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DJIA Closed 9,605...Same on 9/11/01 and 9/11/09

Dow Jones Industrial Average
Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Closing Price: 9,605.51
Open: n/a
High: 9,740.44
Low: 9,431.07
Volume: 280,043,500

Dow Jones Industrial Average
Friday, September 11, 2009

Closing Price: 9,605.41

Open: 9,627.78
High: 9,698.67
Low: 9,532.11
Volume: 196,670,800

Are we entering into a new cycle? Just food for thought...Lon

Video: Mysterious UFO - Unknown Marine Terminal

(notice many individual lights - enhanced image above)

Click for video

NOTE: this video was received by email this morning from Michael Cohen He states..."We just received this UFO video from a reader by email. The reader left no information regarding the footage and has not responded to emails from us inquiring as to where and who does this video come from". IMO, it appears to be from a marine terminal somewhere in eastern Asia, perhaps Indonesia, Malaysia, etc...I can't translate the audio. I did enhance and shade a video capture of the object. The top screen capture is interesting since there seems to be many individual lights on this object. I'll keep an open mind until I get other evidence...Lon

Rare Vicious Tongue-Eating Parasite Found - A rare parasite which burrows into host fish before eating and replacing their tongues with itself has been found off the Jersey coast.

Fishermen near the Minquiers - islands under the jurisdiction of Jersey - found the isopod, a type of louse, inside a weaver fish.

Marine researcher Paul Chambers, from the Société Jersiaise, was one of the fishing party and identified the find.

He said he was surprised to find the isopod away from the Mediterranean sea.

Isopods are normally about 2cm (1in) long and live in fish, surviving on the animal's blood, in warm waters.

'Quite vicious'

Mr Chambers told: "When we emptied the fish bag out there at the bottom was this incredibly ugly looking isopod.

"Really quite large, really quite hideous - if you turn it over its got dozens of these really sharp, nasty claws underneath and I thought 'that's a bit of a nasty beast'.

"I struggled for weeks to find an identification for this thing until, quite by chance I stumbled across something that looked similar in a Victorian journal.

"Apparently there's not too much ill effect to the fish itself except it's lost its tongue."

Experts at the University of Southampton confirmed that the creature was an isopod and that there had been several sightings of them in Cornwall in 1996.

Mr Chambers added: "It doesn't affect humans other than if you do actually come across a live one and try and pick it up - they are quite vicious, they will deliver a good nip."

Masons Prepare to Counter New Dan Brown Novel - As members of a secretive brotherhood, Freemasons are no strangers to conspiracy theories.

They have heard it all before -- that they are child-sacrificing cult members, or religious zealots plotting a New World Order with the Jews, or satanic anti-religious alien spies.

With Dan Brown's newest novel, The Lost Symbol, hitting bookstores Sept. 15 -- much of it rumored to revolve around Masonic myths -- the Masons are in pre-emptive damage-control mode.

Although Brown -- of Da Vinci Code fame -- and his publisher, Doubleday, are being tight-lipped about the book's contents, some Masons are preparing for an onslaught of negative press. And because Brown is known for tying religious themes to his thrillers' plots, Masons are carefully addressing common misconceptions about their religious affiliations.

"There is the basic question asked: Do you believe in God?" said Richard Fletcher, executive secretary of the Masonic Service Association of North America. "Beyond [requiring a belief in God], we're not a religion, and we don't pretend to be."

Because the book's contents are so hush-hush, Fletcher and others are unsure what to expect. The only information Doubleday has released so far is the book's cover art and sporadic Twitter "clues" that hint at religion, Freemasonry and the Founding Fathers.

Mark Koltko-Rivera -- a Mason from New York City and author of the upcoming book Discovering the Lost Symbol , which tries to anticipate charges leveled in Brown's novel -- created a blog to discuss and interpret each Twitter clue.

Based on those clues, Koltko-Rivera is convinced that Freemasons, particularly the Scottish Rite branch, "will take it in the chops."

A psychologist by trade with particular interest in psychology of religion, Koltko-Rivera believes Brown will try to associate Freemasonry with religious extremists or, as one Twitter clue suggested, that the Founding Fathers subscribed to deism (a generic belief in God) rather than theism (a belief in God as creator and ruler).

"That alone would really tick people off," Koltko-Rivera said, "and that's a religious position Dan Brown would be comfortable with."

Fletcher said Freemasonry has been scrutinized for centuries because it welcomes men of all faiths to join. He said that Nazis forced Masons into concentration camps because Freemasonry welcomed Jews as members.

Noting that Jews are themselves no stranger to conspiracy theories, he said, "a lot of anti-Masonry is rooted in anti-Semitism."

Jay Kinney, a Mason and writer from California, is releasing a book to counter Masonic falsehoods a week before Brown's book goes on sale. Kinney's book, The Masonic Myth, delves into the history of the Freemasons and attempts to dispel rumors and misconceptions about the brotherhood.

Kinney said he avoided mentioning Brown or his novel, and he's not trying to guess what conspiracy theories Brown might try to advance.

"On the whole, my approach to the book is to not have Dan Brown define what I'd be writing about," Kinney said. "I just tried to reboot the subject and methodically go from there. If a reader reads Dan Brown and has questions, undoubtedly they will have a variety of books and sources that will offer counterinformation or clarification."

One blogger explicitly warned readers about the "Dan Brown Effect" -- the response that followed The Da Vinci Code by misinformed and sometimes gullible readers who take historical fiction as historical fact.

The Da Vinci Code sold more than 80 million copies worldwide and stirred up controversy by suggesting a romantic relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene, upsetting Christian groups and historians who argued against the plot's historical and biblical inaccuracies.

Whether Brown makes Masons the good guys or the villains, members of the brotherhood seem to agree that the attention could nonetheless pique people's interest and lead to increased membership requests.


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Friday, September 11, 2009

Expedition Team To Search Lake Cameron, BC For Evidence of Monster - People have reported seeing what they can best describe as a creature in Cameron Lake, just 30 kilometres west of Parksville, and John Kirk wants to find out what it is.

Kirk co-founded a B.C. group dedicated to hunting unidentified animals, or cryptid, and said he and his fellow members of the Scientific Cryptozoology Club have been fielding calls from people who say it's time to take a closer look. The author of In the Domain of Lake Monsters plans an expedition to Cameron Lake to look for scientific evidence on Sept. 19.

This initial inspection will determine whether or not people are mistaking natural phenomenon for a cryptid, Kirk explained.

Once he and his team rule out things like submerged rocks or logs, they will return for a more in-depth analysis. So far, people have described the creature as long and serpent-like.

One woman captured a photograph of a similar silver shape, an indication that it could be a fish, which would be just as interesting for Kirk because there are no known species of fish in the lake that can get that big, he explained.

The 70-member club has experienced field researchers from all around the world but its small size and small budget often limit the expeditions they can go on. Oceanside Tourism, which represents both Parksville and Qualicum Beach, contacted the group and offered to sponsor the trip.

"We've gotten some feedback from people who are concerned that if we find something it will stop people from swimming but it doesn't stop people in Okanagan," Kirk said. "There are no reports of anyone getting attacked at one of these lakes. In fact, it's a great tourist attraction. People make an absolute fortune on this type of thing."

Lakes in the province are notorious for creature sightings, according to Kirk, who said there are 39 lakes with some sort of sighting reports. With very few of these sightings confirmed, Kirk does not expect to find anything in Cameron Lake his first time out.

Posted 9/12/07

Cryptozoologist Follows the Clues - Cameron Lake Monster

Scientific cryptozoologist John Kirk intrigued by sightings at Cameron Lake

“There is definitely something in the water and it is moving.”

That’s the opinion of John Kirk, the president and head field researcher for the B.C. Scientific Cryptozoology Club, about a photograph of a strange wake in Cameron Lake.

He says what he saw was convincing, and now he’s considering an expedition to Cameron Lake to look at the situation first-hand.

The picture, taken by Brigette Horvath, reputedly shows evidence of something unusually large swimming in the lake. A TV segment featuring Horvath’s story and photo caught Kirk’s attention and a subsequent Internet search by his team pulled up the story in The News.

It wasn’t the first time they’d heard about this creature. In fact, he said his group first heard about the cryptid — the name given to unidentified species — in 2004.

“We have been aware of the Cameron Lake cryptid for a long time,” Kirk said.

Kirk and his team studied Horvath’s image. They have since been in contact with her and he said he’s contemplating an expedition to the shores of Cameron Lake. If he does come, Kirk will bring with him a wealth of experience spanning 20 years that has seen his search for strange creatures take him from the shores of Vancouver Island lakes to the jungles of the Congo.

He leads a group of about 70 members — among them, he notes, two members of the prestigious Royal Society. He plans to bring some of them with him, and he has invited Horvath.

The sighting, he said, fits in with a surprisingly large and widespread body of local lake creature lore. In fact, he said, British Columbia is number one in the world for lake monster sightings, beating out Norway and Sweden.

“There are 39 lakes in this province where some type of creature has been seen,” he said. “These phenomena happen all over the province.”

Other Island sightings, he said, include giant salamanders in Nitnat Lake, and an Ogopogo-like creature in Cowichan Lake.

“There’s a story of a guy fishing there in the 1950s or ‘60s being towed around the lake for an hour when his fishing line snagged on something very large.”

Tales of lake cryptids on Vancouver Island, he said, go beyond the 20-odd year history of the Cameron Lake creature, noting another lake may provide a clue about the history of lake creatures.

“Sproat Lake is also a body of water with an unknown animal inhabiting it,” he said. “In April, 1987 my family and a friend saw two large black humps swimming parallel with the shore at the northern end of the lake. We watched it for about minute. At Sproat Lake there are famous pictographs depicting an unknown creature known in the rest of the province as a Naitaka. This is the same name given to Ogopogo.”

An author and law enforcement support worker, Kirk has travelled to Scotland, Ireland and parts of the United States in his cryptozoological investigations. However, he said for him, his adventure in Africa stands out.

“We were looking for a semi-aquatic creature in Congo and Cameroon, called Mokele-mbembe, which is described as a long-necked animal with a body similar to a hippo and elephant-like legs,” he said. “It sounded like a sauropod. We heard reports of Pygmies seeing the creature.”

One father and son, he said, reported watching a Mokele-mbembe for three hours when its bulk blocked their passage on the river, and they were able to describe it in detail. Some of the locals, he said, were able to pick out a picture of the creature from a book — a picture which turned out to be of a plesiosaur. Interestingly, he added, the Pygmies described dermal quills on the neck of the beast — a feature of plesiosaurs largely unknown until very recently, and which weren’t in the pictures.

While Kirk said Mokele-mbembe could be some sort of holdover from another time, the Cameron Lake cryptid appears to be something different.

“Someone said it was silver coloured and looked like a fish,” he said. “I don’t think this is a pleisiosaur or something left over from he age of dinosaurs. I think it could be an undiscovered species.”

Photo: Oval UFO w/ Lights Reported - Ohio - 9/10/09

Witness MUFON report: September 10, 2009 - Undisclosed location in Ohio - I was sitting on the couch and saw something out of the corner of my eye through the front screen door. It was odd so I got up and said to my husband, "what is that?". We both went to the front porch and watched for a minute when I told him to get the camera. It was directly in front of us about 1,000 feet up (husband's estimate). He snapped a couple of pics and I watched it until it was out of my sight.

It was a very still night, no wind. There was no sound coming from the object. It moved from north to south at a steady clip, never changing altitude.

It didn't scare us, it was intriguing.

NOTE: the photo suggest that this object was oval/saucer shaped with lights on the bottom. The description by the witness left a lot to be well, a specific location was not given. Since it was stated that the object did not change altitude, the assumption is that this was not a balloon. I do hope other reports and images on this object are forthcoming...Lon

UPDATE: several readers on the P&M wiki and Facebook have suggested that this is a burning leaf from a bonfire or other natural anomaly. I'm not discounting any of those assessments and would welcome more opinions. MUFON reports always have to be taken with skepticism just by the nature of how sightings are reported and that many people enjoy spinning hoaxes...Lon

Rare Pink Grasshopper Found in Devon, UK - A schoolboy has stumbled on a rare pink grasshopper.

Eagle-eyed Daniel Tate, 11, was taking part in the first Minibeasts in the Marshes event at Seaton Marshes, Devon, when he came across the little hopper.

Experts say it is a common green grasshopper which just happens to be pink.

Daniel said: "I was looking for grasshoppers when I saw something pink.

"I thought it was a flower but I saw it moving, so I tried to catch it. It jumped so then I knew it was a grasshopper.

"I was really excited to hear that no one else had found a pink grasshopper at that place before."

James Chubb, education ranger for East Devon council, said: "There are billions of meadow grasshoppers across England but this is the first pink one I have ever seen.

"It is caused by a genetic mutation in its reproductive cycle.

"It's almost a full adult, so it has survived this long being bright pink there is a chance it will live to reproduce and pass on its pink gene."


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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mexican Ufologists' Squabble Results In Lawsuit

(UFO footage in question - Alvin, Texas - April 11, 2008)


The UFO-researching journalist was sued by a renowned investigator due to a baseless accusation of fraud. It appears that she refused to lend her support to a case that he claimed was real, and which now, according to many, turned out to be a hoax.

(INFO7) – Jaime Maussan, journalist specializing in the UFO phenomenon, was sued for having accused researcher Ana Luisa Cid of being a fraud on several television broadcasts.

The conflict emerged on May 8, 2008, when Jaime Maussan accused Cid of being a fraud during an interview on the Realidad Punto Cero radio show, repeating his attack against the researcher on a TV magazine show on May 11, repeating it yet again on his own show on May 18.

Differences between Maussan and researcher Ana Luisa Cid supposedly emerge from her refusal to support the case known as the “Alvin, Texas UFO”, which she believed may be the product of computer trickery.

Curiously enough, the journalist said that the UNAM (Mexico’s National Autonomous University) participated in the investigation, a claim rejected by the staff of this institution of higher learning. As if this were not enough, the UFO case is considered a hoax from the standpoint of several respected researchers of the phenomenon, and the same video presents several issues that place its credibility in doubt.

Presentation of evidence shall take place on Thursday, September 10 at 10:00 a.m. Jaime Maussan will have to make a personal statement before Civil Judge No. 55 of the Federal District. The lawsuit is on the grounds of moral damages against researcher Ana Luisa Cid. Maussan must appear in person to make a statement, not through attorneys or representatives, and he was officially advised of this fact.

All that remains to be known is the judge’s ruling, as [Prof. Cid] says she has sufficient evidence to cause the damages caused by the journalist.

Click for video

NOTE: it is hard for me to take sides on this matter because I have corresponded with each researcher and both are very personable. I do tend to favor Prof. Cid in this particular matter simply because of the statements by Maussan and the reasons behind it...namely, that Prof. Cid refused to acknowledge a UFO sighting (one that I personally considered a hoax) as authentic. Jaime Maussan's credibility has been called into question the past year or so by several UFO researchers, mostly based in the US. His latest 'discovery' includes the supposed alien captured by Mexican farmers and presented to the 2009 MUFON Convention in McLaughlin, NV...Lon

New Book Delves Into Police Officers' Paranormal Experiences - It started as a routine traffic stop by two Detroit police officers, but seconds later, bullets from an Uzi-style submachine gun came screaming into their vehicle, piercing the hood and doors and shattering the windshield. Then something really weird happened.

The cop behind the wheel has no other explanation but to call it a divine mystery.

The remarkable story is part of Ingrid P. Dean’s new book, Spirit of the Badge: 60 True Police Stories of Divine Guidance, Miracles & Intuition, from Topaz Heart Publishing LLC. While Dean’s stories delve into the paranormal, her credibility is enhanced by her day job: she’s a detective sergeant for the Michigan State Police.

Dean’s adult life has been devoted to collecting hard facts and evidence. She also is a state-licensed polygraph examiner and teaches the art of detecting truth and deception.

The cop behind the wheel that Detroit night in 1992 told Sgt. Dean that when he was pinned down by the submachine gun fire, he faced a terrible choice: stay in the squad car and get shot, or exit the car and get shot. An Uzi fires 600 rounds per minute.

The cop opened the door and claims “a golden glow” filled the car. “I heard a calm, male voice say, ‘Don’t worry. You’re going to come out of this fine. You won’t be hurt.’ It felt as if a shield had been raised up in front of me.” The cop stood amid a hail of bullets and emptied his gun into the suspects’ vehicle. The suspects sped away, but the cop was unharmed. He later said, “I am alive today because of divine intervention.”

Dean wonders if the 60 stories in her book ever would have come to light if she weren’t the one asking the questions. Cops don’t like to talk about paranormal experiences, but if there’s anyone they trust, it’s another cop. Detective Sergeant Ingrid Dean has worked with the Michigan State Police for 20 years in a variety of capacities, including road patrol, polygraph, forensic arts, investigation and major crimes.

Spirit of the Badge contains real-life accounts of heretofore hidden elements of police work: the metaphysical, spiritual and inspirational. Dean interviewed active and retired police officers from across the country and gathered stories that highlight the human, humorous, intuitive and miraculous side of law enforcement.

Her book reveals that law enforcement officers go beyond Sgt. Friday’s old refrain from Dragnet, “Just the facts.” Instead, they sometimes rely on intuition. Her real-life accounts examine such subjects as angels and apparitions, dreams, signs, symbols, synchronicity, lessons of the heart, unexplainable phenomena, and healing with humor.

Dean holds a B.A. and M.A. in art and transpersonal studies. She is currently assigned to the Michigan State Police post in Traverse City , Michigan . The author is also a professional artist, musician and teacher.

Photos: Oval Shaped UFO - Arizona - May 2009

Witness MUFON report: Undisclosed location in Arizona - My 12 year old daughter went to check the mail box and as she walked outside our house she witnessed floating above our street a round object not too far in the distance. she quickly grabbed her cell phone in her pocket and snapped off two photos.

This happened on a school day approximately around May 2009 around 430 to 530 pm. Sorry, I do not remember the exact dates.

What is interesting is she managed to capture the object as it tilted and moved off. You can see the landmarks of the houses and the trees to get a distance measurement and size approximation of the object.

She was very excited when she showed me the pictures. I think the whole event lasted only for a few seconds

Look at the second attached photo first The object should be seen stationary Entitled ufo jpg.

The other photo entitled ufo 1.bmp should be the object moving away from the camera over the trees. I had a little difficulty downloading the images
If you do clean them up I would like to see them, please

I hope this is helpful to your investigations

NOTE: I cropped, enlarged and shaded the object. Not really sure what the correct time of day is despite what the report stated. As with most MUFON reports, the specific location is not given. There appears to be some sun reflection on this object and the image is consistent with others I have seen in the past. Not sure if a 12 year old would attempt to create or be part of a hoax...if that truly is the person who captured these images...Lon

Expedition Searches For Sumatran Yeti...Orang Pendek - A group of British explorers and scientists from the North-Devon based Centre for Fortean Zoology (CFZ), the world's largest mystery animal research organisation, is about to embark on an expedition in search of a yeti-like creature in Indonesia.

The four-man team will search the jungles of Sumatra for what locals call the "orang-pendek.". The powerfully built, upright-walking beast may be related to both the orang-utan and the much larger yeti of mainland Asia.

In the same island chain remains of the tiny hominid known as Homo floresiensis were unearthed in 2003.

The Kubu people - an ancient race who were the first inhabitants of Sumatra - will aid the team. The tribe and their chief have seen the creature in their poorly explored jungle homelands.

Westerners have sighted the orang-pendek too, including Englishwoman Debbie Martyr, now head of the Indonesian tiger conservation group, and wildlife photographer Jeremy Holden.

Also reported in the same jungles are huge horned snakes said to be ten metres long, and a savage, golden cat with a stubby tail and large canine fangs.

The expedition's zoologist, Richard Freeman, Zoological Director of the CFZ, said: "The orang-pendek is especially interesting as it is an ape that walks upright rather than on all fours. It may show us how our own ancestors first began bipedal locomotion.

"The cigau may be a surviving form of Homotherium or scimitar cat, which is a beast related to the better known sabre-toothed cats. Fossils of this animal have been found in Indonesia that are only 10,000 years old. In evolutionary or geological terms that is yesterday.

"The giant snakes, known as 'nagas' by the Kubu, may be a new species. There are horned snakes such as the rhinoceros viper and the horned viper, but these are small. The nagas of the Kubu are said to be ten metres long! The 'horns' are probably modified scales.

"New species are turning up in Indonesia all the time; it is the real life lost world."

Team leader Adam Davis, together with Dr Chris Clark and Dave Archer, will join Mr Freeman.

You can follow the group's adventures on line at the CFZ website on

Ghosts: Confusion With My Own Encounters - Chris Holly

Recently I have been asked why I do not write more about ghosts. My answer is that I do not feel comfortable with these subjects. I have not had the time or knowledge that is needed to give these areas the proper attention I feel they deserve.

I have however had events falling into this category during my own life. Knowing what I saw does not give me the ability to explain what it was I witnessed only the ability to describe or report what I have seen. I also will be honest and say that during my personal experiences with these encounters I felt very uneasy and very frightened. I think my experiences fall in the area of so many possibilities that trying to make sense of it with one explanation is impossible.

The first time I encountered a ghostly event was when I was 15. I was sitting with my best friend in my living room watching television. It was late in the afternoon just before my parents were due home from work. We were watching something funny and we were laughing. I was sitting on the floor my friend was sitting behind me on our couch. Across the room in front of a large window were two large easy chairs with a small table between them.

I was looking at the TV and laughing when I felt my friend behind me jerk and sort of gasp. I turned back towards her to see what she was doing. She was white as a sheet looking towards the chairs by the window.

I glanced over to the window to find my grandfather sitting in one of the chairs. He was smiling and laughing as he looked towards the television. I was both horrified and happy all in one ball. About four months before this happened my grandfather had passed away.

I felt frozen for a moment. As I looked at this odd image of my grandfather he turned towards me and smiled. He was there and instantly he was gone. I jumped up and my friend started to scream over and over “what was that, what was that.” I tried to comfort her but was shaking so hard and was so frightened I could only pull at her shirt as I started to run from the room dragging her yelling behind me. The image I saw was clearly my granddad. He was perfect in every detail right down to his sweater vest and pipe in hand. The only thing that I noticed was that he was in black and white and grays. Not in color like real time life but more like a black and white TV or old movie. Interestingly my friend only saw a white cloud like mist hovering over the chair. She said it lingered until I stood up and then vanished.

I have no idea what we saw sitting in that chair that day. I know we both saw something but I am not sure if our minds saw different things or if my grandfather came to say one last goodbye to me. I would like to think that he did but honestly I am not sure what happened that day in my living room.

The next encounter I experienced happened at a friend’s house that lives here in the same town I do. I wrote a story about her before and the ghost that lives in her house with her and her family.

I am not sure what is taking place in her home. Something constantly walks up and down her staircase in the middle of the house and continues with loud clear footsteps to walk on the second floor. Often you can hear someone banging around in the kitchen as if they are fixing something to eat however upon entering the kitchen all seems silent and in place. Her home also fills with the smell of a pipe being smoked. This I can recognize at once as my granddad smoked a pipe most of his life. I know the smell of pipe tobacco like I know the back of my own hand.

I tried many times to sit and have a peaceful visit in this friend’s house but find I clearly become an extreme coward around ghostly events. The last time I visited with my friend was about seven weeks ago. She asked me over to see her new sun-room.

We were having a lovely visit sitting in her new sun-room built off of her kitchen until I heard what sounded like someone opening and closing her kitchen cabinets. My friend was ignoring or not noticing the sounds coming from her kitchen. I knew we were supposed to be alone in the house so I asked her who was in the kitchen. She told me we were the only ones in the house. We sat and listened for a moment or two when clearly we could hear someone or something banging around in the kitchen right next to where we were sitting. I also could detect the slight aroma of a burning pipe. I asked my friend if she could smell the pipe and she nodded that she could. We sat listening for a few seconds more when all of a sudden we heard clear loud heavy footsteps running up the staircase in the front hall area. My friend got up and walked through the kitchen to her staircase. She turned around and yelled to me” Nope, no one is here, it is just the ghost.” That was enough for me. I jumped to my feet, blasted through the new side entrance to the side yard from the new sun-room and took off like a rocket for my car. The fact that I am a coward is obvious. The reasons this type of encounter terrifies me is beyond my own reasoning. I find this ongoing activity in my friend’s house a bit too much for me to deal with.

I talked about this house and its on going haunting, sounds and smells with a ghost hunter recently. The hunters thoughts were that this may be a repeating time slip or locked energy where the actions of this man were just caught some how in time and replay over and over. Similar to the Roman soldiers that are seen walking along that famous old Roman road. It is simply an energy type event replaying over and over like a video stuck rewinding and replaying again and again. The ghost hunter did not think communication would be possible with this haunting or that it is more then a stuck replay of past actions. That makes me feel a bit better about this house but I do not think I will be spending a great deal of time investigating what is going on in it.

There is one other event that happened in my life that stands out that I clearly feel was a cross over in time.

It happened about nine years ago in the early summer of 2000. I had taken my mother for a ride out on the north shore of Long Island to wine country. We were going to spend the day visiting wineries and farm stands. We had plans for a lovely lunch in Sag Harbor and a slow ride home along the country roads. It was a beautiful day. We were having a wonderful time. I had borrowed my son’s car for the drive, which was a new very red corvette convertible. We were having a great outing on a great day.

I came to an intersection along the country road on our way home. It was about 3:30 in the afternoon. We were sitting at a four way stop sign where I needed to make a right hand turn to continue on my journey home.

As we sat at the stop sign we could see a car coming down the slight hill towards this four way stop. I decided to sit and wait until it passed before turning onto the road. I was not in a hurry – no one else was on the road so we waited at the stop sign as the car approached. My mother remarked that the car looked like a brand new 1950’s Chevy coming our way. I looked towards the car and could see a beautiful white car from the 50’s with blue trim along the side coming towards us. I blinked my eyes, as the car seemed to be almost floating towards us rather then driving. I locked my eyes on the car fascinated by the sight of this perfect car from the past coming towards us.

As the car neared it slowed. It never stopped or seemed to notice the four-way stop intersection. My mouth dropped as the car slowly moved across the front of our car. Inside this perfect car of years past sat a young woman close to the young man next to her. I do not recall seeing anyone do that now a days but remember before bucket seats and seat belts sitting close to your date while driving the big bench seat cars of 50 plus years ago. This young woman was sitting right next to the young man driving exactly in this fashion. She had a tight ponytail with a scarf tied around it like my sisters did in the late 1950’s. She wore a tight soft sweater. The young man had slicked back thick black hair with a piece hanging into his eyes, a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up with a pack of cigarettes stuck in the rolled sleeve of his shirt. The car was pristine with large white wall tires and dice hanging from the rear view window. My mother said, “ Are you seeing this too?” I could only nod my head yes.

As this couple passed us I realized I could not hear a thing. I did not hear his motor or for that matter anything at all. The car sort of floated past and continued on up the slight hill ahead of it and into a curve in the road.

As the couple in this car from the 1950’s passed by they both turned and looked right at my mother and I sitting in our car. I will never forget the horror struck expressions on their faces as they glided past us. The couple was looking at us with the same shock and amazement we were looking at them!

They floated past us and started up the slight hill and curve ahead of them. I decided at once to not make my right hand turn towards home but to turn left and follow this odd car and couple as they were just so unusual. I turned onto the road to follow them just as the tail end of their car was disappearing around the curved bend in the road ahead. As I sped up to keep up with them my mother poked at my arm and said; “Do you see it- their car is about a foot off the ground. Look- their tires they are not touching the road.” I got a good look at the cars rear end as it turned away from view and my mother was right. The car was not making contact with the blacktop-paved road.

I tried to catch up driving quickly along the road just behind them and started into the same bend in the road they had just made in front of me. I came around the curve and back onto the straight road ahead. The car was nowhere in sight. I hit the gas to try to catch up the distance but it was clear that the car was nowhere in front of me on the straight road. I decided to turn back and search for a road or driveway. My mother and I drove up and down the patch of road where we lost sight of them but there was nothing to be found but the road we were on and wooded country side along both sides of the road.

We returned to where we were when we first saw this couple and continued on our regular course home. As we were driving back to our town my mother remarked on how startled the couple looked at the sight of us being at the stop sign. My mother looked at me and said, “ Well if they were from the 50’s the sight of this car of yours and you with that wild hair must have frightened the hell out of them” I had to laugh, as my mother was right. I would think if you were living during the 1950’s and saw a bright red convertible modern day corvette with a red haired woman driving with wild curly hair sticking out all over from her Afro type hairdo, small narrow rectangle metal frame sunglasses and brightly colored tie dye tee shirt on -you may take a second look. The couple looked at me just that way- it was a what the heck are you look if I ever saw one!

I have no idea what happened that day. I do not know why that car did not touch the ground or make any sound. I have no idea who those people were or if they really were able to see me as I was seeing them. From the look on their faces they seemed as shocked as I was during our brief encounter as we crossed paths.

I never will forget that couple and think of it often as a day time slipped a notch and my mom and I were simply at the right place at the right time to visit with the 50’s once again.

I have no explanations for any of the events I have written about today. I do know that people all over the world share similar events. I am sure one day we will be able to understand many of these encounters as we evolve and learn more of the science and nature that is involved when we do experience these things. For now I think like so many things we do not yet understand in the world of the paranormal that these events are simply those of the unknown.

Thanks to Chris Holly at Chris Holly's Paranormal World


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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Alabama Eatery Serves Up Paranormal Activity - A group of paranormal researchers investigated Helen’s Place in Clanton on Saturday night.

Eight people from Southern Paranormal Researchers (SPR), based in Montgomery, set up camp at the restaurant and catering business, which was originally a home built in 1913.

Members of the restaurant’s staff have reported seeing apparitions and unusual activity in the building.

“It’s a lot of sitting, a lot of documentation,” SPR founding member Shawn Sellers said of his work.

The group used several pieces of equipment, including four security cameras set up in different areas of the house, portable camcorders and recording devices in hope of capturing any trace of paranormal phenomena.

The cameras were set up in the dining area, hallway, kitchen and attic. Carbon monoxide detectors were used to make sure there was not any faulty wiring, which can interfere with paranormal investigations.

“It’s like fishing,” explained David Humphrey. “You go to a hole one day and catch a lot of fish, and the next day you’re not.”

Each camera view was monitored, while members went their separate ways conducting “moving investigations.” Members also conducted EVP (electronic voice phenomena) sessions.

EVP are electronically captured sounds that may be the result of intentional voice recordings. These are usually achieved by listening to static, stray radio transmissions or background noise recorded in supposedly haunted places.

At the end of each investigation, members of the group compare notes and review all video and audio recordings for evidence.

As of Tuesday, not all the tapes had been reviewed, but some observations were made Saturday night. During one EVP session, two reported seeing a white mist near the hallway.

At least one member seemed convinced through personal experiences from the night of the investigation.

“There’s no doubt that it’s haunted,” Marty Harsh said in a phone interview Tuesday.

Video: Huge UFO - Blinking Lights - Fresno, CA

Witness statement to The object flew over my house, similar to other objects I have filmed for almost four years now. It is unreal.

The object was captured with a Sony HandiCam, with night vision. The camera is about 4 years old. The settings were 200x zoom, 20 optical. Taken at 9:30 PM. My mom also saw the object.

The lights were blinking at the time. Did anyone else see or film what I did?

Click for video

NOTE: from what I can determine, this craft has considerable size, maneuverable and is triangular in shape....though, it does seem to flatten out like a conventional aircraft. Beyond that, it's anybody's guess. Is it military? BTW, there are other anomalies that streak across the screen...Lon

Charlie Sheen Requests Meeting With President Obama Over 9/11 Cover-Up - UPDATED! HOAX!

UPDATE: Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen HOAX the 9/11 Truth Movement to Sell DVDs - Actor and television star Charlie Sheen has publicly requested a meeting with President Barack Obama to urge him to reopen the official investigation into 9/11; in light of the fact that the majority of the 9/11 Commission members have now publicly gone on record to express their conviction that the government agreed to lie about the official story.

The letter cites evidence, backed up by a substantial online bibliography, that alleges to prove the official story behind 9/11 is a fraud and that this conclusion was also reached by the majority of the 9/11 Commission members, a fact that mandates President Obama to reopen the investigation into the terrorist attacks.

Sheen expresses his hope that President Obama will follow through on his promises of change, accountability and government transparency by using his executive powers to re-examine 9/11, adding that he voted for Obama with the understanding that he would follow a different course to the Bush administration.

However, as Sheen highlights in his letter, the course of Obama's first year in office clearly indicates that he will do nothing to reverse policies crafted by the Bush regime, and in fact has sought to exceed outrages of the previous administration in areas such as warrantless wiretapping, rendition, detention without trial, and wars in the Middle East - all of which arrived as a consequence of 9/11.

Sheen's letter is a public declaration demanding the truth behind 9/11 as America approaches its eighth anniversary since the tragic events of that day. His questions are shared by a majority of victims' family members, according to Bill Doyle, the representative of the largest 9/11 families group.

The letter focuses around the fact that no less than 60 per cent of the 9/11 commissioners have now publicly stated that the government agreed not to tell the truth about 9/11 and that the Pentagon was engaged in deliberate deception about their response to the attack.

Sheen also presents a plethora of other evidence to illustrate how the official story is a fraud, including the revelations of whistle blowers like FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, who recently broke a Federal gag order to expose how Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda were working for the U.S. government right up until the day of 9/11.

The issues highlighted by Sheen do not represent idle speculation or conspiracy fodder, they are documented facts that have been deliberately ignored by other 9/11 programming that is now airing as the anniversary approaches, particularly last months' 9/11: Science and Conspiracy which was aired by the National Geographic Channel and wasted little time in portraying people who have doubts about the official 9/11 story as extremist cranks, while failing to acknowledge that the majority of the members of the 9/11 Commission have publicly expressed similar concerns.

Charlie Sheen is once again using his prominent public platform in an attempt to expand a national debate about the disturbing unanswered questions behind 9/11, having first spoken out on the issue in March 2006 on The Alex Jones Show. After he first went public, Sheen was asked to do more and now he is doing more as he feels there is a chance to get more traction behind a new investigation with a new President in the White House.

Sheen is directly appealing to Barack Obama to read his letter and to look into the lies surrounding 9/11 for himself.

Regardless of whether or not President Obama agrees to meet with him, Sheen is confident that his letter will serve as a catalyst from which questions surrounding 9/11 and other false flag events will be brought to national attention.

This is a call to action and a declaration of war on the alleged lies of 9/11 that have formed the foundation of the endless wars abroad and the police state at home as the Republic falls. Sheen is demanding that truth activists and those who simply care about the future of the country stand up beside him and speak truth to power.

Sheen is now urging grass roots political organizations and individuals across the country to go to press conferences and other public events and demand answers about the truth behind 9/11. As much awareness as possible around the issue of false flag terrorism needs to be generated in order to prevent tragedies like 9/11 from happening again. Sheen emphasizes in his letter thatwe cannot let 9/11 become ancient history, try and forget about it or just move on, because if a nation forgets its history then it is doomed to repeat it.

We cannot allow governments to continue to advance their political agendas by exploiting forged pretexts, argues Sheen, and the fact that big budget hit pieces against 9/11 truth are still being rolled out proves that the establishment is upset that the population is waking up to false flag terror.

No matter what your views are on 9/11, Sheen is asking the thinking public to look at how many members of the 9/11 Commission itself have questioned the official story, along with the scores of other highly credible former and current government officials, intelligence professionals, military officials, scientists, structural engineers and architects, and legal scholars who have all publicly denounced the fraud that continues to masquerade as the official 9/11 story.

'Fairy' Photographed in South London Garden - It fluttered into her life and left a little bit of fairy dust.

But no matter how hard Phyllis Bacon scours her garden, she can find no trace of her silver-winged visitor. All she has is this picture.

And as she examines the photo of the tiny glowing creature darting around above her lawn, she finds herself believing in fairies.

Fairies who frolic at the bottom of gardens in New Addington, near Croydon in South London.

Mrs Bacon, 55, said she was not even looking through the camera at the time she took the picture.

Instead she simply clicked the button while holding it at arm's length out of the back door while chatting with relatives in her kitchen after dinner.

Astonished by what she saw when she glimpsed at the picture, she has spent months seeking a rational explanation.

But after scouring the internet for pictures of butterflies, moths and beetles that might match it, she has drawn a blank.

'I think it must be a fairy,' she said yesterday as she made the picture public for the first time.

'No one I've shown the photos to has come up with any plausible explanation as to what the figure is.' The photo reminds some of the Cottingley fairies, photographed in a West Yorkshire garden in 1917.

At the time, Elsie Wright, 16, and her ten-year-old cousin, Frances Griffiths, claimed to have captured images of themselves playing with tiny winged creatures.

Only many decades later did they admit that the photographs were faked and involved cut-out drawings of fairy figures that were fastened to foliage with hatpins.

Mrs Bacon insists her photograph, taken in 2007, involved no sleight of hand.

She said she had been reluctant to show it off widely for fear of being branded 'nutty'.

'I used to like fairy stories as a child, but I can't claim to have ever seen one before or since,' she said.

'Looking back, I think there was a fungi fairy ring in the garden at the time I took the picture, but I don't really know what to make of it all.

'To be honest, I don't know what it is and I'm keen to listen to anyone's suggestions. But until someone can tell me otherwise I'm going to go on thinking it's a fairy.'

Experts and the simply sceptical will no doubt point to explanations involving reflections, flashes or technical glitches.

But then, that's just taking all the magic out of it.

'Gorilla-Like' Animal Captured on Trail Camera in Kentucky - UPDATED!


Well folks...looks like we have a crow that tripped the motion sensor on the trail camera as it was coming into the feeder. - A Kentucky man said his surveillance camera captured something in his back yard last week, but no one is sure what it is.

Kenny Mahoney had the camera in his yard to capture wildlife photos. It fires when it detects motion.

When he checked the camera over the weekend, he found the usual collection of rabbits, raccoons ... and something else.

"It looked like it had the outline of a head, and, like, gorilla-type shoulders, and then the arms crossed is what it looks like to me," Mahoney told WAVE-TV Monday.

Mahoney said he doesn't think he captured Bigfoot on film. But that doesn't explain what the camera saw, either. Mahoney said whatever it was smashed down weeds and grass as it passed.

His wife took the photo to a wildlife expert on black bears, who said that whatever it was, it was fur-covered. But she told Mahoney's wife that she couldn't say for sure it was a bear, either.

Click for video

NOTE: another blobsquatch...very hard to make a definitive argument for 'primate' unless someones's missing a gorilla in the area. Thanks to 'Steph' for the heads up on this story...Lon


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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Spirits Linger at Gettysburg's Herr Ridge Tavern - A local paranormal investigation group, the Mason-Dixon Paranormal Society, conducted an investigation of the Inn at Herr Ridge last month, and revealed their findings Saturday with its staff.

Beth Senseney, general manager at the inn, told the Times that the group established that there is at least “residual paranormal activity” in the old inn and its associated structures.

The Inn at Herr Ridge (also known as Herr Tavern & Public House), 900 Chambersburg Road, was established in 1815, and served as a field hospital for the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia during the July 1, 1863, engagement between the Southern troops and the Union forces at the Battle of Gettysburg.

The wounded from the battle were, more frequently than not, deposited in impromptu field hospitals, typically local farm houses, barns, and, in the case of Herr Ridge, the tavern.

It was not uncommon for observers to note that amputated arms and legs could be found in piles next to these buildings up to the winder sills, or in the corners of the rooms where surgeries were being performed, and often “blood flowed in streams along the aisles and the open doors...”

There are those today who believe the suffering endured by the dying was so great that “something remains”...either portals in time, or in the form of lost souls, afraid of the light (the path to heaven) out of fear of being judged of being a part of one of the most horrendous carnage in American history, or still around for reasons yet unknown.

Inn owner Steven Wolf, who has operated the business since 1976, noted that a considerable amount of paranormal activity has been experienced by the inn’s employees and guests over the years.

He said one that especially stood out in his mind was when someone ordered a beer, but there was no one there.

He said the furniture seems to be rearranged on occasion.

He attributes much of the activity to the “house ghost,” Fred Herr (Frederick Herr),” who purchased the tavern in 1828.

Other employees tell of not uncommon unexplained incidences which suggest that when the inn staff say they serve spirits, there is more to the claim than the intended purpose.

Some of the activity reported includes whispers, even calling the names of the employees, cold spots, glasses and silverware flying off tables, even knives and forks falling blade or prongs first and stuck to the floor, computers just starting to type gibberish on their own, extinguished lamps relighting, lights going off or on, unexplained crashes in the kitchen area, knocking and the sounds of boots walking about.

One employee was looking for a glass of water she had left sitting somewhere else. Giving up, she returned to her desk to find it sitting there, frosted over.

Darryl Keller, founder and lead investigator for the Mason-Dixon Paranormal Society, told the Times that the only real evidence of activity from beyond the realm of the living obtained thus far at the inn was 16 electronic voice phenomena (EVP) which included, reportedly, a spirit identifying herself as Hazel.

When the organization conducted its “scientific” investigation on August 21, the group amassed some 57.8 hours of videos, thermal imaging and photographs, the bulk of which revealed nothing.

The group did conclude, however, that “there is paranormal activity,” he said. “To what extent we’re not certain.”

“We plan on returning to Herr’s,” he said. “We’re just not sure when.”

While various groups continue to try and prove or disprove that which lies outside the realm of science using science, for some who work and dine at Inn at Herr Ridge, there is little doubt that “bodies disappear; but spirits linger,” as expressed after the Civil War by Union General Joshua L. Chamberlain, no matter what scientific equipment may say.

NOTE: as some of you know, I was born and raised near Gettysburg, Pa. and spent many days and nights (when I didn't get caught by the Park Police) on the battlefield. I've investigated many other locations for paranormal activity over that past 30+ years, but Gettysburg and the surrounding area still has the largest concentration of residual and intelligent spirit energy I have witnessed...Lon

Mailbag: What's Unusual? A Paranormal Recollection

I received the following email from a reader:

"What's unusual?"

"I ask the question because I feel that so-called paranormal experiences become normal if you treat them as being normal.

I don't really know where to start as this is the first time I've tried to put things on paper as a timeline. I guess I'll start with my first experience.

When I was 8 or 9 living on a farm in Hunua, South Auckland, NZ, I was walking down the gravel road that ran alongside the farm with a friend. It was just after dark when we both stopped and witnessed a cigar shaped object in the sky in front of us. It didn't make a sound and was moving away from us slowly. It was hard to tell how big or how far away it was since it was dark and the object was totally black. The only way we could see it was the fact that the stars were disappearing behind it.

A couple of years later I had another sighting, or at least I think it was. I was 11, we'd moved to a place called Paparimu. It's just south of Hunua but still in the Hunua rangers. At the back of the house was a farm that had some hills. Some were quite steep. One in particular was very steep and almost perfectly round and had a commanding view. One day while sitting on top admiring the view, I saw an airplane flying in a valley below me. The funny thing is it was a 747. I had just finished reading a book on new aircraft and one of them was a 747. I didn't think much of it at the time, just a plane flying around in a valley. But as time went by and the more I thought about it, there's no way a small aircraft, let alone a passenger jet, could have been flying around in that valley. As I said, I think it was a UFO.

Years later, I saw another one. I had moved to Motueka, on the western side of Nelson Bay in the South Island. I was managing a dairy farm at the time. It was early one morning about 4-4:30 am and I was getting the cows in for the morning milking. Following them on the track sitting on my ATV looking up at the stars, I noticed a bright light amongst the stars. It was as bright as a welding light, purple, orange and yellow. At first it didn't move but after a couple of minutes, it started to zigzag up and down and side to side at great speed then it shot away, out of sight in a split second. I only told the farm owner about what I'd seen, no one else knew.

That afternoon my niece came to stay with my family for a couple of days. She had traveled up from Reefton which is about 200 km south of Mot. That night she told me how her and the rest of her family were outside the night before and had seen a bright light, like a welding light in the sky that moved very fast.

A couple of years later I had another experience. My wife was a paramedic and attended all sorts of situations. One night she was called out to an old ladie's home but by the time she got there the woman had passed on. My wife helped her by tidying her up and resting her in her bed. The next night I woke up and could smell a very strong perfume in the room. I woke my wife and she informed me that it was the ladies perfume from the night before??? The following night I woke again only this time she was there on the bed beside me, laying beside me. I panicked. I wish I hadn't.

Later I had moved to Western Australia. I met a woman who was very special. I was staying at her house for the weekend. She had new neighbors who had moved in that Friday. We welcomed them to the neighborhood and they invited us over to their place the next afternoon. We were sitting, having a drink and a chat when my friend, out of the blue, asked the woman about her father and if she minded talking about the barrier that was between them. The woman was both shocked and amazed by the question but she also seemed relieved to be asked. The conversation went on for a while between the two with my friend talking mainly about the woman's childhood and different parts of her life. There were tears and laughter, from both of them, and more importantly there was an understanding between them. Sadly my friend passed on not long afterwords, she is missed dearly.

People who think the same and feel the same are drawn together and see these things not as unusual but as normal.

This is the first time I've sat and thought about things all at once, it's only a small part of my experiences and I'm sitting here shaking like a leaf."

Jennifer Connelly, Family Move Out Of Haunted Home

Hollywood actress Jennifer Connelly was forced to move out of her Brooklyn home with husband Paul Bettany, after she was convinced that it is haunted.

'A Beautiful Mind' star grew up not far from the same New York home, and planned to raise her kids six-year-old son Stellan and 12-year-old son Kai.

But when the kids echoed Connelly’s spooky fears, she was convinced that the house was haunted and moved with Bettany to Manhattan.

"It was a little big... like a haunted mansion, a creepy house. It had that kind of feel to it and it was just wrong for us in a lot of ways,” the Daily Express quoted her as saying.

“It felt like we were going to get child services calling us because we had this nice house and the kids were sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags because they were afraid to go sleep in their rooms, so we moved.

“We're liking (Manhattan). It's easy. it's comfortable, everyone sleeps," she added.

Fantasy Island Missing...Mexico Blames 'Gringos' - The mystery has come to haunt Mexico as unrelentingly as one of its beloved soap operas: where is Bermeja, an island off the Yucatan coast that appears to have vanished without trace?

The disappearance of Bermeja is no laughing matter – it would allow Mexico to extend its maritime border some 55 miles further north, helping it to fight off what it sees as American encroachment on its claims to potentially vast oil reserves in the Mexican Gulf.

Hunger for news of the missing island has intensified – along with bizarre speculation about what could have happened to it – as Mexico and America ponder a new drilling agreement.

Mexico’s hunt for Bermeja has been given urgency by BP’s announcement last week of a big find in the Gulf, the latest in a series of discoveries that has turned the area into one of the oil world’s most promising exploration regions.

Some have scented skulduggery on an epic scale and conspiratorially minded Mexican nationalists have seized on the mystery as an opportunity to bludgeon America, a standard reflex when things go wrong south of the Rio Grande.

They accuse the great behemoth in the north of destroying the island – described in some accounts as a sand bar or coral clump and in others as a volcanic rock rising out of the sea – to undermine Mexico’s oil claims. Others argue that natural causes, from rising sea levels to earthquakes, may have brought about the demise of Bermeja, which means bright red in Spanish.

It appears on maps as early as the 1500s and as late as 1941. Mexican Islands, a book published in 1946 by the country’s Institute of Geography, lists Bermeja’s coordinates; so do publications by the distinguished Mexican Society of Geography and Statistics. The longitude and latitude of Bermeja are given on Google Earth and in a CIA atlas. However, Mexican expeditions sent to the island in the past decade have been forced to return home without a glimpse of it.

Doubts about Bermeja’s existence surfaced more than a decade ago but were kept quiet so as not to cause panic. The Alacranes islets much further south were the point of reference for a 1997 treaty on maritime limits between Mexico and America and a 2001 “doughnut hole” accord – a reference to one of the gaps between American and Mexican territorial waters.

Mexican legislators fighting a rearguard action in favour of the island’s existence have been dealt a blow after a land and air search of the region: a report to the Mexican Congress by the National Autonomous University of Mexico concluded that “the island does not exist”.

Elias Cardenas, chairman of the parliament’s maritime committee, said there were four more possible sites where the island might lie. He called for more studies before Mexico and America formalise the next drilling agreement. “Right now, the big fight is for oil,” he said. He did not believe the United States had bombed the island, as some have suggested.

Others took a different view. “There is no doubt the gringos are behind this,” wrote Marco on a nationalist website. “Let’s not forget that they stole California.”

Photo: Rare Albino White-Tailed Deer Spotted In West Virginia - Village resident Jeannie Bourne got a long-awaited photo last week when she snapped a picture of what she believes is a true albino deer in her backyard.

Jim Crum, wildlife biologist for the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, said true albinism is "uncommon" among deer - about one in every 100,000. Albinism, which affects nearly every species of animal, including humans, is characterized by a lack of pigment, said Gary Sharp of the WVDNR.

The local deer's antlers and coat are completely white, and only its nose, the inside of its ears and eyes are pink. Crum said pink eyes are a good indicator of true albinism.

Bourne said she's spotted the snow white animal several times in recent months, and kept a camera in her kitchen in hopes of capturing an image of the deer. Last week, she and her husband Chuck were finishing dinner when they glimpsed it drinking from a pond on their property.

She quickly grabbed the camera and ran outside, not even stopping to put shoes on. After getting within 50 feet of the animal, she snapped a photo before the animal ran down the hill behind her house.

"I'm sure he'll be back because I have a bird feeder out," she said, noting she hopes to see him again "when his horns are a little bigger." The buck appears to be a six-point.

Sharp said he gets reports every year of albino deer, noting the same hunter killed one in two consecutive years in Boone County several years ago. He said the deer's lack of camoflauge make it easier for hunters to spot them.

According to Crum, albinism is caused by a recessive gene, and is more common in areas where the deer population is "closed" and a lot of inbreeding occurs among the animals.

"Genetically, that's not a good thing," he said.

Yowie Sighting Reported - Mount George, NSW, Australia - 7/08/2009 - Last Friday night, Faye Burke and her cousin Alana Garnett left their homes in Wingham with a trailer attached to the car.

They were driving towards Cundle Flat to load the trailer with fresh pumpkins from Faye's brother's home.

"It was half moonlight, the stars were out and it was a beautiful night," Faye said.

But oddly enough there was not a car on the Nowendoc Road. "I have been driving that road all my life and that's unusual," she said. Driving steadily the pair were approaching Connelly's Creek Gap "just on the other side of Mt George".

"We were about 200 metres from the top of the hill when I clearly remember looking down at the car clock and it was exactly 7.30pm," Faye said.

"I looked back up at the road and I saw ahead in the headlights this big hairy animal thing on the side of the winding road.

"It was about eight foot tall and four foot wide."

Alana said they yelled out "holy hell" along with a list of other unmentionable words. "We panicked," they said.

"I couldn't turn the car around because I had the trailer and the road was too narrow," Faye said.

"I was s**t-scared and thought I better not mess with this thing in case it lifts the trailer up and tips us over the bank edge."

Keeping her foot on the accelerator and speeding past the thing, Faye said she turned to Alana and said: "Did you see that? She said in a scared voice: 'Do you mean that thing that looked like a Big Foot?' I said: No it was a Yowie."

And Alana screamed back: "Same thing!".

"After we reached the top of the hill I wanted to turn around and get a photo with my mobile phone," Faye said.

But Alana was too scared to go back. She said if the passenger window had been wound down she could have reached out and touched it. Faye and Alana said the hairy thing stood perfectly still "like it was at attention".

"Its back was facing us and it was looking into the embankment next to the road and it had dark chocolate brown hair which was all matted," Alana said.

"The breeze of the car made the hair around its neck flick up as we drove past."

Neither Alana or Faye believe it was a person dressed up or a ghost. "It was real," they said.

"And I am absolutely convinced it was a yowie."

Faye just wishes she had gone back and taken a photo.

"I knew people wouldn't believe us and I didn't phone the police because I thought they would think we were loopy."

Faye said: "I am not a drinker and I hadn't been drinking but I did have a beer when I got to my brother's house that night.

"When we arrived at my brother's house we almost fell out of the car," she said. "He told us we both had white faces and we were both trying to tell our story at the same time."

They returned to the exact location the next morning to attempt to find hair samples and footprints and take photos.

"We didn't find any hair but we found an indentation in the ground resembling a giant footprint and a big spot of urine."

She said the urine had stripped part of the bark near a tree and looked like oily spots - "and it stunk".

"I will never forget what we saw," Faye said.

And it is an image neither can take out of their mind.

"I can't sleep at night because I can't stop thinking about it," Faye said.

And Alana said she still sees it when she closes her eyes and tries to go to sleep.

Miraculously when Faye was printing out her photos of the footprint at Big W in Taree, with her daughter, a woman next to her heard her conversation and said she saw a Yowie in Grafton.

"The goose bumps came all over me, up from my heel right up to my head, and I thought thank God for the confirmation that there are other people who have seen one too," Faye said

"I will never stop looking for it." But Alana believes "it is something they will never see again".

NOTE: from Paul Cropper at Yowie Files: On the evening of 31 July this year, two Wingham (NSW) women sighted an eight foot tall hairy creature standing motionless beside Nowendoc Road, about 6 kilometres outside the township of Mount George. On 30/31 August I visited Wingham, interviewed both women and found their stories impressive....Lon


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Monday, September 07, 2009

Three 'Gray Aliens' Reported By Woman While Camping

MUFON witness report 8/30/09 - Unicoi State Park, Georgia: "My husband and I went camping this past Saturday. Sunday morning,(August 30th) around 4:00, I woke up to go the the restroom. (There was a building near the campsites that provided restroom and shower facilities.)

It was pitch black outside, except for the light from my lantern and the lights from the building. I went in, did my thing, and as I started to leave to walk back to my tent, I stopped because I felt there was someone behind me.

I turned around and I saw three gray aliens standing in the woods behind the building, near another campsite on the hill in the back.

They didn't seem to be doing anything but standing there. I thought it could have been the people from the campground on the hill, but why would they just be standing in the middle of the woods at 4am for no apparent reason?

When one of them turned and looked at me, I realized they weren't human.

For one thing, the arms were too long and the bodies were too thin. Their skin had a pale glossy look, and they had a very large cranium with lumps all over the top of the scalp. They had huge black eyes that seemed to pierce right through me.

I stand 5'3" tall, and they looked about one or two inches shorter than me. The one that saw me started to inch toward me, but I bolted back to my tent. When my husband asked me what was wrong, all I could say was "There's (expletive) aliens back there!"When he finally calmed me down enough, he had me stay in the tent while he went to go see what it was.

He found nothing.

I don't know if I had any missing time or not. It was around 5:00 when I was finally calm enough to leave the tent, with my husband, of course. We had a cigarette and talked about my sighting. Then around 6:00 we got a fire going and cooked breakfast. That's really all I remember from that morning.

Later that night, (I'm not sure what time it was. We kept waking up off and on.) he said he saw a shadowy figure move outside. He didn't hear any footsteps. He looked up and saw the top cover on the tent move, as if someone pulled it aside to look in at us from above. When we woke up again later that night, the blankets on his side of the tent were wet. (It started raining that night.) My side was dry for the most part.

I can't remember exactly which campsite we used, but I'm pretty sure it was lot #60. It was located directly across from the parking lot. I didn't see any signs of a craft nearby, but I did see the creatures. I know what I saw was real, as I was wide awake when I saw them."

NOTE: I'm one of the last people who would question a person's encounter, but the way the details are presented in this report seem just a little bit too 'cute'...Lon


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