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The Chesapeake Bay Monster

'Chessie' is the name of the alleged monster who coasts the waters of Chesapeake Bay, Maryland. There have been many sightings of Chessie but most turn out to be just a prank or it is proven wrong by another fish or mammal.

According to Matt Lake in Weird Maryland, two perch fishermen, Francis Klarrman and Edward J. Ward, in 1943 spotted something in the water near Baltimore.

“This thing was about 75 yards (69 m) away, at right angles from our boat. At first it looked like something floating on the water. It was black and the part of it that was out of the water seemed about 12 feet (3.7 m) long. It has a head about as big as a football and shaped somewhat like a horse’s head. It turned its head around several times—almost all the way around.”

The first official Chessie sighting was in 1978 and reported to be a grayish figure around 25 feet long and swam with an unusual motion for a normal fish. This sighting was by the mouth of the Potomac River in the bay.

In the summer of 1982, Robert Frew shot a three minute video of Chessie which caused great commotion but it was never proven to be real footage of the supposed monster. The video proved to not have enough visual clarity for anyone to conclude anything from it. A fisherman years later believed he was chasing Chessie with his shotgun but then eventually lost it to the bay.

The last notable sighting of the beast was in 1997, off the shore of Fort Smallwood State Park, very close to shore. The legend of "Chessie" is very similar to, and was likely inspired by, that of "Nessie", the Loch Ness Monster.

Most sighting reports of this sea monster describe it as a long, snake-like creature. The reported length of the monster varies from 25 to 40 feet (12 m) long. It is said to swim using its body as a sine curve moving through the water.

Manatees occasionally drift north from U.S. tropical waters in the summer months. Many have entered the Chesapeake Bay thus prompting 'Chessie' reports.

The Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in United States. Its surface and major tributaries cover more than 4,479 square miles (11,600 km2) and in places it is 175 feet (53 m) deep.

To this day, many people of Maryland still believe in the legend of Chessie, but there has been no conclusive evidence to support this phenomena.


Mysterious Lights Reported Over Perth, Western Australia - A Perth resident taking photographs of Perth's night sky has captured several mysterious, unexplained lights in the image.

The photograph, which shows a green saucer-like shape and a reddish light to the left, was taken looking east over the Perth Hills towards Kalamunda at about 7.45pm on Friday night.

The Perth resident, who gave us his name but did not want to be publicly identified fearing he could be ridiculed, said: "This is a genuine photo I took last night. It has not been tampered with in any way (apart from cropping and downsize to jpg).

The photographer stresses that he did not believe he had photographed a UFO, but has no explanation for the coloured lights which appeared on the digital images.

"I was photographing the moon and didn't see the red and green lights until viewing the images on my computer.

"The lights you see are not due to anything on the lens or a reflection. I took several photos which show the strange-shaped green light in particular in the same place each time.

"You can see the moon at the top of the photo . . . the red light may be a planet or an approaching aircraft (Perth Domestic Airport is off the bottom left of the photo).

"The photo was taken looking east over the Perth hills towards Kalamunda about 7.45pm last night, (Friday) August 7.

"They both show these lights in roughly the same place which may suggest they are planets not seen by the naked eye.''

Our intrepid photographer emailed the image to the Perth Observatory hoping for an explanation.

"The photo was taken with a shutter speed near 2 seconds. I could not see this green light with the naked eye.''

Another Perth resident, Fleur posted this: "In regards to the lights -- when we lived in the hills in Kelmscott we saw three extremely fast lights move towards the coast -- there was no sound and we just put it down to air force jets -- however we really weren't convinced that jets can actually move at that speed.''

NOTE: I have to wonder how much, if any, of this activity is connected to Paul Cochrane's orb invasion. I have made an inquiry to the Perth area media for any other information that has come forward. As well, anybody with information on paranormal activity in the Perth area....please, contact us...Lon

Searching For Alleged Red Rocks 'Ghosts' - The first rule of ghost hunting is that there are no ghosts.

Not according to the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society.

"I don't even know what a ghost is. I like to think that maybe someday we'll be able to come up with an answer for it," said Bryan Bonner, group founder. "But I do want to know what it is."

TheDenverChannel contacted Bonner following stories from a half-dozen current employees at the Red Rocks Trading Post who all believe the place is haunted.

From hearing footsteps, their own name whispered, to seeing boxes come at them and feeling a hand run across their hair, each has a different story to tell.

Yet at least six of the employees, of varying age, gender, and experience are convinced they work with spirits.

So, on a recent June evening, a team of four researchers from RMPRS came back with cases of equipment to document the stories.

"Well it's interesting. I've heard a lot of the stories. But I don't think anybody's been in here doing an investigation," Bonner said. "It's another one of (the) big Denver haunts."

"Well I'm one of those guys that loves puzzles," said Matthew Baxter, modern paranormal investigator. "And if I come to the end and I find, at the end of this puzzle, that it's a ghost, fantastic! That's something that we would love to be able to achieve."

Built before the amphitheater and opened in 1931, the Trading Post was first filled with Native American wares from the Denver Art Museum.

Over the years, there have been several versions of stories about ghosts inhabiting the grounds around the building itself.

It was an especially intriguing assignment for Baxter and Bonner, perhaps familiar in their roles as Internet radio hosts at

They admit they are trying to get the mainstream to accept the paranormal field.

"After they look at you weird then they get really interested to find out what you might know," Baxter said, noting he is not a "ghost hunter." "It is a proper term. It's not the proper term for me. They (ghost hunters) tend to be having a lot more fun with it and scaring each other and things like that. Because you sit in the dark, completely silent staring at monitors."

With 12 video cameras, seismometers, electromagnetic frequency monitors and other equipment, the team moved in around 6 p.m. as self-described skeptics.

"And we absolutely aren't non-believers. You have to be able to go into this with a completely open mind. And if you don't, you're going to skew it one way or the other. We're skeptics by true definition. We want to bring real research into the field," Bonner said.

They have been stumped before though.

On the Fourth of July in 2008 their video cameras were rolling at the Yak and Yeti restaurant in Arvada when one of the chairs appeared to move on its own.

"The manager there believes the ghost there, Cora, will fold the chairs out and fold them the way they're supposed to be," Baxter said.

In January 2007, it was the Bullock Hotel in Deadwood, S.D., where Bonner and Baxter had cameras rolling as a ball placed on a chair rolled forward, rather than backward as it had been doing.

"But after two hours of sitting there, for some reason, it decides to roll uphill. And we couldn't recreate that for anything. We actually tied helium balloons the next night to every one of the chairs to show that there was no air flow," Baxter said.

They take pride in their work but do not accept payment for their investigations and have come to rely on public places more than private homes in recent years.

"And now we really have to filter through the private homes calling (us) due to bad paranormal television," Bonner said.

At the Trading Post, the group spent six hours looking for any unexplained events, but found none.

They hope to return later this summer to spend more time searching for the alleged Red Rocks Ghost.

Bizarre Ritual Child Abuse Revealed In Louisiana

AP - There were times when prosecutor Don Wall, a man not easily shocked, simply closed the file and stopped reading.

He knew he had the makings of a very good case — not the least of which were volumes of written confessions. But page after page filled with ungodly details burned his eyes and seared his soul. Looking at them made him bone-weary.

"I could only read about 15 pages at a time," said Wall, assistant district attorney of Louisiana's rural Tangipahoa Parish, north of New Orleans. "It just really wore on me. It just made me tired."

Of all the bizarre tales of ritualistic child abuse accompanied by sacrifices and group sex, Wall's case stands alone — his was proven in court. It is a story of sexual hedonism in a house of worship, some of it perpetrated by parents against their own children.

Former pastor Louis Lamonica was sentenced last year to four concurrent life terms for having sex with his two sons. Another church member was sentenced to three life sentences for systematically abusing his daughter until she was 5. A third pleaded guilty to sexual battery of the same girl and received a 10-year sentence. A fourth awaits trial.

"I had McMartin (the California preschool scandal) thrown in my face a lot during all this," Wall said. "That's the main reason I kept this devil worshipping stuff to a small portion of the trial. Worshipping the devil is not illegal. Child molestation is. That's what I focused on."

In excruciating detail, the ex-leader of Hosanna Church in tiny Ponchatoula on the northwest bank of Lake Pontchartrain, wrote in a journal how he and others stood shoulder to shoulder in the youth hall, passing children to each other, committing every imaginable sex act upon them.

"Everybody got a turn," Lamonica said. "It was like nobody missed out, including the women."

The Hosanna faithful, once a thriving congregation, had dwindled to a dozen or so families over the past decade. They abandoned their First Assembly of God affiliation and whitewashed the windows of its sanctuary and school.

Behind the glass, members abused children from infants to toddlers and beyond, splattered animal blood and dabbled in devil worship, Lamonica and others set down in thick journals written in hopes of forgiveness. The books were later seized by sheriff's deputies.

The investigation started in 2005, when Lamonica made a trip to his local sheriff in nearby Livingston Parish.

Settling in a chair, he matter-of-factly ticked off a list of offenses committed by himself and others in his flock: anal, oral and vaginal sex with children; sexual acts with a dog; wiping victims with cat blood.

After spending two hours being videotaped by detectives, Lamonica stood to go. He hoped for plea deal, he said. He was arrested and held without bail until trial.

Meanwhile, deputies searched the church, his home and the homes of others. They found Lamonica's 260-page confessional, others' written pleas for atonement, and a faded pentagram on the youth hall floor.

The admitted sins covered about four years, beginning in 1999 and involved several children, some of whom were now grown. Working with the FBI, investigators spoke to the oldest alleged victims. None claimed they were abused.

"I interviewed one young man... He had tears running down his cheeks, but he said nothing happened," Wall recounted. "I don't think the older ones wanted to get involved. They'd seen the firestorm in the media. Who wants to get calls from reporters saying, 'What happened to you?'"

At trial, Lamonica recanted his confessions, saying he'd been coerced by the church's new pastor. Jurors didn't believe it, nor did they accept the testimony of his sons, who said they'd lied about being abused as children — but had earlier been interviewed on videotape telling a series of therapists and agents about childhoods in which sex with their father was ever-present.

After three men went to jail, and the hysteria died, Wall saw beyond the banality.

"This was just a situation where the men were pedophiles and they all happened to be in the same place together," he said.

In a sense, "it's like if I met you and said, `Do you like Mexican food?' And you said, `Yes, I do.' So we went and got some Mexican food. I know that sounds like a terribly oversimplified way of putting it, but it's true. That's how it was to them.

"Do I think it's incredibly weird? Yeah. Do I think it's unbelievable? No."

NOTE: this link details the group The Hosanna Church in Ponchatoula, Louisiana...Lon


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Friday, August 07, 2009

Researcher: 'Turner Beast' Likely a Wendigo - The wendigo is a superhero villain in the Marvel comics universe.

It is the title of a 2002 fright flick that a review in "The New Yorker" described has a "creepy 'Deliverance'-like" feel.

It is the horror depicted in Algernon Blackwood's book of the same name.

It is the principal monster in Stephen King's "Pet Sematary."

It also may be, according to a Canadian researcher, the identity of the creature hit by a car in Turner on Aug. 12.

Stephen King declined to speculate on what the animal might be, but Michael de Sackville was eager to share his thoughts.

de Sackville, whose pen name is David Bradley, has written 23 nonfiction books on history and anthropology, including texts on the Holy Grail. A guest lecturer at Princeton University, Yale University, Vanderbilt University, York University, the University of Toronto and Kennedy-King College, among others, he is immersed in cryptozoology, the study of unusual creatures.

For de Sackville, the analysis is simple. Dogs have four toes only. Members of the weasel family, which includes the wolverine, have five.

A photograph of the creature killed in Turner shows five distinct toenails, with the far left toe hidden from view. Two of the toenails are paired together on the animal's dewclaw. Does that make six toes, or four toes with a deformed dewclaw on an otherwise ordinary dog?

There are strong suggestions that the animal is a feral dog or some kind of wolf-dog hybrid.

de Sackville acknowledges either is possible, "but it could also be a little monster long known to the Algonkian-speaking Aboriginal peoples of northeastern North America as the 'wendigo.'

"The northeastern Indians told tales of the wendigo entering villages by night and breaking into individual longhouses where it often carried off small children. This reminds one of the much more recent tales told by Turner residents about the 'beast' that would skulk around farmhouses at night and attack pets left outside," de Sackville explained.

The wendigo - also called the "night elf" - is, by most accounts, a mythical beast.

Many Names

According to Trevor Mendham, who hosts, "There is some confusion over the names wendigo and windigo. Most people use the two terms interchangeably, others say they are actually different, one being a living creature; the other a spirit."

Mendham asserts "there have been many wendigo sightings over the years, especially in Minnesota where the creature is believed to live in the woods and prairies. In particular, there was a rash of well-publicized sightings around the beginning of the twentieth century."

According to an online tale told by Troy Taylor at, the Inuit Indians in and around Minnesota called the creature "by various names, including Wendigo, Witigo, Witiko and Wee-Tee-Go, but each of them was roughly translated to mean 'the evil spirit that devours mankind. Around 1860, a German explorer translated Wendigo to mean 'cannibal' among the tribes along the Great Lakes."

de Sackville also reports that there have been sightings of the wendigo in the mountains south of Quebec, in New Brunswick and along the St. John River in Maine. The animal is, in Indian lore, the "personification of winter famine," deSackville said.

Mendham claims the animal is also known as the "spirit of the lonely places," a lone creature that represents the "casting out of those who break tribal taboos.

"The wendigo hides in the forests and tracks you silently, always just out of sight. It waits, biding its time until it can pounce," according to Mendham.

de Sackville is pretty confident in his suggestion that the animal in Turner is not a feral dog.

"There is one known animal that more or less fits the Turner 'beast's' size and reported descriptions, although it must now be very rare in Maine. And that is the wolverine, not a member of the dog or wolf family, but a representative of the Mustelidae (badgers, ratels, weasels, pine martins and wolverines), one of the fiercest families of predators on the planet," he said.

These animals were, according to de Sackville, "well known to the early French trappers who avoided them if at all possible, claiming that they were more dangerous than a bear, wolf or cougar."

As far as the toe evidence, de Sackville describes mustelidae as having five toes, and not four like cats and dogs (and wolves). He asserts that a five-toenail Sun Journal photo "indicates that the 'beast' is probably not a 'feral dog,' but on the other hand it doesn't look exactly like a modern wolverine either."
Piercing blue eyes

The animal found in Turner was said to have unusual blue eyes and, before it was killed, stared at humans with a strange fierceness. Wendigo lore describes the same kind of eye-locking stare between beast and human, a blue- or red-eyed fiery stare that could hold a man still.

June Stevens of Greene reported such an encounter in 2004. Driving onto her property in the middle of the afternoon, she saw a strange animal behind an outbuilding. "It appeared larger than a dog, had a bristly looking coat, sort of a mottle gray and black. It was not a bit timid, started right at us." It frightened her dog so much, she quickly drove into the garage and shut the door.

She never saw the animal again.

Also in 2004, Leo Doyon described his uneasy encounter with an unidentifiable animal in Auburn. He saw the animal while on his deck and, despite years of hunting in the Maine woods, had never seen such a creature. "It was no wolf. It sure as hell wasn't a fisher and it wasn't a coy dog," he said. "To tell you the truth, I don't know what it was."

Sightings of similar animals have been reported in Wales, Litchfield, Sabattus, Turner, Lewiston and Auburn, with many of the reports describing a hyena-like animal.

In Wales, such an animal killed Leo Michaud's 16-year-old Doberman pinscher. At the time, Michaud described the attack as savage. The dog's head was ripped open and her neck appeared to have been chewed.

After his dog was killed, Michaud found a den near the doghouse, which was just 40 yards from the entrance to the Oak Hill High School campus. And, nights later, he saw the creature in the yard. It was, he said, a large animal, black, gray and brown with wild eyes and a bushy tail.

Like Doyon, Michaud has hunted in Maine for decades. "I've spent a lot of time in the woods," he said, and "I've never seen anything that looks like this."

While there was some speculation the animal was a wolverine, Maj. Thomas Santaguida of the Maine Warden Service guessed it was a fisher, an animal similar in size and shape to a wolverine, but much more aggressive and mean. These animals can, Santaguida said, "live very nearby without people even knowing it," suggesting that people might be surprised to know how prevalent they are in the wild.

Other experts believe these sightings are probably variously colored coyotes with mange. Trapper Cindy Johnson told the Sun Journal, if a coyote starts losing its hair from mange, "they may drag their rear end when they walk. It will look odd," she said, and may explain the hyena-like appearance.

de Sackville is unswayed. "There is little doubt that the Algonkian wendigo was a wolverine," he said, "and that is also what the 'beast' of Turner, Maine, may prove to be as well, but it may be a rare form of wolverine that supposedly became extinct during the last Ice Age."

We'll know in a couple of days whether the creature is otherworldy or of this earth, and then dreamers and skeptics can put the speculation to rest.

NOTE: if you're not familiar with the 'Turner Beast', use this link 'Hybrid Mutant' Found Dead in Maine. This was a fairly huge incident in August 2006...Lon

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

(click image for larger version)

This cartoon is from the Chicago 1934. Just goes to show you, the more things change the more they stay the same. There always a constant fear of a dictatorship or totalitarianism coming to takeover a "free" country.

Franklin D. Roosevelt said, "The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself". Most people are afraid of change. In politics then, as today, fear is used when an opposing group is overwhelmed. It's a tactic that has been used since civilization began.

People are getting a bit antsy...possibly comparable to people's feelings during the Great Depression. Look at how much change the country and the world is undergoing. There is an old proverb about crisis... "crisis equals opportunity". What are we going to do with that opportunity? Should the status quo remain or is it time for meaningful social, political, diplomatic, environmental and economic change? Don't think our decisions and actions aren't being noticed elsewhere...Lon

Photo: Spectre Appears at Beach Outing - Imagine the shock a Stevenston mum got when a photograph of her daughters appeared to have an extra person in it.

Charlene Wieringa is the latest Three Towns resident to have one of her pictures occupied by a 'ghostly' figure.

Her partner Scott Arthur took the photo on his mobile phone and it shows Courtney (12) on the right with little sister Elise (5).

Charlene said: "We were down at the beach because some friends of ours had come over with their camper van. We had a bonfire and Scott took a picture of the girls and we didn't notice anything.

"It wasn't until later when Scott was going through his phone deleting pictures that he came across it again and we thought we could see something.

"Scott thinks it's smoke from the fire but the girls and I think it looks a bit like a Scottish soldier. We'd be interested to hear what other people think."

Several people from the local area have contacted the Herald with similar pictures that feature uninvited guests in the background.

The Andrew Sparks Murders

The early evening was gray and misty when Andrew decided to murder his whole family.

Andrew Sparks was once a successful and enthusiastic watch maker and a hard working farmer in the small town of Newland, NC. He had a loving wife and two young daughters who all seemed proud of their father and the home life they had built together. The Sparks were a strong willed family who would soon be bound by a fear so intense that death couldn’t even find the courage to put it to rest.

What happened?

Something was different about Andrew. He became sort of a recluse. He scarcely talked to anyone and in church he never prayed aloud like he use to. A strong God fearing father that was once filled with joy and liveliness had suddenly changed.

It was early EVENING BEFORE DINNER when HIS FAMILY HEARD HIS FOOTSTEPS ONE BY ONE ON THE THREE SCREECHING STEPS THAT LED TO THE DOOR. Then they heard the sound of the screen being pulled at such a force they thought it would come off its hinges. Just inside there stood Andrew drenched in sweat with an odd stare in his eyes. His wife ran to him eager for a welcomed kiss but he pushed her away from him strangely enraged and hurriedly ran to the room where he kept his rifle.

After a few short minutes had passed he returned to the family room where his wife and two innocent young daughters stood watching in disbelief.

What was wrong with Andrew? What sort of demon had walked inside him and consumed him with hatred?

He shook his head as if blinded by the darkness of his own insanity and aimed the rifle at his youngest daughters head. Then his shaking fingers squeezed the trigger.

Such pitiful cries and pleas came paining from the throats of his wife and eldest daughter that even the storm clouds that day fled in fear of Andrew’s madness.

The exhausted and bewildered wife of Andrew could fight no more as a bullet ripped through her flesh and exited her back with her last gaping breath. Then the eldest daughter of Andrew stood Trembling and weak at the knees from the sight of her mother lying there dead on the floor in a pool of blood beside her little sister.

She could barely move from the terror she had just witnessed but realized she had to flee in desperate hopes of a place to hide from the murderer she once knew as her father.

The deranged Andrew had his daughter cornered and the only thing she could think to possibly save her and use as a barrier from the last deadly bullet was the yellow velvet family sofa. She ran behind it realizing that there was no use. Andrew laughed and mocked her as the Tears streamed down her fearful and youthful face. she cried out to Andrew…Please father…please don’t…

But with that final plea her life had ended by the desperate hands of a laughing madman.

The spirits of the murdered sparks can still be heard desperately screaming for Andrew not to kill them. Those who are brave enough to cross andrew’s long beaten path to the sparks home are often welcomed with the screaming apparitions of the confused souls that are still waiting for the husband and father to spare them their lives.

Andrew is buried in the old Ashley cemetery where screams and groanings can still be heard coming from the direction of his grave.

Bet Dotson
Carolina Research & Paranormal Studies Founder

NOTE: this anecdote was forwarded to me by Bet Dotson, author of the soon-to-be released Seven Phantoms Crossing - Rare But True and Bizarre Ghostly Tales From Western North Carolina...Lon

Spectral Lady Hitches Ride...Then Vanishes - It happened like this: Shortly after midnight on July 11, a police officer in Mechanic Falls, Maine stopped to check on a teenage driver who was frantically flashing his headlights. When the cop approached the car, he found a 16-year-old named David who was badly shaken. The kid was in tears and babbling about something that happened moments ago in Poland.

The story David told was a crazy one but not unique. For generations, travelers through this dark place have told tales of a young lady dressed in white hitchhiking along Route 26. Sometimes she's dressed in a prom dress and sits quietly in the passenger seat. Other times, she is a bride dressed in white or a morose young woman with a cautionary message to deliver.

But our friend David had never heard those stories. He sat in his car stammering and trying to explain to the frowning policeman what had happened.

Just before 2 a.m., David was driving on Route 26 bound for Oxford. In the midst of all the darkness that collects in the middle of the night in Poland, suddenly there was a gleam of light at the roadside.

"She was standing on the side of the road, near the frozen custard place. At first, it was just a white glow," David said. "I drove up closer and saw that it was a woman. She looked to be between 20 and 24. I pulled over and she said, 'Can you bring me to the church on Route 11?'"

You or I might have left 100 yards of peeling rubber on the road as we beat a hasty retreat to a safer and more illuminated patch of the world. Because we have heard the legends before and brother, the Samaritan within us all tends to wither before the mighty force of self-preservation.

But David did the respectable thing and stopped to help the stranger. The woman in white climbed into the car, tucking her gown in around her. Past the middle and high schools they drove. The woman in white asked David if he went to school there. They made small talk but she appeared agitated.

"She asked me if I could start driving faster, because she was late for her wedding," David said.

Those of us who have been around a while know that when a woman found wandering the back roads starts babbling about going to meet her beloved, what you have on your hands is a ghost. We will take appropriate action, which may include flinging ourselves out the window.

But David steeled up and drove on with the curious woman in the wedding gown. He turned onto Route 11, where even greater darkness gathers, and within a quarter of a mile, he found what appeared to be a church. He stopped between two posts out front and asked his eager rider if this was the right place.

"She looked back at me and she looked like a regular person," David said. "She said, 'There is a cop coming.'"

Startled by the comment, David turned to look out the window. Sure enough, the lights of an approaching car appeared and as it passed, he saw that it was a police cruiser. As he continued to watch the police car shrink into the distance, he heard one final word from his passenger.

"She said 'goodbye,'" David said. "When I turned to look at her, she was gone."

I'll give you a moment to rub the chill from your skin.

David is absolutely sure the passenger door of his Camaro was never opened. When he peered out into the night around him, he saw no sign of the woman in white. No brightly glowing gown in all of the blackness along Route 11.

"I was so freaked out," David said. "I didn't stop crying until the next afternoon."

How rattled does a 16-year-old boy in a Camaro have to be to speed off into the night to chase down a police officer? You and I, when we were 16, avoided cops at all costs in the wee hours.

When he found the officer in Mechanic Falls, David begged him for insight. Did you see anyone in my car, officer? Did you see a woman in white climbing out of the passenger side? The officer had seen none of that — only a kid alone in a car sitting at the roadside.

The ghost hitchhiker of Route 26 comes with a variety of stories. In the most common, the woman wandering the dark roads is the murdered bride of George Knight, slashed to death in 1856 in her farmhouse on Route 11. The woman will deliver a warning, or perhaps a prediction, to the person who picks her up. Then she vanishes.

In another version, the roaming woman is the ghost of a young girl killed on her way to the prom. She is said to wander near the Poland Spring Inn, waiting for a ride in her eternal quest to make it to the dance. Like the slain Mrs. Knight, the ghost of the prom girl is said to vanish before the ride is over.

"I don't think it was either of them," David says of his spectral passenger. His research — there is plenty to be found on the Web regarding the ghost of Route 26 — has led him to believe that the lady who sat in his Camaro was a bride struck and killed by a car on the way to her wedding in the 1930s; a woman forever trying to reach the site of that long-ago blessed event and disappearing once she arrives.

David was also told that the man who was to marry the young lady is still alive, an elderly man who lives in Oxford.

The terrain of local legend is a labyrinth of falsehoods, misinformation and tiny kernels of truth that get built upon and built upon like papier-mache over decades of retelling. David relates his tale with excitement but without the kind of rhetorical battering you find in those who are trying to convince you of a lie.

I sought him out for this story; he didn't come to me. He spoke to me only hesitantly once I explained what I was after.

And at last, there is a police report on the matter. The prettily dressed lady may not have identified her killer, or made her way to the altar or the prom. But at the very least, she climbed her way up out of local lore and into the public record.

It took a brave kid in a Camaro to get her there.

NOTE: here is a link to a similar incident in Maine...may be linked to the above post Haunted Highway: Tombstone Every Mile...Lon


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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Russian Naval Official Claims 'Humanoids' Observed Underwater - The objects were moving through water at over 420km/h, and divers 50 meters deep in a lake saw humanoids in silver suits.

After the British Ministry of Defence published documentation about UFO research a few months ago, the Russia navy followed, writes Russia Today.

I think about underwater bases and say: "Why not? Nothing should be discarded. Skepticism is the easiest way: believe nothing, do nothing. People rarely visit great depths. So it’s very important to analyze what they encounter there."

"The documents have existed since the time of the Soviet Union, and the former navy official responsible for researching UFOs, Vladimir Azhazha, said for Svobodnaya Press that the materials they found are of great value.

"Fifty percent of UFO encounters are connected with oceans. Fifteen more – with lakes. So UFOs tend to stick to the water," said Vladimir Azhazha for RT.

The group which was led by the commander of the Russian navy, Nikolay Smirnov, gathered lots of evidence about unidentified flying objects, which they encountered numerous times.

On one occasion a Russian nuclear submarine, which was on a mission in the Pacific, ran into six unknown objects. After some time, the objects simply took off and disappeared into the air.

The retired Russian submarine commander Admiral Yury Beketov said that he had many encounters with UFOs in the Bermuda Triangle. UFOs most often seen in Caribbean and Bermuda Triangle.

Beketov says that they noticed objects travelling at an incredible 426km/h on radar. This speed is even too fast for travelling on land, and when we take into account the pressure of the water, it seems these objects defy all the laws of physics.

"There is one explanation: the beings that made them have certainly surpassed us," he says. The former Russian intelligence official Igor Barklay says that UFOs were often seen in the Caribbean, in the deepest parts of the ocean.

Besides that, they appeared in the Russian Baikal Lake, known for its great depths. A fisherman witnessed such an object, who says that a strong light came out of the depths, and then the object came out of the water.

During an exercise in 1982, military divers at the Baikal Lake noticed humanoid beings in silver suits at a depth of around fifty metres. They tried to catch them, but did not manage to.

Crop Circle: Other Planets? - Windmill Hill, Wiltshire

Newest reported crop circle at Windmill Hill, Near Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire. Reported 6th August, 2009. Planetary system with orbits from another galaxy?

Watch Out! The Dangers Of The Paranormal

I received the following email from Fran Ford in reference to 'The Dangers of the Paranormal' attempt to warn people who conduct investigations that things can easily go wrong if you don't know what you're doing.

With all the new paranormal shows, movies, online videos and web sites showing up on our TV screens, in our movie theatres and on our computers on a daily basis and in turn spurring on huge interest in things that go bump in the night, it's only fair, especially in these times of vigilant public awareness on many topics, to bring out into the open just what all this interest in the paranormal can do to people if they are not made aware of the many dangers that lurk and the risks we take when we choose to even just dip our feet into the paranormal pool.

As a paranormal investigator and researcher who's been doing this for many years, I can not sit idly by watching and knowing what I know without becoming proactive in the campaign to keep everyone safe and many from becoming their local paranormal investigation group's next clients.

My partner John and I are helping the founding members of SOCALPRS, Dan and Sandi Mewhinney in their brainchild, The DOTP Project. Dan and Sandi are pioneers in the paranormal field who have taken on the difficult and seemingly impossible task of spearheading this project which helps bring about public awareness and education of the dangers that we all face when we explore the vast realm of the unknown; the paranormal.

Since the birth of The DOTP Project, I and other members of the paranormal field, (some of these members are very prominent and well known and have been known to be pioneers in many aspects of the paranormal field themselves) have come forward to bring to light some of the many things that can go very wrong when exploring the paranormal. Take it from one who knows and has had firsthand experiences in this matter, things can go wrong! Very wrong!

We're not just talking about dangers of the "otherworldly, ethereal or astral kind" either. There are many dangers of the very "mundane" kind as well that we investigators contend with and put ourselves at risk of while out at a supposedly haunted location and or on an investigation.

We would like to take this time to ask that everyone who has an interest in exploring the paranormal, even those who may just be mildly curious and possibly just watching EVP and or other paranormal videos on venues such as You Tube and My Space, to please visit Dan and Sandi's sites and read the stories, hear the facts, and take a look at some of the public service announcement videos from some of the paranormal field's best and finest investigators and researchers. Some of these folks are immediately recognizable as those who have been involved in and have appeared on some of the very TV shows, documentaries, movies I mentioned earlier and many have their own popular web sites where people with an interest in the paranormal visit often and in droves.

We are ALL in agreement that much has to be said and actions taken to help make the paranormal field and those who choose to explore it as safe as possible. Many of the TV shows, movies and many web sites available out there for our viewing pleasure and educational privilege do not come with warning disclaimers. As Dan says, "they won't warn you, so we will".

Please visit Dan and Sandi Mewhinney's SOCALPRS site at and their brainchild sites at: and to read and find out more about 'The Dangers Of The Paranormal' project. Become aware, get educated, but most of all when exploring the paranormal, be safe.

Fran Ford

NOTE: though I post various paranormal investigations on this site, I do try to avoid the obvious 'amateur' ventures that flood the news services daily. I've seen the results of bad investigations...and it's not pretty...Lon

Historic Inn's Owner Encounters Dark Shadow - The ghosts of the Newburg Inn are well-known in the Nazareth, PA area.

But even so, they're often dismissed by modern day sophisticates as so much hooey, figments of easily fooled fools, wishful thinking, or even a ploy to attract more customers to a business.

Lou Basta, owner of the inn, is a pragmatic man, not prone to seeing ghosts. That is, until the time he closed up for the night, went out to his car to go home and realized he forgot to shut off the air conditioner.

Basta says he opened the inn's door, entered the foyer and walked down the hallway ramp to the bar area. It was then he saw a dark shadow standing next to the centuries-old "S-Room," which is made of old wood from horse stables, and near old black-and-white photos of people that time forgot.

"It was the darkest dark I had ever seen," he said. "I just turned around and left."

Perhaps that's why Basta welcomed "ghostbuster" Joe Iannetta and his nonprofit City Lights Paranormal Society into his establishment Wednesday to see if something other than illusions walk his halls. A report on Iannetta's findings will be ready Tuesday.

Iannetta, a 22-year-old car salesman with Chevrolet 21 in Hellertown, is a pragmatic fellow, too.

"Prior to coming, I try to disprove my client's claims," he said.

Iannetta does that through research, which includes everything from the history of the building and those who peopled it to the makeup of the soil upon it rests.

Through the eyes of well-trained skeptics.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Legend of La Llorona: The Wailing Woman

New Mexico's culture is rich with legends, most from old Spanish or Mexican roots. The most famous legend of the Southwest is that of La Llorona, which appears to be dominantly of southern New Mexico origin.

Encounter with La Llorona

A Socorro man and wife remember the summer of 1948 very well. It was July and the weather had become extremely hot. To escape the heat, they decided to camp a few days under the shade of the bosque along the Rio Grande with their neighbors. Two families, consisting of four adults and four children, camped along the river in a thick stand of cottonwood trees near Luis Lopez.

On the first day, they fished, swam the river and played a variety of games. By sundown, they had a large campfire burning and cooked hot dogs and a couple of catfish. It was a fun time for all. Later in the evening, the four children disappeared into the darkness of the bosque playing hide and seek amid the trees — with a stern warning from the parents to not go near the river.

As the adults sat around the campfire, they suddenly noticed it was deathly quiet. The giggles and screams of their playful children went silent. The two mothers immediately got up and began calling their children's names into the darkness. There was no answer. Again they yelled their names, and again there was no answer. The mothers began to panic, fearing the children had slipped into the river.

Just then, they heard the rustling of brush as the older boy ran towards the light of the campfire, yelling, "Momma, momma." Although out of breath, he explained to his parents there was a strange woman talking to them down by the river.

"What is she saying?," one of the mothers asked.

The young lad replied, "She keeps asking '¿Has visto a mis hijos?' (Have you seen my children?)."

"Oh my God — La Llorona," the two mothers screamed.

The parents ran toward the river to rescue their children. As they ran through the trees to the bank of the Rio Grande, they could see the silhouettes of the other three children. Only a few feet away stood a tall, thin woman wearing a long white gown that seemed to glow in the moonlight.

The children stood frozen as the woman repeatedly asked, "¿Donde estan mis hijos?" (Where are my children?).

The parents began to yell, "Jose, Maria, Alicia! Quickly! Come here."

The children obeyed and ran toward their parents.

The woman in the river began a bone-chilling scream, yelling, "No, no abandóneme. Por favor, vuelto a mí, mis hijos" (No, don't leave. Please, come back to me, my children).

The parents, and the children, were so frightened from the experience, they immediately abandoned their camp and sped back to their homes in Socorro.

These parents, and two of the children, still live in Socorro today, although they requested not to be identified. And for good reason. They had a close encounter with La Llorona.

This is the New Mexico legend of La Llorona (pronounced "Lah yoh-ROH-nah), a ghostly spirit woman who for centuries has been seen and heard roaming the Rio Grande, searching for her children.

To this day, the Socorro families that met her face-to-face that summer night in 1948, still consider themselves fortunate to have escaped with their lives.

The Legend

La Llorona is New Mexico's most famous legend, and the state's most famous ghost. It is centered along the Rio Grande south to Juarez, Mexico. There is scarcely a child in New Mexico that has not been told the story of La Llorona as a youngster.

Although there are many variations, the legend goes something like this:

In the early 1700s, there was a young woman named Maria living in Juarez, Mexico. As Maria blossomed into a young woman, her striking beauty attracted the charms of many local men. Coming from a poor family, her mother encouraged her to marry one of these dashing young men for a good life. However, Maria refused, stating her beauty would one day attract the charms of a very rich man.

Before long, the handsome young man of her dreams rode into town. He was the son of a well-known wealthy ranchero west of Juarez. He wore nice clothes and had a handsome, well groomed horse with a fancy saddle — all the signs of a man of wealth. Maria would follow him around, trying to catch his eye, but he seemed to only notice the young women who were fairly "well to do." At night, he would charm the local ladies with his guitar and golden voice, breaking Maria's heart.

One day, the young ranchero came into the tienda (store) where Maria was shopping. She blushed from embarrassment, as she was wearing an old, dirty, tattered dress. However, the blushing beauty suddenly caught the eye of the young ranchero. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

After a short courtship, the ranchero paid her father a large dowry and they were soon married, in spite of the objections of the ranchero's father. After all, it was frowned upon for a wealthy man to marry a woman from a lower class.

After their marriage, they moved to Mesilla, where it is said he worked his own ranch and worked as a merchant along El Camino Real. Others say he moved to Mesilla to avoid the scorn of his father for marrying a woman from such a poor family. Regardless, over the following years, Maria bore him three children.

As the years went by, Maria and her wealthy husband grew apart. He was often gone for months at a time on the ranch or shipping goods along the Camino Real. He had little interest in Maria or the children. Maria suspected he was frequenting the company of other women during his travels.

One day, Maria was walking along the street with her three children when her husband's buggy approached. Sitting close was another woman — a beautiful young woman. He passed her and the children, pretending not to notice them. Maria's heart was torn in two. Her anger exploded into a jealous rage.

If only she didn't have the children, she thought, then her husband would love her again.

In her rage, she dragged her three children to the Rio Grande and held their heads under the water until they were dead. Maria had committed the ultimate sin — deliberately killing her own children.

Returning home later that night, she explained to her husband what she had done to please him. He was horrified and ordered her out of his life. It is said Maria roamed the streets of Mesilla for many nights, calling and crying for her children, which earned her the name "La Llorona" — the wailing woman.

Realizing she had lost everything in life, she went down to the river and cried for her children one last time. When there was no answer, she drove a dagger deep into her chest, and fell dead into the Rio Grande.

The people of Mesilla, after finding her body, buried her in the town cemetery. It is said, even today, La Llorona can be seen roaming the cemetery and the river, crying for her children. It gives the Mesilla cemetery the reputation of being haunted.

Another version

Another popular version has the ranchero leaving Maria for a younger woman. In time, Maria killed her children when she could no longer support them, supposedly as a misdirected act of mercy. Other versions have Maria getting pregnant by a wealthy ranchero, who refused to marry her, and she killed the child at birth to hide the sin. And yet other versions, more common in northern New Mexico, tell of the husband killing the children.

In Santa Fe, Maria, of course, is from Santa Fe and roams the Santa Fe River. Even in 1700, Santa Fe thought the state revolved around them!

Was La Llorona deserted by her husband? Wronged by a lover? Or, the victim of a cheating husband? Regardless, most versions of the legend have La Llorona killing her children in the river, then herself.

¿Dónde están sus niños?

It is said when Maria appeared before God, he asked her, "¿Dónde están sus niños?" (Where are your children?).

Maria replied, "No sé" (I don't know).

God then disfigured her to punish her selfish pride and then damned her to prowl the rivers forever in search of her children. Horrid to look at, she roams the deserts, particularly along the Rio Grande, looking for her dead children to this day. It is said if she encounters children, she drags them into the river and drowns them, hoping to present them to God as her own.

Over the centuries, many claim to have seen, or heard, La Llorona. Many describe her as being a beautiful, alluring woman dressed in a white dress with long black hair. Others say she is dressed in black. Only up close do people see her old, contorted face, and realize who she really is. Her spirit walks the rivers at night — often during a full moon — calling for her children or luring the children of others into the river.

Some say she carries with her an evil aura. Anyone who survives an encounter with La Llorona will soon be followed by tragedy. Others believe she is a bruja (a witch) casting spells of death or misfortune on those who clash with her. Her eerie spine-chilling cry is said to be an omen of death. Many believe La Llorona is the cause of so many children drowning in the ditches and rivers of New Mexico. Others claim it is contact with La Llorona that causes the occasional mother to kill her own children.

In interviewing many Socorroans, there are few that did not know one version or another of La Llorona. The legend was taught to them at a young age. Some remember the story scared them to death every time the wind blew, or they heard mysterious sounds in the night. A few shuddered when La Llorona was mentioned, often followed by a personal experience with the wailing woman of the river.

One might question, "Then why write a history article on a story that everyone knows?"

Well, because not everyone in Socorro had the good fortune of having a Spanish-speaking grandmother to forewarn you of the evils of the river. If you've ever caught an image of something in the corner of your eye, or heard an unexplained scream in the night — now you know. It was La Llorona. She is the most enduring legend of New Mexico in both story and song.

There have been recent crimes of mothers killing their children that have been compared to a modern day La Llorona. The similarities are striking. Here are a few of them.

Susan Smith

On Oct. 25, 1994, Susan Smith of Union, S.C., reported to police she had been carjacked by an African-American man who drove away with her two children still in the car. A nationwide search began for the missing 1990 Mazda Protégé and the two small children. Smith appeared on network television making tearful pleas for the safe return of her children. The heavily publicized kidnapping story captured the nation.

Nine days later, Smith confessed to killing her children. She told police where she had rolled her car into a nearby lake with her two children inside. Police found the automobile where Smith said it would be, and recovered the Mazda Protégé from the lake. Inside they found the drowned, lifeless bodies of 3-year-old Michael and his 14-month-old brother, Alexander.

During the trial, Smith explained her husband had recently divorced her. She had killed her children to dispose of them so she might have a relationship with a wealthy, local man who had no desire for a ready-made family. Without her children, she thought, she would be able to capture the charms of her new suitor.

This reasoning for killing her two children was widely met with contempt and disgust by mothers and fathers across the country. She was compared to La Llorona in a TIME magazine article. Smith was sentenced to life in prison and is not eligible for parole until 2024.

Andrea Yates

In 1993, Andrea Kennedy married the love of her life, Russell Yates. Due to their relationship with an extreme fundamentalist evangelist, they believed they should have as many children as possible. After four children, Andrea expressed she was exhausted by caring for the children and felt four children was enough. However, after pressure from her husband and their minister, Andrea gave birth to another child in 2000.

Andrea went into a deep depression after the birth of her fifth child. Continued pressure from her husband and minister led her to believe she and her children were evil, unrighteous, and were doomed to burn in hell.

On June 20, 2001, Andrea Yates filled the bathtub in their home and proceeded to drown her five children.

Yates calmly called her husband at work and told him, "You need to come home ... I've done it."

Andrea then called 911 and requested a policeman and ambulance.

Upon arrival at the Yates home, the police found four dead children laying on a bed covered with a sheet. The fifth child was still face down in the bath tub. Drowned by their mother were 7-month-old Mary, 2-year-old Luke, 3-year-old Paul, 5-year-old John, and 7-year-old Noah.

At the trial, Andrea confessed she had committed the "seventh deadliest sin" — filicide, or infanticide — the deliberate act of a parent killing their offspring. She did so to regain the love of her husband. Diagnosed with postpartum depression, she was sentenced to 40 years in a Texas state criminal mental institution rather than prison. In 2004, two years after being sentenced, her husband, Russell, divorced her. She remains incarcerated in Texas.

Christina Riggs

Christina Riggs was a divorced single mother of two working as a nurse in Sherwood, Ark. After her second husband divorced her, she became depressed, morbidly obese and frequented Karaoke bars looking for companionship.

On the evening of Nov. 4, 1997, Riggs gave her two children Elavil, an anti-depressant drug that induces drowsiness, then put them to bed. Once asleep, she injected her son, 5-year-old Justin, with potassium chloride. This is the heart stopping drug used to execute death row inmates. Justin awoke and cried out in terror as the burning pain from the lethal drug flowed through his veins. Riggs grabbed a pillow and finished the job by smothering her son to death.

Riggs then smothered her other son, 2-year-old Shelby, and placed the two dead children on the bed and covered them with a blanket.

Riggs then swallowed 28 tablets of Elavil and injected herself with a lethal dose of potassium chloride.

The next morning, their bodies were found by police, along with a suicide note that read in part: "I hope one day you will forgive me for taking my life and the life of my children. I couldn't bear to leave my children behind ... and live knowing their mother killed herself."

Medical personnel at the scene noticed the mother still had a weak heartbeat and was rushed to the hospital. Miraculously, she survived. Her two children, however, were pronounced dead by the coroner.

Riggs stood trial for the death of her children. The jury deliberated for less than hour before returning their guilty verdict. She requested the death sentence so she could be with her children. Her wish was granted.

Christina Riggs was executed by a lethal injection of potassium chloride on May 2, 2000. This story earned national attention at the time, not only for cruelly killing her two children, but for the objections of numerous rights groups protesting the execution of a woman — even though she requested it. Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee refused to intervene. Riggs became the first woman put to death in Arkansas in 150 years.

Some have claimed Riggs spirit is sometimes seen and heard in the halls of the Cummins State Penitentiary in Arkansas, calling for her children — an eerie likeness to La Llorona, in spite of the fact this famous legend is not well known outside of the Southwest and California.

Bernadette Flores

On Oct. 2, 2002, Bureau of Land Management employees found an abandoned car in the Rio Grande gorge near the town of Pilar, south of Taos. Nearby they discovered the body of a woman face down in the river — apparently a self-inflicted drowning.

State Police identified the woman as 32-year-old Bernadette Flores. When they notified the mother of Bernadette's apparent suicide, she inquired where her two grandchildren were. Flores had recently been divorced and was despondent over the inability to care for her children. Checking with other family members and friends, Flores' two children could not be located.

State Police returned to the scene with a search and rescue team. Farther down river, they discovered the bodies of two young children on the river bank. Family members identified the bodies as that of Flores' 10-month-old son Martin, and 4-year-old daughter Kiana.

State Police Lt. Rob Shilling told the news media, "There's no indication that anyone other than the mother and the children were involved in this incident."

The Office of the Medical Investigator agreed. It surmised Bernadette Flores drowned her two children in the Rio Grande. Drugs in her system indicated she was highly sedated, allowing her to drown herself in the river. Family members, knowing of Flores' distraught state, agreed with the findings. Flores, and her two children, were buried on the Jicarilla Indian Reservation at Dulce.

The old Hispanic community of Pilar sits in a fertile valley along the Rio Grande on the road between Española and Taos. They knew well that La Llorona had struck again.

Cries in the night

Along the Rio Grande, particularly from Belen to Juarez, many people over the years have reported not so much seeing La Llorona, but hearing her. Her banshee screams are often heard in the bosque. Fishermen, hunters and those who are simply exploring the bosque have been startled at night with the screams from the lady of the river.

About 20 years ago, several Socorro men were having a party in the bosque south of the Escondida Lake bridge. It was a pleasant, warm night — perfectly calm, with a clear sky full of stars. About midnight, a brisk wind began to blow through the trees, making a host of eerie sounds. Suddenly, a scream was heard coming from the river. Then another. A few seconds later, the screams were heard coming from behind them. Over a period of several minutes, they followed the screams as they moved all around them, but never saw anything. As quickly as the wind and the screaming of La Llorona began, it stopped. The men were certain — La Llorona was only feet away, hiding in the darkness behind the trees.

The man who related this story to me said he has never returned to that section of the river.

It is said the meaning of the legend of La Llorona is to keep children away from the river at night. Others say it is a lesson to young women not marry out of your class.

Perhaps the real lesson of La Llorona is for adults — that mothers and fathers have the profound responsibility to love and protect their children. Those who betray this responsibility will suffer the consequences for eternity.

Still, I'd play it safe and stay away from the Rio Grande at night!

Paranormal Research Society Investigates the Hotel Conneaut - Does the ghost of a young bride named Elizabeth indeed haunt Hotel Conneaut, the historic lakeside structure that is one of Conneaut Lake Park’s (Pennsylvania) most famous landmarks?

The answer to that and other ghostly questions may be revealed in an upcoming episode of “Paranormal State 3,” a series on A&E Television entering its third season. Crews have been in the Conneaut Lake area for several days and are expected to finish filming for the local show today. A date has not been determined for its showing on A&E, which is on Armstrong’s channel 66.

A film crew spent Monday interviewing area residents, including retired Meadville Tribune reporter Jane Smith, a former president of Conneaut Lake Historical Society who continues to serve on the organization’s board.

“It was a little different being on the receiving end of questions,” she said Monday afternoon after her interview, which focused on general information about the hotel’s historical background. “The fact that we grew up a block from the hotel also had something to do with my selection,” she added with a chuckle.

Smith is convinced that many spirits inhabit the structure she fondly calls “our hotel.” A soldier in a tree, a couple dancing in the ballroom, Elizabeth the bride in a long gown, laughing children riding a bicycle, and a meat cutter have all been sighted over the years. “People who have worked there have told me these tales,” Smith said. “We just can’t document who these people may be.”

For Smith, the hotel’s paranormal bottom line is simple. To the best of her knowledge, no tragic deaths have occurred inside the hotel. As a result, “I’m a firm believer that they come back because it’s a happy memory for them,” she said. “They’re not frightening at all.”

Haunted Hotel Conneaut

Hotel Conneaut located inside an old amusement park and situated against a picturesque lake in northwest Pennsylvania is said to be one of Pa's known haunted locations for years. Conneaut Lake Park is the place and in October of 1998 an investigation team visited this turn of the century hotel which is still in use today to seek out ghosts especially the one known as Elizabeth. Elizabeth died in a fire which occurred many years ago when an entire north wing burned down. Some who have worked and lived within the old park has claimed to have seen her in or around the hotel. Others have experienced a diversity of phenomena which can only be described as otherworldly. Lights that won't be shut off and turn back on. Unusual sounds in the night, and even guests who stay there report beds rattling and other voices in their rooms as well as security guards and maintenance workers who have noticed weird happenings. One maintenance worker presently employed still will not enter the hotel alone at night under any circumstances. It's truly like stepping back in time when you enter this landmark.

NOTE: I stayed at the Hotel Conneaut for a week in 1993. I was there on business with several colleagues. I had heard the tales before I got there but it wasn't on my mind at the time since I had a busy schedule...meetings, presentations, etc. To make a long story short, I didn't get much sleep that week and it wasn't because of the work. There were disembodied voices all night. As well, I heard movement in my bathroom off and on. This investigation should be interesting...Lon

Beachgoers Horrified By Barnacle Covered Log

A mysterious 'alien like' creature horrified holidaymakers after it washed up on a beach on the Gower Peninsula in Wales.

The writhing mass of tentacles, which measured at least 6ft from end to end, was described by a zoology expert today as 'like something out of Doctor Who'.

Hundreds of people flocked to Oxwich Beach near Swansea to catch a glimpse of the monster.

The mysterious 'alien like' creature measured 3ft long

But fears of a UFO invasion were put to rest as scientists revealed it was a seething mass of goose barnacles that was swept up from the depths of the ocean by bad weather.The barnacles - long writhing stalks or pendulates, tipped with shells - are normally found deep below the waves, but were washed up clinging to a log.

Professor Paul Brain, of Swansea University, said: 'One child screamed out that it resembled something from Dr Who and I would have to agree with her - it made very bizarre viewing.

'In fact they were probably the biggest specimens of free-floating goose barnacles I've seen.

'The log is about two metres long and as thick as a telegraph pole so I wouldn't be surprised if there were a couple of thousand barnacles on there.'

The tentacled creature relies on water motion for feeding - leading to it frequently being washed up on shore.

The barnacle extends its fan-like array of limbs to catch plankton, and attaches itself to surfaces by its stalk - leaving it unable to move from the point it is fixed.

Professor Brain said: 'They tend to live in the oceans and can attach themselves to the bottom of ships.

'It's normally found in quite deep water but occasionally they can be found on debris that has become dislodged from the sea bed and has washed up on the shore.

'I would think the bad weather caused by the jet stream in the past month has probably dislodged these barnacle infested logs from their resting places, giving people a rare look at them for free on the beach.'

Professor Brain added: 'They're actually a delicacy in Spain although I haven't seen any Spanish people trying to chisel them off.

'Back in the old days, people thought barnacle geese hatched from them. A Welsh monk in the 12th century, Giraldus Cambrensis, even claimed to have seen geese hatching from them.'

In Portugal and Spain, the barnacles are a widely consumed and expensive delicacy known as percebes. They have a briny taste and are served steaming hot with their triangular shells still attached.

Monolith Structure Captured On NASA Mars Orbiter Camera - An image of what appears to be a mysterious rocky monument on Mars has excited space junkies around the world.

The 'monolith', was snapped from 165 miles away using a special high resolution camera on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

After being published on the website Lunar Explorer Italia, it set tongues wagging with space buffs questioning whether there was once life on the Red Planet.

But scientists at the University of Arizona, who captured the original image, reckon it's just an unremarkable boulder, which could measure up to five metres across.

Yisrael Spinoza, a spokesman for the HiRISE department of the university's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, gave Mail Online the original image so readers can make up their own minds.

He said: 'It would be unwise to refer to it as a "monolith" or "structure" because that implies something artificial, like it was put there by someone for example.

'In reality it's more likely that this boulder has been created by breaking away from the bedrock to create a rectangular-shaped feature.'

The image seems to resemble the black monolith that appears during key moments of man's evolution in the Stanley Kubrick film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The original image, taken last July, was published again this week on the University of Arizona's HiRISE website on the 'spotlight' page which seems to have led to the renewed interest.

'Is it possible that there used to be an ancient civilization on Mars?' former Montreal radio presenter David Tyler asked on his blog.

'Is it possible that NASA already knows the answer? Could this be the final straw for disclosure?'

But speaking about the satellite picture scientist Alfred McEwen, the principal investigator from the University of Arizona's HiRISE department, said: 'There are lots of rectangular boulders on Earth and Mars and other planets.

'Layering from rock deposition combined with tectonic fractures creates right-angle planes of weakness such that rectangular blocks tend to weather out and separate from the bedrock.'

Fuel was added to the flames after Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the Moon, alluded to a similar monolith detected on Mars' moon Phobos.

Speaking on a U.S. cable television channel last week he said: 'We should visit the moons of Mars.

'There's a monolith there - a very unusual structure on this little potato shaped object that goes around Mars once every seven hours.

'When people find out about that they are going to say, "Who put that there? Who put that there?" Well the universe put it there, or if you choose God put it there.'

In 2007 the Canadian Space Agency funded a study for an unmanned mission to Phobos known as PRIME (Phobos Reconnaissance and International Mars Exploration).

The building-sized monolith is the main proposed landing site but not because scientists suspect UFO activity. They believe the object is a boulder exposed relatively recently in an otherwise featureless area of the asteroid-like moon.

PRIME investigator Dr Alan Hildebrand said it could answer questions about the moon's composition and history.

'If we can get to that object, we likely don’t need to go anywhere else,' he told his science team.

The fact it seems to resemble a rectangular monument could be due to simulacra. This is where humans see familar images in random surroundings such as the famous 'Face of Mars', which is actually just a hilly and cratered area.


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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Monstrous Handprint Concerns North Carolina Family - When Joye Edwards walked out of her Ennice, N.C. home and saw the giant, dirty handprint on the back of her vehicle, the first thing she felt was anger.

She’d just spent the prior evening washing and polishing the blue Jeep to a sparkling shine.

As she got closer to the vehicle though, her anger quickly turned to confusion, fascination and fright.

About 10 inches in length, the handprint seemed to dwarf the taillight of her car.

She knew that something had put the handprint there overnight because the vehicle had been spotless just hours before.

She had left her bedroom windows open that night and recalled hearing her dog barking wildly, but just assumed her Collie had spotted a cat, opossum, or some other unwelcome critter.

But now, she had an eerie feeling. “The first thing I thought was that it had to be a bear,” she said. “But it doesn’t look like any bear print my husband and I have ever seen.”

The print didn’t reveal any claw prints or marks, just a palm, fingers and thumb.

Another odd detail was that the print was left behind in what appeared to be creek sand, not dirt or mud.

Did someone try to pull a prank?

The Edwards family has a quarter-mile long driveway, which leads to their large, wooded farm, and lives about a mile from a main road. “If someone was trying to make a joke, then they sure went to a lot of trouble,” she said.

When she showed family members the mysterious print, they gawked and told her it was “Sasquatch.”

“They were serious,” she said.

“Sasquatch” is an alleged ape-like creature, inhabiting densely forested areas. Most U.S. reports come from the Pacific Northwest, though there are websites dedicated to Bigfoot sightings in Virginia and North Carolina, particularly in the Blue Ridge Mountains and along the Appalachian Trail.

Bigfoot is usually described as a large, hairy, ape-like creature on two legs. By all accounts, many people believe in its existence and contend that the same or similar creatures are found around the world under different regional names.

The scientific community considers Bigfoot to be a combination of folklore, misidentification (usually a bear), and hoaxes, rather than an actual creature.

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries doesn’t keep track of bear sightings in the area because they are so common, though the department does keep track of bear-related nuisance complaints. In 2007, there were two nuisance bear complaints in Grayson County, and in 2008 there were six, said Julia Dixon, a media relations coordinator for the department.

As for Bigfoot sightings, “We have never had officers investigating Bigfoot as part of their work for the department,” Dixon said in an email.

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has not yet responded to the newspaper’s questions about bear or Bigfoot sightings in Alleghany County.

Edwards admits she isn’t sure what left that strange, giant handprint on her car. The family hasn’t seen or heard anything strange since the incident, “but I’m keeping my windows shut from now on,” she said. “Just in case.”

Glade Valley, NC Man Spots 'Upright Animal' - He heard the creature long before he ever saw it.

A sound unlike anything he’s ever heard before.

What was it?

“I can’t say,” a Glade Valley man, who doesn’t want to be named, says during a telephone interview. “It’s a yell, a holler. I’ve never heard anything like it – not even on television.”

For years, he heard the strange animal-like noise – and then he saw something, not once, but three times, over the past two years.

The first instance occurred when he was working outside his home. As he walked to his truck to get some tools, he saw a 7-foot, furry, black creature walking on two legs across an open field near his home.

“It was dusk,” he says. “And the thing was taller than my brother. He’s six-foot.”

The second time he saw the creature he was feeding his dogs.

The third time he was driving, when he saw it standing alongside the road. All three times the creature stood upright. Twice the creature walked for yards, using only two legs.

Bears can walk upright for only short distances, he noted. He’s familiar with much of the local wildlife, but stopped short of making a determination about what he has seen and heard.

“I don’t want to say it’s Bigfoot,” he says. “But I don’t want to say it’s not.”

“Bigfoot,” also known as “Sasquatch” is an alleged ape-like creature, inhabiting densely forested areas. Most U.S. reports come from the Pacific Northwest, though there are websites dedicated to Bigfoot sightings in Virginia and North Carolina, particularly in the Blue Ridge Mountains and along the Appalachian Trail.

Bigfoot is usually described as a large, hairy, ape-like creature on two legs. By all accounts, many people believe in its existence and contend that the same or similar creatures are found around the world under different regional names.

The scientific community considers Bigfoot to be a combination of folklore, misidentification (usually a bear), and hoaxes, rather than an actual creature.

Christopher D. Kreh is a wildlife biologist with the North Carolina Wildlife Commission, covering 11 counties (including Alleghany) in northwestern North Carolina.

Kreh said he is very familiar with bears in the area.

“We do not have any specific statistics for spring and summer bear activity in Alleghany County, but it is fair to say they are common and seen on a fairly regular basis,” he said in an email.

Kreh said he is not aware of any “Bigfoot” sightings or investigations.

The Declaration emailed him a photo of a 10-inch handprint found weeks ago on a Jeep parked at an Alleghany home. He said the print doesn’t belong to a bear and suggested that someone might be playing a prank on the family.

Lake Worth Monster: Couple Confirms Sighting in 1969

Greer Island, a small patch of land close to where the West Fork of the Trinity River flows into Lake Worth, is heavily shaded by tall oaks, cedar elms and cottonwoods.

One of the quietest spots in Fort Worth, the island is home to egrets and owls, perhaps an alligator or two.

And maybe, just maybe, the Lake Worth Monster.

The Lake Worth Monster — aka Goat-Man — hasn’t been seen regularly at the Fort Worth Nature Center since a very memorable summer 40 years ago when all of Texas seemed to buzz with the news that a hairy, scaly 7-foot man-goat-beast was terrorizing the good citizens of Tarrant County.

"Every so often, it will come up in conversation," said Suzanne Tuttle, manager of the Nature Center. "Somebody will say, 'I remember when that happened.’ "

Perhaps the monster moved on to less-populated environs, and maybe it’s dead by now, his bones to be discovered decades later by a lucky anthropologist.

Or, as more people actually suspect, the monster was really several creatures, all hoaxes carried out by enterprising and opportunistic mischief-makers from Brewer, Castleberry or North Side high school.

No one is exactly sure.

Mystery still cloaks the legend of the Lake Worth Monster and his tire-chucking, hair-raising appearance in July 1969. Continued reading...Lake Worth Monster

Consider the Unseen Residents Before Buying a House - Christine, asked some interesting questions.

“What are the things we should consider when looking for house and lot? I don’t mean the price or location. I mean, are there certain properties we should avoid due to their unseen inhabitants?

“Should we consult psychics to look at properties we like? Do you offer such service?

“Are there things we can do for the spirits to welcome us in a more friendly manner?

“I don’t know if spirits should matter in buying a home but surely my experience had me up all night last night.”

To summarize the experience Christine was telling me about:

She and her Chinese husband wanted to look for property upon their return from the US. Her husband insisted on a certain part of Quezon City well-known for sightings of white ladies and other creatures. The husband didn’t believe in such things but relied more on feng shui experts.

They found one the husband liked, but which she disliked at the onset without knowing why. The caretaker’s sister told them only an old woman lived there with her daughter and “her husband’s ashes.” But for some reason, Christine kept asking her: “Does she only have one daughter?” After insisting on the question, she was told the old woman actually also had three sons who all died one after another for no known cause.

She was also told that some who went to look at the property brought their own feng shui experts, who told them the house was bad luck and had plenty of spirits.

That made Christine decide not to live there, especially now that she’s pregnant.

“Do those deaths in that house have something to do with spirits staying there?” she asked.

Yes, there are certain houses or properties you should avoid because of the presence of negative spirits or strong negative energies. But not all spirits are bad. There are houses where the presence of positive spirits and elementals could even bring good luck and protection.

But not only should you consider the presence of negative spirits when buying property, you should also be aware of the presence of geopathic stress or negative earth rays that may affect the health of those living in that place. These negative earth rays come from underground and are distorted or deflected when they radiate outside the ground, causing illness to those living there. The most common effects are cancer of the blood (leukemia) and certain types of tumor. There are already many documented cases of the effects of such earth rays on human beings in Germany and in other parts of Europe.

Yes, we do provide psychic or paranormal services to those who need them. We have trained psychics and clairvoyants who can help people with those problems. We take a look at a house and lot before a client buys it. I don’t normally do this myself because I am not a psychic in the ordinary sense of that word. I am more of a psychic researcher, counselor and educator.

I cannot tell whether the deaths in the house are caused by or related to the presence of spirits there, but there have been cases where spirits have caused such incidents or tragedies.

The best thing to do is have a house checked by a competent psychic, exorcist, spiritualist or clairvoyant before buying one.


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