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The Face in the Orb - Enhanced / Unretouched

© P&M Network Images
© P&M Network Images

I saw your article on Paul in Perth's video. The 'face' still intrigued me.

I am an artist with a trained eye for details and have been a canvas artist for over 50 years, a graphics artist for the last 15 years. I decided to see exactly what was "behind the mask", as it were, so I have enlarged and enhanced the 'face', bringing out the features that were already there. It is truly startling!

If this is the 'real deal' and has not been faked in any way, I feel this is either a trans-dimensional being, or a spirit. If you look closely, you can almost make out a pupil in the eye. The light from the camera is even reflected in both eyes.

I have included the enhanced picture in this email.

Thanks to S. Williams for the enhancement!

Psychics Coax Out Spirits in Central Pennsylvania Museum - A series of strange events left Packwood House Museum Executive Director Dr. Richard A. Sauers scratching his head. Turns out a specter may have found its way into the museum.

“We’ve been told for years that the place is probably haunted,” Sauers said. “We’ve had psychics identify themselves after tours and tell us they notice things here and there.”

With years of rumors and psychics reporting findings in the museum, Sauers decided to take action. Who did he call? The Central Pennsylvania Paranormal Research Association.

“Every once in a great while I’ll feel something brush me, just to let me know they are there,” Sauers said. “I decided to find out for myself and called the Central Pennsylvania Paranormal Research Association.”

Maria the barmaid

The Packwood Museum originated as a log cabin in 1799. Throughout the 19th century, the cabin continued to grow as owners John and Edith Fetherston continued to add editions.

The continued growth transformed the once-small cabin into a tavern and hotel that acted as a resting place for people traveling and transporting goods along the Susquehanna River.

Upon entering the tavern portion of the museum during a visit, psychics immediately felt someone in the room. Dr. Sauers said one of the psychics, who has the ability to determine the layout of old rooms, identified the presence as an old barmaid who identified herself as Maria. Maria was described as just giving a casual greeting before leaving.

Mirrors aid the spirits

In two separate visits in the spring, the CPPRA stayed from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. and found a number of specters throughout the museum.

“Mirrors, according to what the psychics told me, tend to attract psychic energy,” Dr. Sauers said of the investigation. “Especially if the mirrors are facing one another. The psychics said it acts as a conduit to bring in spirits. There are a couple rooms with a lot of concentrated psychic energy. There are over 90 mirrors on display in the building.”

Sauers said Edith Fetherston was an avid mirror collector. He said John Fetherston showed himself during the first visit of the CPPRA, with the aid of mirrors.

Sauers and a researcher were standing in the room where John’s portait hangs, he said. Mirrors on either side of the room face each other and were reflecting the image of Sauers and the researcher.

Sauers said his reflection disappeared, and the spirit of John Fetherston appeared standing next to them.

Along with the healthy supply of mirrors, there are many instances of mirrors reflecting off of one another. The CPPRA informed Dr. Sauers this is an especially tempting for the spirits because it acts as a gateway for them to enter our world.

“We have one room where there are three sets of opposing mirrors,” Dr. Sauers said. “They found stuff up there and in a storage room where there are two opposing mirrors.”

For anyone worried about a possible encounter, the psychics have reassured Dr. Sauers that the spirits are friendly.

“According to the psychics they are all friendly ghosts,” Dr. Sauers said. “I’ve worked in haunted places before.”

Dr. Sauers experience with the paranormal happened when he worked in Wisconsin at another historical site.

“I’ve literally walked into a ghost one day in a hallway basement in Wisconsin,” Dr. Sauers said. “I was going down to check on some supplies we had stored. I walked into an ice-cold pocket of air that was probably five to six inches thick.”

Along with being startled and having the hair on his neck stand up, Dr. Sauers spoke out to the spirit and said, “ ‘The next time you see me coming, could you stay out of the way?’ When I came back five minutes later, it was gone.”

THE GRID - Alien Control

I was looking at birthday cards in a party store today when I came upon a young woman maybe 20 who was standing in the middle of the aisle blocking the way with her cell phone stuck to her ear.

She was frozen staring straight ahead as if in a trance. This young woman was completely unaware of the world around her. I asked her twice to let me pass. When I got no response I gently nudged her out of the way. She was not aware of my presence at all.

I see it all the time with cell phones -people driving, walking, shopping lost to real time while engaged in a second reality in cell phone land. People are becoming completely removed from the reality in front of them be it the road while driving or the children who sit ignored while with them, basically to all that is happening around them becomes second to the device stuck to their face. I have to wonder if that is normal behavior or something that we have been trained to do?

I watch as people are walking together with one or both on cell phones talking to other people while ignoring the person they are walking with. It is as if we are losing our ability to have one on one contact while becoming controlled by our technology.

I thought about how big screen TVs and computers have become the way of life across the world for many people. We do not sit as a family that often any more. We seem to section away from each other starring at TV screens or sit in front of computers instead of getting together in real time with real people for real interaction We are becoming lost to new realities all which remove us from each other by placing gadgets between us.

I have not been able to stop thinking about this since I wrote my article on the UFO seen by the group of hunters over the field where high tension wires, cell phone towers and a radio transmitter tower are all located in one large field.

In that article I talk about the group of men who late one night walked into this field and found a huge UFO hovering over this entire field with a laser type ray connected into the wires and towers. The men first thought that the craft was fueling or feeding. After talking to people I know who work in science about this incident it was suggested that it was far more likely that the craft was downloading data into the wires as well as collecting data out of them. The idea that something alien was feeding us data by downloading into our systems really frightened me.

Realizing that every home, business, school, every building is in one way or another hooked into our grid made me cringe at the idea of aliens also hooked into our lives by way of infrastructure. It made me realize how easily it would be to download control over our thinking once they had access to us by way of our technology. Not only could we have data placed into our ears, eyes and minds they also could collect what we watch, listen to, talk about or do on our computers. The idea gave me a shiver down my back that I still am not able to shake off

Watching the young woman in the store today made me wonder how much of our behavior may be controlled or modified by whatever and who ever was interfering with that field of wires and towers that night the hunters spotted that huge UFO craft?

If they are downloading data into our communication systems our homes -you have to wonder why and what they are trying to do? The idea of how serious this could be hit me while watching this young woman lost from reality while standing in a crowded store with her cell phone held to her head. She was in another reality of ‘cell phone land’ completely unaware of the real time people living another reality all around her. We see this happening every day yet we all seem to not notice what is going on at the same time. What is going on with all of us and this era of technology? Are we losing our way or worse giving our will over to something or someone else without any realization of it?

I thought about it all that day and started to really look at the people around me, I watched as people walked right out from stores or sidewalks into the street - like robots all with cell phones held to their heads. I paid attention to the routines of those I know and love and realized that the TV or computer was always on in every home. I realized how many of us watch TV while eating our meals instead of talking to one another. I watched as young people went from cell phone to computer to TV never off the grid for more then a few hours each day.

I thought about this and clearly saw how each and everyone of us have become part of this huge communication system I will call THE GRID and truly do give our selves over to whatever is coming to us by way of the wire and wireless communication systems we have become both addicted and trained to use.

I think about how many hours we spend each day watching TV, talking on our phones either land line or cell, surfing the net or chatting on line. Think about your day and how many hours you spend hooked to THE GRID. Be honest about the amount of time you have allowed yourself to be connected to that grid and how easily you may have been programmed or influenced by what ever that huge craft was and what it downloaded into our systems.

I thought about that article and the emails I received from the power company employees and a electrical engineer who told me they also had experiences with strange situations where odd things were seen, blackouts took place yet they were never able to explain what happened.

I thought about how many times over the years I read about UFO sightings and blackouts happening at the same time. I thought about how the hunters who saw that huge craft that night connected to the wires told me that the ship was dark, there were not lights on it, and unless you were close or under it you may not notice it at all against the night sky. I wondered how many ships in wooded areas are connecting to our infrastructure while downloading or collecting data all right under our noses?

It seems we are becoming robot like cold people who are losing the ability to communicate one to one without a device that is hooked into the grid. We are becoming divided by the modern day conveniences we purchase to make our lives easier and to entertain us. Instead we may be bringing into our homes cars and lives the very devices used to control us.

Knowledge is key in life. The more you know the more you can succeed in life be it in your career or with your family and friends. The more you understand in life the better you will be able to defend against things that may harm you. I think we need to look at this situation with a great deal more thought and care then we have so far. I fear we may be walking our selves off a cliff with our own gadgets and devices.

I now know that unknown crafts have been seen hooked into our infrastructure grids. I have had the most intelligent people I could find explain it was most likely to download into while collecting our information from that gird. I know we all sit in front of the devices that could carry what is being downloaded into our grids for hours each day. I believe we need to heed this knowledge and be aware of our actions and turn off our cell phones, limit our TV viewing and not sit in front of our computers for hours each and every day.

I wonder if we did change our behaviors if we would also start to change our view of things going on around us? I think we may begin to re unite with those around us. I think we are allowing things to happen to us that are dangerous yet easily fixed

I have turned off my cell phone and only use it for quick calls. I now visit those I want to talk to in real time. I only watch TV for a set time each day and I limit my computer use to work and research then I turn it off. I read constantly and have started to print out what I wish to read on the internet rather then sit in front of the active screen hooked into the system. I try hard to remove myself from the grid. I realize I must do this in order to keep my mind clear and my spirit actively connected in real time to those around me.

I think the worse thing we can do knowing this to be a possible dangerous habit is to turn on our computers while watching TV with our cell phones turned on and our minds turned off. What a perfect opportunity to brainwash, program and gather us in group into non thinking numb beings easily controlled and lacking in the art of exchange on a human to human one on one basis. As it now stands it will not be long before we are unable to communicate without something non-human hooked to us or between us.

Think about who you may really be dealing with, listening to , attaching to your brain and body -as well as bringing into your home the next time you turn on all your gadgets and entertainment devices and sit mindlessly in front of them. Do you really want to offer your body and soul up for the taking so easily? I say turn off from THE GRID and become completely human again.

We are new to all this modern technology, Mankind seems to be racing forward with this new world of communication and tech machinery however I do not think we as a species are really ready or evolving as fast as our machines are being produced in this new tech world.

I certainly do not think we are safe guarded against who else or what else can be locking into our new abilities. We are not sure who also is hooked into our technology or for what purposes. I think we need to stand back and take a second look at where we are going and how we are doing it.

It is never wise to jump off a cliff into dark water. Until we better understand what we are doing and who and what is hooking into our grids we need to handle it all with a bit more caution and care.

For now I limit my use of all of these things and have started to talk to those around me making eye contact and listening to what they are saying to me.

What a wonderful world it would be if we all turned off our devices and got back to the practice of humans living and thinking on our own together without a machine between us. Especially when we have unwanted visitors listening in!

Thanks to Chris Holly for providing this post

Axthadan Alien Probe? Footage From Planet Axthada?

NOTE: Michael Cohen has again surfaced with an unbelievable theory...this time, it's Paul's video in his cross hairs...Lon

This seemingly incredible video has recently surfaced on the Internet. It shows a group of what appear to be Axthadan aliens testing or observing one of the small UFO probes they send to monitor distant planets. I have no idea where this UFO video comes from or whether it is genuine however many things about the film are remarkable:

* The aliens seen in the background look almost identical to the Axthadan aliens who originate from the Andromeda Galaxy. These Axthadans were also seen in the now famous Kumburgaz series of UFO videos that many believe to be genuine images of aliens awaiting clearance to travel home through a UFO vortex exit that is located off the Turkish coast.
* The entire scene fits in with what is known by governments around the world: That Axthadans are sending small probes to earth to monitor our civilization. It is now understood that Earth itself is located in Axthada's sphere of influence and territory. It seems that these beings have been subtly directing our development for millennia and might even have outright created us, somewhat in their (humanoid) image.
* Also interesting is the fact that the actual probe seen in the video looks almost identical to confirmed UFO probes from Axthada that have been studied by top secret Government departments.
* More astoundingly, the video quality and type is similar to earlier image transmissions sent by these probes and might actually be a video message designed to explain to Earthlings the origin and purpose of these probes.

Of course the video might be of nothing of any real interest and the similarities just a coincidence. Until more is established about who leaked this video and where it comes from little conclusive can be said about it. In the meantime enjoy the footage and keep in mind that there is a chance that this might be actual footage from the distant planet of Axthada.

NOTE: it's too bad I had to break the news to Cohen that this video was not from planet Axthada, but from Paul's flat in Perth, Australia...Lon

Residents, Officials Work on Plan to Capture 'Palisades Panther'

Proof has been elusive, but that hasn't stopped some distressed people from pooling their money in an effort to capture what they say are large, roving felines in Rockland County.

Concerned residents, joined by Orangetown police and Supervisor Thom Kleiner, packed Palisades Presbyterian Church last night to hatch a plan for catching the animals, often described as panthers or mountain lions. At least eight sightings of the creatures were reported in the past five months.

What they came up with was a preliminary budget of $6,000 to buy eight cameras and two traps and hire a professional tracker.

"A lot of people have questions, but what we really need now is some action," said Milbry Polk, a Palisades resident who helped organize the meeting.

The carcasses of two slaughtered deer that turned up in the hamlet in the past few weeks renewed concerns that predatory felines could be prowling the region.

Four to six sightings around Palisades and Tallman State Park were reported in March and April. Additional sightings in Pearl River and at a golf course in Rockland Lake State Park trickled in afterward.

So far, no photographic evidence has been submitted to police.

"We don't have any sightings that are 100 percent provable right now," Orangetown Sgt. James Sullivan said.

The Department of Environmental Conservation has not intervened because it needs more to go on than just eyewitness accounts, said Ed McGowan, a science director for the Palisades Interstate Park Commission.

At this point, he said, no one can tell whether the animals are as large as leopards or as small as fishers.

"If we're keeping an open mind that there could be panthers, we should keep an open mind that it could be something else," he said yesterday.

Shane Hobel, a tracker with New Jersey-based Tracker SFI, said at least one large cat is present and "feeding well."


Big Cat Sightings Investigated In Palisades, New York
'Large Black Cat' Reports Continue in New York
Big Cat Sightings Spread Throughout Rockland County, NY
Suburban Legends: The Palisades Panthers


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AMAZING Photo / Video - Face Shaped Orb - Perth, Australia - UPDATED! Enhanced

© P&M Network Images
© P&M Network Images

Paul shot this video on July 24th. In slow motion there is a depiction of a face shaped orb. Paul has maintained this apparition occurs....this is the first time he was able to capture it on video

© P&M Network Images

This is an enhancement of an 'entity' from video #69 titled 'Reptilian'. The first screen cap is the entity coming towards the camera and Paul (just materializing). The second and third screen caps depict the entity at the nearest point to the camera and Paul before it disappears...Paul states within a few seconds.... 'what was that'?

A discussion thread and page on this phenomena is located here Discussion: Ghost Orbs or Alien Visitations and here Ghost Orbs or Alien Visitations. Feel free to go and read the discussion and background of this case.

NOTE: we are still attempting to get a paranormal group in Western far,all we have received is lip service. This phenomena needs to be investigated professionally...Lon

AMAZING Videos: Massive 'Orb' Activity

These videos are, by far, the most incredible examples of paranormal activity I have ever witnessed.

Check out the bottom left of the screen near the 0.32 sec. mark. What does that look like to you? To me, it looks like something was moving near the floor.

I enlarged one of the 'orbs' from Paul's video 7-6-09. I enhanced it a has a yo-yo shape to it.

Here is an enhanced 'orb' from the last video. It's hard to get great detail but there seems to be some structure to it. I estimated that this object was just 2-3 feet from the camera.

NOTE: I'm going to continue reporting on this phenomena. We have contacted several paranormal groups in Western Australia to investigate this far, no response...Lon

This video is from July 9, 2009. At the .17 mark, an 'orb' appears then fades away. I took 3 closeup and enhanced screen caps of this 'orb'...the last image is just before it disappears.



Remarkable videos of 'orb' activity in a small flat in Perth, Australia. The user has setup a CCTV as well as a video camera that monitors his computer screen. Currently, he has posted several weeks worth of activity though it has been present for much longer. Go to to view all the videos. Granted, it is hard to see some of the video (when the computer screen is captured by the video cam) but the activity and audio is detectable.

NOTE: the user (Paul) had contacted me previously in reference to this paranormal activity in order to pinpoint the problem. I have ask several friends and associates to contact him and offer advise...Lon


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Declassified Russian Navy UFO Files Describe Underwater Encounters

The Russian navy has declassified its records of encounters with unidentified objects technologically surpassing anything humanity ever built, reports Svobodnaya Pressa news website.

The records dating back to soviet times were compiled by a special navy group collecting reports of unexplained incidents delivered by submarines and military ships. The group was headed by deputy Navy commander Admiral Nikolay Smirnov, and the documents reveal numerous cases of possible UFO encounters, the website says.

Vladimir Azhazha, former navy officer and a famous Russian UFO researcher, says the materials are of great value.

“Fifty percent of UFO encounters are connected with oceans. Fifteen more – with lakes. So UFOs tend to stick to the water,” he said.

On one occasion a nuclear submarine, which was on a combat mission in the Pacific Ocean, detected six unknown objects. After the crew failed to leave behind their pursuers by maneuvering, the captain ordered to surface. The objects followed suit, took to the air, and flew away.

Many mysterious events happened in the region of Bermuda Triangle, recalls retired submarine commander Rear Admiral Yury Beketov. Instruments malfunctioned with no apparent reason or detected strong interference. The former navy officer says this could be deliberate disruption by UFOs.

“On several occasions the instruments gave reading of material objects moving at incredible speed. Calculations showed speeds of about 230 knots, of 400 kph. Speeding so fast is a challenge even on the surface. But water resistance is much higher. It was like the objects defied the laws of physics. There’s only one explanation: the creatures who built them far surpass us in development,” Beketov said.

Navy intelligence veteran, Captain 1st rank Igor Barklay comments:

“Ocean UFOs often show up wherever our or NATO’s fleets concentrate. Near Bahamas, Bermudas, Puerto Rico. They are most often seen in the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean, in the southern part of the Bermuda Triangle, and also in the Caribbean Sea.”

Another place where people often report UFO encounters is Russia’s Lake Baikal, the deepest fresh water body in the world. Fishermen tell of powerful lights coming from the deep and objects flying up from the water.

In one case in 1982 a group of military divers training at Baikal spotted a group of humanoid creatures dressed in silvery suits. The encounter happened at a depth of 50 meters, and the divers tried to catch the strangers. Three of the seven men died, while four others were severely injured.

“I think about underwater bases and say: why not? Nothing should be discarded,” says Vladimir Azhazha. “Skepticism is the easiest way: believe nothing, do nothing. People rarely visit great depths. So it’s very important to analyze what they encounter there.”


UFO Phenomenon Was Taboo Subject in USSR

The world celebrates the International UFO Day on July 2. Oleg Stolyarov became the first person in Russia who chose the UFO subject for his doctoral dissertation.

The world’s first-ever scientific work dedicated to strange objects in the sky was penned by Carl Yung, a renowned Swiss psychologist. He equated the phenomenon of the UFO with Maya myths and the symbols of unconscious collective. He returned to the subject in 50 years in his article “UFOs as Rumors.”

US professor Joseph Allen Hynek founded the Center for UFO Studies in 1974. Several other scientists dedicated their works to the mysterious phenomenon afterwards, but no one dared to do it in the Soviet Union.

“That was a tabooed subject in the USSR. Any piece of information about the flying saucers was treasured. Any public jokes about the UFO were strictly forbidden,” Mr. Stolyarov said.

The situation changed drastically in the beginning of the 1980s. Everyone in the country started speaking about the phenomenon. Newspaper articles, TV and radio programs about the UFO became plentiful. Many respectable scientists even lost their interest in the mystery because of the national boom.

The UFO Day is celebrated on July 2 in honor of the so-called Roswell incident. An unidentified aircraft, which many consider to be of extraterrestrial origin, crashed on the outskirts of Roswell on July 2, 1947.

On July 8, 1947, many US newspapers wrote that the US Air Force found the debris of the unknown aircraft on the crash site in Roswell. General Roger Ramey rejected the information several hours later. The official explained that it was not an alien spacecraft, but a top secret space probe that crashed near the town. The probe, Ramey said, was launched within the scope of the program to observe the nuclear tests of the USSR.

Major Jesse Marcel, a former intelligence officer, said in 1947 that the story with the probe was not true. The major said that the debris found on the crash site was of extraterrestrial origin indeed.

There is no evidence to prove the fact that it was a UFO that crashed in Roswell. However, over 200,000 people visit the town every year in the beginning of July to take part in seminars, lectures and the alien parade.

The UFO industry brings $5.2 million of profit to the town every year.

'Windermere Monster' Wake Pummels Swimmer

A bizarre swimming incident on Windermere coincided with the announcement that a team of paranormal investigators will plumb the lake’s depths in search of a giant creature.

Thomas Noblett, 46, was swimming the lake this week when he was suddenly swamped by a three-foot wave of unknown origin.

A spate of eyewitness sightings reported by The Gazette during 2006-2007 described a 50-foot long serpent-like animal surfacing on Windermere.

Psychic Dean ‘Midas’ Maynard, who came to prominence by accurately predicting sports score lines and X factor winners, will join The Centre for Fortean Zoology (CFZ), in the hunt for the beast in September.

Mr Noblett trains on the lake for four hours every day in preparation for a channel swim.

Never having had to deal with anything more than the odd passing trout, the 46-year-old said he had since reconsidered the legend of the Windemere monster.

“I didn’t entertain it before. Now when I’m in the lake it has my full attention,” he said.

Mr Noblett, managing director of The Langdale Chase Hotel, was swimming close to Wray Castle at 7am on Wednesday morning when the 3ft swell hit.

He and swimming trainer Andrew Tighe – paddling in a boat beside him – were the only people on the lake.

“We had gotten up early and Windermere was crystal clear. The lake was totally empty apart from us and all I could hear was the slapping of my arm against the water,” explained Mr Noblett.

“All of a sudden this wave just hit us. Andrew said ‘where the hell did that come from?’ and it made the boat rock from side to side,” he continued.

Treading water, alone, in the centre of the lake, Mr Noblett watched as two large waves sped towards either shore.

“It was like a big bow wave; a three-foot swell at least. There was two, as if a speed boat had sped past, but there were no boats on the lake,” he said.

Previously an escape from the jellyfish he dodges while training at sea, Mr Noblett said the lake’s depths were not so inviting anymore.

“I always look forward to swimming in Windermere, now I’m starting to get the fear. Twice I have looked down and seen fish, but only small trout. The reeds sometimes scare you, because they suddenly appear like triffids.”

Devon-based CFZ are the world’s only full time cryptozoology organisation for the study of unknown animals.

Dean ‘Midas’ Maynard will join CFZ in September to search the lake for the monster.

Mr Maynard, with a background in ghost hunting, is currently searching for a sonar-equipped boat to use in the search.

“It’s a fascinating subject. I’m not saying there is or isn’t something down there. Most eyewitness accounts describe some sore of eel, which if living in open water can grow very big,” said Mr Maynard.

Mr Noblett is swimming across the English Channel in mid October. He hopes to raise £10,000 for Richard Rose Central Academy in Carlisle and the Cyctic Fibrosis Trust.

Witness Describes Little Switzerland, NC Bigfoot Encounter

For a long time, this column has featured some weird stories about Bigfoot sightings in the western North Carolina mountains. It seems that folks in Burke, Buncombe, Caldwell, Rutherford, Ashe and Macon counties have some strange tales to tell about a mysterious monster in their mountains.

Many of these tales can be found on the Web site for the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO). The BFRO's Web site is a place where folks can post their sightings anonymously and be taken seriously by qualified investigators. The good people with the BFRO will look into the matter and follow up on your sighting, no matter how unusual it may be. The Web site now lists 50 reports from North Carolina.

Recently, someone submitted a report about a possible Bigfoot in McDowell County. Apparently, the weird incident happened in Little Switzerland near the Blue Ridge Parkway during the fall of last year.

The man who submitted the report states he has a keen interest in the subject and has read hundreds of reports on the BFRO Web site. He is a member of another Bigfoot research group and has investigated an alleged sighting in another state.

Last fall, he was invited to visit an elderly friend who lives in Little Switzerland. "I arrived after dark on a Tuesday and discovered that my friend's summer home is located at the top of a mountain," he writes on the BRFO site. "Her 'development' consists of about 60 homes tucked away in the woods on steep slopes accessed via a series of narrow gravel and macadam roads."

His first thought was that this development was built in a likely Sasquatch habitat. "Indeed, as we sat watching TV after dinner, I began to have the creepy sensation of being watched, although my friend told me that neither of her neighbors was in residence that night," the man wrote. "After the news, about 11:30, I told my friend I was stepping outside from some night air, when in fact my intention was to have a look around and listen to the woods."

The man wasn't outside for more than five minutes before he was startled by what sounded like wood knocks coming from the woods. He reportedly heard a single thump that came from the woods, followed by another "answering" thump five to 10 seconds later, coming from a different direction. The sounds were repeated every couple of minutes for perhaps 15 minutes and it sounded as if the second knock changed positions slightly. He estimated that they were a couple of hundred yards away from where he stood.

The man noticed a nearby woodpile. He picked up a log and added a third knock to the mix by hitting a nearby tree. The first knock was heard again quickly, almost as an answer to the man's knocking against the tree. After few more times, the knocks stopped and the man went inside for the night.

The next day, the man went out running for some exercise. As he ran through an undeveloped area, he again had the feeling of being watched. While he was out, he found two, human-like footprints in the soft dirt of a nearby hillside. The next night, he again heard the knocking sounds coming from the same general direction. But this time, he also heard "a plaintive, eerie howling" coming from behind the house.

"It sounded every 30 seconds of so for perhaps 20 minutes, he wrote in his report. "I told myself it could be a dog tied outdoors. I decided not to interact that night. I just had a feeling that it was not the thing to do."

That night, the man was awakened from his sleep by the sound of a heavy thumping on the roof. As he sat up in bed, he heard another couple of thumps that sounded as if they came from the area over the closet.

"Soon I was fast asleep again, only to be scared awake by what was clearly pounding on the walls of my room that was so loud, my first thought was, 'Someone is breaking into my room!,'" he wrote in his report.

He sat up in bed and turned on the overhead light in his room. He felt like this sound had to be caused by a Bigfoot because of the loudness and the height of the outside walls. The sounds soon died down and the man had the feeling that the creature was leaving for the night. He heard nothing more.

"Next morning over breakfast, my hostess asked me if I had been awakened by that that 'awful pounding' on the roof," reads his report on the BFRO site. "We traded our stories. My friend told me that nothing of the sort had happened before in the 25 years she and her husband had lived in the house."

The elderly woman was concerned about the noise and asked what it could have been. The man said he didn't quite know but would confer with some neighbors.

"Before leaving my friend to continue on my trip towards eastern NC, I inspected the area around her house for footprints," reads his report. "I found none, but I discovered that a tall tree grew up through the back deck through a hole that had been cut for it. The tree would provide easy access to the deck and roof, while the low roof in front would make the roof accessible from that position."

Mike Conley at

Group Seeks Residual Activity Among Dillinger Artifacts

With the sound off in the John Dillinger Museum (Hammond, Indiana), the buzzing of fluorescent lights above was the only thing audible until Danielle Garrison began to speak into the recorder she was holding.

"What year is it?" she asked the air. The other four people around her also threw out questions.

"Is there anybody here with us?"

"John, are you or your gang here?"

"What did you really think about (FBI) Agent Melvin Purvis?"

Garrison and the other visitors are members of Crossroads Paranormal, an Indiana paranormal investigation group that is hoping today's 75th anniversary of the death of infamous bank robber John Dillinger will spark some otherworldly activity in the Hammond museum. After all, it's home to his casket, original tombstone, a death mask used to make a posthumous cast of his face and the pants he was wearing in 1934 when federal agents shot him dead outside the Biograph Theater in Chicago.

Garrison and the other investigators said they are looking for residual activity -- an imprint on the artifacts that may play back like a recording.

"We might expect to hear a gunshot," she said. "We're not expecting John Dillinger to walk up and say, 'Hi.'"

After getting a walk-through of the museum Tuesday evening by Erika Scheeringa, director of public and community relations for the South Shore Convention & Visitors Authority, the group began its recording exercise, which intended to capture electronic voice phenomena -- possible evidence of paranormal activity.

The tour and recording session were part of a preliminary test. The group will be back today with the hope that the museum's first public display of the wooden gun Dillinger used to break out of the old Lake County Jail in 1934 and the energy of the crowd viewing the artifact -- along with the gun itself -- will trigger something special.

Investigators will play back the recording made Tuesday night in the hope of hearing from Dillinger or others in the pauses between questions.

"Nine out of 10 times, you won't get anything," Garrison said. "But it's that one time that's exciting."

Rare White Turtle Discovered in Henan Province, China

It may look more like your Christmas turkey just before it goes into the oven, but this milky white creature is actually a rare white turtle.

The creature, whose creamy color is offset by a few hints of pink, was discovered by the bank of the Yellow River in Henan province, China.

White turtles have a special place in Chinese culture, as the classic novel Journey from the West features an entity from Heaven who is turned into one of the animals after performing ill deeds.

However, unlike the character in the tale, this white turtle won't be ferrying any people across rivers: it is just 40cm long and weighs only 6.5kg.


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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The 'Stick Breakers'

In the spring of 2003 I was visiting my sister who lives in Hampstead, New Hampshire. She lives in a somewhat wooded subdivision. It was early spring in New England and the weather had been a fairly rainy. I would frequently go outside by myself to smoke cigarettes late at night, on the porch after midnight. While I was outside I would hear larger sticks crack and break on the forest floor near where I was sitting but no leaves rustling. At first I didn't think much of it. I am a seasoned camper and just didn't think it was a big deal, I figured it was just an animal of some kind. This happened night after night. Then I noticed the sounds of something dropping out of the trees and an animal or being of some kind scraping on the bark a bit as it descended. I tried looking for movement but saw nothing, like an animal or anything. The flood lights were on every time I was out there and were brightly shining, there was a street light at the end of the long paved driveway off in the distance. On subsequent nights to took a flashlight and tried to shine whatever animal it might be with a but that was to no avail. Even though everything was brightly lit I saw nothing at all.

I tried this night after night. The sounds were there every single evening without fail. I could hear them moving closer and closer to me the longer I was out there. During the day I looked for tracks and marks on trees or other evidence but didn't turn up a thing. I picked up sticks and broke a few to see what size stick I was hearing. I ascertained that the stick diameter was about an inch. I had my 11 yr old nephew go out in the woods to jump on sticks and see if he could break some of them, so I could check the way it sounds from where I was sitting. Trying to judge the distance. He jumped on some but because they were kind of moist he could only break the smaller ones. He weighed only about 75 to 80 pounds. This told me that whatever it is, weighs more than that. I could break the bigger ones by jumping on them, but I weigh 150 pounds. There are no animals in that area that are really large and could break that size stick based on the tests I did. Whatever it was would move in close to me, so I used the nephew to run around and make similar noises to gauge the distance in the daylight when they were at their closest. They were about 20-30 feet from me at best. I know there was more than one of them because I could hear one back beside the house and another one was in the front at the end of the driveway. They moved in very close to where I was and I could hear them coming from two different directions. They were not visible with the naked eye at all. I tried to take some digital photos but saw nothing discernible in the pictures.

Another thing that happened, my sister didn't have any window coverings downstairs, she loved the view of the trees, and I would sit at night on her computer surfing the web and chatting online near those windows. I frequently would get the feeling that someone was watching me. I wrote it off as just my imagination. Then there was the issue of the dogs barking and howling every night real late like they were hearing something. They were kept in crates in the basement at night. They would start their howling and wouldn't stop unless someone would go down there and make them stop. They also would look out the windows late in the evening and start barking out behind the house as tough something was there. We all thought it was just another animal or whatever, and wrote it off. My brother in law decided to keep the dogs upstairs with him at night to keep them quiet.

I was outside one night very late after midnight alone. I was up on her porch near the door. I heard them coming again. The flood lights were on and I could see well into the trees because there weren't too many smaller bushes in the way. I saw nothing but still heard them. No rustling only sticks breaking. My sis had a few planters with flowers in them on a lower landing from where I was standing. It was in the really bright light from the flood lights and was only about 8 to 10 feet from me. Some of the flowers in the planter draped over the side and hung out away from the planters. As I stood there I watched the plants move to one side and then flop back as though something had brushed past them, only nothing was there that I could see at all. There were no other sounds, like footsteps or grinding pebbles or grit. No wind at all. When the flowers swung, and they moved a lot not just a little. Whatever it was had to come up the stairs to get to me. I stood there shocked, sort of and running over what I had just seen in my mind briefly, and got freaked out completely, went inside quickly and locked the door. Everyone else was asleep in the house. I looked out the side window and saw nothing.

Another late evening I was on the computer and I got that feeling of being watched again I looked into the living room from where I was sitting and I thought I saw shadows on the ceiling as though someone had walked past the lamps in there. I thought I must be just really tired and told myself it was my imagination. I decided to take a hot shower to relax before bed. The bathroom door is right across from the basement door. The basement door was closed when I went in to shower and everyone was in bed asleep upstairs with the lights off. When I came out of the shower the basement door was open and I just closed it thinking it was a bit strange but no big deal. Then I went to go upstairs and I saw my 11 year old nephew's bedroom light was on and I got scared. I went up the stairs and he was in bed dead asleep but the light was on real bright. I became afraid for the kids and went and woke my brother-in-law up. He blew me off and went back to sleep. Just then my niece woke up to let her dog out to potty so I asked her to sit up with me for a while. Thank God she was there to sit and keep me company for a little while.

What I am saying here is I believe these things were coming in the house somehow and that's why the dogs barked and howled like they did. I am not sure how they got in, maybe through the walls, maybe the basement outside door, I don't know, but I feel they were coming in. What are these things? Aliens? Dimentional entities? Were they just watching us? Were they abducting? Testing? Or even hunting? I have no idea and it's frightening! If you think about it you realize that on the grass there are no sticks to break, so they are quiet or silent, and there they were right up next to the house! How many other houses did they go into too?!

Then the story goes a bit sister later divorced and started dating again. Her new boyfriend and I were talking on the phone one evening recently, and the subject turned to the paranormal. I knew he is an avid New Hampshire hunter. So, I asked him if he had ever heard of anything like this. He said yes!!! He said that once, in November of 2003, he and five of his friends were out hunting on White Mountain one year and all of them were of course armed. They had set up camp for the night and made a fire. As they all were sitting around (after midnight) getting settled for the evening they started hearing "the stick breakers", breaking sticks all around them but not rustling leaves at all. The didn't see anything at all, and couldn't figure out what it was. They did try to shine their flashlights and see what it was but they couldn't see anything at all. All five got spooked and decided to turn in for the night and when morning came they decided to move their camp farther up the mountain closer to where they knew a larger group was set up. They all decided to not talk about the event after that day and they decided to never go back again either!!! I was so glad to hear that someone else had experienced the "stick breakers"! Now at least I know I am not nuts. I know there are others out there who have had similar experiences, so, please step up and let's hear your story!

I feel that this needs to be brought to the public's attention and put on record.

I will be trying to establish whether these things are still out there or not. In case that they are, I would like someone to go there and use thermal photography, or IR to see if these things can be seen somehow, filmed or photographed or recorded. I have no funds to buy the equipment necessary to do it myself, though I'd love to! I need to find some one who might be willing to go there and shoot some film in that area. Bring their equipment and check it out. If you have any input please feel free to contact me.

Sue O'Day

NOTE: interesting anecdote...what do you think? Hopefully, a discussion will start on the wiki Phantoms and Monsters wiki so we can help Sue get some answers. Has anyone else ever experienced this phenomena?...Lon

Former Inmates Still Serving Time in Hunt County, TX Courthouse

It has been several years since the top floors of the Hunt County Courthouse were used to house prisoners.

But a group of local paranormal investigators believe they may have discovered that at least some of the former inmates may never have left the old county jail.

Members of the Paranormal Research and Investigations of Northeast Texas (P.R.I.N.T.) team spent Saturday night inside the courthouse, alongside a documentary film director, for an eight-hour study, according to P.R.I.N.T. co-founder Chad Miller.

Miller e-mailed the Herald-Banner to give a preliminary assessment of what the organization uncovered. Miller said the first four floors of the courthouse were a disappointment.

“It was a dark, quiet courthouse that didn't so much make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up once,” Miller said. “Nothing out of the ordinary whatsoever.”

But things began to get interesting when the group checked out the former jail on the fifth and sixth floors of the courthouse.

“After numerous EVP (electronic voice phenomena) session reviews, we have several that would be considered 'jail house conversations',” Miller said. “They are all either negative, aggressive, or racial in nature. It's exactly what you would expect from an old jail. These files have not been ran through spectrum analyzation yet, to see if they register above or below the human voice, so we're not yet categorizing them as electronic voice phenomenon yet, but we're working on them. On numerous occasions, activity in the old cells, such as knocking and disembodied voices, would reply to our questions and actions. Kenny, our most seasoned and skeptic member heard his first disembodied voice in seven years of investigating! Upon review from his video equipment, he caught it there also. He was so excited that he began break dancing at one point.”

Miller said he also he attempted to make contact with ... whatever it was ... by calling out the name of an inmate who had committed suicide in the old jail.

“Things actually began to intensify,” Miller said, adding the group is going over the results of the weekend lock-in before making any calls as to exactly what it found. “Is the Hunt County Courthouse haunted? I can't say. It would probably take a few more investigations there to make that determination. Is there activity there? Yes, definitely.”

Miller said P.R.I.N.T. is already making plans to do more investigations in the coming months.

“We're attempting to negotiate with Six Flags over Texas again to try and do a repeat of last year's Halloween investigation and we're in talks with the Cotton Museum to possibly investigate the Ende-Gaillard House,” Miller said.

New Enhanced / Stabilized 'Gable Film' Dogman Attack

NOTE: the following is an enhanced and stabilized video of the Michigan Dogman in the 'Gable Film'. What is it?...Lon

Big Cat Attack in Scottish Park Raises Alarm

Parents have been warned to be on their guard after police revealed a dangerous big cat is on the loose near a Scottish caravan park.

Officers issued an extraordinary alert after a horse was the victim of a savage attack in the middle of the night.

The terrified animal suffered deep slash marks to its hind quarters, which experts later concluded had been caused by a big cat - possibly even a 6ft long puma spotted in the area two months ago.

Worryingly, the animal attacked next to a caravan holiday park full of families enjoying the summer break.

Last night a spokesman for Strathclyde Police said mothers and fathers with young children should take "particular care" in case they stumbled across the beast.

The horse was attacked near Sundrum Holiday Park, Coylton, Ayrshire, sometime last Friday.

Strathclyde Police said the unnamed owner saw to his horses that morning and noticed one had been badly injured.

A spokesman for the force said: 'He contacted a local vet who carried out an examination and concluded the injuries appeared to have been inflicted by a wild animal rather than by a human.

'Police were contacted and officers have sought the expertise of several specialists who have analysed the pictures of the injuries in an effort to determine the cause.

'Those spoken to are of the opinion the injuries caused to the horse have most probably been made by a big cat, possibly a puma.'

Although its injuries were severe, the animal was treated and is making a good recovery.

Last night Superintendent John Hazlett, of Ayr police office, warned people to be on the look-out and appealed for any sightings to be reported to help them track the beast.

He added: 'At this time after consultation with experts the evidence points to a big cat possibly a puma having caused the injuries to the horse.

'There was a possible sighting of a large cat in the grounds of Sundrum Castle back in May, when a member of staff at the castle reported seeing a very large cat prowling the grounds around 9am one morning.

'Described as sandy coloured, approximately 4ft tall and 6ft long, experts believe that this may have been a puma sighting although this has never been confirmed and as far as we are aware, there haven't been any sightings since.

'From what we have been told by experts, it is unlikely that a puma would approach and present any danger to humans and would make every attempt to avoid them, however the obvious advice to members of the public is not to approach this animal but report any sightings to the police.

'I would urge anyone who sees a large cat in the area to contact us as a matter of urgency, and I would also ask local farmers to take extra caution with their animals and to contact police if any of them are injured.'

Last night the owners of stables in the area were in the dark about the attack.

Both the Drumcoyle Livery Yard and the Lionsgate Riding Centre had heard nothing about the big cat. Local vets were also unaware of the attack.

Meanwhile, Mark Fraser, of research group Scottish Big Cats, said there had been several big cat sightings in Ayrshire over the years, but they had mainy involved black animals.

He said if a member of the public came across one it would probably flee, but added that it could attack if cornered.

'It would probably run away and most probably be away before you saw it.

'If you do come face to face with a cat the advice is to stand still, raise your arms to make yourself look bigger and make a lot of noise, while backing away slowly.'


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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mysterious 'Circles' Discovered in Hayfield - Near Angel Fire, New Mexico

Witness statement: Local ranchers called me in November 2008, a couple of months after mowing down their hayfield. The rancher found some odd circles on which no hay had grown (or had grown and was ruined somehow, leaving the circles). I shot the first four photos in early November 2009 (the ground was wet and had been trampled by cattle). In late May 2009 I shot more photos of the same circles. They are even more pronounced now.

This land has been owned and hay grown/mown for 99+ years by the same folks. The rancher swears these circles appeared sometime last year. They worried him for two months after he noticed them before he finally told his wife, and she finally called me. The ranchers are currently requesting anonymity, but are willing to show them to a MUFON investigator.

I don't know if snow "stuck" to them since I was unable to get to them during the winter months.

Nothing is growing inside the rings, and the outside edges of the rings actually look a little wider now than they did last fall.

The circles are in a straight line. The west circle appears smaller than the other two (about 8 feet in diameter). The center and east circles are 10'-12' in diameter. They are approximately 60' and 66' apart.

A fourth circle (the small one in the foreground of the landscape shot) is 5'-6' in diameter.

If a line was drawn connecting the circles, the resulting shape would be triangular.

A mutilated animal was found at the top of the low hill sloping up to the south from where the circles are located about 75 yards away from the circles. Nobody reported any missing horses or cattle in 2008, so the ranchers are guessing the dead animal was an elk. Best guess from the ranchers is that it had been dead for three or four months. (Remember, the circles were about three or four months old when I first photographed them.)

The area DOES have people in it, but (as you can see in the panorama photo) is pretty isolated nevertheless.

Florida Crackdown on Wild Python Snake Population

The death of a Florida toddler in the coils of an 8ft (2.5 metre) Burmese python has sparked an official crackdown to eradicate a menacing population of slithering predators in the sun-drenched holiday state.

A small band of newly licensed trappers hit the trail this week of pythons living in the swampy wetlands of southern Florida. Experts believe that as many as 100,000 of the reptiles are loose in the region, in an unfortunate outcome of a fad for keeping exotic pets.

Earlier this month, a two-year-old girl, Shaiunna Hare, was strangled to death in her bedroom near Orlando by a python belonging to her mother's boyfriend. The snake had escaped its glass cage during the night and wrapped itself around the child's crib.

The tragedy galvanised Florida's politicians into action over mounting alarm about the danger posed by pythons, which grow as long as 8 metres, weigh up to 89kg (14 stone) and can eat animals as big as deer.

"It's just a matter of time before one of these snakes gets to a visitor in the Florida Everglades," said Bill Nelson, a Democratic senator from the state.

Native to Africa and south-east Asia, pythons are interlopers to Florida and face no predator to keep them in check. Florida locals blame a booming wild population on irresponsible pet owners who release pythons into the wild when they become unmanageably large.

Others trace the problem back to hurricane Andrew which destroyed pet shops, hatcheries and zoos as it swept across the Floridian peninsula in 1992. Wildlife experts fear that if left unchecked, the snakes will decimate the population of smaller mammals, birds and reptiles.

Florida's governor, Charlie Crist, last week licensed an initial group of fewer than 10 python hunters to begin trapping the snakes. Pursued by a pack of photographers, the hunters snared a 3-metre long python during their first foray on Friday.

"[Pythons] don't make a lot of noise, when they're agitated, they may hiss," said Shawn Heflick, a licensed hunter. "They can hold on pretty tight but they're well camouflaged and when they sit in vegetation, they're pretty hard to see."

Accustomed to alligators, Florida locals are not easily fazed by wildlife. The subtropical state numbers black widow spiders and fire ants among its more exotic residents. But pythons are proving particularly chilling. The snakes reproduce rapidly, laying as many as 100 eggs at a time.

"We do have a serious python problem, and this programme is a good first step in helping to stop the spread of this exotic species," said Rodney Barreto, the chair of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

Curbs have been imposed on keeping pythons as pets – including a compulsory annual $100 (£61) permit and embedded microchips to track escaped pets. But animal rights groups have called for more radical steps.

The Humane Society of the United States said a ban on the trade in pythons would be more effective than any hunt for wild snakes.

"We should not pursue wasteful and futile strategies like bounty programs and public hunts," said Wayne Pacelle, the society's chief executive. "They won't work, and could do more harm than good."

The Floridian authorities are encouraging anyone who spots a python to call a telephone hotline. In an increasingly elaborate operation, researchers at the University of Florida are even working on miniature drones which can detect the heat given off by pythons from the air.

If the initial hunt proves promising, many more trapping licences could be issued. The hunters are ready for the kill.

"They've got beautiful colouration and they're sleek and powerful," said Heflick. "They're actually magnificent animals. They just don't belong here."

New 'Water Monster' Sighting at Kanas Lake, China

Ten tourists from Guangdong and Hubei provinces were the latest to report a "water monster" sighting in Kanas Lake, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. They told local media that they saw a giant black creature on July 5 that stirred waves over 1 meter high and left a wake over 10 meters long for 20 seconds about 100 meters away from their boat.

Kanas Lake, which means "beautiful, mysterious lake" in Mongolian, is China's deepest freshwater lake with a maximum depth of 188.5 meters, and 24 kilometers long from north to south. It's located in the Kanas Nature Reserve in the Aletai mountain area of northern Xinjiang and has been the source of numerous monster sightings, similar to Scotland's Loch Ness (or "Nessie") monster for decades – particularly since the 1980s when more visitors and settlers came to the area. Scientists have carried out investigations, though no conclusive evidence has been found of the creature.

Some scientists believe, however, that the monsters may be taimen trout, one of the world's largest and most ferocious freshwater fish which can grow as long as 10 meters.


Legendary Chinese Lake 'Monster' is Captured on Camera
July 24, 2007

China’s Loch Ness monster has been sighted. Or so Chinese state-run television says. Not just one, but more than a dozen huge creatures can be seen churning across Lake Kanas in remote western China, leaving a foamy wake more like an enormous motorboat than a big fish.

A rare video filmed by a tourist at the lake in the Heavenly Mountains of the wild Xinjiang region, has reignited debate over the existence of an underwater creature that can compete with the Loch Ness monster in both mass and mystery.

The grainy film shows about 15 objects moving at high speed just beneath the surface of the lake and whipping the smooth blue water into a bubbling white frenzy. Chinese Central Television broadcast the video on its news channel, describing the footage shot by a passing tourist on July 5 as the clearest ever seen of a legendary beast that has been rumoured for centuries to live in the depths of Lake Kanas.

Local myth among the Chinese Mongolians living in the scenic mountains near the Russian and Mongolian borders has it that the animals have been known to drag sheep, cows and even horses from the shore and into the deep to devour them.

Yuan Guoying, of the Xinjiang Institute of Environmental Protection, told The Times that the video provided important proof in his more than two decades of research at the lake. “Only fish could make waves in this formation. I think the video is real.”

The television commentator described the sighting as the first since June 7, 2005 when two black creatures measuring more than 10 metres in length appeared on the surface swimming at speed from the shore to the centre of the lake. The newsreader described the latest appearance: “They sometimes gathered in a flock, sometimes spread about or moved shoulder to shoulder. The scene is grand and they looked like a fleet.”

State television made no attempt to identify the animals, saying only: ‘This time a large number of unidentified creatures emerged, bringing more mystery to Lake Kanas.”

Professor Yuan has been on their trail since 1980 and has been gripped by the mystery since his first sighting in 1985 when he says he saw as many as 50 of what he called fish. “They looked like reddish-brown tadpoles because I could only see their heads on the surface. They opened their mouths to breathe and their length was about 10 to 15 metres.”

He spotted the animals again on May 28, 2004 when he was standing looking down at the lake from a nearby hill. “I thought there was a huge piece of black plastic in the lake and that someone had been polluting it. But then I released that it must be the back of a giant fish. I was shocked because they were just too big. Looking at them was like looking at submarines.”

When Mr Yuan got back to his office he tried to calculate the size of the animals by setting their proportions against those of the surrounding landmarks such as trees or the shape of the shoreline. “I didn’t dare say they were bigger than 20 metres because no one would believe me.”

Chinese researchers in the 1980s said the ‘monster’ was likely to be a huge member of the salmon family – one of eight species of fish living in the lake. Mr Yuan gave their name as Hucho Taimen, a freshwater salmon tht thrives in deep frigid waters. He says the biggest Hucho Taimen salmon ever captured was 2.1 metres long and was found in Russia.

The animals that roam Lake Kanas live in an area about 24 kilometres by two kilometers and with an average depth of 122 metres and as deep as 188 metres at one point.

Mr Yuan believes that a lot more research is needed although China lacks the scientific equipment to make further studies. And it would be impossible to catch a fish of this size. “This fish will have tremendous strength.”

Other Chinese scientists have cast doubt on his findings, but Mr Yuan is adamant. “People will just say ‘You’ve got to be kidding’. But I saw them with my own eyes. I am a scientist. I have no choice but to believe what I saw.”

Report: Motorist Has Near Collision With Bigfoot In Pennsylvania

NOTE: Stan Gordon at is reporting a new bigfoot sighting in Fayette County, Pennsylvania near Uniontown...Lon

Motorist Has Near Collision With Bigfoot In Pennsylvania
July 20, 2009

A report of a possible Bigfoot encounter in Pennsylvania was received by the Sasquatch Watch of Virginia and was then referred to Eric Altman, the Director of the (PBS) Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society to investigate. The incident occurred on July 10, 2009, outside of Uniontown, in Fayette County.

On July 15, 2009, a team from the PBS traveled to the location where the reported Bigfoot encounter occurred to interview the witness and to look over the area for any possible physical evidence. The team was comprised of Eric Altman and PBS members Dave Dragosin and his wife Cindy. Eric also invited me to go along to participate in the investigation. Continued at


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Monday, July 20, 2009

Lithuania's New Paranormal Ban Law

Click for Law on the Protection of Minors Against Detrimental Effect of Public Information

Starting March 2010, if you live in Lithuania and have a paranormal're screwed. 'Nyet!' to paranormal investigations.

Lithuanian lawmakers have passed an updated version to the 'Law on the Protection of Minors Against Detrimental Effect of Public Information'..basically, the law bans making 'unsavory' information available to children, including public discussions, school programs and the media. The information ban includes gay and lesbian information, bisexuality, polygamy, and images of heterosexual intercourse. Also among the taboo topics are death and severe injury, foul language, gambling, making of explosives, bad eating habits, and, of course, the paranormal.

All paranormal subjects are a taboo topic in Lithuania, no better than pornography and gambling. No hypnosis, no psychics, no ghosts, UFO’s, or horror movies...period. Did I miss a Communist take over of Lithuania?

Groups such as Amnesty International and gay & lesbian rights groups are fighting this legislation. Critics claim the bill violates the freedom of speech and international standards of human rights...let alone, it'll be nearly impossible to enforce.

I'd like to see what penalties they are recommending. Stay tuned....Lon
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