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Videos: Rotating UFO Over Moscow - 8/12/09

NOTE: videos of a UFO supposedly over Moscow on August 12, 2009 between 5:50 - 6:00am local time. The object seems to rotate and change hue. Possibly a satellite but doubtful since the tracking information does not indicate such. Hopefully more information will come forward...Lon

Archaeologist Claims Human Sacrifice Performed At Cahokia Mounds - Human sacrifice! Victims buried alive! Read all about it in "Cahokia -- Ancient America's Great City on the Mississippi."

According to this new book by University of Illinois archaeologist and professor of anthropology Tim Pauketat, the mound builders were not always the idyllic, corn-growing, pottery-making, fishing-hunting gentle villagers depicted in various dioramas at the Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site in Collinsville.

Pauketat said these long-vanished people practiced human sacrifice of women and men on a mass scale and weren't always careful to bury only the dead.

Based on years of study of artifacts including many from the extensive excavation of the site's Mound 72 during 1967-71, Pauketat's book is getting national attention. The Washington Post described it as "undeniably hot." A national online review service used the headline, "Sacrificial virgins of the Mississippi."

But the "virgins" angle may be a bit of an overstatement, said Pauketat, but not by much.

"In the book I do not use the word virgin. I used female sacrifices," he said, noting that close study of the pelvic area of some of 53 female skeletons found in a huge pit below the mound showed clear signs of childbirth.

"They were selecting women of a certain age, but it's not like they're selecting virgins," he said. Most of the sacrificial victims were in their early 20s, he said.

The existence of 260 skeletal remains including of women all retrieved from within and under Mound 72 was not previously unknown in the metro-east. But because of the book, it's sensational news in other parts of the country, especially in big Eastern cities where residents are unfamiliar with the Midwest's often savage early history.

Pauketat said that the vast collection of data from the mound excavation included reports from the original archaeologist who found finger bones extended deep into the sand below some of the skeletons, evidence that victims were alive when buried.

"That's the interpretation of the original excavator. He's quite sure of that. I talked to him in person," Pauketat said.

"Basically, the book came together after we reached a critical threshold, all of the little pieces started falling into place. A lot of pieces from the Mound 72 dig are important because they help make sense of all the other pieces that have been found."

Ancient Cahokia, which reached its peak about 1150 A.D. with a population of 20,000, was a religious center of farmers and hunters that probably influenced much of what archaeologists call the Southeast Ceremonial Complex, a string of similar but smaller sites found from Illinois to northern Florida. It was abandoned about 100 to 200 years later and its descendants are believed to be the various tribes from historic times. At the time of its zenith, Cahokia rivaled London in population and was America's most-populous city until Philadelphia eclipsed it in the 18th century.

About 80 of the original 120 mounds survive, including Monks Mound, the largest prehistoric earthen structure north of Mexico.

In this society, often referred to as the Mississippian Culture, women played much more of a role than convenient sacrificial victims, Pauketat said. And even in this death ritual, women were respected, unlike some of the men whose remains were found with heads lopped off.

"The women never show injury. There is no trauma. So that means either they drank poison or they were strangled. But, that's speculation. They were very carefully placed into these pits," he said.

Ancient Cahokia's big draw, according to the book, was religion. And in the practice of various religious rites, evidence has been found that women were the rivals of this society's male religious leaders.

Pauketat said the evidence is in the form of curious female figurines carved from a type of clay found just south of St. Louis known as flint clay. The reddish substance dries rock hard.

Just last month, a small, 4-inch high female figure was found at a state-run archaeological dig in East St. Louis. Pauketat said only 23 other such figurines are known, including the largest, about 16 inches high.

The elevated status of women in religion in Cahokian society is illustrated, Pauketat said, by the decorations on the figurines that include a highly prized serpent figure, and of depictions of staple foods like corn and squash. On some figurines, baskets that have been interpreted as holding the bones of ancestors also have been carved into the statues.

"Clearly, a lot of the artwork of female gods and female figureheads show that women were probably highly elevated at Cahokia."

Pauketat said that at Cahokia, religion drew people from small farming villages all over the metro-east and from where present day St. Louis stands.

"People recognized in that place (Cahokia) a supernatural power on a scale and of a kind that was probably unknown in North America north of Mexico," he said

As for the female sacrifices, Pauketat said important women may have been chosen because of their status.

"These female sacrifices might not have been of unimportant people. This may have been a very honored role to fill. It may have been people who were impersonating some kind of corn goddess," he said, "And their duty was to die."

Scientists Claim Portals 'Invisible Doorways' Closer To Reality - Using a technique known as transformation optics, the researchers have revealed a way to alter the pathway of light waves that could eventually allow them to create portals that are invisible to the human eye.

Pushing the laws of refraction and reflection to the limit, the team from Hong Kong University and Fudan University in Shanghai, describe the concept of a “a gateway that can block electromagnetic waves but that allows the passage of other entities”.

The gateway uses transformation optics and a "superscatterer" made from photonic crystals to create an 'optical illusion', forcing light and other forms of electromagnetic radiation into complicated directions to hide the portal.

Previous attempts at an electromagnetic gateway were hindered by their narrow bandwidth, only capturing a small range of visible light or other forms of electromagnetic radiation.

The breakthrough, described in the New Journal of Physics, also has the added advantage of being able to be switched on and off remotely.

Dr Huanyang Chen, from the Physics Department at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, said that " people standing outside the gateway would see something like a mirror".

However, despite being theoretically possible many practical issues have to be overcome, the team admitted.

Professor Ulf Leonhardt, Chair in Theoretical Physics at the University of St Andrews, said the technique was an extreme version of the affect you have when you watch fish in a glass tank.

He said the deflection of light as it moves from the air to the glass to the water makes the fish seem bigger and in a different part of the tank that in reality.

"By placing photonic crystals at the right angle they can reflect light making a hole invisible," he said. "It is an optical illusion."

One practical use for the breakthrough could eventually be cloaking devices for the military.

Diver Finds Depressions On Seabed At Shag Harbour, NS UFO Site - A recreational diver who explored the seabed off Shag Harbour, N.S., where a UFO is alleged to have crashed in 1967, says what he saw last month can’t be explained.

David Cvet and a diving buddy came across a couple of dish-shaped depressions, each about six metres in diameter. The ocean bottom anomalies were found 11 fathoms, or about 20 metres, below the surface, in the spot where witnesses say an alien craft swooshed low over the Shelburne County coast.

“In the depression itself, it was as if somebody had come by the day before and swept it clean,” said Cvet on Friday during the Shag Harbour UFO Incident Society’s second annual festival and symposium.

He said the depression was lined with pebbles about four to six centimetres in size. The surrounding seabed had large rocks and pebbles and vegetation.

On Oct. 4, 1967, several witnesses described seeing something crash into the sea off Shag Harbour. In fact, people as far away as Yarmouth, N.S., reported seeing something streak across the night sky.

There were no reports of aircraft in trouble that evening, even though a patch of yellow foam about seven centimetres thick was seen on the water off Shag Harbour not long afterwards. The incident has been listed as a UFO crash.

Cvet, who’s from Toronto but summers in Smith’s Cove, N.S., said he’s known about the Shag Harbour UFO incident for many years.

“I think (it) has enough compelling evidence to warrant further investigation,” he said.

On July 20, Cvet used a copy of a 1988 report from a bottom sonar sweep of the area that found four dish-shaped anomalies.

He and a friend worked out the co-ordinates and planned their dive.

“We left from Lower Woods Harbour and came down to this location and dropped a buoy overboard,” he said, tracing the boat’s 25-minute trip on a map with his finger.

The divers entered the water just before 2 p.m., about 10 minutes before low tide. It was a pleasant 24 degrees on the surface and about 16 degrees at the bottom.

“The water was pretty much like pea soup,” Cvet recalled.

Nevertheless, they soon came upon the first of two depressions.
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Expedition Team Dives at Shag Harbour UFO Crash Site - Research work is underway on another project exploring the Shag Harbour UFO incident of Oct. 4 1967, with a dive on the crash site on July 20 by retired IT professional David Cvet.

Two years in the works but delayed for weather related reasons numerous times, Cvet, who lives in Toronto and summers in the Digby area, said the purpose of the dive was two-fold and was successful on both counts.

First, Cvet wanted to gather intelligence on the water, the seabed and diving conditions in the waters known as the Shag Harbour Rip. He also wanted to try and locate the anomalous sonar readings obtained by the BIO research ship Navicula during a bottom survey of the area in 1988.

The expedition team, comprised of Cvet, diver and underwater photographer Lauren McGowan, local diver Freeland Reynolds and videographer Rick Davis were taken to the dive site aboard the fishing boat, The Receiver General, captained by Vincent Goreham.

With Reynolds and Davis remaining on board, Cvet and McGowan dove on the site on the low tide for minimal tidal movement, and to reduce the depth of the dive thereby maximizing the time spent exploring the bottom.

Cvet likened the water conditions to “pea soup,” with visibility limited to about two meters. During the 25 minutes spent exploring the bottom Cvet located two slight depressions on the ocean floor that were “inconsistent with the surrounding seabed.

“The lack of flora on the depression bottom was observed and thought unusual given the surrounding area was populated with flora and fauna,” writes Cvet in his notes chronicling the expedition.

“The dive was considered a success, as much data was garnered during the dive in terms of water, bottom and dive conditions, useful for planning future dive expeditions,” says Cvet.

“The discovery of the depressions, which may or may not play the part of the original sonar anomalies was a bonus, but, given only two were observed, the outcome remains inconclusive.”

Cvet hopes to do a second dive with additional equipment and instrumentation, sometime within the next year. Eventually Cvet is hoping his research will turn into a documentary.

“I think the Shag Harbour incident is one of those rare instances where it has not been commercialized,” said Cvet, adding himself as well as other researchers and writers on the subject have been trying to “do everything in a very creditable way. I think it’s good for the people of Shag Harbour that it’s being done very carefully with conservative methodology. Then the yahoos can’t say it’s all fake.”

Cvet, who teaches martial arts when he’s not exploring in the paranormal, will be one of the presenters at the 2009 UFO Festival and Symposium on Aug. 14 and 15.

Hosted by the Shag Harbour UFO Incident Society activities for the two day event will be held at the UFO Centre in Shag Harbour and the Barrington Area Lions Club.

Beach Phantom Photo Prompts Worldwide Reaction - There's been a massive reaction to the 'spooky' Stevenston photo from last week with one reader even filtering the picture in an attempt to see it better.

The original photo showed 12-year-old Courtney with her five-year-old sister Elise behind a bonfire at Stevenston beach.

Since it was printed we've been inundated with calls and emails form readers expressing what they think they can see.

Mike Franklin, who filtered the photo, said: "I have taken the liberty of running it through a few filters to try and coax out as much of the mysterious third person as possible.

"There is something going on with the younger of the two children in the image. You will note that it appears as though her left leg and foot are somehow detached from the leg above the knee. I think this is due to the child moving her left leg from a standing position, in an upward motion, just as the photo was taken.

"As for the spectral visitor I make no statement as to authentication or value."

One woman from Ohio in the USA even got in touch. She said: If I had to choose between ghost or smoke, I'd have to say ghost. An interesting photo."

Other reader comments included: "It looks like someone kneeling down on their right knee, with the left hand resting on the left leg, and left elbow sticking to the side."

Liam Young shared his thoughts: "I think the picture looks like an American Cowboy down on one knee with his arms sticking out with a head like someone out of the Simpsons, two massive eyes and a moustache."

Joan Tano also got in touch: "I'm writing from Joppa, MD, USA.

"I wouldn't know how to recognise a Scottish soldier; however, the image clearly looks like a man to me, on bended (right) knee, with his left hand on his raise left knew. He has a belt that's darker than his outfit, and he's wearing a hat that rather looks like a turban or, perhaps, a beret.

"We take photography for granted, but it's a totally amazing thing. I think the man is not a ghost but, rather, one of NATURE'S photographs, created by a specific ( but investigated) atmospheric condition. I think a man posed there, and that someone at one time had a photo of him."

More comments came from one local woman. She added: "I was looking at the picture of the ghost on Steventson beach and I can defiantly see something.

"It looks like a man crouching down with one hand on his knee and he looks as if he is wearing a gas mask or a pilots mask on his face. It is very creepy."

Another said: "When I see a picture that contains some mysterious "person" in the background, I dismiss such nonsense if it isn't perfect. I

" feel that if someone or God is trying to tell us something through a picture, it must be perfect, that is, no mistake or mistakes. If it creates doubt or doubts, forget it."


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Photo: Spectre Appears at Beach Outing - Imagine the shock a Stevenston mum got when a photograph of her daughters appeared to have an extra person in it.

Charlene Wieringa is the latest Three Towns resident to have one of her pictures occupied by a 'ghostly' figure.

Her partner Scott Arthur took the photo on his mobile phone and it shows Courtney (12) on the right with little sister Elise (5).

Charlene said: "We were down at the beach because some friends of ours had come over with their camper van. We had a bonfire and Scott took a picture of the girls and we didn't notice anything.

"It wasn't until later when Scott was going through his phone deleting pictures that he came across it again and we thought we could see something.

"Scott thinks it's smoke from the fire but the girls and I think it looks a bit like a Scottish soldier. We'd be interested to hear what other people think."

Several people from the local area have contacted the Herald with similar pictures that feature uninvited guests in the background.


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Mailbag: Yeti Encounter

During Christmas break in grad school December 1983-January 1984, I was part of an Everest trek. We weren’t going to summit—basically we hiked from a small mountain town airstrip to the base camp at the Khumbu glacier where the real climbers take off from. Takes 10 days or so each way, with stops at monasteries along the way to adjust to the altitude.

It was winter in Nepal so most of the higher elevations were basically deserted. It’s very cold and rocky up there, not very inviting, but starkly beautiful. The pack train had gone on ahead to set up camp and we each just hiked along at our own pace until we caught up at the end of the day. It was mid afternoon and as I rounded a sharp corner in the tiny, narrow mountain ledge trail I encountered a creature standing on the trail in front of an ice fall.

It was clearly a primate of some sort. Not huge, between 3 and 4 feet tall. Thick reddish hair like an orangutan. Long arms. We just sort of looked one another over for maybe 10 seconds and then he turned, climbed up the ice fall (maybe 20-25 feet) and vanished over the top. I didn’t feel threatened by him at all, but was very impressed by his speed and agility—he just zoomed up the sheer ice face and was gone. He didn’t seem to be startled and fleeing, just moving on. It left me nonplussed for a few minutes, but eventually I resumed hiking. When I told our Sherpa guide about it, he said it was a yeti. Although his English was spotty, I got the impression there was a range of animals they considered to be a yeti, not just the Johnny Quest type abominable snowman we talk about over here. So whatever else is up there, at least in the early 1980s there were smallish apes with excellent climbing skills.

Bruce Freeman

American Theatre Investigation Evidence Presented - On May 2, 2009, Mid-Iowa Paranormal came back to investigate the American Theatre in Cherokee after having great experiences from the last investigation almost a year ago on June 20, 2008. Mid-Iowa Paranormal, founded by Robert Sinclair, has been the first paranormal investigations team to investigate the building.

The American Theatre was built in 1920 by Barry Sisk and Walter James, but they ran out of finances before being able to open the building. In 1923, Dale Goldie purchased the building from a sheriff's auction and opened the theatre in 1925. His wife, Hazel worked in the ticket booth for the majority of her life. The basement of the building was used to store civil defense supplies, and those supplies are still there in entirety in large barrels.

The first investigation produced some significant evidence that the team had hoped to attempt to mimic and debunk, but on the second investigation, were unsuccessful in doing so. During the first investigation, many EVP's or Electronic Voice Phenomena were captured on digital recorders. Many of these disembodied voices were in response to questions or stimulation by the team members, which often times suggests an intelligent haunting. After the investigation, Mid-Iowa Paranormal team members concluded that most of the activity was centered around a woman.

At the time, Mid-Iowa Paranormal had no female team members, so the female voices caught on the digital recorders are very legitimate. The team never determines the activity level of a building until completing at least two successful investigations, therefore after experiencing so much paranormal activity during the first investigation it was imperative to return to validate or debunk the evidence previously collected.

After the second investigation, many EVP's were also captured that had not been captured during the first investigation. After analyzing the evidence, the team deducted that the disembodied voices captured during the second investigation were not necessarily in response to questions or stimulation by the team members, which often suggests a residual haunting. Residual hauntings are the result of spirits basically replaying some significant moment in history whereas intelligent hauntings suggest that spirits are knowledgeable of the presence of people and can interact with them through noises, voices, or physical actions such as producing a cold spot or actually touching a person.

After performing both investigations, the team members put together all collected evidence and personal experiences from both investigations to determine that the American Theatre does have some paranormal activity whether it be intelligent or residual.

The building is not dangerous or harmful in anyway. The team hopes to return in the future to conduct another investigation at some point. For complete case reports for the first and second investigation check out the team website

The team wishes to thank the city of Cherokee and Linda McClaren, along with the rest of the staff at the American Theatre, for letting us conduct both investigations.

Another Paranormal Probe of the American Theater - posted April 30, 2009

This Saturday, May 2, Mid-Iowa Paranormal will be back to investigate the American Theater in Cherokee.

Mid-Iowa Paranormal is a group of investigators from the Des Moines area founded by Robert Sinclair. The team previously visited the site a year ago, and is anxious to return. Mid-Iowa Paranormal was the first team to investigate paranormal activities in the theatre as well. Mid-Iowa Paranormal has recently been offered a chance to have a television show , and have chosen this location to film a pilot episode in hopes to receive a green light to begin broadcast in Cherokee.

The American Theater was built in 1920 by Barry Sisk and Walter James, but ran out of finances before the construction could be completed. Dale Goldie bought the property in 1923 at a Sheriff's sale and the theatre was opened in 1925. The theatre was one of the first major buildings in the town to be cooled with a large water and fan system. The basement was also used to store civil defense supplies, and the supplies are still there in entirety.

While investigating the theater last July, Mid-Iowa Paranormal was able to conclude that the building did have some paranormal activity, most centered around a woman. The team captured around five "EVP's" or electronic voice phenomena, which are voices caught on a recording device that are usually responses to questions or certain stimulation. A few of the "EVP's" captured were the voice of a woman, but there were no women with the team at this investigation except for the manager who was asleep upstairs in a booth and nowhere near the investigators.

The team's co-founder, Sky Ankrum, had taken a picture in front of one of the doors leading out to the front of the theater, and in this particular photo one can see the expressionless face of a female standing in front of one of the doors and it looks as though she were lost.

The current manager of the theater, Linda McClaren, has also witnessed some paranormal activity. She had stated that one evening, while working downstairs, she heard footsteps above her that sounded like someone walking with high-heels on a hardwood floor, but there is not a hardwood floor that was above her, and no one else was in the building with her.

The team found no evidence to determine that the building is haunted by former owner, Dale Goldie, although he had a wife named Hazel who sold tickets in the main lobby most of her life.

Mid-Iowa Paranormal could not yet declare the building to be haunted, but is hoping to gather more evidence this Saturday to either debunk or confirm that evidence collected from their previous visit.

To read the case report from the investigation of the theatre last July, or to get more information about the team, simply visit and you can hear some of the "EVP's" captured as well.

Black Triangular UFO Reported - Campbelltown, Australia

Witness graphics

Witness' unedited MUFON report: I've read an exceptional amount of material on the specific UFO that my brother and I saw, but none have described the level of detail that we were able to discern. We never reported it. I figured I'd finally put it out there and see what others can make of it.

The exact date was either April 12th or April 13th, 1997. My old diary has an entry detailing the event, dated April 12th, though I'm not sure if I wrote about it on the actual night or the day after the event occurred.

It was around 8:00pm. We had to be inside by 8:30, so it couldn't have been after that. My older brother and I were playing Hide and Seek in the back and front yards. My brother had just caught me and we were getting ready to start another round.

What made us turn our heads towards the sky was the noise. It was an almost inaudible humming, very low pitched and oscillating or pulsing slightly in volume. I remember the pitch and tone with perfect clarity, even after all these years. It was very quiet. I doubt we would have noticed it had we been in the back yard.

What we saw was a dark, triangular object, around the length of a bus. It was flying VERY slowly -- we could have easily outrun it had we tried. It was directly above the road at an extremely low altitude, so low that its belly was illuminated as it passed over the street lights.

We could see in the light that it was, in shape, a perfect triangle with sharp points that curved as they receded towards the top of the craft. The material that it was constructed from was very dark, non reflective and completely smooth. There was a large, spherical object embedded in its center and similar (though smaller) spherical objects near each tip of its triangular frame. These were, in contrast to the rest of the craft, shiny and lighter in color. The finest detail that we noticed were beveled lines that moved out from the center orb to the orbs at each tip.

The first emotion I felt was fear. It was overwhelming. The crafts appearance, in conjunction with the strange noise that it made, was extremely ominous. The thoughts that passed through my mind were things like "Shouldn't be seeing this, can't be seeing this, aren't seeing this."

After it passed, my brother told me he'd never felt so frightened in his entire life.

It was so close that we could have easily thrown and hit it with rocks. My brother, immediately after seeing it, grabbed me from behind and wrapped his arms around my chest in a tight bear hug. He told me that if they take me, they'd have to take him as well. He later told me that he'd seen "Fire in the Sky" weeks before the incident and he thought we were going to be abducted. Very humorous in hindsight, though it wasn't funny in the slightest at the time. The words sent a shiver down my spine.

We watched as it slowly made its way down the street. It disappeared from our view when it passed over a group of trees, heading in the direction of a large, wooded creek area that led to a primary school. That was the last we saw of it.

We were shocked. When the fear of its close proximity and presence passed, we were completely awe struck. We wanted to see it again. We stayed on our front porch looking at the sky until our parents called us inside. We agreed not to tell anyone about it, including our parents. The reasoning my brother gave that made me come to this conclusion was that "they" might not come back and we won't ever see it again if we tell people about it.

We've talked about it many times since the event. My brother believes that it's a military black project. I beg to differ in opinion as I can see no logical reason why the military would fly such technologically advanced aircraft at low altitude and speed over a heavily populated suburban area. It goes against the operating procedure of all previously top secret military aircraft.

I've attached two pictures of a 3D model that I created. It's as close as I can get to what we saw.

Also attached is a sample (in .mp3 format) that I created in an audio editing program. It is a reproduction of the sound that the craft made. Audio link.

NOTE: there are just too many of these black triangle UFO sightings worldwide to convince me that it's a 'black project' least, in the sense of what is normally defined as a government/military sanctioned operation. Of course, the terrestrial based alien species theory (if true) could lend some credence to these sightings and possible origin...Lon


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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Russia Intensifies Search...What Was Really On The 'Arctic Sea'?

UKPA - A secret cargo and not just timber may be on board a missing ship whose last known radio contact was with British Coastguards, it has been suggested.

Russia's navy fleet and two nuclear submarines have been scrambled as efforts intensified to locate the Maltese-flagged Arctic Sea and its 15-strong Russian crew.

Experts and marine authorities continue to be baffled that the 4,000-tonne vessel "disappeared" after its last official recorded positioning off northern France on July 30.

Mikhail Voitenko, editor of Russia's Sovfracht maritime bulletin, said the ship, carrying about £1 million-worth of sawn timber from Finland to Algeria, might have been targeted because it was also loaded with an unknown cargo.

He told the Russia Today news channel: "The only sensible answer is that the vessel was loaded secretly with something we don't know anything about. We have to remember that before loading in Finland the vessel stayed for two weeks in a shipyard in Kaliningrad. I'm sure it cannot be drugs or illegal criminal cargo. I think it is something much more expensive and dangerous."

The Arctic Sea made routine radio contact with Dover Coastguard as it was about to enter the Strait of Dover from the North Sea at 1.52pm on July 28. Days later Interpol informed the British Coastguard that the ship had been hijacked days before in the Baltic Sea.

According to reports, it was boarded by up to 10 armed men purporting to be anti-drugs police on July 24. Some 12 hours later, the intruders apparently left the ship on a high-speed inflatable boat and allowed the vessel to continue on its passage but with its communications equipment damaged.

By the time Interpol alerted Dover Coastguard about the apparent hijacking, the Arctic Sea had already passed through the English Channel, UK Coastguards said.

The ship failed to reach its destination at Bejaia in northern Algeria on August 4, as a supposed crew member on board the vessel told Dover Coastguard when radio contact was made.

It was last recorded on the AISLive ship tracking system off the coast of Brest, northern France, just before 1.30am on July 30, but its whereabouts now remains a mystery.

Russia Uses Satellites in Search for Missing Ship - Russia is using “all means of detection,” including satellites and naval vessels, to find a Maltese-flagged freighter that disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean after being attacked in Swedish waters.

The Russian coast guard ship Ladny is leading the search effort, which also involves navy ships located in the Atlantic, the Defense Ministry said on its Web site today. The missing ship, the Arctic Sea, has a crew of 15 Russian sailors.

The Arctic Sea was attacked in Swedish territorial waters on July 24. The crew was tied up and assaulted while masked pirates searched the cargo vessel. It was boarded between the Swedish islands of Oeland and Gotland in the Baltic Sea by the group who identified themselves as police officers, Swedish police said on July 31.

The freighter, operated by Helsinki-based Oy Solchart Management AB, was scheduled to deliver a cargo of timber to Bejaia, Algeria on Aug. 4, the Sovfracht maritime news service reported last week.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev yesterday ordered Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov to take “all necessary steps” to find the ship and, if necessary, to free its crew, according to the Kremlin Web site.

The Arctic Sea may have been hijacked by pirates off the Swedish coast, RIA Novosti reported, citing Viktor Matveyev, Solchart’s managing director.

‘Anything’s Possible’

Matveyev said “in this situation anything’s possible,” even a hijacking off Sweden, the state-run Russian news service reported. Matveyev said “it’s still hard to believe that this could happen in Swedish territorial waters,” RIA reported.

Solchart has lost contact with the ship and has no information about its whereabouts, RIA said.

“If the reports are true, then this certainly qualifies as piracy in the legal sense,” Hans Tino Hansen, founder of Risk Intelligence, a Danish marine security consultancy, said by telephone. “But it wouldn’t qualify as piracy in the popular sense. There’s no link between this event and what you see in Somalia, Nigeria or Southeast Asia.”

The Malta Maritime Authority’s security committee, which has been meeting on a daily basis since the first report of the Arctic Sea’s disappearance, has “no communication” with the ship.

Spanish Port

“It would appear that the ship has not approached the Straits of Gibraltar, which indicates that the ship headed out into the Atlantic Ocean,” the authority said in an e-mailed statement today.

Sovfracht editor Mikhail Voitenko said on Russian state television today that he had received a report that a 98-meter unnamed boat had arrived yesterday at the Spanish port of San Sebastian. The Arctic Sea is also 98 meters in length, he said.

A Spanish navy official in San Sebastian said he had no information on a possible sighting of the Arctic Sea, declining to be identified in line with navy policy. A sailing club in the city also had no information.

An official at San Sebastian port said he had no information on the Arctic Sea. A 95-meter ship called the Finita R. arrived yesterday from the Port of Marin bound for Casablanca, the official said by telephone, declining to be identified in line with port policy.

Sovfracht later reported that the Ladny was pursuing a ship matching the description of the Arctic Sea in the Atlantic south of Gibraltar. Sovfracht cited an unidentified Defense Ministry official.

The Russian navy denied the report, saying the search for the Arctic Sea continues, Russian news services reported. A navy official confirmed the reports, declining to be identified in line with navy policy.

Investigators Hope to Shed Light on Cape Otway Lightstation Haunting - Great Ocean Road, Victoria - The Great Ocean Road's Cape Otway Lightstation will be buzzing with activity when the International Lighthouse Weekend takes place there this weekend. Two paranormal investigators and a psychic medium, all armed with ghost busting gear, plan to make contact with an "intelligent haunting".

Australian Ghost Adventures' paranormal detective Gary Sullivan and his team will offer two ghost-busting tours on Saturday, August 15th as part of a range of festivities planned for the weekend. The lightstation is currently the oldest surviving lighthouse on the Australian mainland.

Sullivan said while there were a lot of "residual hauntings" at the 1848 lighthouse and in surrounding buildings, "intelligent hauntings" were more exciting because they interacted with ghost-busters.

His team had a close encounter last year with the ghost of a girl.

"What's supposed to have happened is a young girl, aged four, died around 1870 to 1880," Sullivan says.

"They had to wait days and days for the coroner to arrive on horseback.

"They put her in a cupboard on the windward side of the house. She is an ‘intelligent haunting’ - she knows you're there and will interact.

"Last year two of our girls were sitting on the floor in that room, so as not to intimidate her, and they both simultaneously heard a child's voice, and we caught their reactions on camera. They're both mums with a motherly instinct and they both started crying."

Sullivan says he is looking forward to working with a psychic medium at the Great Ocean Road Lightstation.

"We call them psychic profilers because they pick up on residual hauntings – these ghosts are like an imprint, they won't ever go away," he says.

Sullivan says residual hauntings, of which there are many at Cape Otway, accounted for stories of ghosts that were seen in the same place many times by different people always doing the same thing.

Photo: Odd Shaped UFO - California - 8/12/09

(click image for larger version)
MUFON witness statement: I decided to go on my roof to take photos of the brilliant red sunset. After a few minutes shooting up there I noticed a dark object moving across the sky from west to east. It was not moving in a straight line and was changing speeds. At first, with my bare eyes, i couldn't really make out the shape. It kind of looked like a chopper at first, but did not move like one, nor did it make any noise. I took as many shots of the object as I could in the 20 seconds or so that I had. It was so high up that I lost it for awhile, but in the end I managed to get 15 photos of the object. After, I took a closer look at the photos on my computer and quickly realized that I was dealing with 2 UFO's. Another object, even higher and further away, was also captured in the background. Also moving, but appeared just as a bright white light. I could tell it was moving from the landmarks on the ground in the photos. I took all the photos in the same position. So I know it wasn't a star.

Anyway, the object I focused in on was black in color and shaped like an upright cylinder with asymmetrical limbs off the sides. The top of the object had a multi-pointed surface like cones or pyramids. There also appeared to be a single reddish light on it as well, but it might have been from a reflection of the sunset. I only noticed these features after zooming in on the computer. I will send 3 of the 15 photos to you guys so you can judge for yourself. I can send the rest on your request.

I am hoping that I'm not the only one to have seen this. There must have been tons of people shooting that amazing sunset. Anyway, keep up the good work. The truth is out there.

NOTE: the first thing that came to mind was a radio-controlled toy. But the shape makes it hard to imagine this was flying with any propellers...Lon

Solar Flares 2012 and You!

The solar flare of 1859 was a strong flare that burned out our telegraph systems - set telegraph offices on fire and caused havoc with our compasses. The entire world watched as the sky burst into colorful dancing light as the aura from the flares engulfed the world. The world was not sure what caused this event at the time. Our relationship with the sun was just starting to be realized.

Flares have hit us since however this solar flare storm of 1859 was a big one leaving its mark all over this earth. The world watched in awe as our skies filled with incredible shades of reds washing over the earth as if giving the trees and oceans a bath of blood.

We have known about the sun shooting its angry flares at our planet for a very long time. We know what happened to the telegraph systems during the 1859 hit. It was a warning to what would happen if we continued on with communication and power systems that would be defenseless if another large flare hit. Incredible as it seems we ignored all of these things and did not heed what history taught us in 1859.

We have watched and recorded the solar flare hits since. We just decided to do nothing to prepare for the next big hit. During 2003 we endured a solar flare hit that caused satellites to fail, blackouts to occur and planes to be re- routed. Flying too high or near our poles would mean a high dose of x-ray hits for the poor souls in those planes. Bringing the aircraft down to safer altitudes and re- routing them away from the poles had to be done in order to side step tragic ends to those flying during that time. We sustained damage to our electrical grids and communication systems - however we managed to do so with little or nothing said or known about it at the time.

Those on the earth who knew these flare were due and coming sat and watched -holding their breathe as the flares of 2003 headed towards the earth waiting to see what would happen.

We are all completely vulnerable to solar flare hits. A perfect aligned solar flare hit could bring down our way of life for months. So - in 2003 we sat and waited and by pure luck fate had the flares miss our little blue globe and sweep past us out to space.

Those who knew how lucky we were gave a sigh of relief as this catastrophe missed us. The rest of us wandered around our days oblivious any of this was taking place or how lucky we had been.

The sun like all things in this universe has its natural cycles which includes a 11 year turn of its poles which is when huge sun spots develop which build up in power until they explode out into space releasing huge solar flares. The solar flares depending on their alignment can be a huge problem to the earth. If they hit us dead on we are blasted with extreme x-rays and radiation. This hit of blasting radiation can knock out even completely destroy our communication systems, bring down our satellites, wipe out our space station and burn out our electric grids, phone and cable lines.

This is not a theory this is what will happen if we take a direct hit from a large solar flare. Add to this the fact that we have a hole in our magnetic field, which is what protects us from the sun, and we have the making for a serious event coming our way.

We are due to see these flares during the next cycle of the sun, which will occur in 2012.

Knowing this as fact has me completely confused as to what we have been thinking for the last 50 to 75 years? I have to ask myself over and over if we have not completely lost our collective minds?

We knew and know that the sun has and will continue to explode flares out to space towards our planet. We know they are more severe every 11 years. We know that luck alone has protected us.

We know all these things yet we simply ignored these facts and built our earth top societies to be completely belly up vulnerable to this sure to come crisis of having our way of life completely destroyed.

We know that a direct hit of large solar flares will burn apart, rip apart and destroy our satellites dropping them like old hub caps to the side of a old dirt road yet we keep sending up more? We continue to launch our way of life into space with out any protection for what surely will come? We have not and do not build our communications systems, power systems or infrastructures with the added protective elements needed to survive the coming solar flares knowing fully well what the future will bring. How has this happened and how ridiculous can we be as a society to walk off this cliff willingly?

I have to ask where our thinking was and is building entire societies around electricity, satellite communications, gps guidance, air travel, telephones, computers, televisions, and radio. One huge perfect storm solar flare could wipe out our way of life for months in a matter of a day? The question that nags at me is why did we ignore this knowing that we needed to build all of these things in a way that would protect them from the normal cycles of the sun? How is it we simply ignored this fact of eminent solar flare hits leaving our entire society open for extremely trying times once that system fails?

I have read estimates that it may take a few months at best to restore what a solar flare will destroy if we encounter a direct hit here on earth. I am wondering how the world will deal with being thrown back 200 years in a day’s time to living as we once did without electric, communication or modern travel methods.

I have been in a few large blackouts and know that life as we know it comes to an immediate halt without lights, streetlights or traffic lights. People become agitated and irrational. Driving becomes dangerous and slow. If you add all the other factors of living with out power or communication you have an extremely difficult time surviving.

Finding food and water fuel and heat will become major issues. Simple tasks will become matter of life and death circumstances for those not able to weather such a storm. It will be a disaster like no other as there will not be any communications for the masses to find out what to do or how long things will remain difficult.

If the estimated time of a few months is a reality mass chaos will take place. Those who do not have food, water or a heat source will become desperate. Governments will be forced into actions that may be harrowing for many. All of these things will occur if we are hit with on of our suns perfect storm solar flares and yet- no one is talking about it. Have you seen any news specials concerning preparing for a direct hit from a solar flare? Have you read anything openly discussing this situation anywhere at all?

There are good people out there who have written about this subject. Michio Kaku the physicist talks openly about this offering his thoughts to all who will listen.

However the truth of this matter is that just like the year of 2003 I think the powers that be are going to sit and hold their breath hoping that lady luck will once again throw her dice in our favor and once again we will miss a direct hit and all will be well in the world!

I have never been a gambler. I have never been reckless. I like to eat every day and I hate the freezing cold. I am going to try to the best of my ability to approach 2012 as prepared as I do for hurricane season or the occasional crushing snowstorm that knocks out power and communication in my part of the world. I am going to have canned food and water for my family. I am going to have candles, a heat source and try to figure out what type of radio will work during a solar hit and buy one. I am going to try to be able to stay in my own home to survive the turmoil of what will come if we do face a hit from a perfect storm solar flare. Being prepared may be the only asset we will have to survive an event where our world ends as we know it and life returns to 200 years ago.

When thinking about the coming of 2012 I realize there is more then this one solar flare scenario that we may be facing. Other natural cycles are also due to change. Climate changes, volcano activity earthquakes and pole flips have also been dated due over the next years ahead.

I think the key to what may or may not come over the next few years is to simply be prepared. If you are able to ride out a storm or disaster on your own for at least a few weeks you have a good chance of weathering what ever the future may bring. If we can take care of our own while those responsible for us have time to return us to business as usual we will all have a chance of surviving whatever perfect storm hits.

Finding our way over the years ahead without confusion and despair is the job of each and every one of us. Those who refuse will be blind-sided and may have some very difficult days to weather. I hope you will all research some of what I have talked about today and consider the fact that 2012 may not be the end of the world. It may just be a time of lots of natural changes, which may be normal for the universe around us but extremely difficult for the mere mortals of earth. It is far better to be prepared and never need it then to desperately need it and not have it. I think that will be the way for the coming era known as 2012.

Thanks to Chris Holly at Chris Holly's Paranormal World


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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mailbag: Large Flying Creature - Medina River, Texas

I received this email from a man who lives west of San Antonio, Texas near Medina Lake. He states he witnessed a large flying creature last evening (August 11, 2009). He has requested that his full name be withheld at the present time. (Note: edited for typos only)

Dear Sir. I witnessed a large flying creature this evening that I cannot identify. I found your site during a search. I'm apprehensive of mentioning it to any friends or family until I can get a grip on what this was.

I live west of San Antonio, TX near Medina Lake. Today, I was on a random outing to the area near the Diversion Lake dam. At about 7:30 pm, I was on my way back up the trail when I suddenly heard a loud awful scream coming from below the dam downstream. It sounded like an owl but lasted longer and was much louder. I stopped walking and watched downstream to see if I could catch a look at what caused the sound.

I then noticed a large flock of birds flush out of the trees near the riverbank. Then suddenly this giant flying creature swooped down into the river valley and just as quickly flew back up into the rocks. I continued to watch but did not hear or see it again. I call it a creature because it looked nothing like a bird. I was about 50 yards from it and would say conservatively that it's wing span was 15 ft. or so! It was dark colored and had a very long beak and a strange long thin tail. This sounds crazy, but it actually resembled one of those flying dinosaurs though the head was not as large and it looked like it had feathers.

I got back home and looked on the internet for examples of bird species but found nothing close. I'm not originally from this area and have never heard of anything like this. That is why I'm contacting you. Do you have an idea what it was? I see you have a website, maybe someone who reads your site could help identify it.


NOTE: there are lots of 'Thunderbird' legends in the area and there have been a few related sightings in and around San Antonio and further south. I pulled up a few images of the area I assume JJ was at and it depicts a lot of steep rock faces and caves. Maybe someone can clarify what the area is like and a possible identification of this cryptid. Below is an earlier post about another sighting...Lon


Sightings of Mysterious Giant Bird Continue in San Antonio - 8/1/07

Strange sightings of a huge flying creature have been reported as recently as six months ago. Is it a monster or myth?

Guadalupe Cantu III was busy working his newspaper route, but he says the big news of that day 10 years ago flew right over his car. He says he's seen what most have not — an unidentified flying object, one that still scares him.

"We were afraid that it would come at us. So we stayed in the car till it passed this way," witness Guadalupe Cantu III said. "This thing's all feathers, all black. Much bigger than me. It looked at us. It had very stooped-up shoulders." The beast has been spotted from the Rio Grande Valley to the mountains of New Mexico.

"(It) looked like what was possibly two people standing on top of a mountain up there," said David Zander, who saw the monster in New Mexico. "Something that big ... I guess it kinda makes you feel like it could come over and carry you off if it wanted to."

San Antonio's Ken Gerhard has written a book on these dark birds as big as planes, with wingspans from 15 to 20 feet.

Native Americans called them thunderbirds: depicted in their art, their flapping wings were said to cause explosive noises.

"What's interesting is that the reports of these giant, raptor-like birds do continue into modern times," said Gerhard, a cryptozoologist. Cryptozoology is the study of and search for legendary animals to prove their existence.

He says there's solid evidence something is overhead.

"I believe there's a good chance that a lot of large, prehistoric animals, if you will, remain undiscovered by modern science," he said.

So what could the giant birds be? Some witness sketches eerily resemble prehistoric creatures, like the pteronadon of 160 million years ago.

However, Gerhard theorizes it could be a creature that's a little less extinct — if that's possible — a pteratorn.

"These are the surviving ancestors of modern condors and vultures. They lived up until 6,000 years ago, we know for sure, in parts of North America," Gerhard said. "In fact, over 100 specimens have been recovered from the La Brea tar pits in California."

But critics have another take: human error.

"Was it really as big as he thought it was?" asks Ben Radford, editor of "Skeptical Inquirer" magazine. "When there's enough information to come to a determination, I've always found an explanation for it."

Radford says the eye can be deceived.

"Eyewitness testimony is very unreliable. And so it's hard for a person to tell — even experts to tell — 'Is that thing I'm seeing out there, is it small and nearby? Or is it huge and farther away?' " Radford said.

But in one sighting in San Antonio, three people gave similar accounts, witnessing the same fly-by of a huge, winged creature. A trio of South Side teachers traveling a deserted road had their cars "buzzed" by the monsters, and it made the papers in February 1976.

In fact, for decades papers throughout South Texas have chronicled the flying creatures. In the age of the Internet, the reports continue, like this one from a recent sighting near Huebner and Babcock roads.

"The creature was large, at least 6 feet," the report reads. "I don't know if I ever want to see another one."

"If I were outside there walking, it would've gone after me," witness Cantu said.

Cantu believes most sightings go unreported because people are afraid of the ridicule they could face.

However, he says a face-to-face encounter with the creature would be much worse.

"I think if you do see it, then you might wind up missing," Cantu said.

Video: UFO in Peruvian Jungle - UPDATE

inexplicata - An alleged unidentified flying object was captured on videotape by local resident Wiler Cumpa in July 2009 in the town of Juanjuí, San Martín Region.

To judge by the images, the alleged object moves, changes colors and makes no noise. This impressed Cumpa and his daughter as they observed it.

“See the color. It’s red in the middle, yellow, moves. It’s an unidentified flying object,” say both, in the audio picked up by the camera.

The alleged contact occurred on July 29 11:30 p.m. and has caused a sensation in its community, to the extent that [the witness] has been invited to appear on various media opportunities.

Liz Cumpa, the contactee’s daughter, also attests to the site and even said that they “summoned” the UFO so that it would appeared before their eyes.

Original post - 8/4/09

Perú: UFOs in the Jungle

On July 29, 2009 at 11:28 p.m., in the city of Juanjuí of the San Martín region, a journalist recorded the apparition of a UFO for a total time of 45 minutes with a digital camera. This news became widespread throughout all of the Amazonian media.

Wiler Cumpa, 38, a social commentator, captured the event in images, and is startled by the find.

Juanjuí is located in the southern section of San Martín, a location known as the home of the ruins of Gran Pajatén.

Numerous 'Mermaid' Sightings Reported in Israel - Israel is in the grips of mermaid fever after numerous sightings of the mythical sea creature off its coast.

One town council is taking the reports so seriously it is offering a $1m (£609,000) reward to anyone who can prove the existence of a mermaid in its waters.

Kiryat Yam municipality, near Haifa, says it has been told of dozens of sightings in the past few months.

"Many people are telling us they are sure they've seen a mermaid and they are all independent of each other," council spokesman Natti Zilberman told Sky News.

The nautical nymph is only seen in the evening at sunset, according to media reports, drawing crowds of people with cameras hoping for a glimpse.

"People say it is half girl, half fish, jumping like a dolphin. It does all kinds of tricks then disappears," Mr Zilberman said.

Asked whether a dolphin or large fish could be a more rational explanation, he insisted: "They say it is a female figure, it looks like a young girl."

The council denied its offer of a reward was a publicity stunt, but said it hoped to nurture the mermaid as something which could bring in more tourists.

Capturing a mermaid is not necessary, a verifiable photograph will do, Mr Zilberman said.

Asked if the council can afford the payout, he told Sky News: "I believe, if there really is a mermaid, then so many people and tourists will come to Kiryat Yam, a lot more money will be made than a $1m.

Was a UFO Trucked Through Dallas? UPDATE

Is this an F-19 Stealth fighter? Perhaps an F-22 Raptor? Or is it a uncovered UFO on a flatbed truck? It's been suggested that it could possibly be a movie prop but what would the military, or local police have to do with it?

On August 7, 2009 at between 9:00 to 9:30 p.m., traffic on I-20 in Dallas was blocked while a convoy of dark Tahoes, military vehicles and local police escorted a flatbed truck carrying, what a caller to a local radio station said was a UFO. Police began blocking entrance ramps to I-20 and evidently the radio station was told not to replay audio of the callers, then supposedly their email system went to auto.

It also makes one wonder that if is is a UFO, why wouldn't it be covered with a tarp, or enclosed in some type of huge crate? What better way to hide something than in plain sight? Well, lose the escort then and no one will even notice!

Twitter has been "all a twitter" about this incident. Is the secrecy due to the transport of a hitherto unknown fighter plane in transit, or a captured UFO? We may never know.

Meanwhile, I have attempted to enhance one of the low quality photos of the object. All I can say is that the object certainly is strange.

(Enlarged and levels corrected)
(Image isolated)

NOTE: Thanks to SW at Lights in the Sky. I received several emails in reference to this incident...I wasn't sure what to make of it...Lon

UPDATE: I received 3 emails this morning from witnesses that verify that this convey was on I-45 south heading towards Houston, TX. One of the witnesses stated that they spotted it about 25 miles out of Houston near Conroe, TX. Of course, we all know that NASA's Johnson Space Flight Center and other top aeronautical entities reside in and around Houston. Food for thought...Lon

Pennsylvania MUFON - UFO Conferences

For more information, go to Pennsylvania MUFON or


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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Video/Images: New Orb Face Captures - Perth, Western Australia

NOTE: these screen captures were taken today from the above video by Paul Cochrane in Perth, Western Australia. The images were just enlarge and filtered without pixel modification by Sunny, our photo tech. These 'faces' are, in our opinion, non-human and possibly animals spirits...though we're not discounting human-ET hybrid spirits as we suspect the original Perth orb was. Paul's YouTube channel ...Lon

Video: 1950's Film - Apparition In Old Cemetery

Statement with video: I did not record this film personally. This film was recorded in the mid-1950's according to the label on the box but we have no way of confirming that for sure. The film has been in our family since then. The footage was taken in what is now an abandoned cemetery in southern Indiana. The figure appears to be a person kneeling under a tree. You have to watch closely to see it because the film quality dropped a lot during transfer to digital format.

NOTE: I would have loved to see the original film. IMO, it looks like a female with a bonnet that turns it's head as the camera pans by. A sensitive stated to me that this is a nun praying. I've contacted the owner to see if I can have the original examined...Lon

Video: UFOs Maneuver Over Alaska - 8/10/09

Statement: I was out camping this weekend and I happened to bring my Flip Ultra HD camera w/me. I was just sitting in front of our campfire when my friend noticed these lights in the sky. We had some music going, and I ran to my car and almost tripped over the inverter cable for our crock pot...

I grabbed my camera and caught this video...

The low light is terrible, the lights were about 2x as bright!

NOTE: interesting video despite the 'holy f**k', 'wtf' and 'dude' comments. Definitely not satellites. Displayed intelligence...Lon

Mutilated Cow Discovered in Quebrachitos, Argentina - The mystery that has caused unrest among rural residents repeats itself in the Department of Victoria's Quebrachitos wilderness.

Last Saturday, a VISION OVNI team consisting of Néstor Gaioli, Walter Vergara, Georgina Moreyra, Silvia Pérez Simondini and Andrea Pérez Simondini traveled to Quebrachitos, specifically the area known as "La Capilla", where only a few meters away could be found an animal that had been dead for several days, "showing only traces of bloody fluid around its lower jaw, through which broken hydioid bones could be seen."

The animal was found by two local youths while hunting. They contacted Nestor Gaoli, informing him that a mutilated cow had been discovered in the wilderness, displaying a very visible incision to its jaw. Néstor quickly contacted the rest of the VISION OVNI team, which reported to the site.

The team's purpose from the start was to meet the youths who would direct them to the dead animal's exact location. "A black cow, some three years old, was dead only meters away from the roadside, at the entrance to a forested area in which an abandoned house and church could be seen."

The team took this as corroboration that such phenomena would be repeated throughout the area, since according to locals "the UFO phenomenon is repeatedly seen in this area." This gave the investigation an added boost, "additional content, as in recent weeks, strange lights have been reported in these rural areas."

Upon arriving, they contacted the witnesses who took them to the location. "We crossed the barbed wire and could corroborate what we were seeing at a distance. The carcass displayed an odd, major incision from the jaw to the neck. The [carcass] was oriented with the head toward the SE and the hindquarters to the NO - a typical position in such cases. No traces of blood were found around the animal, nor was there any sign of the characteristic kicking before the death. The jawbone was entire, but separated from the carcass. On the other hand, the serrated incision that differentiates the wound from a conventional one [was also evident]. No human footprints were found, and we could not find the prints made by the two young men, but we did find traces of the cow's path. We identified is as coming from the interior of the forested area to its place of death. There was even a final bowel movement near the body. Our goal was to find two things - remains of the whitish fluid and the other bluish fluid, without any further results," state members of the team on their website.

They added: "In this instance, you can see it on videotape. We were pleased to find the serrated incision thanks to the skill of Walter Vergara, who found it in the anal region. We took a sample, as the incision is hard to find, in order to hold it as a sample for comparison. We are indebted to the training given to us by Dr. Daniel Belot of SENASA in Salliqueló, as it was he who found this pattern of incisions in Argentinean cattle. Once the sample was taken, we concentrated on the mammary glands. They showed a perfect circular incision, with four glands affected by this perfect form of extraction. We extracted a sample that we deemed the most valuable for comparison purposes as well," they reported in a written statement to Diario Victoria.

New Nepal Wildlife Discovery Raises Hope of Yeti Existence - Almost 50 years after an expedition by Everest conqueror Sir Edmund Hillary to track down the elusive yeti of the Himalayas failed, there is fresh hope for the existence of the mythical half ape, half man with the discovery of 350 new species, 94 of which are in Nepal alone.

The World Wildlife Fund Nepal Monday said that a biological treasure trove has been unearthed in the eastern Himalayas that includes the world’s smallest deer, a `flying frog’ and a 100 million-year old gecko.

A decade of research carried out by scientists in remote mountain areas endangered by rising global temperatures found 94 new species in Nepal.

Though they comprise 40 plants, 36 invertebrates, seven fish, two amphibians and nine reptiles and not the snowman itself, yet the discovery of fresh species raises the hope that further explorations could unearth newer wonders.

One of the most remarkable discoveries in Nepal was the Heterometrus nepalensis, a scorpion discovered in the Chitwan National Park in southern Nepal. It is the first species of scorpion ever to be discovered in the country.

In a report, The Eastern Himalayas - Where Worlds Collide, the WWF has detailed the discoveries made by scientists from various organisations between 1998 and 2008 in a region reaching across Bhutan and north-east India to the far north of Myanmar as well as Nepal and southern parts of Tibet.

The Eastern Himalayas are now known to harbour a staggering 10,000 plant species, 300 mammal species, 977 bird species, 176 reptiles, 105 amphibians and 269 types of freshwater fish. The region has the highest density of the Bengal tiger and is the last bastion of the charismatic greater one-horned rhino.

With the WWF saying that many new discoveries waiting to be made, there is hope yet for the yeti, for whom a horde of expeditions have been launched since 1953, when Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa reported seeing large footprints in the snow which were attributed to the elusive yeti.

Though Hillary’s yeti expedition was deemed a failure after the skins and scalps it returned with as trophies were found to be bear skins and a goat skull, it has not deterred explorers.

Another mountaineering legend, Italian Reinhold Messner, who was the first man to conquer Mt Everest without bottled oxygen, claims he met the yeti - an almost 200 cm furry, gentle creature - not once but four times, wrote a book on his quest and plans to establish a yeti museum.

There have been two Japanese expeditions in Nepal to photograph the yeti and though they were not successful, the quest lives on.

Two years ago, American television channel Destination Truth, which searches for the bizarre and dangerous, returned from eastern Nepal with unusual footprints that it says could be the yeti’s.


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