Saturday, October 31, 2009

James Gilliland Declares ECETI Ranch Off Limits

In an email sent to his followers announcing his dissatisfaction with media reports, James Gilliland said "I believe the majority of the UFO community has become convoluted and riddled with disinformation".

The ECETI ranch is a UFO hotspot regularly visited by UFO enthusiasts and investigators who expect to see UFO's, orbs and light trails. UFO's have been reportedly been pursued by US Government aircraft above Gilliland's ranch.

Gilliland is a famous UFO researcher who seeks publicity and self promotes his property to UFO groups and reporters but who now wants to pursue investigations without UFO and paranormal groups getting in the way.

Here is the full text of Gilliland's explanation as to why he is withdrawing from UFO and paranormal groups.

"Before we begin I would like to express this letter is not to the people of integrity which are far and few between in the UFO community. They will understand and completely agree with what I am about to say. This letter is to all the conference boards, talk show hosts and others within the community who continue to deal with half truths and perpetuate the dark threatening agendas concerning our off world visitors totally ignoring the fact that the majority of off worlders are very spiritually and technologically advanced as well as benevolent.

The fear and suspense along with other hidden agendas via disinformation agents has so infiltrated ufology that the higher truth has been virtually pushed out. The UFO community has become the very conspiracy and censors of truth they set out in the beginning to expose. It has become a plethora of disinformation, misinformation, and massive egos wanting to be messiahs each thinking they have the big picture when all they have is a small piece of the pie. The field has become so corrupted, convoluted, and whacked out the real contactees and the bigger picture with positive contacts really have little or no forum to express. They are eventually squeezed out especially when it comes to women. Women who do not agree with the dark foreboding agendas of many ex-military or top government officials who either see everything as a threat due to pre-programming or are there to support the war industry which needs a new threat to continue its massive budget.

The vast majority of off worlders which includes those coming from the higher dimensions are benevolent so why is the vast majority of the conferences and radio show programming focused on the negative regenerate side? Why is the negative, regenerate side given all the air and podium time which is completely disproportionate to reality? Personally I believe the majority of the UFO community has become so convoluted and riddled with disinformation along with those sitting on boards who perpetuate the mis and disinformation with NWO connections not to mention the material driven circus there is no way any off world visitor would have anything to do with it. As a venue for truth it is unsalvageable.

This is why I have no more desire to operate or involve myself further with these groups. I will continue as a spokesman for contact with benevolent off world visitors through other venues. I will also continue to hold our own conferences and invite those on the cutting edge who are working towards the advancement or awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. The Self Mastery and Kunlun classes will continue as well. With the regular appearances of the UFOs here at ECETI and the appearances of grand masters which have been photographed one would think there would be a strong interest and desire to promote the ongoing outrageous events happening at the ECETI Ranch. One would think with UFOs buzzing TV reporters and thousands of eyewitnesses with PHDs in every field, pilots, air traffic controllers etc. there would be a strong interest in the ranch yet in fact it is entirely the opposite going as far as suppressing or ignoring the events altogether by major conference organizers and talk show hosts.

The number one question when people come here and see the ships, experience the higher consciousness and energy experiencing spontaneous healings and incredible awakenings is why is this not getting out to others. Why is the spiritual and UFO community not jumping all over this. My only answer is ask them what they are afraid of. Why do they have so much resistance to the truth and what is it in them that is threatened? They have become wrong they set out to right. Twenty three million people watched the trailer to the movie Contact Has Begun, His Story with James Gilliland and now it is on Net Flicks. Robbie Williams the UK pop star and other UK stars have come to the ranch. The Latin countries are blasting the contacts and sightings here all over their media and four ships came in all at once at the last Science, Spirit and World Transformation conference filmed by the speakers along with a field full of people. It is blasted all over youtube. Fox News just did a real positive piece and this Thursday KOIN 6 will air their report where a UFO buzzed the reporter at ECETI and powered up right over his head. Despite the UFO community the truth is flowing like a river but not through their venue. It is time for people to do their own research and look into those in the UFO community who have maintained their integrity in a search for truth. Those that continue to keep you looking in the past, painting dark foreboding fearful agendas without addressing the benevolent side of contact are doing a grave injustice to the people, the off worlders, and the possibility of a quantum leap in evolution. To me this is not a service to humanity but in some cases an extreme disservice which is why I will no longer seek these venues to serve humanity or the greater family of man.

You have my permission to copy and send this far and wide."

James Gilliland

NOTE: honestly, I don't know what to make of this development other than it's a surprise. Gilliland has been featured in John Savages' and Michael Knight's documentary Contact Has Begun - His Story with James Gilliland. James Gilliland plays the key figure in the movie documentary, Contact Has Begun. This movie is also featured in The Veil is Lifting the new soon to be released movie. Frankly, he sought the notoriety and promoted ECETI as a business whether he admits to it or not...let alone the movies and documentaries...Lon

*FOOTNOTE: Are aliens benevolent beings? Very doubtful...Update: Alien Entity Images / Evidence "...According to David, these reptilians belong to a higher class or caste and are usually responsible as 'guides'. When I state 'guides' I am referring to those designated to bring humans to other locations. As well, these 'guides' serve other alien travelers who want to study the human condition. It seems these alien species are fascinated by the way we live and our value of money and other commodities. As strange as this sounds, David states that groups of aliens were transported to his residence frequently and given a 'tour' of human life. There are several hierarchies and different alien species do exist together in some of their societies...but there is a strict class system. I promise I will go into more detail as I study the evidence and gather better insight of David's encounters".

MUFON Report: Disc Shaped UFO in Texas - Photo

Unedited MUFON witness report - undisclosed location in Texas - 10-11-09: My 13 year old son and his 2 friends were hanging out at one of the boys house (Oct. 11, 2009) when they were talking about spirit orbs and catching them on camera. So they went out on the back patio late afternoon, it was misty and cool that day. He opened his cell phone to take randon pics to try and capture orbs. He took 3 pics which 2 were blurry of the willow tree that is in the boys back yard. The last one he took was of the grass, tree, a ball, and sky.

The following evening he was going back through his pics and noticed the UFO in the clear pic he took. He came down stairs and showed his dad then showed me. My first reaction was that is a UFO, and I asked where he got the pic, he said he took it. My husband fowarded the pic to his phone so he could zoom in on it. It is very clear that it is a UFO. I know that it is not a flying pig, witch, Santa, bird, plane, or the all too famous "weather balloon". I asked the boys did they see it or hear it. They did not and were totally in "awe" over the whole thing. I want clarification on the pic from a UFO pro. Some people think we are crazy or that we photo shopped the pic. I wish I owned that program and had the knowledge of how to edit pics, but I don't. My kids tell me I am crazy and well maybe sometimes I am when they make me crazy. LOL.

My family has always believed in UFO's, so when we saw this pic we were like "wow", "see they do exist". My family is not scared since the discovery of the pic, UFO's have been around for along time, and I think if they meant us harm they would have done so a long time ago. You can't see who is piloting the craft so I can't for sure tell you if it is an alien or human.

NOTE: I try to keep an open mind with UFO witness reports for the most part, unless the BS alarm goes off. This one looks interesting enough to post for your assessment...Lon


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Medium Claims Michael Jackson Spirit Contact In Twitter Seance

A psychic medium held a seance to contact the spirit of Michael Jackson and tweets his ghost's responses. Click here for twitter responses. Below is an example of MJ answering questions:

Friday, October 30, 2009

Darges Memoir May Finally Prove Hitler Knew of the Holocaust

Adolf Hitler with Fritz Darges

telegraph - The memoirs of the last SS adjutant to Adolf Hitler are to be published in a move historians say could cast away the last shred of doubt over his personal involvement in the Holocaust.

Fritz Darges died over the weekend aged 96 with instructions for his manuscript about his time spent at the side of the Führer to be published once he was gone.

Darges was the last surviving member of Hitler's inner circle and was present for all major conferences, social engagements and policy announcements for four years of the war.

Experts say his account of his time as Hitler's direct link to the SS could discount the claims of revisionists who have tried to claim the German leader knew nothing of the extermination programme. Right-wing historians have claimed the planning for the murder of six million Jews was carried out by SS chief Heinrich Himmler.

Mainstream historians believe it inconceivable that Hitler did not issue verbal directives about the mass killings in Darges' presence. Other courtiers, such as armaments minister Albert Speer and propaganda chief Josef Goebbels, had their diaries published post war with no reference to hearing Hitler ordering the "Final Solution".

Darges died on Saturday still believing in the man who engineered the Jewish Holocaust as "the greatest who ever lived." His memoirs will be published now in accordance with his will.

Darges trained as an export clerk but joined the SS in April 1933. His zeal for National Socialism soon earmarked him for great things and by 1936 he was the senior adjutant to Martin Bormann, Hitler's all-powerful secretary.

"I first met the Führer at the Nuremberg party rally in 1934," he said in an interview given to a German newspaper shortly before his death at his home in Celle. "He had a sympathetic look, he was warm-hearted. I rated him from the off."

After serving in the SS panzer division Wiking in France and Russia he was promoted on to the Führer's personal staff in 1940. He rose to the rank of Lt. Col. and was awarded the Knights Cross, the highest gallantry award for bravery in the field.

Much of his time after 1942 was either spent at Hitler's eastern headquarters the 'Wolf's Lair' at Rastenburg, East Prussia, or at his holiday home, the Berghof, on a mountain in Berchtesgaden, Bavaria.

"It was a very familial atmosphere at the Berghof," he recalled. "One time we went off to Italy together with Eva Braun and her sister Gretel in an open-topped car.

"I had to organise all the finances. I had the feeling that Eva's sister was interested in me but I didn't think I should become the brother-in-law of the Fuehrer.

"As adjutant I was responsible for his day-to-day programme. I must, and was, always there for him, at every conference, at every inter-service liaison meeting, at all war conferences.

"I must say I found him a genius."

But Darges misjudged the "warm-hearted" Führer deeply during one conference at Rastenburg on July 18 1944 – two days before a bomb plot nearly succeeded in killing him.

During a strategy conference a fly began buzzing around the room, landing on Hitler's shoulder and on the surface of a map several times.

Irritated, Hitler ordered Darges to "dispatch the nuisance". Darges suggested whimsically that, as it was an "airborne pest" the job should go to the Luftwaffe adjutant, Nicolaus von Below.

Enraged, Hitler dismissed Darges on the spot. "You're for the eastern front!" he yelled. And so he was sent into combat.

But despite the dramatic end to his time with Hitler, he would still hear nothing against "the boss."

"We all dreamed of a greater German empire," he said. "That is why I served him and would do it all again now," said the man who had a career after the war selling cars.

NOTE: why do I have a feeling this is going to stir up the anti-Holocaust groups...regardless of what Darges wrote...Lon


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Say 'Halloween'...Think 'Haunted Insane Asylum'

bsudailynews - Most people have only heard stories about haunted insane asylums, and few have explored the forsaken halls of these eerie places. Indianapolis resident Justin Potts is an exception to this norm.

Potts is the leader of the Indiana Paranormal Group, a band of friends and individuals interested in the supernatural, which investigates supposed haunted locations and attempts to prove the existence of the supernatural.

One location in particular has drawn Potts back more than 15 times: Central State Hospital, located on the outskirts of downtown Indianapolis.

“There’s so much history to the place, and I’ve had so many personal experiences there,” Potts said.

Central State, originally one brick building, opened in 1848. By the time the hospital permanently closed its doors in 1994, it had been expanded, razed and rebuilt. Reports of patient abuse and failed funding contributed to the institution’s shutdown, according to the Indiana state Web site.

Potts said he thinks the entire mood of the campus changes after dark. He and his team are forced to rely solely on flashlights because no light enters the inside. The temperature inside of the buildings is always colder, he said. The tunnels are tight and narrow at some points, forcing those entering down onto hands and knees to get through. Vision is limited. Rooms seem to have been abandoned in a rush; traces of how life in the hospital once was can still be found in the place.

Sometimes “spirits” reveal themselves in the hospital as strange shadows, mist-like clouds or tiny orbs of light, Potts said.

“Most of them don’t really show themselves,” Potts said. “They’ll just speak if anything.”

Potts said spirits sometimes stay in a certain place after death due to a significant event, good or bad, that occurred there.

“Their spirit might show up there because they’re trying to find something that means so much to them that they can’t move on,” Potts said.

In the hospital’s early days, the administration building was where patients were housed. Many Electric Voice Phenomena recordings have occurred there, Potts said. EVPs are captured when a voice recorder picks up supposed voices of unexplained entities.

On one of Pott’s favorite EVP recordings from Central State, something states, “Follow me,” along with, “Can you help me?”

Despite these occurrences, the ghost hunter said it takes a lot for him to be afraid. He has witnessed an apparition of a full-fledged ghost on one investigation, so until he sees this at Central State, his bravery holds out.

Potts said he enjoys investigating the so-called “hot spots” in the hospital from where stories stem. The tunnels were used to move deceased patients out of the hospital without the others knowing, and it is said that the souls of those bodies still roam through the stone passages, Potts said. Supposed cries for help are said to resonate from rooms where patient abuse may have occurred. Although the hospital is now abandoned, it still seems to stir with the spirits of those who once lived there, Potts said.


Click for video

While the Indiana legislature had authorized the establishment of a "hospital for the insane" as early as 1827, the doors of the Indiana Hospital for the Insane (later re-named Central State Hospital) did not open until November, 1848. At this time, the hospital (called the Central Indiana Hospital for the Insane after 1889 and then called Central State Hospital after 1926) opened with five patients and a single building, and by 1928, physicians cared for nearly 3,000 patients. At that time, the hospital consisted of one brick building situated on a large parcel of land, numbering over 100 acres, in the outskirts of Indianapolis (on Washington Street, west of downtown).From 1848-1948, the hospital grew yearly until it encompassed two massive ornate buildings for the male and female patients, a pathological department, a "sick" hospital for the treatment of physical ailments, a farm colony where patients engaged in "occupational therapy", a chapel, an amusement hall complete with an auditorium, billiards, and bowling alleys, a bakery, a fire house, a cannery manned by patients, and idyllic gardens and fountains.

The more ornate of the two massive ornate buildings came to be known as "the Seven Steeples". This building was designed on the Kirkbride plan of state hospital design.

For a half-century, this complex array of buildings and gardens beckoned to all of the state's mentally ill. By 1905, however, mental health institutions elsewhere in Indiana, built in Evansville, Logansport, Madison, and Richmond relieved an overcrowded Central State Hospital of some of its patient load, leaving it to treat only those from the "central district", an area of 38 counties situated in the middle portion of the state.

By the late 1970s, most of the hospital's ostentatious, Victorian-era buildings were declared unsound and razed. In their place, the state constructed brick buildings of a nondescript, institutional genre. These modern buildings and the medical staff therein continued to serve the state's mentally ill, until allegations of patient abuse and funding troubles sparked an effort to forge new alternatives to institutionalization which, in turn, led to the hospital's closure in 1994.

Continued Controversy Over Yowie Sighting in Pilliga Forest, NSW

coonabarabran - A recent sighting of what appeared to be a hairy creature lurking in the Pilliga has Baradine residents wondering if there is some truth to the primeval legend of the yowie. Although the image was fleeting and nobody could describe exactly what they saw, the incident adds mystery to a story that has its roots in Aboriginal folklore. The contentious and potentially scary incident occurred late in the evening of Wednesday, 26 August, when two buses containing high school student members of the Regional Children’s Choir were returning to Baradine from a camp-fire evening at Odell’s Crossing.

Coincidentally, the youngsters had been listening to some hair-raising Pilliga tales related to them by local residents, Roy Matthews, Ronnie Magann and Pat Madden. The purpose of the excursion, organised by National Parks & Wildlife, was to give the Moorambilla choir group a feel for the forest. Composer and musician, Dan Walker, has been working with the kids preparing music and song based on the yowie legend.

After enjoying the camp fire stories and billy tea and damper in the heart of the forest, the group set off on the return drive. As the first bus approached Odell’s Crossing, driver Daisy Matthews was startled to see something she believes resembled a strange human moving between the trees. She reports that she had a brief glimpse of a ‘wild looking’ hairy figure running towards the bus. “It seemed to be confused and dazzled by the headlights,” commented Mrs. Matthews. “We were travelling very slowly, but it all happened so quickly and I still wonder if I was seeing things!

“However, most of the kids said they had seen something, but there was such a lot of commotion and noise which really must have scared the creature away.” The driver of the second bus, Cliff Matthews, said that he really could not make a comment other than there was definitely something or someone on the track. He says that a heavy thump against the side of his bus as he approached the creek did cause a brief unnerving moment and there was a good deal of excitement amongst his young passengers.

Yowie-type creatures are common in the legends and stories of Australian Aboriginal tribes and the mid to late 19th century saw a wealth of sightings; most describing a large, gorilla-like creature living in mountainous or forested regions. Over the years there have been many stories of yowie sightings in the Pilliga, in fact there have been more reported yowie sightings in the forest than anywhere else in Australia and it is often known as a ‘hot spot’ for yowie hunters.

The choir kids were eager to hear yarns about the yowie and first hand experiences from local residents. “It is interesting to note that people have gone missing out in the scrub and no trace of them has ever been found,” commented Roy Matthews.

Terrible Sight

“I had a man working for me some years ago who said he had seen a yowie out here and there was no way he was staying out in the forest after dark. “Well, after he told me what it looked like, I was quite happy to start work a bit later in the morning and make sure I finished well before dark! “He said it was a terrible looking thing; like a big gorilla with a large head resembling three porcupines tied together. “It was something I did not want to run into, but I have heard about people who have. This would be the first night I have been in the scrub since then.” Pat Madden said that as a child she was told many different versions of the yowie legend. “We would only go to town once a month and we always made sure that we got home before dark,” related Pat.

“One day we were forced to leave the truck and walk back home through the forest. We felt we were being watched and I think we got back in record time!” NPWS ranger and excursion organiser, Montgomery, related the story about a mysterious disappearance of a whole carcass of beef from the butcher’s shop.“The butcher had left the carcass hanging in his shop overnight and locked up gone,” explained Polly.

“The 500 kilo animal had been carried out of the shop by something with enormous strength. “The incident was reported in the local newspaper at the time.”

Primitive humanoid

Well known yowie hunter Rex Gilroy, has been to the Pilliga Forest, the Warrumbungles and Mt Kaputar National Park in search of the primitive humanoid. On his website he reports that stories of yowie sightings in the Coonabarabran district date back to the 1800's. Just a few years ago a group of tourists reported finding giant ape-like footprints in road side bush in the Pilliga just off the Newell Highway.

Then there is the more recent report from a Sydney motorist who had stopped his car in the Pilliga for a rest and sighted a hairy ape-like creature about 10 feet tall watching him from nearby bush. Whether or not there is a such a creature as a Yowie in the Pilliga Forest has always been a hot topic for controversial debate in Baradine. But, although the infamous creature has successfully hidden for thousands of years, it should be remembered that the Pilliga Yowie, whether fact or fiction, is certainly doing its bit towards putting the forest on the tourist map. Apparently some are hoping that it becomes a major tourist attraction akin to Scotland's Loch Ness monster - believe it or not.

NOTE: a reader in Australia forwarded this article from August 2009 and states that the controversy over this sighting has increased to the point where some people are implying that this was a stunt to draw Yowie hunters and tourists to the area. I don't know the particular Yowie legend for the Pilliga Forest...maybe someone can give us an update...Lon

UPDATE: I received this email from Sharon in Australia...

About a week after this story broke, apparently one of the guys who was telling the kids the Yowie stories admitted to dressing up and pretending to be a Yowie. The driver of the bus and the other guy were in on it too. They didn't mean for it to become such a big deal, they just wanted to give the kids an 'experience'. This particular story was discussed on the Australian Yowie Research forums in October this year, however I've not been able to find the link....the link to the article in the local town paper has disappeared from the site I had bookmarked... I believe the writer was a Sue or Susan Cutts if you want to give digging in the internet files a go.

Kind regards,


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Why Are UFOs / Extraterrestrials Interested in Volcanoes?

Click for video - Mount Etna, Italy

Click for video - Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

Click for video - Colima Volcano, Mexico

NOTE: why do UFOs seem to be attracted to active volcanoes? The videos above are just a few examples of UFO sightings during volcanic activity since the 1980's...though, there have been reports previously. The most UFO activity occurs around the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica. The latest wave was seen in August 2009 and drew the attention of UFO hunters worldwide. Many of these UFOs are observed flying through the ash clouds and closely inspecting pyroclastic and lava flows. Watch the videos and post your theory...Lon
Originally posted 10/6/07

UFO Sighting During Arenal Volcano Eruption 9/18/07

Notice bright orb to the left of the Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

September 18th 2007 - A cloud of gas and volcanic rocks sliding down Costa Rica's north-central Arenal Volcano caught the attention of residents and scientists yesterday morning.

This “pyroclastic flow” occurred at 10:12 a.m. west of the volcano's main crater and was observed from a lookout point inside the Arenal Volcano National Park, according to a statement from the Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica (OVSICORI) based at National University (UNA) in Heredia, north of San José.

A pyroclastic flow is an eruption of high-temperature gases, rocks and ash that makes its way down a volcano in the form of a cloud, explained OVSICORI volcanologist Rodolfo Van Der Laat. This phenomenon is not out of the ordinary for Arenal, especially during this time of year.

Yesterday's activity did not pose any threat to those living near the volcano, though it did catch residents' and tourists' attention, Van Der Laat said.


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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Photo: 'Experiencer' Reports 2nd Close Encounter - La Pampa, Argentina

Source: CEUFO and Planeta UFO

inexplicata - A new and gripping CE-3 has allegedly taken place in the province of La Pampa over recent days, involving a woman who had a previous experience involving a similar type of creature in 2007. The entity was described as very thin and tall standing approximately 2 meters tall. Its apparently unexpressive face has sunken eyes, a flattened nose “like that of an ape” and the mouth is described “as resembling a fine line”.

The new episode was took place on Tuesday, October 20 shortly after 20:00 hours in a community of 1500 residents. When the witness recovered from the experience, she phoned her son, who lives a block away, and he in turn notified the Centro de Estudios UFO (CEUFO), which immediately sent a researcher to the location. The details of the case are set forth below and as has become customary, neither the experiencer’s identity nor the exact location are disclosed in order to keep the case from being mishandled by some sensationalist media outlets.

The protagonist was about to re-enter her home after saying goodbye to her grandson when she noticed the strange being’s presence in her living room. The woman, 65, gathered up her courage and headed toward an item of furniture with the goal of reaching for a digital camera with which to photograph the intruder. When she turned around to do so, the being placed one of its hands on her forearm. “At that moment I felt myself losing strength and fainting,” she said.

According to her family’s estimates, the woman remained unconscious between 15 and 20 minutes, after which she was able to phone her son, who rushed over to find her seated in an armchair experiencing a nervous breakdown. A chair and other elements of digital camera were strewn across the floor.

When she was sufficiently recovered from the ordeal, she explained that “the being appeared again” – referring to her 2007 experience. Her family immediately notified the Centro de Estudios UFO which arrived an hour later at the site to ascertain that [the entity] had indeed left strange prints on the woman’s forearm when it gripped her.

A small dog (Caniche), the woman’s only permanent company, was found cowering under an armchair, showing signs of having experienced a considerable fright.
The marks on the woman’s forearm changed color and appearance as the hours went by. The next day, the largest mark had developed into a considerable blister and at 11:00 a.m., the woman reported that the strange being appeared yet again, this time to look at her arm and burst the blister, which produced an abundant quantity of viscous, yellowish fluid. Her relatives corroborated this.

As hours went by, the “marks” took various different shapes until the woman woke up in the early hours of Sunday, October 25, experiencing sharp pains. This prompted her to phone her son and other relatives, who to their surprise saw that very bright “metal filings” were visible in plain sight. Photos were taken of this and samples were collected; these in turn were submitted for analysis by CEUFO.


The case requires treatment by medical professionals, without question, and CEUFO advisors have been brought into the case to analyze the elements removed from the scene. Further attention is being given to the protagonist of the event and to comparisons with the previous experience recorded in November 2007.

Entity Descriptions

As stated earlier, the odd being stands nearly 2 meters tall. It is very slender but very strong, as the witness claims “losing her strength” as the creature placed its hand on her. With regard to its features, she said that its eyes “appear sunken into its face”, but that they emanate a sensation of “tenderness”. The nose was described as ape-like and the mouth as “a thin line” while its skin was greenish or dark grey, and with folds that give the impression of “wrinkles”. When asked about the number of fingers on the entity’s hands, she had the “sensation” that it had five fingers.

Woman Claims 'Guardian Angel' Warned Her of Disease

telegraph - Montse Ventura, 55, said a woman who sat opposite her on Barcelona's number 64 bus nine months ago urged her to have tests for acromegaly, a disorder resulting from an excess of growth hormone due to a pituitary gland tumor.

She said she had never heard of the disorder but the woman handed her a piece of paper where she had written down the names of two clinical tests, the Guardian newspaper reported.

"She wrote something down and said 'Have the analysis done as soon as possible because if you wait until you feel the need to consult your doctor, you may already be in a very bad state,'" Ventura said.

"A month later I went to my gynaecologist for my annual check-up. I handed over the piece of paper and asked for those tests to be added to the standard ones."

She said that to her doctor's surprise, the test results rang alarm bells. "Some hormonal measures were totally abnormal," she said. "I had more tests done and they ended up operating on a tumor." The operation to remove the tiny tumor from the pea-sized pituitary gland at the base of her brain was successful.

After the story was reported in newspapers across Spain a 60-year-old endocrinologist rang La Vanguardia newspaper on Tuesday to say she had been the "guardian angel".

She told the newspaper she had made the diagnosis after seeing Ventura's unusually shaped hands. "The hands gave me a lot of clues but I wasn't sure whether to say anything but I am a very spontaneous person," she explained.

"I'd rather put my foot in it than keep the worry to myself."

Ventura said that she and her guardian angel had now spoken by phone and the two will meet when the media fuss in Spain dies down.


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Are There Ghosts In My Town?

sunjournal by Dave Sargent - Sometimes you just don't know what to believe.

Are there ghosts out there walking the streets of Lewiston-Auburn? Are they haunting homes along the Androscoggin River and in nearby towns?

One of the most likely locations for a ghost sighting ought to be Poland Spring, where the historic Inn high on the hill welcomed celebrities and even a president. Sure enough, there are dozens of Internet accounts of the famous founder, Hiram Ricker, roaming around the massive old building.

One of those stories says, "Several employees have seen the ghost of Hiram wandering the halls. Some workers report hearing the voice of Hiram coming from vacant rooms, and his footsteps can be heard in the early morning hours coming from the empty lobby."

It also says he has been known to play tricks on the staff by moving various objects to unusual places.

Some ghost stories become attached to a place for generations, and it seems likely to me that this story started many years ago among the chambermaids and groundskeepers who lived at the Inn through the tourist season. The huge, ornate hotel built by Ricker burned in 1976, so it's not likely that old Hiram was seen in the new structure on the site. And that, of course, is an issue only if you buy into the possibility of ghosts in the first place.

There are other Internet sources that give people a chance to share their supernatural experiences. There's one Web site post that comes from a young Auburn resident who worked at the Auburn Public Library. She writes about a night when open mic performances were taking place there.

She says she went outside for some fresh air and "I looked up into one of the dark rooms. When I blinked, I saw a man looking down at me, smiling.

"When I blinked again, it was gone.

"I went to go get my friends," she continues. "They saw him too. All the rooms were still dark. When we went to get (another library employee), she didn't see it. We looked up and the lights were on. No one was in that part of the building."

It's easy to say there are simple explanations for all that, but once a situation spooks you, it's as real as it can be.

Another Auburn story seems more fanciful, but some inexplicable happening probably triggered a young person to write about it.

"The other night at my house, I saw the ghost of a cat," the Internet account said. "I know it was a ghost, because I saw it in the middle of the road, and then a car ran over it and nothing happened. It was fine. And then it came up to me and I went to pat it and it disappeared right in front of me."

These tales are a lot like ghost stories that that have been swapped around campfires for generations. Nevertheless, a few stories posted online have great detail and a ring of sincerity. A Lisbon resident told of a house where "strange things went on."

She said, "At that time, my mom had just had twins and they were only a few months old. She and I would both be sitting in the living room, each with one of the babies, and you would still hear an infant cry, and both babies would be sleeping in your arms."

The twins' swings would start swinging on their own while they just sat there and watched, according to the writer.

"Their toys would start going off by themselves and no one in the room was moving," she said.

"One night while I was sitting at the computer near the kitchen on the second floor, I heard a husky voice say my name and felt breath on the side of my neck, face, and shoulder. Everyone else in the house was asleep."

A family in Durham also reported weird occurrences in their house.

"You always knew there was someone else there. You would feel a hand on your shoulder while reading on a quiet night. The flame from the candle you are burning triples in size. You wake up at night to the sounds of children laughing, and there's singing coming from the attic room. The dogs were constantly staring at something up on the ceiling, or looking around the room, seeing something you cannot see."

This report also said, "There were nights when cries came from the Androscoggin River. Was someone drowning? We called the police and they checked it out that night, but it continued long after that."

The writer said, "We were never scared by this feeling, just wondering ... who is there?"

If the Halloween season gives you a thirst for more spooky local tales, there are many on an Internet site at Most of them are laughable fabrications, but there are a few ... well, you just have to wonder.

Dave Sargent is a freelance writer and resident of a very old farmhouse in Auburn, Maine where no ghosts have been seen ... so far.

Thanks to DOC Agren for forwarding this article

The Paranormal is Hilarious - Until it Happens to You!

Two of my brothers live in New England. I visit them often. One of my brothers has a neighbor who is very nice but strictly a skeptic when it comes to anything paranormal. This neighbor will not allow anything considered paranormal or unknown to touch his thinking or understanding of the world and universe around him.

My brothers both live in the same small town where they are very social and well known. Often I have been to affairs with my brothers when this skeptical neighbor goes out of the way to make sure I am insulted or treated with a nasty slant concerning the fact I write about the paranormal.

Many times I have told this neighbor to simply not read what I write and to ignore what I say. I told this man more then once that he and his wife need to live their lives as they see fit and to allow others to do the same. I try to avoid them when I visit my brothers. They do go out of the way to track me down when I am in my brother’s town with the sole purpose of being rude with loud displays of their limited thinking and knowledge. I ignore them and at times just walk away from them without saying a word.

People like my brothers neighbors are a dime a dozen. They are loud, nasty and rude. They also are people who have never had any type of unknown, strange or paranormal event happen to them or anyone close to them. People like this always have the most to say about subjects they know nothing about.

My job is to write about those who live through experiences, events and encounter things considered unknown. My job is NOT to make people believe what I write. I do not worry about what close-minded, angry -limited people think. My job is to step over them on my way to get the events that do happen out to those interested in things we do not fully understand. My job is to talk about the things paranormal we do not understand that happen to people all over the world every day.

The last week of September I went to visit my brothers for a few days. One day as we were eating lunch on my brother’s patio the phone rang. It was his neighbor’s wife. She was terrified. She was not making sense, crying and completely beside herself. She insisted my brother come over and for him to bring me!

I did not know what to think of this call. I had no choice and drove over to the neighbor’s house with my brother.

We pulled into the neighbor’s driveway to find the neighbor, his wife and his wife’s

Sister sitting on the front porch waiting for us. The three of them were pale white with wide eyes. They sat backs up against the house so close to the wall that they appeared painted onto the house siding. I knew at once something had terrified the three of them.

As we walked up to them the neighbor pointed to the driveway. Their car sat in the driveway with the trunk popped open. The neighbor said, “ They took all the family photo’s “. I thought they must have been robbed but still could not figure out why they insisted I come along with my brother.

I walked up and stood in front of the three of them. All of a sudden the three of them burst out into sobbing tears. They were crying so hard I could not understand what they were saying. My brother and I immediately tried to comfort them so we could figure out what was going on.

We were able to get the three of them into their house and sat them down at their dining room table. My brother poured them a class of wine to try to calm them to a point we could understand what had happened.

We sat with the neighbor, his wife and her sister while they told us what had happened.

The three of them set off that morning for a short trip to the wife’s brother’s house about three hours away. They were bringing him part of the family albums that were left by their parents. The neighbor’s wife and her sister promised to share the albums with their brother and decided to drive over for a visit and to deliver his part of the family photos.

They set off early in the morning and recall driving along and entering the main highway in route to the brother’s house. That was all they could recall. Later in the day about lunch time the three of them woke up in the car. Actually the two sisters woke up or came to in the car. The man, the neighbor, recalls either getting into or out of the car as the two women woke up. He could not recall why he was out of the car or if he was getting out or getting back into it. The three of them were confused, dazed and did not know where they were. They all had terrible headaches. It took them a few minutes to come to their senses. They seemed to be pulled over into a rest stop but there was only empty road and forest around them. They looked at their watches and found that about four hours had lapsed since their last memories, which was riding along the highway to their brothers.

They had to drive for a few miles before they found a sign to get a sense of where they were. They found that they had driven miles out of the way, in the wrong direction, and had no idea at all how they got there or why they were there. They drove for about an hour before they were able to turn on to a main highway they were familiar with.

They were shaken and not feeling well. They turned off the main highway when they came upon a town they knew. They found a small restaurant they had eaten at before and pulled in to its parking lot to try to calm down.

The neighbor got out of his car and walked around it. The two sisters got out of the car as well as they were feeling sick from a strange odor that was drifting through out the car. They rolled down all the windows and opened the doors to air out the car.

The three of them were shocked at the condition of their vehicle. It was covered in mud and dirt. It was a beautiful day without a cloud in the sky. The car had been freshly washed for the trip to their brother’s house. They stood in stunned silence looking at their mud-covered car.

They bought coffee and donuts thinking it may help them clear their heads. They called their brother and told him they were not coming. They sat in the car drinking their hot coffee and nibbling on the donuts when the neighbor noticed something on his wife’s face. He thought it was a piece of donut and reached over to brush it away. He found instead an odd round bruise a bit raised on her face. They soon discovered each of them had a small bruise on their faces or necks.

The three of them now frightened and confused decided to take the most populated route back home to their house. When they arrived home they opened the trunk of the car to remove the over night bags they packed. That is when they realized that all the photo albums were gone. A huge box of family photos was missing. They had no memory of stopping much less opening the cars trunk. They had no idea what had happened. They still felt sick and had terrible pains in their heads. They did manage to reason out searching to see if they had left the box in the house. They searched the house; the photos were not there. They were shaken; sick and confused to what happened to them during the hours they lost on their way to their brothers.

The neighbor remembered seeing me in town and sent his wife to call to have me come over to help them understand what they had just encountered.

My brother and I calmed them down and went out to look at their car. It was covered in a heavy mud. It also looked as if it had a few new scratches along the one side. The trunk had two over night bags and nothing else in it. Their photos were nowhere to be found in the car. We did not smell anything odd in the car but did notice a bit of the mud on the dashboard by the drivers seat. We locked the car and returned to the house.

We stayed with the people for about three hours. I listened to them repeat over and over what happened to them with the missing hours being totally blank to all three of them.

My brother made them dinner and I told them to search for any odd items when they could in the car and their baggage. I told them to leave the bags for now in the car and for them to turn on lights at night and lock their house. I also told them to see a doctor in the morning if they were in pain or still suffering from their headaches.

I visited them the next day. The three of them seemed well. They also seemed frightened to death. Something happened to them during the hours they lost that were not explainable or known. They experienced a very typical encounter with a lost time event.

I have no idea what happened to them along that highway or how they ended up miles away in a deserted area without any memory of getting there. I have no idea why all three had strange bruises on their faces and necks and I have no idea why the only thing missing was the box of family photos. I do know I have heard many reports very similar to this one.

I have no idea what occurs during these lost time events. I do know it is a terrifying event that stays forever with those who endure them. I also know that this family will understand now that it is cruel and ignorant to abuse those who live through these experiences. What happened to them is unknown. What happened to them has happened to many other people all over the world. It would be wonderful if we could take this seriously and investigate what it is that occurs to and re locates these people during their lost time events.

I do fear that until more of us have a real experience with the unknown it will remain for many hilarious - until it happens to them.

So much to learn yet so many closed and dumbed down minds intentionally blocking us to the road of truth. Maybe in time enough people will walk the road of the unknown and their jokes will become their living nightmares. Maybe then we will join as one and use our intelligence to solve these mysteries instead of sitting like fools laughing at our own ignorance.

Thanks to Chris Holly at Chris Holly's Paranormal World


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The Not-So-Great Mall of China

“It was trumpeted as the world’s largest retail mall, with shoppers able to browse through 1,500 stores, take a stroll along a mock Venetian canal or even have lunch in front of an 85ft replica of the Arc de Triomphe. But the New South China Mall, which opened in 2005, stands empty with 99 per cent of its shops having remained unleased and attractions including a 553-metre indoor and outdoor roller coaster standing idle. It was designed to attract an average of more than 70,000 visitors a day to the city of Dongguan, but has less than a dozen shops in its 9.6million sq ft of floor space… David Hand, a retail analyst at Jones LaSalle in Beijing, said: ‘They set out to the be the biggest, and hoped that being the biggest would be the attracting factor. ‘It hasn’t delivered.” Link to article

NOTE: (Sorry for going off-topic) - IMO, this is an example of why China's 'New World' burgeoning economy will not reach and/or remain at a high level. They mimic the 'Western conveniences' and will have the same problems but lack the ability to rectify it...unless, of course, the West comes to the rescue. The pollution problems in China are horrendous...many areas are simply beyond hope of saving. As well, China has a much larger gap between the 'haves and have nots' than in the West mainly due to the fact that they need a larger number of people to produce food and perform menial labor and simply too many people vs. service worker positions. I'm interested in your thoughts...Lon

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Searching For Bigfoot In Dolly Sods Wilderness Area

wvpubcast - Have you ever been in the woods and wondered what could be there, lurking behind the trees? One group thinks they know.

On a cool but sunny October day, Dolly Sods is beautiful. The sun shines through the trees and off the endless boulder fields.

But in its endless wilderness, Dolly Sods is a little bit spooky, too. It’s a still, quiet place. And according to Billy Willard, it’s a great place to search for Sasquatch.

“Typically we go out and visit sites where there’s been previous sighting reports,” Willard said. “We do get encounters called in to a hotline that we have, and we go out and we’ll research those areas looking for evidence such as footprints, strange stick tree structures and that kind of thing.”

Willard is the founder of Sasquatch Watch of Virginia, a group made up of Bigfoot enthusiasts who collect information about the legendary being in their spare time.

They’re camping out in Dolly Sods, traipsing around in the wilderness area’s forests and bogs looking for signs of Sasquatch.

“As large as they claim this creature is, it’s got to have some weight to it. And if it’s walking around out here, it’s going to leave a footprint,” Willard says.

He finds something he thinks resembles a Sasquatch print in the bog, deep in the mud.

“It could be a small track right there,” he said. “We’ve got a track right here, not as big as the other one we saw over there. And again, it’s old, you can tell it’s been here since the rain. But that might actually be cast-able. There might be some toe impressions in there.”

He pulls out some plaster of Paris and makes a cast.

Some of the members of Sasquatch Watch of Virginia have actually had a sighting—where they’ve come face-to-face with a creature they believe is a Bigfoot. But even those who haven’t believe the creature exists.

Bruce Harrington is the self-described skeptic of the group.

“I think one of the biggest arguments that people have against the existence of Bigfoot is there hasn’t been any proof,” Harrington said. “From a logical standpoint, absence of proof is not proof of absence. So just because we don’t have the proof that these creatures exist doesn’t mean they don’t exist.”

The men—and the group is made up solely of men—have an impressive amount of gear with them. They pull out GPS navigators, trail cameras, regular cameras, voice recorders and evidence bags.

The latter is used when a team member finds suspicious droppings. Into the bag it goes, to be sent off to a lab for testing.

Everybody has their own theories about what kind of creature Sasquatch is. Though he’s been hunting for years, Willard has never had a sighting.

“I could accept that this thing is human, whether it’s an undiscovered Native American tribe of people, I could accept that this is some kind of North American ape that just simple hasn’t been documented yet,” he said. “Those are the two main theories.

“Now you have some more out there theories, like these things are aliens and came off a UFO. That they go through dimensions and can walk through different portals. I think this thing’s flesh and blood, whether it’s human or more ape.”

Though their weekend in Dolly Sods didn’t lead to any sightings, Sasquatch Watch of Virginia is still looking for proof. They say it’s out there.

Click for MP3 link

NOTE: for those unfamiliar with the Dolly Sods Wilderness Area in West Virginia, I highly recommend you check it out if you're ever in that part of the country. It's part of the Monongahela National Forest and is actually an excellent example of how a natural area can recover from extensive use. It was once stripped of trees and mined for coal...then later used as an artillery range. Thanks to the Wilderness Act of 1964 it has transformed back into one of the most beautiful spots east of the Mississippi...Lon

Video: Hovering Oval UFO / OVNI - Acre State, Northwest Brazil

Click for video

allnewsweb - A TV crew returning from the city of Rio Branco in Brazil’s remote Amazon district spotted a UFO on the side of the highway they were traveling on. The event occurred last Friday 24 October at around 1am.

The employees of the TV station ‘Gazeta’ were returning home after doing a piece on local bandits dressing up as policemen. They immediately set up their cameras and managed to capture incredible images of the UFO.

The camera man, Jailson Fernandes, said that the craft hovered in the area for around one and a half hours and was oval shaped. ‘If I didn’t see it for myself I would have never believed accounts of people who did’ he noted.

This is not the first time a crew from the TV station ‘Gazeta’ filmed a UFO in this area. One such event occurred earlier this year in February and well known UFO event also occurred in the area in 1994.

The Amazon region in Brazil is one of the world’s great UFO hotspots. The Brazilian government recently declassified detailed files on ‘Operation Prato’: a military investigation into ongoing reports of UFO sightings and even UFOs attacking locals. Military personnel working on the top-secret project have testified that they too saw UFOs and in a few cases even extraterrestrials while doing investigations.

NOTE: the witnesses report that this object was oval shaped and 'hovered' for 90 minutes. At first glance, I would have said it was a plane...and it may very well be. But the object does maneuver unlike an airplane or a helicopter and the outer lights change color. I'm not convinced...but I do agree it's an interesting video...Lon


Last Sunday, October 25th, Brazilian UFO Magazine interviewed the former minister of the Air Force during the government of Fernando Collor, from 1990-1992, lieutenant-brigadier Sócrates da Costa Monteiro. The interview was conducted in his residence in Rio de Janeiro and was performed by this editor A. J. Gevaerd, with the cooperation of the co-editor Marco Antonio Petit and the consultants Francisco Pires de Campos and Arthur Ferreira Neto. It was more than two hours of extremely interesting and fruitful conversation, in which the military felt comfortable to talk about Ufology, like some other officials who also gave their statements to Brazilian UFO Magazine.

Monteiro is retired from the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) for a number of years, but keeps his bounds with active militaries from various sectors of the Brazilian military. He has an extremely lucid memory of the major facts of his activities in the Air Force and – of special interest to the Ufology – about how the country handled with the matter during the time when he was on active duty. Like other ministers, before and after him, Monteiro also had access to sensitive information on the interaction of other cosmic species in our country, reporting a few cases. He was pilot of many airplane types, including fighters, gathering more than 5 thousand flight hours in them.

“Technology far more advanced than ours”

The officer was the commander of I Integrated Air Defense and Air Traffic Control Centre (Cindacta), in Brasilia, at the time when he was ahead of registering the ufological occurrences all over the country, especially in the area of the Federal District and Southeast region. He revealed that the observations of unidentified flying objects were regular on the radar screens of the institution, well before he assumed its command, and that all the cases were carefully registered, with some of them being further investigated by the Air Force. In that occasion the expression “Traffic Hotel” was not yet used to designate UFOs.

Monteiro described a situation when the radar station of Cindacta in Gama (DF) was overflown at low altitude by a disk type object of great proportions, and that its staff, without knowing what to do, opened fire against the “intruder”. When he got to know it, Monteiro gave them express orders to stop the gun fire immediately. “They have a technology far more advanced than ours and we don’t know how they would react to our action”.

The interviewee also was the commander of IV Regional Air Command (COMAR), in São Paulo, institution that controls the air space of the Southeast region, during the famous “UFO Official Night in Brazil”, on May 19th 1986, when the area was flooded by the appearance of more than 20 flying spheres of more than 100 m diameter each, which were chased by 7 FAB’s fighters F-5E and Mirage, sent from the air bases of Santa Cruz (RJ) and Anápolis (GO). This is one of the most important ufological cases in the country, which counted on the participation of the Embraer’s president at that time colonel Ozires Silva, on board of a Xingu airplane heading from Brasilia to Sao José dos Campos. Ozires spotted an object and even chased it over Sao Paulo state. As it is known, the Air Force Minister at that time Octavio Moreira Lima went to TV in national broadcast, the next day, to admit the “invasion” of Brazilian air space by UFOs. Both, Ozires and Moreira Lima, are friends of Monteiro and the first told him details of his sighting. Ozires is at this moment being contacted by Brazilian UFO Magazine for new statements.

UFO Official Night in Brazil

As it’s known, the government just released a very important document about the mentioned “UFO Official Night in Brazil”, in which it is admitted that the observed objects were “solid and reflected somehow intelligence”, additional to the fact that made amazing maneuvers. The document can be downloaded at:

With this disclosure, the main matter of the interview, naturally, was the occurrence on May 19th 1986, which was confirmed in different ways by Monteiro, including details unknown until the moment. It is attributed to him some strong statements about the facts, given at that time. For example, the officer said that “for many years these cases have been registered by the Air Force” and that the UFOs “went from 250 to 1.500 km/h in seconds”. Monteiro also said that “FAB recorded the entire event on tape”. These facts are now complemented by him.

Always referring to the term “electronic abnormalities”, “with the lack of a better explanation to what those object were”, according to Monteiro, the interviewee said the speed of the UFOs was really astonishing and that the fighters could get closer to them only for a few moments, because the artifacts would escape away at extremely high speed. “There was no way for us to get closer, so we abandoned the search, which last for many hours in that night”.

There is a reference stating the UFOs achieved the speed of Mach 15, and about i, Monteiro said it is possible, although the instruments measured only near to 3.500 km/h, “because beyond that, there could be natural reading distortions”. About FAB recording the facts on videotape, he said that, actually, the institution – especially Cindacta – always registered what happened on the radar screens, and everything was registered in appropriate recordings done from those instruments. But pointed out that every 30 days the tapes are deleted and reused.

Visited by other cosmic species

The interviewee was cautious during the whole time. But, initially closed, was giving up to the pressure of the interviewers and making clear that, as other graduated officers of the country, also he had the clear notion that we are being visited by other cosmic species. Although at the beginning referred to the UFOs as “electronic abnormalities”, gradually started talking about “they”, to refer to its crew members, and “ships” in order to effectively describe what their vehicles were, mentioning also its “technology”. Also referred openly to the intelligence behind the phenomenon, giving clear notion that we are before superior civilizations.

This was the most striking statement given during the interview, at the end of the session, when he again mentioned the case in which his men were shooting at the flying saucer in Gama, and he had to immediately intervene because “the reaction could be tragic to us”. For that, he used as analogy the Mantell Case, occurred in USA in 1948, in which a pilot was found death and his plane was destroyed after a pursuit to an UFO. “For that, the fighters, when chasing those “electronic abnormalities”, did it with caution”. By the end of the conversation, when feeling more comfortable with the interviewers, he was referring to the abnormalities almost laughing of his own interpretation of the phenomenon and admitting the use of the expression “only because of the lack of an UFO on hands to say what they exactly are”.

Support to the freedom of information campaign

Finally, the lieutenant-brigadier Sócrates da Costa Monteiro is one additional person from the Brazilian military circle who, recognizing the serious mission of the ufologists of Brazilian UFO Magazine on the pursue of these questions, supports the campaign UFOs: Freedom of Information Now, conducted by the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU). He, like his colleagues previously interviewed, among them the brigadier José Carlos Pereira and the colonels Uyrangê Hollanda and Antonio Celente Videira, admitted the seriousness of the ufological manifestation and the need of treating it in a straight way. And declared: “The files must be opened and you must keep your action with the government, in order to ensure it happens”.



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Haunting Tale Persists at Washington & Jefferson College

observer-reporter - There was a good explanation for why the curtains would suddenly rustle as if they were brushed by a ghost at the president's mansion at Washington & Jefferson College.

Until the siding was replaced two years ago, the outside wood on the Victorian house was weather-worn to the point where gusts of wind could actually blow through the walls.

But those repairs have done nothing to sway a belief that the ghost of a Confederate officer haunts the stately three-story house that's filled with antiques.

Former presidents even claimed to have seen the spirit of a wayward Southerner who supposedly was captured and hanged in the front yard along East Wheeling Street, according to current W&J President Tori Haring-Smith.

She said she cannot dismiss the possibility ghosts exist because she has known too many intelligent people who believe in them.

For example, Jim Longo, chairman of the college's education department, is a ghost hunter who has been called upon to exorcise ghosts from buildings across the country, she said.

"I have never seen a ghost, never laid eyes on a ghost," said Haring-Smith, the seventh W&J president to reside in the mansion, which was donated to the school in the 1920s.

She inherited the ghost story that has been around for decades at the college, founded in 1781 and known as the 11th oldest in the United States. The tale even is mentioned as a promotion tool on the school's Web site.

"I've heard some weird things go on the third floor," said Chris Wilson, 20, a junior who walked up to the house to photograph it Sunday. "I heard she (Haring-Smith) never uses the upstairs much. Maybe there is a reason for that."

Workmen have been known to leave the third floor after hearing marching sounds there while no one else is in the house, Haring-Smith said.

She has seen coat hangers mysteriously sway in an otherwise empty closet. Her cats sometimes sit and slowly turn their heads as if they are watching someone walk across the room, she said.

The natural gas fireplaces in the house, as well as the televisions, sometimes turn on and off without help, she said.

But the ghost story falls apart at its seams because the house was built in 1892, nearly three decades after the war between the states ended.

"That make no sense," Haring-Smith said.

Neither does the story about the ghost named Abigail that reportedly sweeps the halls of McMillan Hall, built in 1793 when W&J accepted only men as students. She has been to blame for doors opening and closing seemingly on their own.

"What a woman would be doing in an all-male college ...," Haring-Smith said.

The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded in late April, 1986, leading to the evacuation of tens of thousands of people who lived near by. Since then the 30-kilometer exclusion zone around the reactor has been largely empty of people -- giving wildlife free reign. Here, bison going for a stroll in the exclusion zone forest.

spiegel - The Chernobyl disaster happened over two decades ago, but its effects continue to be as present as ever. German photographer Rüdiger Lubricht spent months documenting what has been left behind in the exclusion zone which now surrounds the stricken reactor. In an interview with, he talks about his experiences.

Question: Mr. Lubricht, do you remember the final days of April, 1986?

Lubricht: Not very well, to be honest. My children were very young, so my wife and I were of course quite concerned. But at the time, I didn't see the intensity of the catastrophe to the same degree I do today.

Question: How long have you been working on your Chernobyl project?

Lubricht: For six years. During my stay in Ukraine and Belarus, I could never stay in the Chernobyl exclusion zone for longer than a week, for health reasons. Travelling around the huge area also took up a lot of the time; I had to drive for thousands of kilometers in order to find victims in evacuated villages that aren't even on maps anymore. Often, there are just a couple of houses left, hidden in the forest. Many villages were levelled to the ground immediately following the disaster.

Question: What experiences have stuck most in your mind?

Lubricht: The abandoned villages and towns left a great impression on me -- especially in a Ukrainian city called Prypiat which is within the exclusion zone, which radiates 30 kilometers in all directions from the damaged reactor. It is hard looking at the traces left behind by the people who had three days to pack up and leave. Visiting the abandoned hospitals, kindergartens, schools and the classrooms, where children's pictures still hang on the wall and pens and textbooks lie scattered around -- it makes you ask yourself "My god, what could have happened that made people have to leave this place in such a hurry?"

Question: How do people in the region live today?

Lubricht: I was recently in Belarus where I visited some hospitals. You come across the few helpers that managed to survive and realize: Chernobyl is still not history. There are so-called clean regions in Belarus that were not hit by radioactive fallout in 1986, where people are now falling ill from diseases relating to the catastrophe. I have visited small towns and villages where people have told me that there isn't a single healthy child. Part of the reason is that fruits and vegetables are being grown in the exclusion zone again. There is hardly any clean food, even in the uncontaminated areas.

Question: How do people deal with this horrendous past?

Lubricht: People had a hard time with the forced relocation, particularly in Belarus. Prior to the accident, they had been living in their own villages, raising their own crops, when they were suddenly transferred to the city. Sooner or later the elderly just went back to their villages. They have their home and freedom back now and still grow their own food, as they used to in the past. And many of them are quite content -- partly because they were never adequately informed about the threat their environment poses to their health.

The city of Prypiat was preparing for May Day celebrations when the disaster struck, complete with an amusement park.

Question: Did you ever feel that your health was threatened during your work?

Lubricht: Yes, when I went to see the sarcophogus which now covers the damaged reactor. There I was standing face to face with something that had massively influenced world history. The closer I got to the reactor within the 30 kilometer radius of the exclusion zone, the more unsettled I felt. You just don't know how much radiation is still there and whether you are in danger. I physically felt the radioactivity: There was this peculiar iron taste in my mouth and my tongue felt numb. I would never have thought tasting radioactivity were possible. And not only in the exclusion zone around Chernobyl -- but also several kilometers away in Belarus.

Question: What was the result of your work at Chernobyl?

Lubricht: A documentary work with a strong, conceptual thrust. I am an architectural photographer and so I use a large format camera with a tripod. My images exude a sense of tranquillity.

Question: Is this project now finished?

Lubricht: No, I want to continue documenting for two or three more years. I am now conducting research on the liquidators -- the conscripts, firefighters and policemen who put out the fires and brought people to safety. Most have since died, but a few are still alive despite grievous health problems caused by the radiation. Almost no one takes care of them. I have already taken portraits of 10 of them, and hope to photograph 50 altogether. Their stories are crazy. I had originally intended to do 6 portraits a day, but I just can't manage it. I listen to their stories until I just can't take it anymore.


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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Disclosure Project: Call To Action

Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence

The Disclosure Project

Steven M. Greer, MD, Director and Founder

Copyright 2009 Steven M. Greer, M.D.

Dear Friends of Disclosure,

Nine months after the inauguration of a new and potentially transformative American President, we await significant progress on official Disclosure on the UFO/ET subject. While the UK, France, Denmark, Brazil and other countries around the world have increasingly opened their official government files, the US is found lagging behind her sister nations.

This is, in large part, because - up until now - the President has been denied access to such files. The so-called Majestic group illegally compartmentalized their secret operations away from Presidential and Congressional oversight. This secret, satellite government, which is transnational and answers only to itself, must now answer to the people and to this new President.

As you can see from the attached summary of the Special Presidential Briefing (SPB) that we have provided to the President and to his senior military and intelligence team, the full Briefing contains detailed information on the projects, project code numbers, names, corporations, locations etc., associated with the UFO/ET subject. (The full briefing is too lengthy to release at this time.) In short, the President now has the key information that he needs to act. The President must now engage in executive action to oversee, control, and direct these operations for the benefit of the American people and the world.

This SPB has also been provided to the head of state of at least one G7 country, senior members of Congress, and other key government officials via known and reliable points of contact (POCs) directly to these leaders.

Now it is time for we, the people, to be heard! Please write to these leaders and ask that they act NOW, as they are sworn to do, on our behalf. Please write to the President, to your two US Senators, and to your member of Congress and ask:

That President Obama investigate the matter, gain proper control over these operations, end for once and forever the secrecy surrounding the UFO subject, and work with other nations to quickly coordinate an official Disclosure;

That President Obama stand-down any covert offensive targeting of ET spacecraft;

That President Obama, working with other leaders around the world, initiate open, peaceful Contact with these Extraterrestrial Civilizations;

That President Obama move swiftly to release the Earth-saving new energy technologies contained within these illegal covert Majestic programs so that we may be freed from the death grip that oil, gas, coal, and nuclear energy have on the planet;

That the Congress hold open, secrecy-free hearings on these matters immediately.
If you are or know of a reliable, bona fide POC to a member of Congress, or other senior government official in the US or other country, who would like the full Briefing, please let us know.

The President was elected with the vision of transformative change. Nothing would so transform the world as the ending of this secrecy, peaceful open contact with the Extraterrestrial Civilizations visiting Earth and the release of these wondrous new energy technologies for peaceful energy generation. In just a few years, the world will be made anew.

Thank you for acting NOW to ensure the good future that most assuredly awaits humanity.

Steven M. Greer, MD
CSETI and The Disclosure Project

White House phone number: 202-456-1111
White House fax number: 202-456-2461
Email: or

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500

U.S. Senators -
U.S. Congress -

Please go to UFO Disclosure Call To Action for more information
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