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Video: Drowned Woman's Phantom - France

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NOTE: Two friends recorded a video at a lake near the French town where stories are told about a woman who drowned. On occasion, she emerges from the water only at sunset (the time she died). SW tells me there is another entity in the appeared in the enhancement. "I have no knowledge of the background behind this story but there was a young woman, she didn't just drown... I am getting a sense of foul play." Was this video 'staged' and a phantom actually showed up? Take a look at the video/images and tell me what you think...Lon

'Destination: Truth' Team Hits Yeti Paydirt Again

Above: This hair sample was recovered in Bhutan by the 'Destination: Truth' team and later tested as having 'an unknown DNA sequence'.

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NOTE: Josh Gates and the 'Destination: Truth' team return to the Himalayas, this time to the Kingdom of Bhutan, on another hunt for the illusive Yeti. On their last trip, the team recovered a footprint cast that made international news. This time around, the team finds another piece of evidence that reveals an unknown primate may inhabit the region...Lon

Below: Josh Gates and 'Destination: Truth' team member hold Yeti footprint cast recovered in the Himalayas in 2008

Seeking Justice From Beyond

theorion - A terrified mother pulls her daughter out of her apartment and runs out into the darkness. It’s 3 a.m. and the clocks in the house are spinning forward, the lights are flashing and an “Ernie” doll is yelling, “I feel great.” This was no electrical anomaly. It was a haunting.

Jodi Foster, a Chico resident, had learned to live with the odd occurrences in her home, including dreams and ghostly sightings, but this incident was more than she could take.

When Foster and her daughter moved into their apartment on Parmac Road in 2000, she had no knowledge of the previous inhabitants. Odd things started happening as soon as the two moved in. The heat would come on while the air conditioning was running and all the TV’s in the house would turn on.

All of this could have been blamed on wiring problems, but then Foster’s 3-year-old daughter started seeing a woman in the house.

“She’d say to me, ‘Mommy, I like your friend,’” Foster said.

What Foster’s daughter said she was seeing was a woman in white, who would walk around the apartment and sometimes kiss her head before she went to sleep.

“I would say, ‘fancy imagination you have,’” Foster said.

The electrical wiring in the house was checked, but the occurrences continued to happen and Foster started having dreams.

“I was having specific, detailed dreams where I was seeing someone being tortured,” she said. “I dreamed of a mountainous location where a girl was taken and buried.”

When Foster would wake from these dreams the lights would be going on and off, she said. She began to think she was crazy and had friends come stay at the house who would experience the same occurrences.

Foster moved into a different apartment in the same complex in 2000 and tried to forget the incident, until she talked to a man who had lived in the haunted apartment before her. He told Foster about the Marie Elizabeth Spannhake case.

Spannhake, a Chico State student, had lived in the apartment and had gone missing in 1976, Foster said. In 1977, a couple was charged with abducting a woman from Paradise, and keeping her as a sex slave for seven years. The circumstances were similar to the Spannhake case and the couple was allegedly connected to Spannhake’s disappearance.

Another coincidence involves drawings made by Foster’s daughter. She would draw the woman she saw in the house.

Foster began researching the case and came across articles in the Chico Enterprise-Record. These articles included photographs of the couple and Spannhake, who Foster thought resembled her daughter’s drawings.

Foster has recently been called by management because new tenants are experiencing odd activity, she said.

“The ghost is afraid that if she rests right now justice won’t be served, so she keeps trying to get someone’s attention,” Foster said.

In the four years Jim McLaughlin has been a manager for the complex, he has not witnessed any events, but has heard about them from his tenants.

“I moved this girl in there and never thought nothing about it,” McLaughlin said. “She called me that night, hysterical.”

The people who have reported similar paranormal incidents in the apartment didn’t know each other, McLaughlin said.

“I’m not a believer in ghosts, until now,” McLaughlin said.

Odd occurrences have not been limited to that one apartment, either. Idalmis Herrera lives in the same complex and has experienced paranormal activities, as well.

“I had my place blessed because I couldn’t sleep anymore,” Herrera said. “I would feel like someone was around me.”

Herrera hasn’t seen any of the occurrences in Foster’s apartment, but has heard about it from other tenants.

In 2007, Foster went to the police and was able to provide them with information to the unsolved case.

“They did believe me when I contacted them,” Foster said. “I had way too much information.”

After going to the police with information, Foster decided to write about her experiences. “The Perfect Miracle” was scheduled to come out this Halloween. However, because of the nature of some of the content, it was postponed until the end of January, which will be around the time Spannhake went missing.

NOTE: you can read more of the Spannhake case here The Seven Year Hitchhike

Great Britain's Tallest Cow Dies From Arthritis

Britain's tallest bullock which stood higher than an average horse has died - from arthritis caused by his huge girth. Chilli, the gigantic steer at Ferne Animal Sanctuary, near Chard, Somerset, has been put to sleep after his arthritis became too painful.

The black and white Friesian, which stood 6-ft 6-in tall and weighed more than a ton, attracted worldwide media attention in May last year with hundreds of visitors visiting the sanctuary to see him.

Chilli was left at the front gates at Ferne as a six-day-old calf in 1999 and grew to become Britain's tallest bovine nine years later. In May last year, sanctuary manager Naomi Clarke talked about Chilli's size.

"We don't know what has made him so tall," she said. "He doesn't eat that much and his sister Jubilee is only 6ft in comparison. Chilli's feet and head are in proportion, he is just very large, very friendly and gentle cow."

In a statement, the sanctuary said it had had to follow the vet's advice. It said: "Very sadly, his size proved to be his disadvantage.

"His joints were just not strong enough to cope with his weight and they became more and more arthritic. On our vet's advice he was put to sleep and this has, literally, left a very large hole in everyone's life here."
Originally posted May 13, 2008

His name is Chilli and he's described as a gentle giant.

Which is just as well for his handler, Tara Nirula, pictured by his side.

His owners have contacted the Guinness Book of Records who are currently assessing his credentials and comparing them to other big bovines.

The black and white Friesian bullock weighs well over a ton and at the same height as a small elephant, casts a shadow over his cattle companions who are about 5ft.

Despite his grand stature, Chilli only grazes on grass during the day and enjoys the occasional swede as a treat.

The heifer, who is almost as high as he is long, lives at the Ferne Animal Sanctuary in Chard, Somerset, after he was left on their doorstep aged just six-days-old.

Nine years on, Chilli has kept on growing, and staff believe the giant will smash a record for Britain's tallest ever cow.

Naomi Clarke, manager at the sanctuary, said: "As Chilli was growing up we began noticing that he was bigger than our other cows.

"He now stands at 6ft 6ins from the floor to the top of his shoulder and he is massive when he holds his head up.

"We have made an application to Guinness Book Of Records and we are quite confident he will get it."

Chilli, who is 6ft 7ins long, was left running around on the doorstep of the sanctuary along with his twin sister Jubilee in 1999.

Over the years, staff noticed Chilli begin to tower over his sister and companions.

But it was only when he failed to fit in a standard cattle cage to have his hooves clipped that they realised just how big he had grown compared to normal bullocks.

Miss Clarke said: "For some reason a farmer decided he didn't want Chilli and Jubilee so dumped them with three others on our doorstep nine years ago.

"He was only six days old and didn't look that big but as the years passed we noticed he was getting rather tall.

"People would always comment on how much bigger he was from the other cows and bulls when they visited the sanctuary.

"He does weigh over a ton but is quite lean and not as fat as some of his companions."

She continued: "We don't know what has made him so tall. He doesn't eat that much and his feet and head are in proportion - he is just very large.

"He is a very friendly and gentle cow so we hopes he manages to break the record - he deserves it."

At present, the tallest bovine in the world is 6ft 8ins Fiorino, who lives in Italy.

A spokeswoman for the Guinness Book Of Records said: "I can confirm that an application has been received for Chilli which is currently under research."

Six months ago another bullock vying for a record breaking spot was The Field Marshal who weighed in at 3,000lb.

At the time he was on course to over take the current British record-holder, his former stablemate The Colonel, who stood 6ft 5in tall and weighed 3,500lb. He died in 2005.


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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Coverup: Amelia Earhart Died in Japanese Camp According to Relative

nevadaappeal - Wally Earhart of Carson City, the fourth cousin of Amelia Earhart, says the U.S. government continues to perpetrate a “massive coverup” about her mysterious disappearance in the Pacific 72 years ago.

Because of the current surge in interest about the pilot's fate spurred by the recent release of the film “Amelia,” starring Richard Gere and Hilary Swank, it is time the American public “know the truth about Amelia's last days,” said Earhart, who will portray Abraham Lincoln as grand marshal of the Nevada Day parade today.

Amelia and her navigator, Fred Noonan, did not die as claimed by the government and the Navy when their twin-engine Electra plunged into the Pacific on July 2, 1937, Wally Earhart said in an interview.

“They died while in Japanese captivity on the island of Saipan in the Northern Marianas,” claims Earhart, a 38-year Carson City resident who often portrays Lincoln and other historical figures at appearances sponsored by groups such as the Nevada Historical Society.

“The Navy and the federal government would have you believe that Amelia and Noonan died on impact when their plane ran out of gas while attempting to reach Howland Island during their flight around the world,” Earhart said.

“Their airplane did crash into the Pacific, but instead of dying, the pair was rescued by a nearby Japanese fishing trawler. The Electra airplane was still floating and the Japanese hauled it aboard their ship in a large net.

“The Japanese then transported Amelia Earhart, Noonan and the airplane to Saipan. Noonan was beheaded by the Japanese and Amelia soon died from dysentery and other ailments,” Wally Earhart continued. He added that the Japanese troops on the island cut the airplane into scrap and tossed the remnants into the Pacific.

“There are many people, including Japanese military and Saipan natives, who witnessed all these events on the island,” said Earhart, who disputes claims by several historical researchers that Amelia Earhart and Noonan were instantly killed when their plane hit the water or they died of starvation and disease on either Howland Island, Gardner Island or in the Marshall Islands.

Why do the government and Navy continue to “cover up” the true facts of the case?

There are two major theories, according to Wally Earhart.

One is that the Navy was “inept” in not finding and rescuing the aviators after their aircraft crashed. The other is that President Franklin D. Roosevelt “wanted the whole matter kept under wraps,” Earhart said.

“Roosevelt had asked Earhart, a close family friend, to scout Japanese military installations in the Pacific during her flights in the region. This was kept a deep secret back in 1937 and it is being kept a secret today because Japan and the United States are good friends and military allies and the government doesn't want to drudge up old antagonisms,” Wally Earhart believes.

Earhart also noted that Amelia Earhart had close relations with Nevada.

“She loved Northern Nevada and often visited friends in Carson City and at Lake Tahoe. And she also made several flights across the state, stopping at a half-dozen cities,” Earhart added.

On one flight, while flying a small plane between Las Vegas and Salt Lake City in 1928, she was declared missing after making a forced landing in bad weather in a deserted area near the Nevada-Utah state line. Rescuers were called out when it was feared she had crashed into a mountain peak in isolated Lincoln County in eastern Nevada.

Searchers ultimately found Amelia sitting beside her downed plane. She was uninjured but the craft suffered a bent propeller and other minor damages.

In 1931, Earhart crossed Nevada in an autogiro, the forerunner of the helicopter, making landings at Wendover, Elko, Battle Mountain, Lovelock and Reno.

And in 1929, George Putnam, her future husband and millionaire heir to a publishing fortune, divorced his first wife, Dorothy, in Reno. Amelia Earhart and Putnam were married two years later.

The mystery surrounding the fate of Amelia Earhart may never be solved. It remains the most famous missing person case in United States history.

Missing Girl Case Prompts Alien Abduction Theory

allnewsweb - Ufologists in the Ural region of Russia have been called in to assist with the disappearance of an 11 year old girl three months ago after conventional investigations failed to solve the case. Investigators with the Ural UFO Group have noted that it is likely that a UFO abducted the girl, Lisa Hlupinoy.

The tragic saga began on 16 August when Lisa and three boys of the same age left their homes in the town of Salda to wander through nearby woods. At some point they all got lost. After three days the boys were found however Lisa was not with them: after a period she was assumed dead and police started suspecting murder at the hands of her companions.

The boys vehemently denied the charge. No trace of Lisa’s body has been found as of yet.

At some point the police called in the services of Ufologists and a local psychic. The ufologists helping with the case note that UFO sightings are very common in the area. There is also a missile testing range nearby which tends to attract extraterrestrial visitors, they claim.

The boys who were treated in hospital after they were found and have since recovered have claimed that something paranormal happened to Lisa: alleging they were followed by white beams of light that they think ‘took Lisa’. According to the ufology experts involved these are classic signs of alien abduction.

Lisa’s disappearance made big news in Russia and the failure of the police to find her body or solve the case was considered a mystery.

The ufologists’ Investigations continue.

Investigating Jeffrey Dahmer's Childhood Home

npr - I bought Jeffrey Dahmer's childhood home in Bath, Ohio.

Let that sink in for a second.

If your first reaction is "eeewwwww," that's perfectly understandable.

Dahmer was one of America's most notorious serial killers; his rampage lasted from 1978 to 1991. He confessed to killing at least 17 young men. Many of these murders involved torture and cannibalism.

A Place To Make Music

I bought the house, though, not for some kind of perverse, Goth thrill, but because I needed a place in woodsy-suburby Northeastern Ohio where I could make a loud musical racket and not bug my neighbors. This midcentury modern house on 2 acres of forested hillside was ideal.

I was instantly charmed the first time I pulled in the driveway and was really puzzled why such a fantastic pad had gone unsold for six months, though it was priced way below anything comparable in the area.

Charmed turned to creeped-out when 24 hours after I first saw the place with my real estate agent, Greg Greco, he told me of the house's grisly provenance.

Greco says he remembers when we came to look at the house for the first time. "That evening, the listing agent called to say we have a disclosure issue," he says. "I knew Jeffrey Dahmer had been in the area. ... And then she said there was a murder in the home. It was of significant notoriety, and we needed to disclose it. And my first thought was, 'How am I going to tell Chris this?' "

Dahmer did commit his first murder here — a hitchhiker named Steven Hicks whom he lured back to the house with promises of drugs and alcohol, and then clubbed with a barbell after Hicks said he wanted to leave. Dahmer later dismembered Hicks' corpse in the house's crawlspace.

A Conversation Stopper

Now, I won't lie, there is a twisted kind of cachet attached to living in a house where a famous homicidal maniac kicked off his career. I didn't broadcast this, but it could be useful.

Butler uses copper divining rods, which are believed to detect spiritual hot spots, to see if his home is haunted.

If the party chatter stalled on dull topics, I had a surefire conversation stopper and subject changer. Then someone would inevitably ask — correction, someone educated and worldly, and who you'd think would know better, would inevitably ask: "Uh, have you seen any, you know, ghosts?"

The truth is, the vibe here is fantastic. The house didn't kill anybody, and I didn't see any ghosts. I'm not superstitious or a believer in the paranormal, but after months of people freaking out about where I was living, I did begin to wonder if there might be some leftover bad business in the place.

As it turns out, in Northeastern Ohio, there is a lot of interest in the paranormal. Ghost hunts were being offered at creepy sites all around the region, and I'd been approached by several psychics and paranormal clubs that wanted to bring audio recorders and video cameras over to see what they could scare up.

Ghost Hunting

Roe York and Cheryl Kneram wanted to organize just such a paranormal investigation at my house. Their specialty is gathering electronic voice phenomena, or EVP — ethereal voices or sounds that recording devices pick up when you think you're just taping Little Johnny's 6th birthday party.

Now, please note that these women are not flakes, or fools, either. In fact, they come across as skeptics most of the time, yet both have had many experiences that they can't explain.

Roe and Cheryl say the key to a successful hunt is picking a significant date. May 21, Dahmer's birthday, was perfect.

The house and its infamous crawlspace — where Dahmer had dismembered Hicks — was wired up with night-vision video camcorders, digital audio recorders, still cameras on timers. I'd also hung microphones in key spots and plugged them into my computer's hard-disk recording system.

In short, if a ghost so much as passed gas, we'd document it.

There were three possible outcomes of the evening's experiment: one, they'd get nothing; two, they'd get something vague, something that might-be-could be, but inconclusive or at least explainable by natural or mechanical causes; or three, they'd get a recording that irrefutably proved the existence of the afterlife, and the house would be overrun with the curious and kooky, and my quiet, semihermit life here would be ruined.

With all the electronics in good working order — repeat, with all the electronics in good working order — we left the house empty for the evening, and, for the most part, most of what we recorded was hours and hours of the house's ambient noise.

'Haunted By Reality'

When I came back to the house in the early morning, Roe and Cheryl were having technical problems.

One of the cameras sitting in the living area, in front of the fireplace, was off. It was expected that either the film ran out, or the battery died, or both. But 300 minutes of battery life remained, and only 40 minutes of tape was used.

In fact, all the gear that was in the vicinity of the crawlspace had malfunctioned. It was working when we left, but machines stopped, batteries went dead and my computer system showed a 2 gigabyte sound file, a huge file, that refused to open.

Did cranky spirits not want us to find them? Was it our technical ineptitude, or was our sophisticated equipment just too embarrassed to be part of something as silly as a ghost hunt?

Roe and Cheryl didn't find anything conclusive on the few machines that had functioned properly, but it really didn't matter, because I know the house is haunted, maybe not by ghosts, but by something much, much scarier. It's haunted by reality — by the unbelievable horror that humans are capable of.

Dahmer's "ghost" does exist. He haunts my neighbors who can't overcome their fears and come inside for a friendly cup of coffee. And he haunts his victims' families every minute of every day.

One more thing — and Roe and Cheryl didn't know this: I had hidden a secret recorder in the house to see if I could catch someone sneaking back in to fiddle with the equipment. And in the middle of the hours of house ambience and the refrigerator cycling on and off and maybe a mouse or two, there was something: a funny noise.

Probably nothing — easily and rationally explained.

I mean, you don't believe in ghosts, do you?

2012- The Mayans and Other Strange Predictions of Our Time

The Mayan calendar is set to end on Dec 21, 2012. There are many theories why this date ends the Mayan Calendar.

Many feel that this date is the day of end times and the world will be destroyed. Others feel this will be a time of major earth disasters, space changes, and mythical planets invading our galaxy along with strange Milky Way alignments. There is talk of a pole flip causing problems all over the earth or this being when we have a second coming of Christ.

I also am aware that many scientists, astronomers and scholars think the entire 2012 matter is a over blown myth due to the lack of knowledge. We are confused on how the Mayans set up their calendars and do not understand the method that they used to set their calendar cycles.

It may be that our lack of information on how and why the Mayans set up their systems of time have brought us to a mistaken belief that they ended their calendar due to the fact they thought the earth was going to end. The facts seem to be that the scholars researching the Mayans have not found any information that ties the Mayan Calendar end date to anything at all that mentions end times. I have been told that many of the fears being tossed around the inter net about the planets and the alignment of the sun and its place in the Milky Way is simply not true. The rumors have been confused with the facts making the fears based on the ignorance of astronomy by the public. The men and women of science who study space will tell you that the stories on the net are mostly based on the lack of knowledge of the masses and the fears running rampart are impossible without a ounce of fact or possibility.

My thinking on this entire subject is that 2012 has been twisted and tossed into a mess of confusion exactly like every other subject in the paranormal. I think most of what I hear and read concerning 2012 is ridiculous. I also think that because of this the true fears I have with the coming years ahead including 2012 are brushed aside and neglected.

Once again we over look the forest for the trees and make decisions on false facts and turn our nose up at real problems that will be soon be at our doorsteps. We find ourselves lost about 2012 due to the piles of false claims and annoying people pushing silly ideas for self-agenda purposes.

With that said I loudly yell for all of you to pay attention. The Mayans may not have actually left Dec 21 2012 as a date for end times. They may have not been thinking of leaving us any message or warning at all. They may have simply switched over to a different calculation or had chosen that date for some other reason relating to them and for reasons having little or nothing to do with our perception of time. I think they may have possibly known that this was a time in history of many earth changes but I do not think they were looking at this date of 2012 as a time of end for everything on this earth.

With that said I now will tell you that I DO think that we are without question in a time in history that is dangerous and volatile.

We live in a time of cycles that are due to end and new ones that are due to start. We are past due on earth for the natural explosion of many mega volcanos. We are due for earthquakes to shake our terra firma and tidal waves to crash upon our shores. Many places on earth are already being shaken and flooded causing major damage and huge loss of life.

Besides natural earth cycles due, our climate is moving at its natural stages and changing our landmass along with it’s changing patterns. The sun is over due for its cycle of change and twisting and moaning as it gets ready to explode in mass blasting us with solar flares that will destroy our technology based societies abilities soaring us back 200 years over night with a direct hit by one of its flares. Not only are these events possible- it is Impossible They Will Not Happen!

I have not even bothered to mention a pole flip as we will have a change of magnetic poles on earth. This is fact. This has happened before and it is due to happen again. I have no idea how this will change our world. I know it will not end it as it has happened many times before in the history of the earth and we are still here, big blue and floating in space. It may play havoc with our technology. It may mean new ways of doing things but I do not think it will be our end.

I do know 2012 is clearly on it way and is a date that sits in the middle of many dangerous events due to occur. One thing I do know is we who now walk and live upon this planet will live to see the outcome as 2012 edges closer and closer.

I realize that actual historical records are often flawed and time confused. The date of the birth and death of Christ seems to be debated making a issue of four years that would bring us to living in the year 2012 right now. It also may be off by 100 years or the year 2012 has already happened. I think the reference to an exact date is not as important as the fact that this is a time in history we are due for many huge earth changes which is what we all need to prepare for.

I think the one statement we all can agree on past the craziness of what goes on in the paranormal is that this planet is going to change like it or not! I think it wise to prepare if you can as you do for any storm. The difference in our present time in history is that our storms may be of the sun or a magnetic pole flip. We may have severe climate changes making mankind’s survival based on how well mankind prepares for and handles the earth’s upheaval. We are simply parasites living on top of a huge living planet. We either adapt of die.

I always found our fixation on the Mayan Calendar and the date of Dec 21 2012 odd. We clearly do not have the information needed to obtain a clear understanding of what was taking place during that time on earth.

I find it rather strange that we seem to not see or neglect many things that were going on in the days of the Mayan rule. Many things then from artwork to bizarre rituals seem to point in part to a connection to some of the unknown things that go on today.

It is known that part of the Mayan culture involved the gruesome practices of bloodletting and sacrifice that took place during the worship of their gods. With that I thought about the extreme astronomy information they possessed along with advanced math skills and had a strange idea.

I thought about all the cattle and animal mutilations found all over the world. You can find article after article where farmers find dead animals drained clean of every drop of blood. Add the strange practice of half cat mutilations that have been on going for at least the last 20 odd years to this strangeness. Often Alien interaction is looked at as a possibility in all these mutilations.

After thinking about the Mayans and how they practiced this odd offering of their blood to the Gods I had a stunning thought. What if the Mayans also found animals drained of blood? What if the Mayans found people drained this way too? Would that not be the basis of reason and fear that started the Mayans offering blood to the Gods above?

Could the Mayans have been sacrificing in this fashion in hopes of keeping a step ahead of a blood thirsty God? Was offering up what they witnessed or how they found blood-drained bodies a hope of being spared and in good grace with such Gods? Could what goes on with our farm animals been going on then but with humans as the victims? It is something to think about.

I think if we look at many artifacts, art and designs of the past we can conclude that something from above had influence and the eye and minds of those who walked this earth before us. Have we neglected to consider the influence of other beings as part of our own history?

I often wonder if the truth of the past history of this planet involved visitors from another place who were able to freely mingle among us under the pretense of being gods to those too primitive to understand anything more. It certainly would bring logic to many events of our past that otherwise seem confused and illogical.

Whatever went on in our past history we need to think differently about the meaning of 2012 today as a time when many natural cycles are due to occur bringing possible disaster and catastrophe to this planet and mankind. We need to rethink how we look at our past and why those before us did what they did. It may be our own ignorance in understanding what they were really trying to report or pass down in history.

I believe one day we will have better answers to these questions giving us a better understanding of our own past history. I hope it happens in my lifetime.

Thanks to Chris Holly at Chris Holly's Paranormal World


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Gnomes - A Sustainable Population? by Rick Phillips - The Heavy Stuff

(Description by The Anomalist) Are gnomes temporal beings? In an article comparing the evidence, and lack thereof, of gnome populations to that of possible Bigfoot populations, the theory that both these beings are temporal entities, visible here for only a short time to the witness, is a compelling one. There is no solid evidence of the existence of either gnomes or Bigfoot. Years of research into the Bigfoot phenomenon have never yielded solid proof, say like a captured specimen, or remains of a deceased creature, and as the argument of the theory goes, it never will be found due to the beings ability to shift in and out of our realm, either due to multidimensional manipulation or another factor of their abilities not even comprehensible to us.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Update: Alien Entity Images / Evidence

The following evidence is from the 'Alien/Human Entity Activity' case we have been investigating for over a year. I recently posted video clips of entity activity obtained by the witness/experiencer, David. I posted those clips at Phantoms and Monsters YouTube Channel. There is also a discussion of this case at 'Alien/Human Entity Activity' discussion thread.

As we continue to examine evidence, updates will be posted here at Phantoms and Monsters and P&M Wiki.

The following images are, in my opinion, some of the finest evidence to date. These images were captured with a digital camera in David's bedroom. The entities have been determined to be non-human...though, we are convinced that human and possibly animal spirits are an important part of this case. That evidence will be presented in the context of our investigation.

This image depicts the uncovered face of a reptilian type being (circled in yellow). The mask (circled in red) belongs to another being (not visible here) holding it's mask. These reptilians can appear in a transparent state and wear masks to cover their identity if necessary. The flash from David's camera penetrates the being and reflects off a wall mirror behind. It's interesting to note, the mask seems to look like the face of a 'Grey'.

As you can see in this image, David was able to capture the face of the reptilian being holding the mask (circled in the right). According to David, these reptilians belong to a higher class or caste and are usually responsible as 'guides'. When I state 'guides' I am referring to those designated to bring humans to other locations. As well, these 'guides' serve other alien travelers who want to study the human condition. It seems these alien species are fascinated by the way we live and our value of money and other commodities. As strange as this sounds, David states that groups of aliens were transported to his residence frequently and given a 'tour' of human life. There are several hierarchies and different alien species do exist together in some of their societies...but there is a strict class system. I promise I will go into more detail as I study the evidence and gather better insight of David's encounters.

David forwarded the link to this video and states that he has seen this and truly believes the video to be genuine. He also managed to copy some of the alien symbols/writing/mathematical equations as well as diagram a remarkable piece of technology he witnessed in use during one of his abductions.

Click for video

Again, I want to thank David for coming forward and for remaining undaunted. As well, I want to thank SW, our clairvoyant / medium and associate who is also an 'experiencer' and those investigators and colleagues who continue to assist us in the hope of finding the truth...Lon

Czech Officials, Experts Baffled By Poltergeist Activity

Click for video Thanks to Goran Kosijer for video link

praguemonitor - The inhabitants of a family house in Strasice, west Bohemia, have been for weeks disturbed by paranormal events, such as frequent small fires and cracked window panes, that experts have not been able to explain so far, the daily Lidove noviny (LN) reports Monday.

Experts in psychotronics call such unexplainable occurrences "poltergeist," a ghost that manifests itself by moving and influencing objects in a particular location.

The Mracek family, living in the house, say they have to extinguish several small fires, up to 60 a day, of plastic bags, pictures as well as sockets though they have been disconnected from electricity supply. Moreover, window panes, electric bulbs and thermometers are cracking in the house and once water in the aquarium started boiling all of a sudden, LN writes.

The family cannot sleep calmly in the night over the mysterious phenomena.

"We are only waiting where it will start burning again. Our son has moved to his grandma, but we must stay here to be able to extinguish fires. It is our house, we built it ourselves and everything was all right for ten years. We cannot let it burn down," Hana Mrackova told the daily.

A geophysicist took measurements in the house and its surroundings on Sunday with the aim to detect some types of radiation that might provoke the paranormal events. However, he did not reveal their cause, LN writes.

The CEZ power supplier has also tried to solve the problem but its inspectors have not found anything abnormal in the house.

Now the Czech Telecommunication Office is to measure "high-frequency waves" in the building, the paper adds.

Strasice Mayor Jiri Hahner is concerned about the paranormal phenomena in the house, LN says.

"We do not want to fall for occultism. We will try to explain it in a scientific way. However it is hard as these phenomena are really unexplainable," Hahner told the paper.

He said the family suffers psychologically. If the situation does not improve within three week, the municipality will offer them another housing since it is dangerous to live in the house, he added.

"Its demolition is naturally a radical solution, but it is still their house, they do not want to give it up," Hahner told LN.

Video: British Man Claims UFO Abducted Water Buffalo - Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK

Click for video

thesun - Stunned Derek Bridges has revealed how he shot extraordinary footage which UFO experts say shows aliens beaming a BUFFALO into their spaceship.

Pensioner Derek filmed the eerie scene from his window after spotting pulsating glowing orbs hovering over a neighbouring farm late at night.

The two bright lights hover high over fields, while an animal appears to dangle below before vanishing into them.

A high-pitched screeching noise can be heard before the UFOs finally disappear into the night.

Grandfather Derek, 69, said: "I couldn't believe my eyes. I'm convinced it is the real thing."

He told how he spotted the bizarre lights over a neighbouring farm as he looked out of his window while getting ready for bed at his house near Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Quick-thinking Derek grabbed his camcorder and began filming the incident above 2,500-acre Laverstoke Park Farm in Overton village at about 10.30pm.

It has one of the country's biggest herds of water buffalo and is close to a military base used by special forces.

Derek said: "I just looked out of the window before going to bed. I wasn't sure what I was seeing at the time.

"I have a keen eye and I could see something glowing which looked dark red about half a mile away.

"I kept looking at it for about 20 minutes and then suddenly a bright white light appeared which was very powerful.

"At that point I picked up my video camera and filmed what I saw. I saw two white lights lifting up and I just kept filming. The lights were high in the sky. They couldn't have been anything on the ground.

"I did not realise at the time that something was dangling beneath but when I played it back the next day on a big screen I could see it there.

"I believe it's a UFO and this animal, which could be a bison or a horse, seems to be being beamed up.

"As far as I know, this is the first time anyone in the world has filmed animal abduction, so obviously I'm pretty chuffed."

UFO experts claim there is a long history of cattle being abducted by aliens for research, particularly in the US, sometimes being returned alive or mutilated.

There are often reports of animal carcasses found lying in fields with body parts mysteriously missing and their blood drained without the skin being spilt.

Divorced Derek told how he spoke to a farm worker who said they had found a couple of dead animals around the time the lights were filmed.

The farm - owned by 1979 Formula 1 champ Jody Scheckter - insists no cattle have gone missing

Boss Sara Whittall said: "We have never seen any aliens or UFOs around here.

"All our animals have been accounted for, so we have not had any abductions either."

But the area is a hotspot for UFO sightings.

In June last year, families in Basingstoke reported seeing a dozen glowing orange objects hovering in the sky above the town.

The "alien" fleet was captured on video, changing formation for half an hour.

Officials at nearby RAF Odiham said they could not comment at the time "for security reasons".

A trucker also reported seeing aliens just six miles from the farm in August 2007.

The footage has now been screened at a conference of UFO hunters in Scarborough.

Expert Nick Pope, who used to run the British Government's UFO Project, said the latest footage needed urgent investigation by the authorities.

He added: "If this footage is genuine, it could be highly significant."

UFO hunter Kenneth Parsons of the British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society said he was convinced it was the first ever footage showing aliens abducting cattle.

He added: "This footage is like the holy grail. This is the first time anything like this has been filmed so clearly.

"There are no street lamps or pylons where the footage was filmed, just fields, and it is usually pitch black and silent at night, so there is no simple alternative explanation.

"We are very excited."

Derek told how he looked out of his window the next evening to see if the lights came back - and saw three helicopters flying around the field as if searching the site.

The Ministry of Defence yesterday declined to comment on the incident, saying only: "The MoD examines UFO reports solely to establish whether UK airspace may have been compromised by hostile or unauthorised military activity.

"Unless there is evidence of a potential threat, there is no attempt to identify the nature of each sighting reported."

Meanwhile UFO experts are being urged to investigate another case of aliens playing Cattlestar Galactica to steal cows.

A US cattle rancher is blaming extra-terrestrials after finding a mutilated cow with its internal organs removed on his land.

Mike Duran claims ET abducted his animal and made a surgical study of the beast before abandoning its carcass.

The cow was found with its udders and reproductive organs removed in Las Animas County, Colorado, in March.

And Duran says it happened after he spotted strange lights hovering in the skies above his ranch. "They were like a round circle in the air," he said. "I've watched them and they just disappear."

NOTE: well, I'm going to withhold judgment on this one until the video is run through the wringer. Honestly, I hope it's authentic. It would surely help answer a lot of questions...Lon

Jellyfish Sink 10-Ton Japanese Trawler

telegraph - A 10-ton fishing boat has been sunk by gigantic jellyfish off eastern Japan.

The trawler, the Diasan Shinsho-maru, capsized off Chiba`as its three-man crew was trying to haul in a net containing dozens of huge Nomura's jellyfish.

Each of the jellyfish can weigh up to 200 kg and waters around Japan have been inundated with the creatures this year. Experts believe weather and water conditions in the breeding grounds, off the coast of China, have been ideal for the jellyfish in recent months.

The crew of the fishing boat was thrown into the sea when the vessel capsized, but the three men were rescued by another trawler, according to the Mainichi newspaper. The local Coast Guard office reported that the weather was clear and the sea was calm at the time of the accident.

One of the largest jellyfish in the world, the species can grow up to 2 meters in diameter. The last time Japan was invaded on a similar scale, in the summer of 2005, the jellyfish damaged nets, rendered fish inedible with their toxic stings and even caused injuries to fishermen.

Relatively little is known about Nomura's jellyfish, such as why some years see thousands of the creatures floating across the Sea of Japan on the Tsushima Current, but last year there were virtually no sightings. In 2007, there were 15,500 reports of damage to fishing equipment caused by the creatures.

Experts believe that one contributing factor to the jellyfish becoming more frequent visitors to Japanese waters may be a decline in the number of predators, which include sea turtles and certain species of fish.


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Monday, November 02, 2009

Photos: Bright Orb UFO Travels Ahead of Moving Vehicle - Palmas, Tocantis, Brazil

MUFON witness report: My wife's friend in Brazil often drives along a highway near Palmas, Tocantins that is known for sightings of orbs. He is a well-respected business owner and city council president, family man and very down to earth. He saw the orb approach his car and match his speed and direction ahead of the car approximately a quarter of a Kilometer ahead. He took two photos with his cell phone. THE CELL PHONE DOES NOT HAVE A FLASH. I tried duplicating the pictures with a digital camera and my cell phone, and this is definitely NOT the result of a flash going off in the car. The dirt on the windshield would be predominately lit. The best duplication I got was with my cell camera, in twilight, of a bright street light. There seems to be a reflection on the road of the light. One could argue that the orb is a reflection of the light on the road, but I tried to duplicate that theory with oncoming headlights and it never looked anything like the photos. The orb appears too bright in the actual photos. You can see the windshield (dirty) and the orb does not seem to be a reflection on the windshield. The gentleman's wife also reported seeing a green orb flying very close to her car along the same road about a year before. This stretch of road and the surrounding area is well known for sightings of this type.

NOTE: the Tocantins area of Brazil has had a few strange UFO/extraterrestrial sightings in the past notably, the one described below. As for this report, the bright orb images don't appear to be the result of a camera flash...Lon

3/22/01 - Palmas, Tocantis, Brazil - Vinicius Da Silva and Marta Rosenthal were returning home from a day of fishing in the River Tocantis when they felt a bump in one of the tires. Thinking he had a flat, Vinicius stopped the vehicle and went to check.

He could not find anything wrong with the tire but suddenly heard Marta screaming and saw her pointing to the right side of the road. There, only a few meters away, hovering over the water was a metallic object with small windows along its edge.

Standing outside the object on a ledge was a humanoid figure of about 1.30 meters in height.

The figure was holding something resembling a hose and was apparently sucking water from the river and into the craft. After about two minutes the humanoid pulled up the hose from the river and re-entered the object. The craft then became very bright and shot away horizontally into the sky.

Alien Abduction / Home Invasion - New York, NY

NOTE: I found this alien abduction/home invasion witness report on the MUFON website:

"I am a 58 yr. old professional woman of color who has had visitations since I was a child. I know what happened to me and only want to discuss my events for research purposes. The first case listed happened at night around 1986/7. It is still a vivid memory of waking up on an examination table with several aliens of different heights around me under a bright light. At first I didn't feel afraid even know I knew I was not at home and believed I was on a spaceship. I thought I had been there several times before. They spoke to each other and myself through thought. The next thing I remember, I was still on/near the table but I felt very sad and was crying. I don't know why. When I woke up in the morning and went to work, I felt uneasy and nervous which, is not my nature. I was casually discussing the incident with a co-worker to further calm myself down when another employee who had come in started listening to what I was saying. Suddenly, she became very excited and said that she was there also and saw me on the exam table. It freaked us all out and we stopped talking about it. I was a deputy-director at this agency and I remember the name of the co-worker who also saw me."

"Later Incident: Somehow, I believe this incident is connected to the first one described. I lived in Queens, NY and had several visitation memories from that location as an adult. The one I will discuss happened around 1993. I woke up in the morning and there was a stillness in the room that had me feel uneasy. I had two dogs at the time and neither one was in the room with me which was strange. I stepped off the bed and everything that had happened to me the night before came back in a rush and extremely detailed. I woke up to see very alien-like people entering my bedroom. I was not afraid at first because the first person who entered the room was my general Dr. I saw on regular basis. The second he appeared to come in, he stepped to the side and there were several aliens who also entered. I immediately became scared and the next thing I remember was being pushed up against the wall in my room and one of them was trying to exam/look for something through my private area. My Dr. seemed to be gone as I was calling out for him but the other aliens were on my left side and talking calmly and telepathically to each other. They were 4 or 5 of them in the room and by their voices, some were female. They all seemed to be some type of Dr/medical staff and wore white type clothes. The ones off to the side were about 6ft, very slender and almost angelic looking with minor interest in me. The one examining me was short, very rough, wearing a hood, about 4'5". I kept trying to see his face but he was trying to hide himself from me though he appeared the most non-human looking. There is more graphic detail to this but for the sake of space, in the end the alien found what he was looking for and removed it. I blacked out and then woke up as stated earlier. Thank you"

'Fear Detector' Developed To Sniff Out Terrorists

dailymail - A device that smells human fear is being developed by British scientists and could soon be sniffing out anxious terrorists.

The technology relies on recognising a pheromone - or scent signal - produced in sweat when a person is scared.

Researchers hope the 'fear detector' will make it possible to identify individuals at check points who are up to no good.

Terrorists with murder in mind, drug smugglers, or criminals on the run are likely to be very fearful of being discovered.

However calm they might appear on the surface, their bodies could give them away.

Although the research is at an early stage, the aim is to develop a prototype device in the next two to three years.

Evidence that the smell of fear is real was uncovered by US scientists last year who studied the underarm secretions of 20 terrified novice skydivers.

The researchers found that people appear to respond unconsciously to the sweat smell of a frightened person.

Scientists at City University London now hope to develop security sensor systems that can detect the human fear pheromone.

Team leader Professor Tong Tun told The Engineer magazine: 'The challenge lies in the characterisation and identification of the specific chemical that gives away the signature of human fear, especially the fear in relation to criminal acts.'

The project will look at potential obstacles to reliable detection such as the effects of perfume, and natural differences between individuals.

If the initial 18-month feasibility study is successful, the first detectors could be developed in the next two to three years, said Prof Tun.

She added: 'I do not see any particular reason why similar sensor techniques cannot be expanded to identify human smells by race, age or gender to build a profile of a criminal during or after an incident.'

In the US study, scientists at Stony Brook University in New York State used taped absorbent pads to soak up sweat from the skydivers' armpits just before they made their first tandem jump.

Other volunteers, who were not told the true nature of the experiment, were later asked to sniff the samples through a nebuliser. At the same time, their brains were scanned.

The study showed that the scent of sweat from the scared skydivers triggered a heightened response in brain regions associated with fear.

But sweat samples taken from the skydivers as they ran on a treadmill - with their feet safely on the ground - did not have the same effect.

Animals are known to produce 'alarm pheromones' to alert each other to danger.

Eerie Screams Terrify Malaysian Villagers

thestar - This could easily be a Halloween movie but the murder of a woman, eerie screams, and the discovery of skeletal remains in a well are not spooking moviegoers in cinemas but the residents of Kampung, Malaysia.

All was well in the village until Oct 6 when a woman was found murdered in her house; her 22-year-old son who is the prime suspect had allegedly put her body in a traveling bag and left it under the kitchen sink.

That was enough to put the village residents in a state of heebie-jeebies.

Their anxiety deepened last Wednesday when the suspect led the police to the skeletal remains of a woman in a well. Since then, several residents have claimed that they are hearing eerie screams.

Cleaner Rokiah Sarumin, 60, said she had been living in the area for 30 years but the noises only started after the skeletal remains were discovered in the well.

“Initially my neighbour asked me whether I heard screams at night but I just dismissed it as a joke.

“However, at about 3am on Friday, I, too, heard screams,” she said, adding that she immediately recited prayers.

Rokiah said the screaming continued for several minutes and then died off.

Of the woman who had been murdered, Rokiah refuted media reports that she was deaf and mute, saying they had spoken to each other everyday.

Housewife Salmah Hanim, 45, said the eerie noise came from the well.

“My house is near the well where the skeletal remains were found and the first time I heard the voice was on Thursday morning at around 3am.

“I was terrified and told my husband but he dismissed it,” she said, adding that she planned to talk to her husband about moving out of the area.

Rokiah’s grandson Nasrul Amrani, 19, who works in a petrol station, said the suspect hardly spoke to his neighbours.

Nasrul said he had only seen the son raising his voice after he had consumed alcohol.

Yesterday, Johor CID chief Senior Asst Comm II Datuk Amer Awal said police were still trying to identify the skeleton remains in the well.

For now, he said all they knew was that the remains were those of a woman aged between 20 and 30 years.

He said the police were investigating whether the woman was either a family member or the suspect’s lover.

“We are looking through our missing persons record. We also urge members of the public who have someone missing over the last six months to lodge a police report,” he said.

He said the suspect was at Hospital Permai for psychiatric evaluation.

Thanks to Darryl for forwarding this article


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