the window. I saw them oh so clearly. I saw bodies, two arms, two legs, heads, and on one of them i saw a separate light coming from the one on the far right. It is square. it seems like a map. they blink their "heads" once again as if in conversation, and i turn on my computer to write this report. I am but 15, so i am scared shitless, shaking more than i ever have in my entire life, pardon my french. I talk to my friend and she says she wishes to see the figures as well, while i do have a webcam, it is too late. I look out one last time, and they vanish. I heard another engine sound, loud and clear, and then nothing. Only the wind remains now."

50 Sewing Needles Found in Young Boy, Black Magic Ritual Feared

Click for video

dailymail - A two-year-old is seriously ill after being admitted to hospital with 50 sewing needles inside him.

Doctors in Brazil believe the needles were deliberately pushed into his body through his skin - including 17 discovered in his digestive system.

Police have launched an investigation to discover who carried out the attack amid fears the boy may have been used as part of a sinister black magic ritual.

One of the needles perforated the youngster's left lung. Stunned medics admitted him to hospital in Barreiras in the state of Bahma, north east Brazil, after X-rays showed the 50 metal objects in his abdomen, neck, thorax and legs.

Today it emerged the macabre crime may be linked to a bizarre black magic ritual.

The boy, taken to hospital by a relative on Sunday with stomach pains, has not been named.

His mother, maid Marma Souza Santos, has told police she does not know who is responsible and said his gran used to look after her son while she was out at work.

But she has reportedly claimed in a statement the youngster's stepfather may have used the infant in a black magic ritual. He has denied the claims.

Police chief Helder Fernandes Santana said: 'We are certain someone introduced the needles because of the position of some of them in the child's body.

'At the moment we don't know who did it.

'It's such a strange situation. We could be looking at attempted murder, a serious assault or some type of revenge attack. We're not ruling anything out at the moment.'

Doctors at West Hospital in Barreiras where the boy is currently being treated, said they would considering trying to remove sewing needles just under the surface of the boy's skin.

But hospital director Luiz Cesar said none of the needles were endangering his life at the moment - and said he may have to live with them inside his body because of the risk involved in removing them.

He added: 'We're certain the boy didn't swallow the needles of his own accord.

'If he did, they would be in his gastrointestinal tract.

'I've never seen a case of its kind.

'Our priority at the moment is the boy's lung which was perforated by one of the needles.

'Fortunately his life is not in danger.' The boy's dad Gessivaldo Alves added: 'We have faith in God that he is going to get better.'

Life As We Don't Know It

parascientifica - It is definitely worth considering that other options do exist besides water and carbon. Alternative biochemists speculate that there are several atoms and solvents that could potentially spawn life.

Carbon is the molecular glue of life, just add water and you’ve got life. Well, it’s not that simple but it does give a good general idea. The carbon/water combo even worked so well that we have trouble imagining anything else. But it’s definitely worth considering that other combinations exist besides carbon/water. There are many speculations about atoms and compounds that could potentially spawn life, in this article I will cover two of these compounds.

The first and most plausible carbon replacement is silicon.

Silicon was first mentioned as a base for life the by the British chemist James Emerson Reynolds in 1893, in his opening address to the British Association for the Advancement of Science, He stated that because of the heat stability of silicon compounds might allow life to exist in very high temperatures. Comparable life would be the thermopiles, microbes that can live in temperatures from 40 to 113 degrees centigrade. So to our eye’s these life forms would be extremophiles, living in places that would be too hostile for any carbon based life.

Silicon is a likely candidate because it is very common in the universe and lies directly under carbon in the periodic table of elements, meaning that it shares much of it’s basic chemistry. For example carbon can form Methane(CH4) and Silicon can form Siliane(SIH4). Both elements can also form long chains, or polymers, which in fact are the building blocks of life. So theoretically silicone DNA could exist, since its stable enough.

There is tho, one possibly fatal characteristic to silicone based life, namely the way it reacts with oxygen. Where carbon reacts to the gas carbon-dioxide(CO2) silicone becomes Silicone-dioxide(SiO2) , a solid substance. So where CO2 is easily removed from the body SIO2 is not. Disposing of such a substance would pose a major respiratory challenge.

Silicone life is often depicted as a living rock or crystal, for example H. G. Wells wrote:
One is startled towards fantastic imaginings by such a suggestion: visions of silicon-aluminum organisms – why not silicon-aluminum men at once? – wandering through an atmosphere of gaseous sulphur, let us say, by the shores of a sea of liquid iron some thousand degrees or so above the temperature of a blast furnace.

As the silicone based life forms are nothing like us they still share one crucial factor, they are dependent of water for their biological processes. But the next possible life forms are not.

These life forms would go by the name of ammonia-based life.

This possibility was first suggested in 1954 by J. B. S. Haldane, speaking at the Symposium on the Origin of Life. He suggested that water could be replaced as a solvent by liquid ammonia(NH3).

Part of his observation was based on the behavior of ammonia, which behaves very similar to water only in lower temperatures, for example methanol( CH3OH) and it’s ammonia counterpart, methylamine( CH3NH2).

In fact ammonia can replace water in nearly all compounds found in terrestrial life. Making it hardly inferior to water. In fact there are probably as many different possibilities in carbon-ammonia as in carbon-water systems.

This suggests that life on ammonia-rich worlds such as gas giants (e.g. Jupiter) would be very possible without even a drop of water on the whole planet.

Liquid ammonia does have some striking chemical similarities with water. It is intact even better in dissolving organic substances then water. The main objection is that the liquid range of ammonia is -44 degrees centigrade and that that is too low for any life to thrive. This true but the liquid range is specified by the pressure of the planet which on earth is 1atm but for example on Jupiter or Venus where the pressure is 60atm the boiling point is ammonia becomes 98 degrees centigrade instead of minus -33 giving it a liquid range of 175 degrees meaning that ammonia based life doesn’t need to be low-temperature life at all!

A downside to ammonia based life is the way that its dissociates, or lets molecules fall apart into positive and negative ions. This process is crucial for acid-base reactions. In ammonia the positive ions would be the NH+ ion, being a very strong acid and deadly to life as we know it. But scientists do suggest that ammonia-based life forms may use other salts to regulate their functions than we do.

Also there is the problem of the density of ammonia, being almost identical to water it has still one flaw that pose a major restriction to the life, namely it’s solid form does not float on the liquid form like in water. In fact water is the only substance known to man where the solid is less dense then the liquid. The reason that this is a major problem is because this would mean that any ammonia-ice that would form would sink to the bottom of the liquid, flattening all life. Ice is also a good insulator, so while floating it keeps the water beneath at a constant temperature making is virtually impossible to freeze all the water. But when the ice sinks then it loses all its isolative properties and allows the water to freeze leaving no place for the life to evolve.

This would restrict the life to a planet where the temperatures are well above the ammonia freezing point for it to be a potential candidate for a water replacement.

Regarding these facts ammonia-based life would have the largest chance of forming and surviving on a hot planet with high pressure. If we combine it with silicone-based life then the chances of its forming would grow because silicone works well at high temperatures. Also the biological properties of these two substances would allow for an even more efficient way of photosynthesis and dissimulation.

Instead of O2 these life forms would breath H2, this seems catastrophic because hydrogen is very flammable but this is only the case in an O2 rich environment, if the atmosphere is actually mainly H2 it is in fact very stable. These life forms would thrive on gas giants like Venus and Jupiter.

In this article we have only covered two of the large number of combinations and this leaves us with but one question; Are we looking in the right places? The SETI program specifically searches for earth like planets with water and oxygen and completely ignore all other possibilities . With the gigantic number of planets and a with different compounds, pressure and atmospheres it is very possible that other forms of life have evolved where carbon-based life would not stand a chance.

It’s even not beyond the realm of possibility that our first encounter with alien life will not be a carbon-based life form.

This article and all its contents are copyright 2009-2010. All rights reserved. Thanks to Alex for allowing me to reprint here at Phantoms and Monsters...Lon

Life As We Don't Know It


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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Poltergeist: The Tedworth Drummer

The following is an historical tale about a poltergeist that was stranger than most as the cause might not have been a spirit, or the unconsciousness mind of a adolescent child so common in poltergeist cases, but of someone who consciously caused it while alive.

It was supposed to have begun one day in 1661. A magistrate named John Mompession, who lived in the village of Tedworth in Wiltshire, visited a nearby village named Ludgershall. While there, he heard the sound of drumming outside on the street. He inquired as to what the drumming racket was and was told it was by a foreign man who was protesting about not being given public assistance. The magistrate was suspicious the foreigner was in England with forged papers, so he asked the local police to arrest him. His instincts turned out to correct and the foreigner was taken straight to court. He was found guilty and sentenced to be removed from England, but during the deportation, the prisoner (who was named Drury) escaped and vanished leaving his drum behind. The man was not particularly seen as a threat so it was soon forgotten and the magistrate start for his home in Tedworth. When he reached his house, he was told that there had been mayhem prior to his return.

Strange drumming sounds and rappings had been heard all over the house and the beds had been levitated into the air. This continued for months, getting so bad that the “creature”, as it was described, started making barking sounds like a dog panting and also purring sounds like a cat. Soon the magistrate and children got used to the events, even playing games with it like tug of war with the bed sheets. For years, the activity continued.

One of the most extreme events was when a horse was found on it's back in the stable and its hoof rammed down its throat, killing the animal. Soon they called in the local priest, prompting the “creature” to act up in the presence of the priest, including burning the priest's bible. The drumming was louder than ever as the priest tried to exorcise the spirit. As a result, the “creature” had developed a voice and at one point a light started to float through the room to which the “creature” repeated more than a hundred times “Ahhhh… look priest, a witch! a witch!”. The priest failed to remove the strange disturbances. When the magistrate's wife become pregnant, the magistrate asked the “creature” to please refrain from the racket while his wife was pregnant to avoid a miscarriage, to which it obliged. The activity ceased until a few months after the wife had given birth.

The magistrate gathered the facts of the incidents and concluded that it related to the man he had arrested a few years before. Soon word came that the drummer had again been arrested for stealing a pig, so the magistrate headed to where Drury was being held. The magistrate questioned Drury and asked him if it was he who had been disturbing his family. Drury simply smiled.

Eventually, Drury was forced out of England and returned to his native land. The disturbances at the magistrate's house ceased. A while later, Drury the drummer found his way back into England and the disturbances resumed. The magistrate asked the “creature”, by way of raps, if Drury was responsible. The "creature's" raps confirmed this. It is not known how long the disturbances continued.

NOTE: To many people, this is a well-documented poltergeist attack, conforming to standard patterns of poltergeist behavior, namely, refusing to manifest when others are present. I have read and examined many phenomena cases over the years and will concede that most reports are either mistaken or seem to be outright hoaxes. But, IMO, the Tedworth account, though three centuries old, still retains credibility. Please note, Tedworth is in Wiltshire...a county that has witnessed an overwhelming amount of strange activity over the centuries as well as the current epicenter of crop circle manifestation in the UK...Lon


Terry Gilliam Reflects on Heath Ledger, Bad Luck

usaweekend - Terry Gilliam, a founding member of Monty Python’s Flying Circus some 40 years ago, still is in awe of that comedy troupe’s enduring popularity all over the world. “I guess it’s a combination of being anti-authoritarian, incredibly silly and very intelligent,” Gilliam says. But as memorable as he was on the BBC, he’s been equally famous as the wildly imaginative filmmaker of Time Bandits, Brazil and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. His colorful visions are back on screen with The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (in theaters on Christmas Day), and they couldn't be more welcome since they bring us the last starring role of the late Heath Ledger.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus is a morality tale featuring Ledger in the role of a mysterious stranger, discovered hanging under a bridge by a passing theater company. His character is not really dead, but who exactly is he? When Ledger died nearly two years ago during filming, Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell agreed to take over transforming versions of his character in order to help Gilliam finish the film. They donated their fees to Ledger’s daughter, Matilda. The film also ends with this credit: “A Film from Heath Ledger and Friends.” “We finished the film, and it is what it is because of friends of Heath coming to the rescue out of friendship and love,” Gilliam says.

Gilliam has had catastrophes before during production. The Man Who Killed Don Quixote was shut down within the first week of filming in 2000 because lead actor Jean Rochefort became ill, and then a flash flood washed away the sets — all chronicled in the 2002 documentary Lost in La Mancha. (Gilliam hopes to get one more start at production again next spring with a new cast, although he says Depp won’t return to his Quixote sidekick role because “he’s got more swashing and buckling to do” in a new Pirates of the Caribbean flick.) With Imaginarium, producer William Vince died shortly after filming was completed, and Gilliam himself was struck by a car last fall and his back was broken. “The Grim Reaper got Heath and Vince but missed me,” Gilliam says. “It was a close call. I’m back walking almost upright now.”

Talking about his leading man Ledger, with whom he had worked previously on The Brothers Grimm in 2005, Gilliam says, “Heath was constantly trying to learn, trying to improve himself. He was limitless. It’s a terrible loss. We’ll never get to see what greatness was waiting there. Unlike all the others who died young, there wasn’t a kind of neurosis or strangeness. Maybe the most memorable thing about Heath was that he seemed to be such an ancient soul. He seemed far older than his years. He was probably 243 years old when he died. I always thought he had aboriginal blood in him.”

MUFON: Who Are They...Really?

The following is from a new thread on ATS. It is presented here in light of complaints we have seen and heard from reporting witnesses recently:

For a long time I had trusted MUFON and The UFO Stalker. I had used these websites as tools to see if any UFOs were located near my area.

On the night of Monday the 14th I had seen a UFO about 200 feet above.

I had reported this to MUFON. It was the first time I reported a sighting to them.

In order to report the UFO you must check a box stating the following:

In the case of a report of aerial phenomenology, spacecraft, mobile objects, or events that could be considered anomalous or inexplicable (UFO sighting), you may be contacted by one of our representatives for additional details and information concerning your report as part of our investigation. Since our investigation may involve third parties, we need to know whether you would consent to the release of your contact information to third parties who are not connected or affiliated with MUFON. If you elect to make your contact information available to third parties, you may be contacted by third parties for additional details and information concerning your report. Your contact information includes your name, telephone number, and mailing address.

Some of the questions they ask include the number of witnesses, names, address, jobs etc.

Some info they also like to know is were the UFO was last seen and the direction it went to.

Anyway, an hour after submitting my report (mostly with fake info, though I'm sure they traced me through my IP,) I saw my file on the UFO stalker website. The next night I was hoping to see the UFO again, yet all I saw was about 6 black helicopter (traveling by 3s, twice that night,) with no lights on. They were traveling North (the same direction I said the UFO went.)

Today I check the UFO stalker and my file is gone. I go through the database and it's gone from there too.

Just a couple hours ago today (December 16th,) the sky was filled with black helicopter for an hour.

My theory is that MUFON is the men in black.

What first led me to believe that MUFON really was the MIB was a fake sounding report on MUFON with someone basically telling us through subliminal messages that MUFON is the MIB. Below is what the report stated. Notice all the capitalized letters spell 'MUFON IS MIB'

My Uncle and wiFe were watching tv when ONe of our freinds tells us he saw a ufo. we all step outsIde to See it. My heart was beating as I watched the disc flying everywere like crazy. But i reported it so maybe someone can understand what it ment.

After investigating further I found an article about MUFON hiding the truth:

Why is MUFON trying to hide the truth? Now Part of the lie?

In my opinion we shouldn't trust anyone.

In fact, don't take my word for this, do your own research on MUFON and tell me what you discover, but in my opinion, we should leave our UFO reports to our flash memory sticks and the ATS message boards.

So tell me, is MUFON deleting real UFO cases and keeping fake ones? What exactly is MUFON trying to accomplish?

Are they the MIB?

Also, keep in mind, MUFON is an agency run organization. What do we know about those organizations?

NOTE: these statements on a conspiracy forum may seem far fetched but, honestly, it has been my experience that MUFON is not as cooperative and forthcoming as some may assume. I have conversed with several people who have submitted encounters with me who were previously blown off by MUFON. As well, there are supposed instances where a report to MUFON has resulted in a 'visit' by non-MUFON members. I'm not saying that MUFON is directly involved with the government or other official entities....but private information is being leaked somewhere to the dismay of witnesses. If you have had a similar situation, I'm sure the readers would be interested. As well, if anybody associated with MUFON would care to contact me, I'd be very interested in their thoughts...Lon

London Jogger Encounters Beast of Sydenham

newsshopper - A jogger was forced to run for his life after encountering the infamous Beast of Sydenham.

Father-of-four Roger Fleming, 40, was on a late night run with his puppy King on December 9 near Sydenham Hill station when a giant cat chased them through Dulwich Wood.

Mr Fleming believes the creature, which he says looked like a brown cheetah, was the Beast of Sydenham, seen several times in the area over the years.

The building services manager first saw the beast at the bottom of a path in the wood.

He said: “It was at least five or six feet long.

“I thought to myself ‘what the hell is this?’ That’s when the panic set in.

“It sat there, locked its eyes on to me, sat up and - boom - it started running towards us.”

Mr Fleming grabbed hold of his Staffordshire bull terrier and ran through the wood.

He said: “I looked over my shoulder and could see it still running at me.

“I was just thinking ‘please stop’. It was knackering and I was almost ready to give up.

“I was thinking ‘this is it - I think I’m going to die’.”

After realising the beast had given up the chase, Mr Fleming rushed home to Dulwich and read about other sightings on the News Shopper website.

He said: “When I got home I was almost in tears the adrenalin was pumping through me so fast.

“I swear an oath to God never to go to that same part at night again.

“There should be signs telling people to take some caution because they’re walking around willy-nilly.”

Neil Arnold, a researcher who runs Kent Big Cat Research, said the beast is believed to be a black leopard, the offspring of pets released into the wild.

He said: “He should have stood his ground, maintained eye contact and backed off slowly - but it’s easy to say that.

“People don’t need to panic because big cats won’t harm them.

“I do this full-time to let people know that these animals aren’t a threat.”


South London is shaping up to be an extremely dangerous place to be - first there was the gunplay in Brixton, and now there are reports that a big cat has attacked a man in Sydenham.

The Beast is described as being the size of a labrador dog, so Londonist isn't ruling out the possibility of it being a labrador dog. And in true horror-film-cliche ironic-death fashion, it lunged at a man who was looking for his kitten.

"I am 6ft and weigh 15 stone and it was considerably stronger and bigger than me," the victim, Anthony Holder, told the BBC. "This thing was huge."

"Its teeth were out and I tried to defend myself and eventually I got the thing off my body."

Note the BBC's picture. I wonder how they got that? Our artist's reconstruction of the scene, above right, is about as likely.

This will be big news for Big Cat Monitors, the organisation devoted to cataloguing UK big cat sightings. Their site offers the following advice for people confronted by an outsize moggie, which Londonist readers who live in Sydenham are advised to heed:

"Never approach a big cat, especially one that is feeding or with cubs. Most big cats will try to avoid confrontation. Always give them a way to escape. Don't run. Stay calm. Hold your ground, or back away slowly. Face the cat and stand upright, but don't look at it straight in the eyes. It may take this as a challenge. Do all you can to appear larger."

Do all you can to appear larger? If there was ever a better excuse to hit the pie shop, and hard, I've never heard it. Fortunately: "Generally, big cats are calm, quiet, and elusive. The chance of being attacked by a big cat is quite low compared to many other natural hazards."

We will keep you posted on developments, or if the Yeti is spotted in Crystal Palace, or maybe the Loch Ness Monster in Brockwell Lido.

In the mean time, who's up for a safari?



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