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Apparition Appears During Tour Of Mark Twain House - Paranormal specialists checked out the Mark Twain house in Hartford this summer and found some indications of “strange stuff." However, the staff is claiming even stranger things that have been happening there.

Interpreter Jason Scappaticca was giving a tour of the historic house when he said he turned to see the ghostly apparition of a woman in Victorian dress passing down the hall.

He said, “When I turned around, I noticed that she was actually transparent. I could see her and she walked down the hall and then walked into the nursery”

Several people have said have seen a young woman who is believed to be Twain’s eldest daughter Suzi who died in the house.

These kinds of occurrences were enough to draw the attention of the producers of the hit Sci-Fi show, “Ghost Hunters” to possibly tape an episode of the show there.

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The History of the Mark Twain House

Sam and Livy Clemens were married in 1870 and moved to Hartford in 1871 to be near his publisher, the American Publishing Company. The family first rented a house on Forest Street in the Nook Farm section of the city from Livy's friends, John and Isabella Beecher Hooker, and later purchased land on Farmington Avenue, where their neighbors were some of Hartford's most prominent citizens. In 1873, they engaged New York City architect Edward Tuckerman Potter to design their house.

Mark Twain and his family enjoyed what the author would later call the happiest and most productive years of his life in their Hartford home. Twain wrote:

"To us, our house . . . had a heart, and a soul, and eyes to see us with; and approvals and solicitudes and deep sympathies; it was of us, and we were in its confidence and lived in its grace and in the peace of it benediction."

Financial problems forced Sam and Livy to move the family to Europe in 1891. Though he would complain about the other places the family lived ("How ugly, tasteless, repulsive are all the domestic interiors I have ever seen in Europe compared with the perfect taste of this [the Hartford home's] ground floor"), the family would never live in Hartford again. Susy's death in 1896 would make it too hard for Livy to return to their Hartford home and they sold the property in 1903.

Twain's remarkable 19-room Victorian mansion changed owners several times after the turn of the century. The Bissell family, who purchased the house from the Clemens family, lived in the house until 1917. From 1917 to 1921, the Bissells rented the building to the Kingswood School for boys. In 1921, the house was sold to a developer who by the middle of the decade began to plot the house's destruction so that he could more successfully exploit this prime site by constructing apartment buildings.

The Friends of Hartford saved the house in 1927 and from 1931 until the late 1950s its first-floor occupant was The Mark Twain Branch of the Hartford Public Library. The remainder of the house was rented as private apartments through the 1960s, when the first era of restoration began in earnest in time for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the house in 1974.

In the meantime, the neighborhood began to change as signaled by the insertion of the Mark Twain Apartments on Farmington Avenue in the 1920s and again more considerably in the early 1960s with the arrival of Hartford Public High School on Forest Street. The latter triggered the destruction of several Nook Farm period houses, and the texture of the immediate surroundings of the Twain House was sharply compromised. While a good neighbor and partner, the high school's physical presence dwarfed the historic landmarks nearby and effectively terminated the sense of a 19th–century setting to the south.

The Mark Twain House was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1963. The restoration was largely completed for the house's centennial in 1974. This early preservation of a Victorian home set the stage for, and encouraged, similar projects throughout the nation. In 1977, the National Trust for Historic Preservation honored the museum with the David E. Finley Award for "exemplary restoration."


Young Women Groped By Apparition in Malaysia - A horny orang minyak or 'Oily Man', a ghost in Malay culture, is said to be terrorising about 300 families in Sungai Petani, picking homes where there are young women.

According to Kosmo!, Nurshahirah, 17, revealed that she was awakened at 5.40am on September 14 after she felt a warm sensation on her left ear, and when she opened her eyes she saw an apparition with curly hair and thick moustache standing by her bed.

“I was even more shocked when the ghost took off his kain pelikat and started to fondle himself,” the Star Online quoted her as saying.

Nurshahirah, who lives in Taman Keladi, said she felt powerless to ward off the apparition who started to grope her body, and that it was as though a charm had been placed on her.

In another incident, housewife Fatimah, 42, revealed she heard her two daughters crying out when they were woken up at 5am by dark apparitions that molested them.

Her 15-year-old daughter told her that she had been “violated” by a ghost.

“At first I thought she was talking in her sleep but she insisted that she was molested by a ghost before it moved to the kitchen,” Fatimah said.

She said her 14-year-old, too, cried and ran from the living room, saying a dark apparition had molested her.

“My 14-year-old daughter said she managed to kick the ghost who wore a kain pelikat and black singlet when she felt her body being touched,” she revealed.

“She screamed and the ghost ran out of her room,” she added.

Fatimah said she gave chase with a parang but the apparition disappeared.

She also said the apparition could have placed a charm on her family because none of the neighbours heard her daughters’ screams.

The Orang Minyak

The The Orang Minyak is one of a number of supposed ghosts in Malay culture. Orang Minyak means 'oily man' in Malay.

There exist several different versions of the legend and the creature. According to one legend, popularised in the 1956 film Sumpah Orang Minyak (The Curse of the Oily Man) directed by and starring P. Ramlee, the orang minyak was a man who in an attempt to win back his love with magic was cursed. In this version, the devil offered to help the creature and give him powers of the black arts, but only if the orang minyak worshipped the devil and raped 21 virgins within a week. In another version it is under control of an evil bomoh or witch doctor. Another movie based on Orang Minyak was produced in 2007, showing this theme remain popular until now. As at 24 November 2006, a burglar was arrested, stark naked and covered with oil, reminiscient of orang minyak in Malaysia.

In the 1960s, the orang minyak supposedly lived around several Malaysian towns raping young women. The orang minyak of the 1960s was described as human, having a naked body covered with oil to make it difficult to catch. However, there were also stories of the orang minyak where it was supposedly supernatural in origin, or invisible to non-virgins (possibly from the oil) or both. The mass panic has also led to unmarried women, typically in student dormitories, borrowing sweaty clothes to give the impression to the orang minyak that they are with a man. Other defences supposedly include biting its left thumb and covering it in batik.

In short, the orang minyak is a supernatural serial rapist that is hard to see and hard to catch. Some have speculated that the orang minyak is a regular criminal who uses black grease as a night-time camouflage. Due to the use of black grease, it makes the orang minyak hard to catch, as pursuers would not be able to hold on to him. However, in some encounters with the orang minyak, the situation is not explainable from a non-supernatural angle.

It is possible that different versions of the legend were used as a cover for things other than actual rapes. Reputed sightings of the orang minyak, or events later ascribed to it, have continued with reduced frequency into the 2000s.

In 2005, there have been cases of rapists covered in oil roaming around, armed with knives.

The following is an account of an orang minyak attack at the Shah Alam Institute for Higher Learning in the late 1990's. This was told to me several years ago...Lon

One late evening, while studying with her friends and roommates, Aimee started to get she decided to turn in for the night. She was almost asleep when she felt something on top of her. She opened her eyes and saw a huge nude man on top of her! He was jet-black. She tried to scream but no voice came out. She attempted to push him off, but could not find any strength to do so. She felt weak and hypnotized. What angered her most was her friends didn't come to her aid. Supposedly, Aimee was raped by the orang minyak. Later, she was laying in her bed crying...only then her friends realized that something was not right. They asked Aimee what was wrong but all Aimee could do was cursed them. They were surprised and confused. After Aimee had calmed down, again her friends asked her what's wrong. Aimee was pale and they noticed that s was a jumpy and irritable. Aimee then asked them why they did not come to her aid when that man was raping her. Again, they were shocked and assured her that they didn't realized she was attacked. They immediately reported the incident to the school warden. It was an experience that will haunt her for the rest of her life. The authorities was not able to capture this orang minyak who terrorized the Institute, so management decided to bring a holy man to "chase" this orang minyak away...though attacks still occur but less frequent.

White Supremacists Plot To Bring Down The NFL - The KKK is getting more sophisticated. They've got public relations people, political candidates, and geeks planning to disrupt NFL games by jamming quarterbacks' helmet radios.

American History X wrongly taught us that skinheads are obsessed with basketball. It's football (the "Negro Felon League," as they put it) that one group has declared war on for having an annual Hispanic Heritage Month.

A helpful reader, who I should probably alert the FBI about, sent in a link to one hate group's web page. I'm not going to link it here, due to some very graphic photos and overall moral repugnance. But they've done their homework.

They list the technical specs behind quarterbacks' helmet radio transmitters, which they use to relay signals from the bench. They print the default passwords and user code keys for the voice encryption modules. And most helpfully, they list the frequencies used by 26 of the teams.

"Notice to all those wily hackers out there. Be sure to jam the repeater's output frequency (helmet receive)! You'll also want to wait until a pivotal point in the game to start jamming the frequency. Wait until the fourth quarter or so. You don't want to tip anyone off!"

It's anyone's guess as to how useful these instructions are. But if Lovie Smith is looking for a convenient excuse for that fake punt call on Sunday...

Mailbag: Apparition Captured on Security Camera - Willard Library, Evansville, Indiana

I received the following email:

Hi Lon,

I captured a couple of unusual photos from the Children's Room of the Willard Library ghost cam on September 13th.

I'm familiar with pareidolia but had some trouble debunking the pictures. The camera only refreshes every 10 minutes or so, and I'm reluctant at this point to say that these two photos captured a genuine ghost.

I've looked at this particular web cam for years without incident, but wondered what your opinion was.


NOTE: after I enlarged and contrasted the images, I believe this is one of the famed apparitions at the Willard Library's 'Children's Reading Room'...Lon

History of the Willard Library

More than 110 years old, Willard Library is the oldest public library building in the state of Indiana. The library, housed in a beautiful Victorian Gothic building in Evansville, is nestled gloriously near the downtown area of this southwestern Indiana city of 130,000 people, providing a sharp contrast with the modern high-rises and six-lane freeways.

The Willard Library Ghost Cams were inspired by the question "Is Willard Library Haunted?" It has become a fascinating, and somewhat credible, legend that drives thousands of people to search the library for remnants of lost spirits. The site is a virtual ghost hunting mecca. Take a virtual tour of the library with Greg Hager, Willard Library Director, and see if you can locate the cams hidden in the building. offers three cams for your ghost hunting pleasure. According to reports from visitors, some of the most frequent encounters with the legendary Lady in Grey have occurred in the children's reading room in the basement of Willard Library.

The library has been investigated by several organizations including MESA (multi-energy sensor array), TAPS, and other teams looking for ghosts.

The first reported incident happened sixty years ago to a library employee who trekked through the snowy cold for his nightly duty. Since then, countless other employees and patrons have reported seeing this apparition, each giving an eerily similar description. Is the legend true? We'll leave that for you to decide.



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Friday, September 18, 2009

Here We Go Again....It's NOT a Chupacabras!

A Dickson County man claims the creature he killed near his home over the weekend is not of this world, but from mythical folklore.

John Hunter says he noticed the odd-looking animal a couple of weeks ago when it showed up in the driveway of his White Bluff home.

He and his wife tried to get closer to get a better look, but the creature ran off.

Hunter said, "Then it came back, closer to the house. That's when it took off and came back again. Every time it came closer and closer, like it wasn't afraid of me."

Saturday, Hunter took his rifle and shot the animal.

He says he's kept it on ice ever since, until he could figure out its species.

"I thought, 'what is this?'" Hunter said. "It's hairless. It looks like it came from some other place we'd rather not go when we die. It's got a snout. They have longer canine fangs than normal dogs."

After a little research online, Hunter found similar animals in Texas and Puerto Rico that people there were calling "El Chupacabras", a mythical type creature that is of Mexican folklore.

There's quite a bit of debate on whether these animals exist.

"Actually, to be honest, it looks like a great big rat," Hunter said.

There's barely any hair on the body. It weighs around 15 pounds and has a long skinny tail and long legs. The ears stick up off its head, similar to a mule's ears. The hairless body is a shade of blue.

Hunter hopes someone will help him identify the animal he killed.

Steve Patrick of Tennessee Wildlife and Resources Agency looked at several photographs shot by News 2 and believes the animal may be a red fox with sarcoptic mange.

NOTE: ...believes the animal may be a red fox with sarcoptic mange. BINGO! Personally, I've seen 2 red fox and 1 coyote with terrible mange within the past two years here in Maryland. Anyway, this guy needs to get back to the corn mash and relax...Lon

Mailbag: UFO Sightings - Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

NOTE: a reader sent this information today...they stated it was a friend's account of recent sightings over Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. These photos were included...a 'transformer-like' UFO that supposedly changed shaped. Hoax? I don't know....I'll leave it to your interpretation. I've included the email...Lon:

"Now here we go again! 3 sightings today. I can tell you - something is definitely happening around me and yesterday - there were more military-looking helicopters - apparently following me as I drove home.

This morning - I was up earlier than usual - 5:20AM. I made some tea - was half asleep - and at 5:30am, I went outside to my deck. I thought in my mind- "show me a sign -if you're watching me."

Within seconds - above where I was looking - I witnessed- one white flash - then paused for 2-3 seconds, more rapid white flashes. Then paused another 2-3 seconds - and witnessed another single white flash.

I was in shock - I silently made a request - and then it happened. I watched in amazement - hoping for any other flashes - or signs of running lights.

Later I was at work in Scarborough - and I stepped outside - just before 1:00pm. I looked up - and saw a strange large, black object - heading directly towards me. I then pulled my camera from my pocket and start filming. Immediately, I was able to record the apparently morphing object - as it was approaching from the east. It was only about 100 yards away - at a height of between 300-500 ft. I was hoping for a witness - and then 3 miraculously just showed up!

Then the object appeared to 'open-up' - and it looked like a long sheet of some material - that was approximately 10 to 15 feet in length. I will send all of the photos of this bizarre thing - and you can decide for yourself. I then got into my car and went driving off in the direction that it was traveling; -north / northeast. I proceeded to drive through a maze of industrial streets - and saw nothing.

After a few minutes - I decided to head back for lunch. Immediately, I was startled to see that - approximately 500 yds away - there it was again. I then saw a brilliant, white object - hovering to the north of me. This one appeared to be about a quarter- mile away - and maybe a half mile in altitude. I then took some more pictures and a video clip.

I have tried to photograph the white stationary ones in the past - but they never seem to show up in my photos. I have seen what looks like a red light or "aura" around others - and haven't been able to image them. But today I was able to. Maybe it was due to the closeness / proximity - but I got much better detail in the pictures-you be the judge."

Videos: UFOs Observed During Crash of SU-27 - Radom Airshow, Poland - 8/30/09

On August 30, 2009, Two Belorussian Air Force pilots were killed when their SU-27 fighter plane crashed during an aerial acrobatics display at an air show in central Poland.

A police spokesman said the two pilots did not manage to eject to safety and were killed in the crash. There were no other casualties.

The crash happened at a military airfield in Radom, a city about 62 miles south of Warsaw.

A witness said the SU-27 crashed minutes after it began its aerial performance, far beyond the spectator area.

Poland's television channel TVP showed the large, heavy plane making three aerial revolutions and then levelling off as if about to land. It then disappeared from sight beyond a line of trees and exploded, sending up billows of thick, black smoke.

NOTE: amateur videos have surfaced that depict at least 2 UFOs in the vicinity of the SU-27 not long before and after the fatal crash. At one point, the SU-27 appears to be attempting an evasive maneuver with flares. As well, it was reported that alien 'greys' were seen in the area of the crash site. I decided to post this information after receiving several inquiries...though, I'm not quite convinced that this was a UFO attack. Granted, it's interesting footage. Look at the videos and give me your impression...Lon

More videos of the incident can be found here

The Abductee

Twenty years ago I heard about a very strange family who had been suffering abductions by strange beings for generations. The members of this family that remained living had two sisters who had lived their lives being taken by the same creatures that had taken their father throughout his lifetime.

It took me years to track down this family yet I was never able to get any member of the family to speak to me. The sisters who suffered these abductions were extremely private people and did not ever discuss their situation. The family members around them were either over protective or somewhat embarrassed by this problem and also refused to discuss it. I tried for years to talk with this family but I was always turned down.

Fate intervened and I was sent a email by a brother in this family saying his sister had been reading a few of my articles and decided she might want to talk to me. We exchanged emails for a while until it was decided I would be allowed to visit with the family. The luck of this was that this family lived very close to my own hometown making this visit possible.

The day came and I arrived as planned at the home of the brother who contacted me. I was invited to sit with the family in a large screened porch overlooking a beautiful yard on the north coast of Long Island. The man and two of his sisters seemed to be perfectly normal middle-aged people. I spent the first part of my time with them talking about the articles I have written about paranormal events that occurred on Long Island. We also discussed the reaction that the public has to these subjects. It seems the main reason this family stays hidden and silent is because of the reaction so many have to things they do not understand. This family also fears the media as they are all about ratings and care nothing about the people who they interview. I had to agree with them on that point.

We talked for a while when all of a sudden the one sister turned towards her sister and brother and said, “ She is OK, I am going to talk to her for awhile. I will call you if I need you.” The sister and brother both got up and went into the house leaving me alone with the one sister on the porch.

Looking straight at me without emotion the woman leaned towards me and said

“You never mentioned in any of our emails or calls that you were also an abductee”. You have been taken during your life too. I now understand why you do this.”

I was a bit shocked as I was not sure how she knew that I also had encounters of my own in my lifetime. I figured she had read enough of my material that I had written to pick up the references I have made in the past to those events.

She then said to me something that really startled me. Again she leaned towards me and said” You cannot stop now. There are always going to be difficult people who are jealous or limited and are not able to understand what you’re telling them. I think your ideas of taking a break now are not timed right.” I was rather stunned as those were my very thoughts as I drove to this family’s home that afternoon. I have been extremely busy in many areas of my life and was considering giving this subject matter a rest for while. I did not speak of this to anyone and had only been thinking it for a day or so. The fact she picked up on this immediately was sort of a surprise. I realized then that this woman had abilities and I needed to pay close attention to the time I had with her.

Now sitting alone with her I was able to focus more on just this woman. I was beginning to notice things I did not see when the others where with us. I started to see things about this woman that were clearly different. Her eyes were very large and blue. I noticed whenever the sun would streak into the room and reach her face she would shield her eyes, blink and move away from the direct light. She had very dark circles under her eyes and very pale skin. When she moved away from the sunlight the third time I asked her if the sun bothered her eyes and she replied, “ The sun is blinding to me, I cannot see at all in strong sunlight.” I was sitting in the darkest part of the room and got up so we could trade seats. I could clearly see she was uncomfortable where she was sitting. The sun was low and shinning into the room, which seemed painful for her. When I offered the seat change she jumped up and in seconds we had swamped chairs.

Her arms and legs were covered in areas by large bandages. The areas of her legs and arms that were uncovered were covered with what looked like white scars of different lengths and shapes. She was chubby but ageless. I could not tell if she was 40 –50 or 60. She looked like a middle-aged woman but did not have many wrinkles or the appearance of an older woman. I honestly could not judge her age at all. She had light hair, which was very fine and mid length.

Before I could ask her any questions the woman took control of the conversation. She suggested I take notes as she was not going to be able to talk that long and did not want to repeat herself. I got out my notebook and listened.

She told me the odd activity started about age 6. She recalls strange people being around her and being away from home but was never sure if she was dreaming the events or remembering them. She would have these encounters at all different times. She may be out playing in her yard or in her room playing with her toys. She would wake up in the middle of the night terrified but had no idea at age 6 exactly what was happening to her.

When she complained to her parents they would comfort her and tell her she must have fallen asleep and had a bad dream. This continued until she was 12. At that point she knew something was wrong. She would know when she blacked out and could recall more and more of the details that took place during the times she was taken. She still held on to the idea she may be falling asleep and having these odd dreams as she would always find herself back where she was taken waking or shaking off being in a fog.

By the time she was a teen this woman realized she was different from other kids. She was much smarter then the average kids her age and was developing psychic abilities that were very strong and very frightening to her. She could look at someone she did not know and understand immediately things about them. She would know their names, where they lived, what they were thinking and most of all if they were a good or bad person. She could tell her friends what was going to happen to them weeks before the events occurred. Her differences were separating her from friends and family and she was becoming withdrawn and odder by the day.

The missing time and fogged over encounters continued and the changes in her increased.

About age 25 she could no longer stand to be outside in the sun for very long as the rays of light were becoming blinding and painful to her eyes. She also was beginning to read two or three books a day with lightning speed. Her need to swallow all she could learn was becoming an over powering need she did not understand.

This also was the time she started to feel ill often and have unexplained times of bleeding and pain in her uterus that she could not understand. Sometimes she would not have any normal monthly cycles at all and other times wake up from one of the encounters with terrible pain and extreme bleeding.

She had become a hermit by this time only seeing her family and a handful of friends. The strangeness of her life kept her away from others as she suffered more and more oddities with each passing year.

About age 30 she started to return from her visits with the beings that constantly took her with burns or strange burn like rashes across her arms and legs. They were painful and would last for months at a time.

She was developing a hatred of most food claiming it all tasted awful and had a limited diet that existed of only a few bland items that she could manage to keep down or desire.

About this time she decided to see a doctor about her rashes and belly pain as she was finding it harder and harder to deal with it all. Her doctor sent her to specialists who looked at her rash/ burns. They came up empty to what they thought it was and chalked it up to her making them appear by way of stress. They told her nicely that she was causing the skin to do this with her mind.

After being examined for her problems with her natural cycles she was questioned to how many pregnancies she had. When she told them none they snarled that they could not help her if she would not be honest with them. Feeling defeated she simply listened and said little in response. The doctors insisted she had carried more then one baby. She knew she never had a child.

This woman’s life had been a hell with only her family and a few friends understanding the horror of what was happening to her and the rest of the world was cruel and heartless to her circumstance.

As she aged the visits decreased. Now entering her senior years she was left alone and free from the visits that tortured her through out her entire life.

She can only stand to be out in the day light for a few minutes at a time. She needs to wear very dark sunglasses and drive with tinted windows in her car. She spends most of her time indoors during the day.

She has a quick mind and can recall almost all she has read during her lifetime. She has strong psychic powers that she will only use to help those she knows and cares for. Besides that she keeps what she knows to herself. She suffers from her skin problems, which come and go without reason or explanation. She never married and never had children- that she knows of!

This woman is without question the most curious person I ever interviewed. She seems to be the result of some kind of interference. She is not like other humans yet she is. She seems to be tampered with making her more advanced in many ways and weaker in others. Mentally she is far advanced. Physically she struggles with living on earth in her human body. She is an impatient woman who talks quickly and expects those around her to keep up with her speed of thought and speaking. She seems void of humor and simply titled her head looking at me oddly when I attempted to include a joke or two into our quick paced serious conversation. She seemed far more entertained by my attempts to be funny or silly then the humor of what I was saying. Her eyes are large and blue. When she looks at you it is with a straight intense dead on stare right into your own eyes that makes you alert and uncomfortable. I felt like I was being given the most important test of my life by the worlds principle and if I failed I was going to be booted off the earth. I stopped trying to interact and just sat and took furious notes as she told me what she wanted to tell me. She talked and I wrote.

Suddenly she stopped talking as quickly as she had started. I stopped writing and looked at her. She looked deep into my mind and said, “ I am tired now. You can ask me two questions and then we will be done.”

I knew my questions had to be good, as I doubted I would have another chance with this lady. I asked my questions.

I asked her who did she thought had been taking her – her entire life and what did she think they wanted from her?

Without hesitation she replied: “ This may surprise you but I think humans from the past may be who are taking me.” I simply looked at her stupidly as she continued,” I use to think aliens from another planet were the ones taking me but I changed my mind along the way.

I think that somehow someway humans populated this planet or another and suffered a huge catastrophe that wiped most of them out. I think they may be living inside the earth or maybe on the moon or in the moon. I think they are millions of years older then the humans walking and living on this earth now and far advanced. I also think that physically they have weakened or changed to the point they cannot live on the earth as it is now. I think they may be the ones who come and take people like me. I think they are trying to mate with us to return their bodies to those that can live a life on earth. Or they are trying to breed with the humans of today for some reason. I think that what they do changes people like me into something other then how we started out. My body changes and mind skills are a result of these things. Do not get me wrong – they could easily be aliens from other worlds. I just feel that they seem human to me when I can recall small parts of my encounters with them.”

Abruptly she stood up and called out her brother’s name. Her brother immediately returned to the porch where we were sitting and stood next to me. “ I am done talking with Chris – would you be so kind to escort her to her car”

She stood and walked towards the inside of the house. Her brother took my arm as I quickly gathered my notebook and purse. I was just about out the door when I heard her yell out to me from inside the house. “ Do a good job Holly- explain to them that they have no idea of the truth.” At this she laughed for the first and only time. Within seconds I found myself standing next to my car. Her brother bid me farewell- thanked me and walked away. I got into my car and drove home. Driving home I felt flushed and a bit odd. I needed to stop and buy a hot cup of coffee as I felt weak and sleepy. When I arrived home I had to lie down and take a nap.

Later that night I told my family about the encounter and had to admit that this lady was the strangest person I had even met. I knew I had seen the long-term effect of being abducted in this woman’s eyes. I also knew she held the answers to many questions that she felt best kept from mankind at this time. I wanted to know more but had to wait until she was ready to share those things with the rest of us.

Something has been going on with this woman with some kind of other being. I can honestly say that I have no idea who or what they may be. All I do know is that their interference with this woman has created a person who without question is not like the rest of us.

I am going to try to arrange another meeting with this curious woman as I have many questions I did not get to ask her that day. I think she can offer many insights into the world of abduction and alien encounters that are closer to what truly is happening to so many people who are taken around the world.

For now I will try to continue to write that which we do not understand in hopes someday we all will know the truth about so many of these unknown encounters.

Do be careful out there and always be aware of your surroundings!

Thanks to Chris Holly of Chris Holly's Paranormal World


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Thursday, September 17, 2009

UFO / Alien Grey/ Pungent Odor Reported in Eastern Washington

Original MUFON witness report - 9/12/09: I live in a small town in Eastern Washington. We NEVER have flight traffic over town with the exception of crop dusters and "Heart Flight".

On or about July 15,2009, at 2:30am I was awakened from sleep by the sound of helicopters. I use a CPAP breathing machine which generates a fair amount of internal noise (ie: I can hear it's pumping inside my head, but externally, it's almost silent), so the noise was loud enough to wake me up. I live in a two story house with a sleeping porch off my bedroom. The sleeping porch has large windows across the front of the house.

I went to the windows and I saw a Black Hawk helicopter flying due N-NW at minimum height. There were the lights of other copters already ahead of the one I heard.

As I watched, in about 2 minutes another came over in the same straight direction. I counted out 2 minutes and another and then another came over the town. I got the impression they were pursing something. I watched as they began an intense search at about 10-15 miles north of town. The copters set up a perimeter, with one at each corner of a grid, and the others (there appeared to be 6 to 8 total), began moving east to west and west to east.

The entire time I watched, there was a sound in the air of a very low decibel hum, which made a kind of whum, whum, sound (higher to lower range and back again). I watched for about 1 and 1/2 hours. Since I had to get up for work, I finally packed it in.

Two days later my daughter witnessed several strange events. She was driving home from a movie at about 11:30 pm on the 17th when she witnessed a black helicopter (it was silhouetted against the sky and clearly black) flying out of the direction of our town. When she reached home, she got out of the car and heard the whum whum noise and noticed a strange glow in the North North-East emitting pulses almost like heat lightening, but it had a 1-2-3 rhythm.

The same rhythm over and over...low glow, medium glow, high glow. There were no clouds in the sky, only the strange glow. The pulsing and hum went on all night. About 4 days after that, my daughter was out walking. It was a calm day, no wind, no storms etc. Then suddenly she heard the hum again and was hit by a sudden blast of air that rushed past her.

About 15 days ago my daughter again noticed the pulsing lights. She went out onto the porch to sit and watch it as it was only a few miles out of town in the north. Suddenly a helicopter emerged from the glow and skirted the edge of town. A few minutes later she started to gag stumbled into the house calling to me "mom can't you smell that?" She was overcome by an intense smell of something very pungent, very acrid, and metallic.

We ran around the house and closed all the windows and doors. I got her a painter's face mask and that helped keep out the smell for her. We were baffled by why she could smell it, and I could not. She would say... oh it's gone and then get up and as she passed by a window, she would retch again. Two of our dogs could not smell it, but one got a terrible sneezing fit. She has always had an acute sense of smell, but what was she smelling? We know the smell of every farm chemical and this was nothing she had smelled before.

I read where on July 24, 2009, a crop circle was discovered at Wilbur, Washington. If you take a ruler and lay it on a Washington State map the line would be a straight going North-North West and in the EXACT line the copters flew over town and headed away the first night I saw them.

Then on the night of September 11, 2009, my daughter and I went outside to star gaze. We saw a "star" headed across the sky from west to east in a straight line, about 15 degrees above the horizon. It got very much brighter, and accelerated up and away from it's position at a high rate of speed disappearing into the dark. I hate to say it, but it looked just like Star Trek when the ship jumps into hyperspace.

We then saw a "star moving directly overhead and zig-zagging from it's center position to the west,back to center, back to west, back to center. The degree of zig-zag was small, but very discernible. I then saw another "star" move, stop, turn in a circle, then disappear. My daughter then saw a small globe of light, perhaps 40ft off the ground streak past her. We went inside, scared but a little excited.

Then last night, September 12, 2009, at about 10:30pm, we went back outside and saw a bright object, much like an airplane when seen head on in the sky near the mountains. (It was NOT an airplane..there were no running lights, no noise). We were watching it, when it suddenly moved at a very high rate of speed directly towards us, covering 25 miles in seconds.

We were terrified. It stopped at the edge of town, which is only 3 blocks away and hovered perhaps 200ft above the ground. It was very bright, very menacing, silent, shaped like an orb with spikes coming out and seemed to have a companion light under it to one side.

We were very scared. We ran into the house and we peeked out of a window and it stayed positioned for about 2 hours. At one point I watched the light blink out, only to go back to the window later and see it was back. We turned on all the lights in the house, locked the doors and windows, brought in the cat and huddled in the living room afraid to sleep.

At about 3am my daughter went to the kitchen window over the sink. That side of the house is very dark with no outdoor light and a large tree in the yard. She turned off the lights, pulled back the curtain and screamed. She saw a grey shape, about 4ft tall, grey colored from top to bottom, in an approximate human form moving rapidly across the yard from south to north.

I cannot begin to tell you how frightened we are by what has occurred. We are not hoaxing you, we are just regular people caught in an abnormal and frightening situation. I just read where a pilot from Oregon witnessed a bright silent light hover over his home. His "UFO" sounds like the same type as we witnessed.

Disclosure Reveals J.R.R. Tolkien Trained As British Spy - The novelist JRR Tolkien secretly trained as a Government spy in the run up to the Second World War, new documents have disclosed.

Tolkien, one of his generation's most respected linguists, was ''earmarked'' to crack Nazi codes in the event that Germany declared war.

Intelligence chiefs singled him and a 'cadre' of other intellectuals to work at Bletchley Park, the codebreaking centre in Buckinghamshire.

Its staff - which included Alan Turing, the gay codebreaker - would later decipher the 'impenetrable' Enigma machines.

This saved Britain from German conquest by allowing the Navy to intercept and destroy Hitler's U-Boats.

According to previously unseen records, Tolkien trained with the top-secret Government Code and Cypher School (GCCS).

He spent three days at their London HQ in March 1939 - six months before the outbreak of the Second World War and just 18 months after the publication of his first book, The Hobbit.

But although he was ''keen'', Tolkien - a professor of English literature at Oxford University - declined a £500-a-year offer to become a full-time recruit.

The reasons behind his decision are not known.

But he went on to write the Lord of the Rings trilogy, one of the most popular and influential works in 20th-Century literature.

Tolkien's involvement with the war effort was revealed for the first time this week in a new exhibition at GCHQ, the new name for GCCS, the Government's spy base in Cheltenham, Glos.

The display includes a number of previously unseen exhibits relating to Bletchley Park's war preparations.

A GCHQ historian, who would not give his name for security reasons, said: ''JRR Tolkien is known the world over for his novels, but his involvement with the war effort may take a few people by surprise.

''While he didn't sign up as was probably intended, he did complete three days' training and was 'keen' to do more.

''Why he failed to join remains a mystery. There is no paperwork suggesting a motive, so we can only assume that he wanted to concentrate on his writing career.''

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, or 'JRR' Tolkien as he became known, was among a string of intellectuals singled out for service by the Foreign Office.

The GCCS began preparing for a second World War in the late 1930s, and knew the importance of establishing a codebreaking centre to defeat the German forces.

The director of GCCS, known only as 'Alastair G Denniston', drew up a list of 50 possible candidates ''earmarked for service'' in the event of war.

Denniston was given the names by dons at Britain's two leading universities, Oxford and Cambridge, whom had worked with the Government in the First World War.

Tolkien, a professor of Anglo Saxon at Oxford from 1925 to 1945, and professor of English Language and Literature from 1945 to 1959, was put forward.

In a letter to the Foreign Office dated 25 November 1938, Denniston says: ''I have been in touch with both universities and have established direct contact through dons who worked with us during the war, so that now we have a list of about 50 men earmarked for service under the Foreign Office in the event of war.

''I enclose a copy of this list so that you may know the type of men we intend to get.''

Tolkien and 12 others agreed to a ''tester'' day at GCCS HQ in London, where he was given training in Scandinavian languages and Spanish.

He visited the base for three consecutive days between March 27th and March 29th 1939 - six months before the war broke out.

A record of his training carries the word ''keen'' beside his name.

The GCHQ historian said: ''War was coming and the Government could see the complexity of the electronic encryption that would be used.

''The GCCS moved to Bletchley Park in August 1939 from London to avoid the expected bombing.

''They had been inviting people from universities to come for courses so that when they were needed there would a be a cadre of trained people.

''Alan Turing was one person and the list shows that he had three courses just on Enigma in January 1939, so they knew what sort of skills they needed.''

Those who passed the course, and agreed to sign-up, were offered an annual wage of £500 - the equivalent of around £50,000 today.

But Tolkien - who is assumed to have passed the course with flying colours - rejected the offer.

The historian joked: ''We simply don't know why he didn't join. Perhaps it was because we declared war on Germany and not Mordor.''

The exhibition opened in a museum at GCHQ HQ - dubbed the 'doughnut' because of its shape - this week and will remain on show for the next few months.

It also includes documents from the First World War, and a range of captured Enigma machines.

The exhibition is not open to everyone - the museum is strictly only open for GCHQ's 10,000 staff.

Chris Marshall, a GCHQ spokesman, said: ''The museum is important to give people a sense of the past and where they come from.

''It's about our past but also about where we go in the future.''

Tolkien died on 2 September 1973, aged 81.

Rabid Rabbits Killing Deadly Snakes in Queensland, Australia - A pair of rabid rabbits has been caught killing a series of snakes near Cairns.

For three weeks Armando Del Manso believed his dog was responsible for the dead snakes showing up with teeth marks all over them on his East Barron property’s lawn each morning.

But it turns out it was a pair of rampaging rabbits killing the snakes.

The 42-year-old boilermaker first made the discovery Tuesday night when he spotted the two wild rabbits attacking a king brown snake.

“The snake was raised up in the air in the striking position and the two rabbits worked their way around him and killed him in two minutes,” Mr Del Manso said.

“I’m gobsmacked, it’s absolutely incredible.

“We were watching from the veranda with a spotlight, and I thought, who is going to believe this, they’ll think I’m crazy.”

He said the rabbits lived under a pile of wood in the backyard and were around the same size as a household cat.

“These are killer rabbits man,” he said.

“I’ve never ever seen or heard anything like this happening, it could be a breakthrough.”

A day after discovering the killer rabbits, Mr Del Manso noticed the rabbits had two baby bunnies which he said might explain their attitude towards the snakes.

Two days after first spotting the killer rabbits Mr Del Manso was bitten by a python on the foot while going for a midnight snack in his kitchen at around 2am.

“My partner joked that we should train rabbits to come inside the house to clean out the snakes,” Mr Del Manso said.

“We are absolutely inundated with snakes.”

Senior wildlife manager at the Cairns Wildlife Safari Paul O’Callaghan said he’d never heard of rabbits attacking snakes before but that didn’t mean it wasn’t possible.

“Animals are capable of learning, and it’s not impossible that these animals have learnt to deal with snakes in this way,” Mr O’Callaghan said.

“They’re certainly taking a risk doing it though.”

Mr De Manso also farms exotic bantams and said with more than 50 chooks he had never once lost a fowl to a snake due to the guard rabbits.

Below is a video from 2007 depicting an Australian wild rabbit attacking a deadly brown snake

MysteryQuest Evidence Raises Doubt Hitler Died In Bunker

MysteryQuest, the History Channel's replacement for UFO Hunters, took the challenge of finding clues of Adolf Hitler’s death. There has been speculation that he escaped to South America, notably Argentina. Witnesses have said they had seen him around other parts of Germany. Regardless of the stories, there is no tangible evidence of a corpse belonging to Adolph Hitler.

Hitler was known to have used a body double, especially after the attempt on his life in the Valkyrie conspiracy. What the Soviets found when they arrived in Berlin was a corpse of a man looking like Hitler, but in all accounts it was his body double. As well, the man was apparently two inches shorter than Adolph Hitler.

In the Russian archive, there is a divan with blood stains and a piece of human skull with a bullet hole in it. MysteryQuest sent an American archeologist to Russia to obtain evidence from these items and bring it back to the United States for DNA testing.

Back in Germany, a team of experts was reconstructing the bunker using computers technology, attempting to figure out if eyewitness accounts were plausible. The underground bunkers had large generators that might have been loud enough to drown out a gun shot. What they discovered was an original working generator, allowing them to hear the noise intensity during the time Hitler apparently committed suicide.

The MysteryQuest investigators uncovered new evidence that puts in question if Hitler died in the bunker. Most notable, the DNA recovered from the skull with a bullet hole archived by the Russians was that of a female between the age of 20-40.

The questions left are: Did Hitler survive the war? If he did survive, how did he escape and where did he go?


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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Strange Creature Found On River Bank Near Cerro Azul, Panama - The discovery of a strange creature in Cerro Azul, Panama, sparked controversy among the people, for what some say might be a creature from another planet, others simply believe that it si just an animal.

Two young men were having fun on the hill when they saw at the entrance of a cave a creature that was approaching them. They were frightened and stoned it to death.

Panama’s Channel 13 showed images of a strange creature that appeared last weekend in Cerro Azul, east of Panama City, and that alarmed local residents.

According to Telemetro, polemic unleashed between those who believe it is an animal and those who think it’s an extraterrestrial creature.

No authority said anything about the find.

Telemetro said four children, aged between 15 and 16 , saw the “thing” out of the water fall of Cerro Azul and stoned it to death, afraid of being attacked.

NOTE: interesting story behind this find....though, I'm thinking deformed dolphin, whale, bald sloth? As well, that it washed up or was placed on the shore already dead. I really hope the DNA is tested. Any thoughts?...Lon

Thanks to Yimmy Characoto Smolarsky for the referral

Sightings of 'White Lady' Prompt Investigations in County Tyrone

NOTE: these sightings near Coalisland in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland have been reported since December 2008 and sporadically long before that time. I have posted below previous media reports since the activity started to increase 10 months ago...Lon - The numerous ghoulish encounters with a mysterious 'white lady' has prompted many to believe they had met a supernatural being.

Over the past six weeks there have been dozens of sightings of the apparition near the ruins of a remote farmhouse in near Coalisland in Co Tyrone.

Convinced that the sightings are true - rather than the result of one too many pints of Guinness - convoys of ghost hunters have flocked to the dip in the road where she was seen.

Up to 60 cars have been spotted parked on the side of the road at midnight, causing traffic jams in the usually desolate area.

Villagers who have spotted the ghost say it looks like an old woman with a sad expression.

However, none have so far been able to describe the features of her face in any detail.

The spot where the ghost was spotted could perhaps best be described as a 'ghost's paradise'.

The damp crumbling walls on the ruined house where the ghost was spotted still bear the scorch marks from a fire.

Broken doors now creak in the wind and tree branches scratch against the collapsed roof. The birds in the trees are strangely silent.

Ryan Bell, the son of the local landlord Raymond, claims he has seen the ghost more than 20 times.

'I was freaked out the first time I saw her, but now I'm getting used to it,' he said. 'It looks like an old small woman with a shining white cape.

'When you drive by the run-down house, the figure emerges from the trees and crosses the road in front of you before coming to a halt in the same place each time.

'It's definitely a creepy experience. You can only see the profile of her face but she appears sad.'

Paranormal experts are now heading to the area with thermal imaging cameras and high frequency voice recorders in the hope of verifying the sightings.

Warren Coates, of the Northern Ireland Paranormal Research Association, said he was aware of previous paranormal activity in the area.

'It related to a phantom female hitchhiker, who caused a stir five years ago,' he said. 'Drivers would see her on the side of the road with her thumb out. When they pulled up to offer her a lift, she would vanish.

'Sometimes she would walk across the road in front of cars. But when drivers swerved to avoid her, she disappeared. These sightings were about a mile away from the latest sightings.'

Mr Coates, who set up his paranormal organisation in 1991, believes the ghost might be a woman who has died in a car crash in the area.

Others, however, are more sceptical and believe the apparition is a hoax.

Desmond Donnelly, a Sinn Féin councillor, said: 'At one point, there was a line of up to 60 cars on the road with people trying to spot it.

'It wasn't just one night, it was going on for a week or so over the holidays. I'm not sure how it all started - I wouldn't be one for ghosts, but you know how this type of thing spreads.

'If you ask me, it's more likely to be a reflection of the moon on the river that flows through the area. Although the talk is that what was seen was in the shape of a person.'

Ireland is increasingly becoming the 'ghost capital of Europe', as holidaymakers from around the world visit in the hope of a supernatural experience.

The most memorable ghost of recent times was a cloaked figure photographed standing in a doorway at Hampton Court Palace in 2003.

Some believed it to be the restless spirit of the King Henry VIII's fifth wife Catherine Howard who was executed. Before the photograph emerged, she had reportedly been seen by several visitors - sometimes uttering terrible cries.
Originally posted 1/10/09

Curious Crowds Continue Ghostly Quest in Northern Ireland

Cars have been lined up nose to tail every night for the past three weeks as news of the vision on the Mullaghmoyle Road, near Coalisland, has spread.

Armed with video recorders and digital cameras, ghost-hunters have queued up to get a glimpse of the "white lady", who is described as elderly with a sad expression.

Some have come as far as Belfast and Enniskillen in the hope of seeing the ghost.

Although some have dismissed the sighting as a trick of nature, the phenomenon has roused the interest of paranormal groups.

Raymond Bell, who owns a pub nearby in Brackaville, said his 17-year-old son Ryan had not believed in ghosts until he saw the "woman" several times.

"My son says he has seen the shadowy figure on numerous occasions and others have seen it too - it is the face of an elderly lady wearing a long white dress with a long white cape," he said.

"People are still coming in their droves to see her. They come when it gets dark at about 4.30pm and they stay until after 1am.

"It is only about 400 yards away and I have tried to get down there but there are just too many cars. It is all that anyone is talking about."

Sinn Féin Councillor Desmond Donnelly said there was a line of 60 cars queued up at one stage: "I wouldn't be one for ghosts, but you know how this type of thing spreads.

"If you ask me, it's more likely to be a reflection of the moon on the river that flows through the area. Although the talk is that what was seen was in the shape of a person."

Among those interested in the sightings is Warren Coates of the Northern Ireland Paranormal Research Association (NIPRA).

He said he planned to go to the area with a spirit medium: "It may sound far-fetched, but we will try to pick up names of people who may not be able to move on from this life.

"We have looked into reports in this area before which related to a phantom hitchhiker who walked across the road in front of cars.

"This time, a man with his newborn baby and wife in the car saw a woman walk straight in front of his car and had to slam on the brakes.

"I know some people are saying it could be the moon, but I think most people can tell the difference the moonlight and the figure of a person.
Originally posted 1/6/09

Phantom Hitchhiker Sighting Causes Traffic Problems In Northern Ireland Town

This time of year is traditionally associated with high spirits as revellers welcome in another year.

However, a spirit of a different kind has been causing a bit of a commotion outside Coalisland in County Tyrone.

An apparent sighting of a ghost has led to crowds of people descending on the Brackaville area over the holidays.

"At one point, there was a line of up to 60 cars on the Mullaghmoyle Road with people trying to spot it," said Sinn Féin Councillor Desmond Donnelly.

"It wasn't just one night, it was going on for a week or so over the holidays. I'm not sure how it all started - I wouldn't be one for ghosts, but you know how this type of thing spreads.

"If you ask me, it's more likely to be a reflection of the moon on the river that flows through the area. Although the talk is that what was seen was in the shape of a person."

Pat Hughes, speaking at the Central Bar in Coalisland, said the sighting had certainly got people in the town talking.

"Everybody's been talking about it in the bar and it has also caught the imagination of young people," he said.

"It has got to the stage where it's a bit like a drive-in movie."

As with these sorts of things, rumours about what was or was not seen quickly spread. It was claimed the apparition was a woman who had lived locally.

Warren Coates of the Northern Ireland Paranormal Research Association (NIPRA) said he was aware of "previous paranormal activity" in the area.

"It related to a phantom female hitchhiker, but if anybody down there would like us to investigate this latest sighting, we'd only be too happy to help," he said.

Man-Eating Bird of Maori Legend Proven True - A massive man-eating bird of prey from ancient Maori legend really did exist, according to new research.

Scientists have known about the existence of Haast's eagle for over a century based on excavated bones, but the behaviour of these giant birds was not clear.

As the eagles weighed up to 40 lbs some scientists presumed they were scavengers rather than the predators from mythology.

But a new study has revealed the eagle as a fearsome predator that probably swooped on flightless birds and even children from a high mountain perch.

Researchers Paul Scofield of the Canterbury Museum in New Zealand and Ken Ashwell of the University of New South Wales used computerised CT and CAT scans to reconstruct the size of the brain, eyes, ears and spinal cord of this ancient eagle.

This data was compared to values from modern predatory and scavenging birds to determine the habits of the extinct eagle.

Professor Scofield said the findings are similar to what he found in Maori folk tales.

'The science supports Maori mythology of the legendary pouakai or hokioi, a huge bird that could swoop down on people in the mountains and was capable of killing a small child,' he said.

The researchers also determined the eagle quickly evolved from a much smaller ancestor, with the body growing much more quickly than the brain. They believe its body grew 10 times bigger during the early to middle Pleistocene period, 700,000 to 1.8 million years ago.

'This work is a great example of how rapidly evolving medical techniques and equipment can be used to solve ancient medical mysteries,' Professor Ashwell said.

They wrote their conclusions in the peer-reviewed Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.

Scientists believe the Haast's eagle became extinct due to habitat destruction and the extinction of its prey species at the hands of early Polynesian settlers.

New Zealand paleontologist Trevor Worthy said: 'They provide a convincing case that the body of this eagle has rapidly enlarged, presumably adapting to the very much larger prey it had access to in New Zealand, but that the brain size had lagged behind this increase.'

Before the humans colonized New Zealand about 750 years ago, the largest inhabitants were birds like the Haast's eagle and the moa.

Photos: UFOs Over Bear Island, Yakutia, Russia

The following was translated from by Michael Cohen at

Several holidaymakers photographed at least three UFOs above Bear Island on the Lena River in Yakutia. The appearance of the UFO fleet in the vicinity of the village Zhatay coincided with the sensational observations in Shandong, China, where two UFOs were even filmed on video by a TV camera crew on 20 August.

My brother celebrated his wedding anniversary on the island, Igor Vylegzhanin told the Russian Media outlet 'Life'.

'A number of people fishing and sunbathing saw the UFOs. All took photographs. There was no audible rumble or roar the weather was sunny and calm. One strange thing happened: mobile communication suddenly began to play up. My friend's mobile phone turned itself off, and then spontaneously switched back on!'

The images were sent to a local UFO expert:

'We checked all the photos and I confirm that they are genuine' commented UFO expert Evgeny Marchenko. Photoshop was not used.'

Marchenko calculated that each object was about 30 meters wide and confirmed that the object was unlike any known aircraft.

NOTE: not sure what to make of these photos, though the enlarged and enhanced version does seem to suggest some structure on these objects...Lon


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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ghost? 'Oh, that’s just my Maori lady....' - A property manager in Auckland got a fright when a ghostly figure turned up in a photo she had taken.

Brigid Curran used her cellphone to take some pictures of a rural Helensville property she oversees, and it was not until she returned to her office that Brigid saw what appeared to be the figure of a woman standing in the background by the fence.

“I thought, hang on. There was no one standing there when I took the photo,” she says.

Brigid sent the photo to the tenant, Janet Stansfield, who replied saying she was unfazed.

“Oh that’s just my Maori lady, she likes my garden,” she told Brigid.

Janet, who moved into the house a year ago, says the woman’s presence has been there the whole time.

“As soon as Brigid sent me the photo I knew exactly who it was,” she says.

“She doesn’t look like an ancient Maori lady. She looks like she’s wearing a t-shirt.”

“I don’t know how many times I have seen her since I moved here. I’m used to her being around, so it’s not a big deal for me.”

Janet says her house is also home to the spirit of a cat.

“I’ll see the cat out of the corner of my eye sometimes, and think it’s my cat, but then I’ll look for him and there’s nothing there. I’m always a person that tries to look for an explanation.”

She says she didn’t see anyone else at the time Brigid took the photo.

Janet says her daughter has also seen the woman and the cat.

“Some people can see them, some can’t,” she says. “But people are becoming more open about it. It used to be taboo to talk about it.”

Janet started seeing spirits as a very young child, and says others in her family also have the ability to see them.

She says it has not always been an acceptable thing to talk about though.

“My great-grandmother was institutionalized for being able to see them,” she says.

More Strangeness Reported at Lake Michigan

MUFON witness report: My friend and I walked down to the beach at the Rosy Mound Natural Area just a couple miles south of Grand Haven, MI, to watch the sunset. The sun set around 2030 (8:30). We decided to stay a while longer to see the stars come out.

After about an hour or so of talking and looking at the stars, I noticed that there was an unusually bright light out over Lake Michigan going west to east. At first I thought it was a plane with its landing lights on coming through the clouds.

Then I realized that there were no clouds in that direction. As it flew closer I asked my friend if she saw what I saw. She confirmed that she also saw it, and asked me what it was. I told her I had no idea.

It had no green or red marker lights to distinguish it as a commercial jet, nor did it have a strobe light. It was just a bright white light with a unusual Aura surrounding it.

It gave me chills, and the hair on my arms stood straight up as it got closer. I called my Mom who lives a few miles away and told her what I was seeing and to ask if she could see it also. She could not due to the area she lives in being a wooded area.

It was flying on a straight path. It almost looked like it was speeding up and then slowing down, then speeding up again. As it neared the shore line ,I noticed another light following about 10 to 15 seconds behind the first one.

This object was emitting the same color light, but did not have the unusual aura surrounding it. Both lights made no noise as they flew by, which made it all the more creepy. As they crossed over land and flew farther east, the lights eventually went out of sight.

After they were out of sight ,we stayed there for another hour or so to see if they would come back or see if more would follow, but nothing else was seen.
Originally posted 1/1/09

The 'Lake Michigan Triangle' Mystery

The Lake Michigan triangle is said to have similar characteristics of the Bermuda Triangle and is said to be a place of ghost ships, strange disappearances and even UFO sightings.

"There's been some strange disappearances out there, there's been many ships that have been lost that haven't been found."

Bill Wangemann is a historian from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. He's spent a lifetime gathering tales about the Lake Michigan triangle.

According to author Linda S. Godfrey in her book 'Weird Michigan' (2006), the Michigan Triangle starts from the town of Ludington to Benton Harbor in Michigan; another links from Benton Harbor to Manitowoc, Wisconsin; the final side connects Manitowoc back to Ludington.

But the legend doesn't end with sunken ships; nearly 40 planes have disappeared over Lake Michigan too. Probably the most famous is northwest airlines flight 2501 that took off from New York City headed for Minneapolis in June of 1950 and plunged into Lake Michigan just off Benton Harbor. No one survived.

Then, there are the sightings of UFO's and other strange anomalies in the sky. In fact there have been so many sightings of strange objects and phantom planes that the Federal Aviation Administration created a special lake reporting service to catalog the reported sightings.

And yet still, thousands make the journey through the Triangle every season.

Captain Kevin Fitch of the Badger Ferry has been sailing Lake Michigan waters for nearly 30 years, "I've heard of it, I don't put a lot of faith in it but I have heard of it. Little bits and pieces here and there."

He says in the thousand trips he's made across the lake he's never seen anything strange. "I can't think of anything that didn't have an explanation of some kind."

So Captain Fitch continues to guide the ferry through what Wangemann says is considered the most dangerous part of the triangle.

"There's dozen's of these stories about different things that have occurred out there and people that have been lost and sailors that have disappeared off of ships and some people claim that there is something supernatural going on out on the lake," says Wangemann.

The wreck of the schooner Rosa Belle and the loss of 11 crew members and passengers, all members of the Benton Harbor cult House of David, shocked the nation in the fall of 1921. The wreck was discovered on Oct. 30, floating upside down by the Grand Trunk car ferry Ann Arbor No. 4. The captain of the ferry said it appeared as if the schooner had been in a collision with another vessel. But no other ship was found to have been in a collision that week. The aft section was smashed, the cabin was wrenched away from the deck and the ship’s rigging was floating loosely about the hull. The mystery of what happened to the Rosa Belle was never solved.

Strange too was the fact that it was the second almost identical wreck for the Rosa Belle. The vessel capsized in the same area and drifted ashore near Grand Haven, Michigan, in August, 1875. Ten crew members were lost. The wreck was recovered at that time and rebuilt.

Among the strangest of the mysteries was the disappearance of the schooner Thomas Hume, which disappeared without a trace in a Lake Michigan gale on May 21, 1891, while sailing empty from Chicago to Muskegon, Michigan to pick up a load of lumber. Seven sailors, including Captain George C. Albrecht, were lost with the ship. Even though the lake was searched thoroughly, not a stick of lumber or piece of flotsam from a wreck was ever found. Old sailors speculated that the Hume, a wooden vessel, could not have sunk without some wreckage floating away. To this day, the Hume’s disappearance remains unsolved.

One of the most famous stories of disappearing crew members includes the freighter O.M. McFarland.

In April 1937, Captain George Donnor was heading to Port Washington, Wisconsin, "He decided to retire to his cabin for a nap, and he gave orders to be aroused about 6pm. And they went to his cabin and he was gone. The story was the cabin was locked from the inside and nobody knows what happened to him till this day," says Wangemann.

During the time of Captain Donnor's disappearance the McFarland was crossing through the nexus of the Lake Michigan triangle along the same course of the Badger Ferry.

As the Badger Ferry continues on its journey, passengers are unaware of what might lurk in the deep lake waters. John Fangman: "I know there's a lot of mystery about the great lakes and legend and folklore."

Bill Wangemann says there are some tails of sea monsters. "Many years ago there were people that swore they saw sea monsters on the shore here," says Wagemann.

And some of the witness have quite a bit of credibility, "A Catholic priest went for a walk he saw this beast on the shore he said it was big and the color green," says Wangemann. (See videos below - mysterious footprints on shore (alien?)

Sea monsters, ghost ships, disappearing planes and crew members, unidentified flying objects. It's the making of a good science fiction movie or a good legend.

Either way it certainly gives you something to think about as you look out onto Lake Michigan wondering what secrets she's keeping in her deep dark waters.

Here are 2 videos of some strange tracks that where made on one of the Lake Michigan shores

Radar 'Ghost Planes' - Report: May 22, 2000

For the past five weeks, air traffic controllers at the O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois have been seeing images of "ghost planes" on their radar sets, usually in the skies of the Lake Michigan Triangle. The Triangle is an area of Lake Michigan which runs from Ludington, Michigan south to Benton Harbor, Mich., then across the lake to Manitowoc, Wisconsin and then back to Ludington.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, "False radar images have been popping up on the screens of O'Hare International Airport's air traffic controllers, forcing pilots to take sudden turns unnecessarily."

"At least a dozen 'ghost planes' have been reported during the last few weeks, the newspaper said, citing documents from the Terminal Radar Approach Control Center in Elgin, Illinois (population 78,000)."

"Controllers said that at least a few times they have ordered pilots to take sudden turns to avoid what appeared to be planes on their radar, potentially putting passengers at risk."

"'The ghosting is a complete terror for air traffic controllers,' said Charles Bunting, president of the Elgin local the National Air Traffic Controllers Association."

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) spokesman Tony Molinaro "said there have been 13 ghost images in the last five weeks rather than the usual eight or nine the FA would normally expect in this time period., 'meaning we shall need to look into them.'"

"But Mike Egan, vice president of the controller's union at Elgin, accused the FAA of playing down the problem. 'Maybe 130, but not 13,' Egan said Friday (May 19, 2000). 'We had a couple of them today, as a matter of fact. They know there's a problem.'"

This all adds to the mythology of the lake, which is not prone to reveal its secrets. Lake Michigan is a treacherous lake and continues to be a source of fascination and inspiration for our collective imaginations.

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