Saturday, July 11, 2009

Planets Jupiter, Venus and Nearby Stars Often Mistaken For UFOs in July Skies

One of my favorite things to do on a clear summer evening in Seattle is to skywatch, and this weekend will be a treat for anyone with an inexpensive pair of binoculars or telescope.

When I first started losing sleep to enjoy the evening canvas, there were more than a few occasions where I thought I was witnessing my first UFO. If you consider yourself a novice to sky gazing, meaning you can't remember the last time you spent more than a minute or two wishing on a star, I'll have you know how easy it is to make the same mistake.

In fact, sightings of the planet Jupiter, the International Space Station and travelling satellites make up nearly 75 percent of UFO reports during certain times of the year, and I suspect this week's unique configuration of planets will offer many opportunities for the newbie skywatcher to cry wolf.

So for my first story on the evening sky, I thought I would share my own mistakes with the reader so that you can enjoy the show without worrying about alien abductions or being overpowered by strange craft. Here's what's happening this weekend on the real life planetarium that is worth noting.

The wee hours of Saturday morning offers an eye-popping surprise with a waning full moon to the south and Jupiter hanging loose near the 5 o'clock mark. This configuration is so stunning that the sight of these two orbs so close together might make you squint against the brightness, but once your eyes get adjusted to the stark contrast between the moon and sky, see if you can locate all four of Jupiter's four Galilean moons.

I guarantee that it will be rare treat worth staying up for and here's why: Jupiter's moons are currently going through what's known as a series of occultations and eclipses-- meaning they're moving around like a game of Pong, so it’s neat to get a glimpse of them when they're in close proximity to one another.

If you were able to find those moons and you want to continue with the hunt, Monday you will have a prime opportunity because Titan, Saturn's largest moon can be found counting about four rings to Saturn's east. Of course you'll need to get your hands on a small telescope, and an identification guide wouldn't hurt either. I found one in the July issue of Sky & Telescope on page 47, but you'll need to find your own copy if you aren't able to find one online.

If the sky continues to keep it's clear complexion in the Seattle area, The International Space Station (ISS) can be seen entering the sky at least twice every evening into the week, and if you've never waited for its approach you're missing one of my favorite G-rated cheap thrills.

On Saturday it approaches from the SW at about 9:40 and meanders towards the NE for a total of five or six minutes, depending on where you're standing. Customizable sky charts and satellite itineraries are easily found and downloadable for free on the heavens-above website so if you haven't found your own favorite astronomy site, check it out. While nothing too fancy, it is user friendly and easy on the virtual memory.

Before the sun comes up, follow the progress of planet Venus as she travels away from a less dazzling Mars, and this week both planets can be found smack dab between two of summer's celebrity star clusters, the Pleiades and their nemesis the Hyades. Look for the brightest star at the head of the constellation Taurus and you'll be looking at one of the brightest stars in the sky. If you can find the bull's eye readily, first try locating Orion, then look at the three stars of the belt from left to right. Do you see the twinkling sun at the top of the line? That's our friend Alde.

Worth noting is that since the Earth is moving at its slowest orbital speed right now, summer is the longest season in the northern hemisphere. So while the nights are short, they are also clear more frequently than in winter and that offers us the best opportunities for sightings. Remember, it's not quantity, but quality that counts, and a cloudless night is what you need for optimal nighttime viewing.

As far as those UFOs go, I will tell you that from first hand experience that the opportunity to witness the unexpected increases dramatically when your peepers are fixed on the evening sky, from my own experience. But that is a subject that will be covered in future articles, so stay turned.

But if you can't make it out this weekend, check back for new stories on upcoming skywatching opportunities this summer and I'll try and find something special enough to stumble out of bed in the middle of the night for. And if you do see something that isn't on your sky chart, don't say I didn't warn you.

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Chris Herget is a guest blogger with Phantoms and Monsters and is the premiere paranormal reporter for the in Seattle. You can contact Chris directly at

The Axthadans Dictate New World Order...or Else!

In the last few months dramatic developments have occurred in regards to human/extra-terrestrial relations and communication. Small UFO probes communicating with earthlings have ceased sending their signals in mathematical sequences and are now using earthly languages to communicate. This has made the task of deciphering these messages totally superfluous. It has also made the UFO messages much clearer and has allowed for much more detail to be contained within the messages. It is believed that the decision to initially communicate in code was a choice and not a matter of capability. This alien civilization has in fact been watching humans and even discreetly guiding them for thousands of years.

It is now known that the civilization located in Andromeda Galaxy that is communicating with us via these UFO probes refer to themselves as ‘Axthadans’. They are approximately a thousand years ahead of humanity in terms of technology. Their appearance is akin to the race we refer to as ‘Greys’. This civilization has been entrusted by other more evolved aliens with the task of preparing humanity for possible integration into universal culture.

Axthadans are currently grooming over three hundred semi-technological civilizations for induction into a universal family of civilizations. Sadly, Most of these civilizations will not make it.

The Pentagon is now in possession of extensive footage and information regarding life on their planet: Axthada. This planet has been described as being of great beauty and it’s civilization as ‘utopian’ by earth’s standards.

It is now known that these aliens have issued earthlings with a warning: We have less than a decade to completely bring an end to all forms of warfare, racism, prejudice and economic exploitation. The Axthadans have sent messages stating that if we continue our evil ways we will destroy ourselves and this planet within fifty years.

In the event that aliens do disclose their presence to humanity and we continue to display any of these traits Planet Earth itself might have to be destroyed as a potential threat to universal harmony. In this scenario it is believed that innocent human victims of exploitation as well as other species will be resettled elsewhere.

In an ironic twist Axthadans are communicating with groups seen as perpetrators. As such immense pressure has been placed on the US administration. A decision was made to allow America’s economy to falter to allow for a redistribution of power and resources. Obviously the election of an African-American to the U.S Presidency was seen as a positive development by the Axthadans.

The question now is will this satisfy our alien custodians or will this be seen as mere window dressing? It is believed that the Axthadans mean business and will not tolerate any trace of the existing power-structure. Ego-driven and ultra-materialistic western culture seems slated for destruction.

Will Westerners adapt to a new reality where previously trodden on groups such as indigenous populations of countries like the US and Australia will be given leadership roles? Extraterrestrials have noted that the manner in which such groups were able to live for thousands of years in harmony with their environment translates into a safer, more peaceful universal existence. Western values of devour and destroy in an orgy of selfishness for the sole benefit of personal gain are said to be of immense concern to aliens.

We realise that many readers will find this information hard to believe, however for those who work on these issues on a daily basis it is all too real. Our sources are such individuals and we can reveal they are not just speaking to All News Web. Other publications have also been contacted.

In the words of Bob Dylan ‘The times they are a-changin’….again. Will humanity make the grade?

Michael Cohen

NOTE: under normal circumstances, Michael Cohen comes up with decent leads to foreign UFO encounters...though, he does tend to embellish a bit. But this column kind of makes you wonder what he's been smokin' lately. Now, if he has some inside information, then spill the beans. But this generalized extraterrestrial babble would make any fervent true-believer wary of what he's writing...Lon

Photo: Disc Shaped UFO - Lake Granger-Willis Creek Park, Texas - 6/6/09

Witness statement MUFON: Hello. First of all,I am an ordinary mother of two and wife in my early 30's who has taken an amazing photo that I'll cherish forever...My nephew and neice were having their graduation party at the pavillion of the lake where I took the photo. This lake (Lake Granger-Willis Creek Park) is located about 20 miles south/southeast from my current physical address. My son and 3 other children had been begging me all day to take them down to the water so they could swim. I finally took them all down to the water when it became cooler that evening. Just me, my son and the three others went down to the water, which was about 50 yards from the pavillion, down the bank that leads to a tiny(non-swimming) beach area. As they were playing in the water I decided to take a couple of pictures of them, while just sitting there in my lawn chair.The kids were about 10-12 feet out in the water from the bank. It was still pretty sunny and hot and the lake was very calm. In the picture you can see the kids are playing with and around a lot of logs and sticks, due to the low lake levels because of the hot weather and drought here in Texas.I only took two pictures of the kids with my cell phone camera. I NEVER HEARD NOR SAW ANYTHING while taking the pictures and as you can tell from the picture, the kids don't even notice what's behind them ! Later that night I was looking through the pictures I had taken throughout the day and realized I caught an unidentified object over the water of the lake !!! I've held the picture for over a month now because I had no idea who to contact and who I could trust. I e-mailed the picture from my phone to my computer and saved it in my hard drive. As I zoomed the picture of the disk to a very large size on my computer, I noticed the disk seems to have large green and red lights, which are very bright to the right side of the disk.... PLEASE contact me ASAP for any further details you may have or need ...Thanks so much for taking your time to evaluate my photo!!! Delia

NOTE: I attempted to enhance the enlarged image...this is the best I could do with a cellphone shot with my software. The 'lights' referred to by the witness seem to be reflections from the sun or lake. The photo does have some merit though very questionable that it's an alien craft...Lon

The Michigan Dogman - Video, Analysis and Personal Account

The following is a statement and early analysis by Linda Godfrey, researcher and author of 'Weird Michigan': Over the 15+ years I've been investigating unknown upright canids, I've seen too many obviously faked photos and unverifiable blob-dogs to count. There is a new film on the block, however, that is the best and most frightening I've seen so far. It is still in the investigative stages and could still be proven a hoax, but if so it's an extremely sophisticated and well done hoax. It was shown to Steve Cook, Michigan deejay who has popularized Michigan's upright canid known as the Michigan Dogman, several months ago. He obtained the rights to the film which was taken with an old 8 mm camera and was allegedly found in an estate sale in the lower Peninsula. Steve has been busy consulting with film and imaging experts, but has posted it now on his Web site. I was fortunate enough to have had a sneak preview at the stills of the film, and while I thought the stills would probably disprove it, I found them more convincing and scary than the film itself.

The film is grainy, blurry, shows a lot of nondescript landscape and begins with some ordinary shots of a lady chopping a log. It appears that the filmmaker saw the creature while riding in a truck, jumped out of the truck to shoot it, then was surprised by a side ambush and ended up with a view of the creature's fangs and gaping maw -- perhaps after the camera was tossed to the ground in haste as the filmer hustled back into the truck. (I think the mouth shots are the least convincing part of the film.) But the first stills that show the creature clearly indicate a canine-headed animal moving through knee-high undergrowth. It has pointed ears on top of its head and shoulders, which ordinary dogs (or bears or other quadrupeds) do not have. It turns and moves to one side, charging through the brush in a way that would be very difficult for a human to do. At one point it appears there is a long tail. There is sure to be a lot of argument on this, and I commend Steve for taking the trouble to acquire it, bring it forward, and to warn everyone that it is still under investigation. It's always better to err on the side of caution with these things, and it may turn out to be some known creature or even a different unknown creature than the Dogman. (It reminds me of the smaller animal known as the Devil Monkey as well).


This was a reader submitted email from April 2009:

My girlfriend and I went out to feed deer for the hunting opener on Nov. 22, 2008. We were in the Chequamegon National Forest in northern Wisconsin. It was November 21, 2008 and the time was 12:10 AM, it was totally dark out and light snow was falling with an accumulation of about 1 inch covering the roads. The Temperature was 11*F and the wind was blowing from the northwest with a wind chill of 0*F. We made a U-turn to the left onto an unfinished ATV trail in one of our 4X4 Pickups heading towards last years feed pile.

I got to the bottom of the hill and backed in and parked. I got out my pistol and loaded it, I then put it in my holster, I grabbed my headlight with 3 LED bulbs and secured it on my head, I handed her a shaker LED flashlight and proceeded to the back of my truck where I had a 5 gallon bucket with just under 2 gallons of corn and 3 apples in it strapped down with 2 of my ATV straps. I put the tailgate down, unstrapped the bucket and put the tailgate up. I walked around my side and then in front of the truck to her passenger side as she was putting mittens on. We both started to walk together, her just behind and to my right side when we both noticed a fresh set of tracks in the snow heading down wind of us in the same direction we where walking.

At first it was not the size that caught my attention, it was "WHAT IN GOD'S CREATION MADE THESE TRACKS" immediately my skinned crawled as I looked around with my head to see if what we just had come up on was in sight. I glanced back down in disbelief at the tracks. I was in a slight stage of shock as I looked at her she looked at me and we both looked down at 4 well-formed footprints of some kind of scary tracks that either of us had ever seen before. I sized my shoe beside one of the tracks and realized it was about 3 inches longer than my shoe which measures 12 inches heel to toe, and about 1 inch wider than my shoe which measures 4 inches at it's widest width. Whatever we witnessed the foot prints of has 2 pointed talons on the end of it's foot that are isometrically the same with a rectangle shaped heel. The talons joined on the outside and at the same length in between the talons on each foot. They are 15 inches long and 5 inches wide with 64-inch strides. I have a 36-inch stride at 5'10" tall to give an idea of the possible size of this creature, running or not we do not know.

I believe we just missed seeing what caused these tracks and what ever made the tracks was still in the area and possibly watching us. My girl told me to load my pistol and keep it out, I did not argue. At first she wanted to leave right away but the sheer adrenaline and interest of what caused the tracks I believe is what kept us there. I said "okay let's get out of here" but again, interest kept us there looking at the tracks. My fear slightly subsided enough to think about the upcoming deer opener and decided I have the pistol and we will be okay. I started to walk the same way the tracks went up a hill on the trail when I stopped and looked back at her while she was still staring down at the prints. I said "come on lets get this over with" she caught up to me as we walked together, she said to me, "if this thing gets a hold of me put a bullet in my head" I thought about that as we kept walking. We went deep into the woods down a steep hill where I new the feed pile was from last year. We got to where I wanted the pile to be, I took the lid off the bucket and dumped the corn and apples out and stepped on the apples, I snapped the lid back on the bucket and said "let's go" We started to climb the hill when I realized we where off track and had to walk left to reach the trail to get back to the truck. I started to think that this was the scariest thing I have ever encountered and felt panic over coming me. I new where I was and finally we got back on the trail and walked down to where we could see the tracks of the creature again. We both stared at them for about 5 minutes. When we got back to the truck just 20 yards from the prints, she got in and closed her door. I went behind the truck, opened the tailgate and re strapped the bucket down and closed the tailgate. I got to my side of the truck and took the clip out of my gun and got in. I threw my head light off my head as we drove away thinking and then I said, "I am not coming back here" and she agreed. We where both scared and could not believe what just happened.

It was a month earlier and 1.1 miles walking through the woods from where we witnessed the tracks that a different friend and I where camping. I went to bed early and fell into a deep sleep. I woke up to the sound of my friend walking behind the tent and my first reply was "what are you doing back there?" I woke up a little more and realized my friend was sleeping, breathing kind of loud next to me. I sat up against my gear and grabbed my pistol and flashlight and sat there cold and scared in the dark. I woke my friend up and told him what I could hear and he said, "Ah it was probably a deer or something" The temperature was around 26*F. I looked out the flaps of the tent and could see the fire had died down and it was dark out there. I stood up and told my friend that I was going to the truck to warm up and get some sleep. I asked him if he wanted me to leave the pistol and he said, "no I'll be alright". I left the tent and walked to my truck about 80 yards away and started it up to get warm. I turned my lights on a few different times to see if what had walked by the tent was in sight. I did not see anything; I turned my truck off and fell asleep.

Whatever walked by the tent was bipedal and made 2 steps into my sound range and out again. I did not hear any other noise from what ever walked by. I looked around the next morning for footprints but leaves covered the ground and I did not detect anything. A little more than 2 years earlier. It was summer and I was at this same location riding my ATV alone, I stopped and got off walking down to a near by lake and was looking at the water and how clear it is when I could hear up on the hill above the camp ground we had stayed at a huge tree snap and hit the ground with a big thump as branches snapped off it and other trees as it fell. I got back to my ATV quickly at the time thinking a bear or buck was up there and I was not sticking around to find out. 2 months later that summer I returned to this spot again riding my ATV, I shut off the wheeler and stood around close by thinking about the last time I was there I was scared off by something. I was there about 5 minutes when all of a sudden I could hear branches snapping off of trees as what ever was breaking branches was coming down the hill closer to where I was. I got on my wheeler never to return until my friend and I camped there a little over 2 years later in October. My first 2 experiences with this creature while I was alone made me think it was possibly a bear or a buck deer, trouble with this theory is that I have come up on bear a dozen or so times and every time, the bear is running as fast as it can in another direction and what ever was making the tree sounds was not running any where. A deer also runs away at the first presence of a human. Now that we witnessed these creatures’ footprints I put the puzzle pieces together and realize that this creature is living in this area and it has probably been there for a long, long, long time. I have learned it means us no harm (yet). It only makes a sound when I am alone (tree breaking). It is always down wind of me (us). It is out in the day and or night. It can see in the dark. It uses the wind to it's advantage every chance it gets. It can hear well. It can smell good. It waits until we are vulnerable to approach us when 2 of us are together. I could possibly have smelled it and did not know what I smelled. I (we) have put 4,000 miles in this forest on my Grizzly ATV through deep desolate, thick wooded, swamp, lake areas and have now proved to ourselves that this undocumented at this time creature is in fact out there.

I believe this to be what the Monster quest American Werewolf series TV show on the History Channel has shown to be the half Man-half Wolf "DOGMAN?" that others have actually witnessed. I know where this creature is living and plan on an expedition to prove its existence. I want to document this creature because I feel everyone that enters the forest has a right to know it is there and for other various reasons. I am open to any and all that would like to comment or ask questions in discussing my encounters with this creature(s).

NOTE: this cryptid tale has fascinated me for years. The sightings of this creature have been reported in Michigan and Wisconsin for hundreds of years...known to the Ottawa Indians as Wendigo and to French trappers as Loup Garou. Early European settlers thought they were encountering a Werewolf, reminiscent of legends from the old world. Have you had a similar experience?...Lon


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New Search for the Mongolian Death Worm

Trudging gingerly across the arid sands of the Gobi desert, Czech explorer Ivan Mackerle is careful not to put a foot wrong, for he knows it may be his last. He scours the land and shifting valleys for tell-tale signs of disturbance in the sands below, always ready for the unexpected lurch of an alien being said to kill in one strike with a sharp spout of acidic venom to the face. A creature so secretive that no photographic evidence yet exists, but the locals know it’s there, always waiting in silence for its prey, waiting to strike – the Mongolian Death Worm.

Reported to be between two and five feet long, the deep-red coloured worm is said to resemble the intestines of a cow and sprays a yellow acidic saliva substance at its victims, who if they’re unlucky enough to be within touching distance also receive an electric shock powerful enough to kill a camel… or them.

Given the latin name Allghoi khorkhoi, the Mongolian Death Worm was first referred to by American paleontologist Professor Roy Chapman Andrews (apparently the inspiration for the Indiana Jones character) in his book On the Trail of Ancient Man, in 1926 but he didn’t appear to be entirely convinced about the whole idea. Even though locals were desperate to relay events of when the dreaded worm struck, Andrews writes: “None of those present ever had seen the creature, but they all firmly believed in its existence and described it minutely.” But it wasn’t to stop other inquisitive adventurers taking up the investigative mantle when Andrews was no longer interested, or able to pursue the matter

Only a few years ago, in 2005, a group of English scientists and cryptozoologists spent a month in the hostile Gobi desert searching for the fabled creature, and although they spoke to a number of Mongolians in the area, all of whom regaled wondrous stories of the worm, no one could verify they had seen the creature first-hand. Even still, after four weeks the team had gathered enough verbal evidence to be convinced that the worm really does exist. Lead researcher, Richard Freeman, said: “Every eyewitness account and story we have heard describes exactly the same thing: a red-brown worm-like snake, approximately two feet long and two inches thick with no discernable head or back (tail).”

Today, it is Ivan Mackerle, a self-made cryptozoologist who travels the world in search of scientific evidence that proves creatures like the Loch Ness monster and Mongolian Death Worm exist. As a boy he read the stories of the Russian paleontologist Yefremov, who wrote about a worm, which resembled a bloody intestine, that could grow to the length of a small man and mysteriously kill people at great distance, possibly with poison or electricity.

Mackerle says: “I thought it was only science fiction. But when I was in university, we had a Mongolian student in our class. I asked him, ‘Do you know what this is, the Allghoi khorkhoi?’ I was waiting for him to start laughing, to say that’s nothing. But he leaned in, like he had a secret, and said, ‘I know it. It is a very strange creature.’”

So Does the Mongolian Death Worm really exist, and what if it does?

This insistence by locals that worm is a reality will continue to fuel inquisitive minds and as long as open-mindedness remains a fair virtue, we’re prepared to wait a little longer for empirical proof of its existence.

Just remember, if you do decide to go Death Worm hunting in the Gobi desert, don’t wear yellow, seemingly that’s the color that sends our wrinkly friend into one its trademark electrifying, spitting freak outs. Don’t say we didn’t warm you.


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Friday, July 10, 2009

Videos (Italian): The Autopsy of an Alien Fetus - Graphic!

Here's a basic rundown of the story. The 2nd video is somewhat graphic...just a warning! I didn't go into detail of the autopsy, just some of the commentary on Giovanni and the aliens that I picked up from the videos and partial translations:

Giovanna sent a letter to the host explaining why she had to come out with this after so many years. She was being abducted since she was 4 year old (now 41) and started to be artificially inseminated when she reached puberty. She had 18 births in all these years since. She said they would remove the fetus after 2 months and continue to grow it outside the womb by unknown means.

Basically she said the aliens are creatures who don't know love or hate and have no emotions. They need humans to recreate a new hybrid race because they can no longer reproduce by themselves due to radiation they encountered in their travels and on their own planets. In fact the human race is the only race they know of that is compatible with them, because we have very similar DNA. Though they are building a hybrid race, they have no plans to leave and will attempt to take control of earth, by force if needed.

Asked how they abducted her, she answered they come down cloaked in these ships then they send a ray. She would lose conscience and be transported. Other times, they would come into the house and remove her.

When she was young her father would be upset because she was missing at night for many hours. He thought she was out with friends when, in fact, she was abducted...which usually lasted 3-5 hours.

NOTE: there is much more detail to the story...if I can obtain a translated transcript, I'll post it here. I'm interested in your comments...Lon

UPDATE...I found a translation on the board this evening

1st Video Translation

Giovanna’s story has generated a great debate. I have received hundreds of e-mails from people claiming to have had similar experiences who have decided to come clean. Hundreds of people writing to one person saying that they have been abducted by aliens is data that is quite alarming. I spoke to a journalist, ufologyst, an expert of mysterious events, Pablo Ayo. Let us now take a look at some of the most significant claims made by Giovanna.

“I was taken abroad a flying saucer, I was laid out on a metal bed”. And you have some body marks from that event. “Yes, I have body marks from the event”. And you also said something about a florescent substance……”Yes the substance that was on my body comes from their “Epidermie (don’t know the English word for this) that they use to manipulate our body. “They say that they use it as a disinfectant in order not to contaminate us or to get contaminated themselves”. “Because they received a lot of irradiation as a direct result of visiting various different planets. Listen, why do they have a need for your tissue? “ Mine and others like me are a race that is bio-compatible”. “We are the only race that is bio-compatible”. “Genetically speaking we are the closest species that is similar to theirs”. “We can help them reproduce and re-create a whole race”.

You remained pregnant right? “Yes, I had 18 “gravitanze”. (I assume it’s a sort of a forced abortion). “During the second month they come and they take the fetus away”. And then what happens? You don’t feel pregnant anymore? (I’m having trouble hearing this part. Apparently she says that they come and take her milk from her breast. I don’t know how a woman can have milk at that time but whatever).

So we have a story that is similar to many others but this one is told in a precise manner and backed with some evidence. You have just heard Giovanna’s story.

Pablo: Yes Giovanna’s case is a little particular because some elements of her case are classic, the aspect of her strange fetus has been seen very rarely. There’s been cases of women who have found to have a very strange fetus inside them and then they would faint at the sight of the fetus and once they awoke the fetus was gone. The fact that she was able to keep hers is very interesting.

Let’s take a look at the picture.

“This is a classic depiction of a gray alien with their classic height, eyes, head and the classic circumstances of them coming into a room and abducting people. But this is not the only kind that goes around abducting people. There are also humanoids which is a race very similar to ours which could be mistaken for human. But 80% of cases are the grays which give a certain coldness and in fact Giovanna says that they have no morals. They don’t have any good or any bad in them apparently. There was a colonel who wrote a book who back in the 60’s worked on the Roswell case and he said that these types are artificial and a robot-like. They were invented to be able to travel long distances”. Why do they need us? “All the abductees were told telepathically that they don’t have a way of reproducing. An ex secret service agent claimed to have been told by the grays that the humans have a DNA that is compatible with all the alien races out there. Our anti-bodies cure the aliens of various illnesses.

We have convinced Giovanna to give us a clip of her aborted fetus.

2nd Video Translation

After last week’s testimony a new chapter in the story of Giovanna has emerged, the woman who claims to have been abducted by aliens, the integral unedited clip of the aborted hybrid fetus.

Bald guy: Let’s go back to Giovanna’s story who has asked me to read these few lines: My story has generated a lot of discussion, especially on the internet. Many people believed me and many didn’t. I just wanna say that the fact that I spoke up wasn’t to make me famous but rather because after many years I just had to do it. I had to tell my story in order to help others that like me live certain experience in silence and in fear. The grays are a race that unlike us has no feelings. This explains this cynicism of their actions. They can’t feel neither love nor hate and when they impregnate me they do it artificially and not sexually. Even if they are technologically advanced the sole fact that we are human beings makes us superior to them.

Bald guy: Of the evidence that Giovanna has procured there is one that is of particular interest.

Pablo: Yes, this substance has been found all around Giovanna’s residence. In her apartment and in the burned grass around her house. This has been analyzed and it becomes very florescent so it must contain phosphorous. But it doesn’t. it’s been analyzed in an institute in Bologna and the powder doesn’t contain any substances that are reflecting in nature. It has a very particular structure. The electrons of this powder have been so to say excited or modified by a very strong magnetic field. Nothing that Giovanna might have. These things aren’t found in houses.

I think it’s time to see the clip:

They go into some pretty scientific wording that I, although understand it, am not able to translate. He says that at the bottom are the legs and in up high is the head. Obviously seeing it like this it has animal characters he says. It has happened that women have given birth to things of this nature however. The women always end up throwing it away after discovering the horror of giving birth to something non-human. “This video could be real or it could be an animal. It would take a pathologist to analyze the video and a DNA analysis to be certain”.

They’re saying that the person doing the autopsy is Giovanna’s partner. They’re seeking to understand more. “It’s difficult to say for certain if the video is fake”.


NOTE: ?...I'm going to take this at face value only. There are a few questions I have and I'm sure a ton more from the readers. I hope more information is forthcoming...Lon

NASA: Attempt to End Conspiracy Lunacy...Lunar Landing Sites to be Photographed

Suck it up, conspiracy theorists, because soon your cuckoo stories about the US simulating the Moon landings will be over forever. NASA has confirmed to Gizmodo that the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter will take photos of all the Apollo landing sites:

Jesus Diaz: Would the LRO return images of the moon landings when it flies over them?
Grey Hautaluoma (NASA Headquarters, Office of Public Affairs): Yes, it will. We don't have a timeline yet for viewing the Apollo sites, but it will be in the near future.

There you have it. Soon we will have photos showing the remains of the Apollo Lunar Modules, also known as LEM (Lunar Excursion Module.) Built by Grumman Aircraft Engineering, the Lunar Module was 20.9-foot tall, with a 14 feet diameter and a landing gear span of 29.75 feet.

However, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter will only be able to take photos of what is known as the Descent Stage, the bottom part of the LEM that housed the main propulsion system. This part was left on the Moon's surface, while the Ascent Stage launched after each mission to rendezvous with the Command Module orbiting around the Moon.

Other remains left on the Moon include the Lunar Roving Vehicles, used in the Apollo J-class missions: Apollo 15, Apollo 16, and Apollo 17. Since they are 3-meter long, the LRO will be able to distinguish them as well.

Of course, the conspiracy theorist will say it's all Photoshop and 3D now. I wish I can do like Buzz Aldrin and smack each and everyone of them.

Photo: 'Do I Get Three Ballots?"

Apparently, this man wanted to vote three times in the recent Indian elections. I wonder what the names are of the other two? Anybody else thinking 'Total Recall'?

Video: MUFON Reported Triangle UFO - Fresno, CA - 7/7/09

Received this email from Jeffrey Gonzalez at Sanger Paranormal Society: Sighting here in Fresno on Wed July 7, caught on video. Object was reported to MUFON then referred to me as the State Section Director and Investigator. Object was spotted South-East of Fresno. Looks like the craft was triangle in shape. Its under investigation.

NOTE: I tried to isolate the UFO while it traveled in front of the moon...Lon

Michael Jackson: Heavenly Funeral Attended by Princess Di, Mother Teresa, Liberace and Walt Disney

Series Part IV: Michael Jackson Seen and Heard From Beyond? - by Chris Herget

Yesterday I received an email from a clairvoyant I had been working with who claimed that late Wednesday evening following Michael Jackson's memorial, he received a spiritual message from the astral plane. The scene was described as being a spiritual funeral of sorts, where Liberace performed simulcast songs from Tuesday's memorial and millions of well-wishers gathered to pay homage to the singer in life and in death.

Other well-known souls from the past also were there, according to the account, including Mother Teresa who performed his eulogy, and Princess Diana who acted as a spiritual guide. Even Walt Disney was there to entertain the guests with "visions of wonder and merriment," all culminating in a peaceful ending to a service which started with Jackson looking back and evaluating his life for the purpose of self-study and spiritual growth.

I had to think long and hard before I decided to go ahead and report this here and on Phantoms and Monsters, because while I have no reviewing a national talk show where a clairvoyant claimed to be channeling Michael Jackson, or talk about a ghostly image from a CNN news reel I can post a photo still on, I have no evidence to back this story up, only an email and my own trust in the sender, Christian von Lähr, who I only recently have been acquainted with.

And that's where things have taken a different turn, because after I posted this story initially, I received a disturbing email from von Lähr, which made me pause and consider where I went wrong that he would request to have all stories removed, or at least not link him with the story, which of course is impossible after the fact.

But it didn't stop there. He began to post negative comments about me to Lon Strickler of Phantoms and Monsters, and to this website. Lon is nothing less than the kindest of souls who has bent over backwards bringing this story to light, even accommodating von Lähr by switching an airbrushed photo for the original per the medium's request. But when Strickler decided to just remove the photo altogether for reasons of space constraints, things started to go downhill from there and have only gotten worse.

So, for my own sanity and some good advice from my editor to avoid working with uncooperative sources, I have decided to discontinue this series rather than pretend that I still have the same faith in Christian von Lähr than I did when I first started. I am embarrassed over my naivete, and what may have been perhaps my own interest in wanting to believe that there is an afterlife which caused me to be a bit overly enthusiastic in my presentation.

But then I considered another aspect of my responsibilities as an examiner. When I first started writing articles for this website, I immediately addressed my concern of being lumped in the category of Spirituality and Religion without further clarification of my expertise as a paranormal investigator. My feeling was that I needed a title that reflected more succinctly what I wanted to research and write about and the category was just too vague. I must have made a convincing argument, because I'm proud that my official title is icludes the word "paranormal," a title most reporters would avoid.

All too often even the most reputable of writers tiptoe around this topic, or they present it in such a frivolous and playful way that it becomes painfully clear to the enlightened reader that they really didn't mean to have the story be taken all that seriously anyways. I didn't check the Webster's dictionary on the technical meaning, but I think we can agree that paranormal pretty much refers to stuff that isn't normal. So if my title represents and even defines what I should be writing about, then I need to go all across the board- not just stop at the salad bar when dining at the buffet of the paranormal, Capiche?

So now that you understand my motivations a little bit better let me add that I wasn't attracted to the sensational aspect of this story, rather I wanted to produce this piece because I personally was awed by the message itself.

The words shine with pure literary brilliance and bring forth such an inspirational and powerful message that I feel would be doing the readers a grave disservice by censoring the material. So before any readers decide to poke fun at the reporter, I am only suggesting that it's the thought that counts.

So what if the thoughts were suggested to be composed by Michael Jackson, or even imagined by the clairvoyant themselves? All I ask from the dear reader is that you would keep an open mind and remember that my true desire is to share with you something that landed on my desk which I think is just too darn fabulous to keep all to myself.

Before I finish my introduction, some readers who have studied the phenomenon of psychic channeling may be surprised to find similarities in the material to published accounts from other mediums who have claimed to channel spiritual messages. Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts and even Helen Greaves have been said to speak or write using an antiquated manner of speech, similar to passages from the New Testament of the Holy Bible from the 1800s.

Although the writing doesn't sound too terribly out of date, I will admit that there's enough of a nuance in the pattern of speech to warrant a future article discussing the subject, but that is one which is beyond the scope of this story, at least for today. So without further adieu, what follows are the words from one clairvoyant who tells me that the words were sent for the benefit of the world to hear, compliments of the King of Pop.

"My Funeral I held myself. I invited or otherwise received a small but select group of well-wishers, teachers, guiding influences, and real luminaries of life as would be commonly known, and some above or beyond common awareness too. My insightful guests were sincere and personal, all genuine, spiritual in total. Their interest was to be with me while I entered my contemplation: appraise myself fully and let surface those things that were the core of my being, so that I can know me contemplate my death, yet not death, and what it meant to me, as well as others resolve my challenge-- .the complication of stardom that overshadowed my being merely someone expressing themselves through human flaws, yet still truly under the world's floodlights acknowledge those who had importance to me, not only significance evaluate people and persons in that life so as to know their true value, meaning, motivation, and any mutual benefit to one another we had, if any recount those many things I was meant to do in that world yet did not, due to my many imperfections, whether imagined, real or imposed contemplate what genuine life purpose, or value I may have held ascertain how I can continue to serve life, and the incomprehensible holiness ? even in passing ? to make my unique difference for all time help me cherish my own memories find peace that I might go on

My humble eulogy was most compassionately presided over by Mother Teresa, One who always comes to those who suffer in solitude. The angels were her choir and they were splendid. The assemblage could resonate with the rainbow hues of Her tribute as sound and color, and emotion and reality are all one in her church.

Princess Diana shone radiantly at my side and held me firm as I trembled on one knee, much as I did in life. She gave off the glow of strength under futility, and kept me proud when overshadowed by my weaknesses. I listened to my truth and knew that even forever flawed, I would always enjoy relatively perfect guidance.

My showman was a quintessential personification of musical entertainment. Mr. Liberace played each passage of every song right alongside the ceremony of the real world that I might fully enjoy their message, carried high. Lee took his bow, and bowed to me for the great promise I held for the world in time.

My Diana, my Elizabeth, my friends. None were forgotten, for we all have our counterparts in this world I now occupy. They were here with me in what others might call "spirit." Brooke was able to reach up even though active in the real world. The children, my children, glowed clearly as our hearts reached out to each other.

I could experience the feeling of my mother - my angel. My father, brothers and sisters joined hands in spiritual harmony once more, and I was complete. There is no number, even here, for the many friends and companions who took great care of me in life, but they were all honored here.

Before Walt came up to entertain us with visions of wonder and merriment that crossed realms, we received an audience of millions of children from around the world. They sat wherever and with whomever and were followed by the very essence of my fans everywhere. Together as family, we shared the light of my soul and I lay judged before all. We laughed, we cried, we cheered and we felt woe as the facets of my existence were projected for all to see, hear, and feel.

My ceremony ended with complete peace."

I asked Dr. von Lähr for a comment prior to his recent request to not be quoted, he sent me the following, "There are still many surprises and illusions going on in the life of Michael Jackson. Most of what is seen is a pre-meditated presentation of purpose. The trick of the magic casket has yet to be revealed. It will be ever-evident that the life of Michael is a "managed" thing, and any truth we might realize will not be easily revealed, or uncovered without effort."

My final comment on the material is that while the message may seem incomplete or empty, it may not necessarily be because it's fiction, but perhaps it's because we expected to hear only gossipy responses from the star instead of something profound and introspective.

I do think it's true that in time, all that needs to be revealed will be, and that is in life as it is in passing and in the meantime, we're lucky to be given the chance to enjoy the journey on the long way back home.

* * * * * * * * * *

Chris Herget has been a guest blogger with Phantoms and Monsters this past week, introducing this exclusive series and is the premiere paranormal reporter for the in Seattle. If you have a story to tell and need help getting it to us here at Phantoms and Monsters, contact Chris for editorial assistance and suggestions at

*All text and original images appearing on this article are protected by copyright. Redistribution or commercial use is permitted only if the original links with credit and reference to Chris Herget and this website are used. Copyright - Chris Herget

Chris Herget - Seattle Paranormal Examiner


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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Video: Yellow/Orange UFO - Murraysville, PA - 7/7/09

Witness statement: Was home in great room which is glass mostly on 3 sides. Watching TV, I glanced to my right and saw really bright, pulsing light, round in shape, through patio door over the valley in front of south side of house. It was like the color of a dimmed down halogen light, but more white when it pulsed brighter. It headed east coming from the west. Totally silent. Had left my good HD camcorder at river house, so I grabbed daughter's cheap Sony Handycam and shot video of it, which would have been longer had it not been for the DVD loading stuff.

It seemed to be round with a flat side and rotating--same as our sighting on May 18, 2009 here (pics are already on That sighting was a much bigger sized thing than this. I estimate this one to be only about 10 feet in diameter--although purely a guess, as the distance and other factors were hard to gauge because of the light.

On July 8, 2009 at 4:07 AM another one more orange in color came from WNW sky heading to SE sky into the trees also. Perhaps the color appears darker the further away you are. Our sighting on May 13th was a darker colored orange and was higher up overhead also.

I went and got my good HD camcorder and waited in farm field across the street from my house and at 10:00:11 PM another bright one higher up appeared overhead silently and headed one tick above East. It was steady lit until it started descending into the tree line, at which time it began to pulse like the night before.

The orange ones seem to be an epidemic lately all over the world--wonder when the powers that be will address their presence?

NOTE:'s really shaking. The Murraysville, PA and western PA area in general have had many reports of similar sphere type UFOs over the past year or so. BTW, Murraysville is near Kecksburg, PA, site of the famous UFO crash. Below is an interesting reference I recently read..Lon

Murrysville, Pennsylvania - A possible corridor for UFO's?

This up-scale community in western Westmoreland county, just east of Pittsburgh, has been a hot-bed of UFO sightings since last year. Reportings have been coming in on a regular basis over the past couple of months. The most recent report is of yet another event that occurred on May 22. At approximately 4:00 a.m., the witness observed an object moving slowly and just above the treeline in front of their house. The object doesn't appear to be any type of conventional aircraft. The picture at the right is a blown-up still photo of the object photographed with a Sony HDR-XR500V HD camcorder. The Mutual UFO Network (Mufon) continues to work with the witness to identify this recurring mystery in this rural section of the county. The witness has observed a variety of strange and unusual objects in the sky since 2008, including neon green and orange fireballs, red pulsating disks, cigar-shaped UFO's, and triangular shaped UFO's.

There are suspected "UFO corridors" that are believed to exist throughout the United States. These corridors have unusually high sightings of UFO's that may suggest that there are routes that are used by the objects as they carry out whatever their mission may be. Perhaps the Murrysville area may be located within one of these corridors.

Three Strange Beings Reported at Crop Circle - Silbury Hill, Wiltshire is reporting an event that occurred 7th July 2009, Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, England, near the crop circle located south west of the hill off the A4 highway.

This is the same location where on the 23 May 1994, four researchers (including one nuclear scientist) visiting a crop design in this field, witnessed intense military presence moments before they each experienced 45 minutes missing time and within a short while a further period of missing time. Each had red marks appear on their necks and had severe nose bleeds hours later.

This is also the site of a secret military stake out which took place during the 1990 Operation Blackbird, where over these fields a large unidentified white orb was filmed by the army.

The latest bizarre event took place yesterday morning (7th) at approximately 5:00 AM local time, when a off duty Wiltshire Police Sergeant was driving towards Marlborough on the A4 highway and about to pass Silbury Hill on his left. He looked to his right and witnessed three exceptionally tall beings inspecting the new crop circle which appeared there on the 5th July. He stopped his vehicle and watched them for several minutes because they stood out as odd. Each of them were well over six feet tall, each had blond hair and also they all were wearing one piece white suits, with hoods that had been dropped onto the back of their heads.

After a few minutes watching them, he said they appeared to be examining the crop in the circle, he shouted at them from a distance of about 400 yards but they ignored him. As soon as he entered the field, they became aware of him and ran at an amazing speed to the south, away from Silbury Hill. He said "I recognized that I could never catch up with them since they were exceptionally fast." He glanced away for just a few seconds and looked back to find that they had completely vanished. He became very uneasy and left the scene.

The police officer was very aware of hearing a static crackling sound in the field and around him. He said as the plants moved around, he could see the movement coincided with the level of sound, as if the static was effecting the plants by moving them.

He also started to experience a headache in the field, which became worse as the day went on and he could not shake it off all day.

The 'Bates Motel' in Idaho...Possibly Haunted, Definitely Spooky

And now, a few words from management at the Bates Motel.

Rooms are available now. Really available.

No, this is not the building they used when filming "Psycho," the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock thriller about madness and murder at a creepy motel of the same name. It's not even the building they used when filming the "Psycho" remake (1998).

This Bates Motel is the real deal, a lodging at 2018 Sherman Ave. in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, with 13 rooms and a manager's unit arrayed around a ragged parking lot.

It sits along the gritty east end of Coeur d'Alene's main drag. A website devoted to "haunted places in Idaho" reports that "people have often reported 'creepy feelings' " in Rooms 1 and 3. The following warning is posted at the front desk:

"Party policy: No. Don't do it. Don't think about doin' it. And don't ask."

Yes, this Bates Motel is a tad spooky in its own right. But it has cable and Wi-Fi, and apparently somebody has been slashing prices. They go as low as $28 nightly in winter, up to $48 in summer. (There's no website, but the phone is [208] 667-1411.)

"It's been the Bates Motel for way longer than I've been here," said a man working the desk and phone on an afternoon in mid-June. He gave his name as Dusty Van, described himself as manager and co-owner, and said he'd been there for 10 years.

Last name?

"I don't have one. I've been Dusty since the fourth grade."

His customers, he said, are "mainly tourists in the summer. In the winter, it's maybe locals or transients who are here for a few days or whatever." The motel gets high marks on a few biker websites as well.

Dusty reported that the building began life as a barracks for officers at Farragut Naval Training Station about 30 miles north. After World War II, "they sold off the building, and it was moved down here to Coeur d'Alene," Dusty said. "And after a certain amount of time, it was bought by a gentleman named Randy Bates. He named it the Bates Motel."

A title search suggests that the transaction happened in 1990, long after the movie came out. Anyway, the motel makes the most of the connection.

At Halloween, "sometimes we'll do a haunted house," Dusty said. "Other times we'll just have mannequins and costumes. One year we had one dressed up as Mother. She sat in a rocking chair in the lobby."

As for the sign out front, which includes a stylized silhouette of Norman Bates' house in the movie, "there was one of those cheap horror movies made here," Dusty said. "And they're the ones who put the sign up. And when they left, they left the sign. And the rest is history. . . . We're playing it up unmercifully."

Cool. Anything else we should know?

"Yeah," said Dusty. "It's for sale."


"The value is in the property," he said. "Three-hundred feet by about 100 feet on Sherman Avenue -- that's where the value is."

The motel building, priced at $625,000, hit the market in early June. But there's also a lot next door with a cottage, which you can have for $375,000 more.

And really, what's the point in running a Bates Motel if you can't live close and lend a hand?

Voice From the Past Recorded at Florida Museum

It was Sunday night and the ghost hunters stood on the steps of the West Pasco Historical Society, trying to talk with William Barber, a Union soldier whose desk is inside the building.

The desk dates to 1850 and was donated to the society in 1983. It is said that Barber's spirit is still very fond of his desk and that he doesn't like things put on it. Museum volunteers say people often smell wafting cigar smoke when they pass by the desk.

The museum was closed. The ghost hunters — Courtney Micalizzi, 20; Sarha Chapman, 21, and Nathan Thomas, 20 — like to go at night, when all else is sleeping. They addressed Barber as "colonel," although his actual rank is disputed. With their recorder rolling, they talked to him, hoping to capture "electric voice phenomenon," known as EVPs. They heard nothing and went home, thinking their night was a bust. Thomas stayed up late going through the tape.

Toward the end, he heard a voice answering back in the darkness. The group believes it was Barber's spirit.

"I had no choice," the hushed voice says, after Chapman asks how he feels about his desk being in the South, when he fought for the North during the Civil War.

The air conditioning system roared to life while the group asked questions, so they retreated to a gazebo. As they left, the voice on the recording said:

"Where are you going?"

"Come back."

Thomas couldn't believe it. He shouted to Chapman, who lives with him. They are engaged and have a 7-month-old daughter. Chapman called Micalizzi. They all had chills.

"I was shaking," said Chapman, the founder of their paranormal investigating organization, Hunting the Haunted. She and Micalizzi have been ghost hunting since they were students at Mitchell High School, toting their tape recorders to places with alleged high paranormal activity in West Pasco.

They said they once saw a full body apparition when they both worked at a hotel in Tarpon Springs. Micalizzi now works at a bowling alley. Chapman, at Target. Thomas, at 7-Eleven. But the three of them spend all their free time researching the paranormal. They say they do it because they want to know if there is an afterlife and what it's all about; if spirits need help or comfort.

"After you die, who are you going to talk to?" Micalizzi said.

They swear the tape is real. Thomas held the camera as the others asked questions. They said it couldn't have been Thomas talking, because his mouth was next to the microphone and it would have been really loud.

David Prace is the president of the Historical Society and said, while he's not a ghost believer, if his building does have a spirit lurking, he just hopes it's a friendly one. He's invited the group to come back another night, though this time they will be allowed inside. His wife, Midge London-Prace, doesn't know what to make of it all.

"A lot of people think it's for real," she said. "Maybe he is a ghost here."

One of the things attributed to Barber's ghost is the knocking of items off his desk and the surrounding walls. When London-Prace opened the museum Wednesday, a painting that had been hung for years was found on the floor, the frame shattered, everything around it still in place.


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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Update: SPARS Confirms Korner's Folly Is Haunted

The "Strangest House in the World" is about to get a little stranger.

The results are back from tests conducted in May and it's official, Korner's Folly is haunted.

Members of the Southern Paranormal and Anomaly Research Society (SPARS') investigated the house on May 23, 2009. SPARS is a member of The Atlantic Paranormal Society, better known as TAPS, made famous by Sci-Fi Channel's Ghost Hunters.

The Winston-Salem paranormal society also did their own investigation of the historic home last month. They used electro-magnetic field detectors and audio equipment to try to detect anything out of the ordinary.

"Any house that's this historic and has this much history in terms of the types of people and experiences that have happened here lends itself to this type of research," Bruce Franke, Korner's Folly Executive Director, explained.

The mansion was reported to be haunted by its former owner. The word is, there have been several encounters.

The results from the TAPS expedition will be officially unveiled next week in a press conference. The Winston-Salem paranormal society has not released their results.

Originally posted on May 20, 2009

Investigating Korner's Folly, the 'Strangest House in the World'

A Triad-area landmark known as the strangest house in the world is getting some attention from paranormal experts.

Officials from the Southern Paranormal and Anomaly Research Society plan to conduct an investigation to see if the creaks and moans of the more than 100-year-old Korners Folly home are those of age – or something more.

Officials say the home has always been surrounded by an air of mystery.

“People say, well, it was vacant for 30 years, people over time have remembered it when it was boarded up. They've heard strange sounds, maybe when they went by,” Bruce Frankel, executive director of the Korners Folly Foundation, said. "People have interesting minds in how they look at something and because it's not a traditional-type house, I think even more so."

But SPARS hopes to settle the many active imaginations. The society plans to investigate the house in the next week.

“SPARS comes into a property under the assumption that it is not haunted, and what we try to do is prove or disprove a haunting. We try to figure out natural explanations of any supposed paranormal phenomena,” Deonna Kelli Sayed, an investigator-in-training from SPARS, said.

And she says they use science to figure it out.

“We'll have a thermal imaging camera, which gives us heat signatures and cold signatures.” Sayed said. “We will use digital audio to hear if there are any noises or disembodied voices that we can't hear with our human ears.”

Paranormal experts say one of the things that makes this house so unique is that 90 percent of it is filled with original furniture, something that's important during their investigation.

“There are some theories in the paranormal community that whatever is there, whether it's spirits or entities or energies, may attach themselves to objects,” Sayed said.

And whether it's really a ghost or a tricky mind, Sayed said by the end of the investigation, they hope to have definitive answers.

“We are just trying to find ways to understand things that perhaps we don't yet understand,” she said.

SPARS is affiliated with The Atlantic Paranormal Society, made famous by the Sci-Fi Channel's Ghost Hunters.

History of Korner's Folly

Korner's Folly, dubbed "The Strangest House in the World," has long amused visitors who gape at its fanciful Victorian rooms and showy furniture. Starting next month, the historic home in Kernersville hosts a year-long set of activities to celebrate its 125th anniversary. Festivities include a community party with barbecue and masquerade costume ball on April 2, and an ice cream social on June 25.

The eccentric Victorian structure was born when a dapper interior designer named Jule Korner broke ground on what he intended to be a showplace home. His unconventional design rose in the sky at a snail's pace, and reportedly caused a local to remark, "That will surely be Korner's folly." Jule overheard the crack and delightedly named his house thus, even setting an ornate nameplate out front. When Korner's Folly was "finished" in 1880, Jule continued to vigorously revamp it.

The house's original design featured three floors, but because Jule placed steps, up or down, at most doorways, the house has seven staggered levels. Ceiling heights for the Folly's 22 rooms range from six on up to 25 feet.

Jule's ad hoc approach included transforming stables into a sewing room/library and turning the drive-through carriageway into a dining room. Shortly before his marriage to Polly Alice Masten, he renovated rooms for family life, converting storage spaces into children's playrooms with floor-to-ceiling windows visible from rooms below.

On the front porch, the words "Witches Corner" are playfully inscribed into the tile, arranged to appear as throw rugs. Inside, intricately carved moldings frame the ceilings, with other decorative flourishes in abundance such as silk damask panels, maiden statues and painted frescoes. Jule was afraid of fire and only permitted cigars in a tiled "smoker" room.

One window there is about three feet high,while the other extends upward and is shared by a room upstairs. Neither window opens. The master bedroom includes grand furniture Jule designed, such as his S-shaped conversation chair. It's a three seater, with room for a chaperone. Many of Jule's inventive pieces were so massive they could not fit through doors and were constructed in the room. Jule also included whimsical "courting corners" where guests could sneak smooches behind silk curtains.

In keeping with its experimental spirit, Korner's Folly boasts the first little private theater in the United States, located in soaring attic space. Like Jule, his well-traveled wife (who went by "Alice") loved the arts. The Folly's theater got its start when a local girl came back from Boston hoping to give an elocution recital, only to be denied use of all community meeting places. In that time, play-acting was considered sinful. Alice decided to present her at the Folly.

Korner died feeling that his work-in-progress was unfinished. Later, the house fell into neglect and eventually Preservation North Carolina oversaw the establishment of Korner's Folly Foundation, which owns it now. "There are no two rooms alike:' says Connie Martin, the foundation's executive director. "People are amazed at its insight and ingenuity." Today, the plays live on at the Folly every fall, staged by the Kernersville Little Theatre, along with family puppet shows per formed every fourth Saturday. And just like its original owner, the house still causes talk.

"There are no two rooms alike. People are amazed at its insight and ingenuity. " -Connie Martin, Executive Director Preservation North Carolina

Video: Bright Red UFO Launches Orb - Greer, SC - 7/3/09

Witness statement: My son and I were camping out in the backyard the night of July 3 2009. At approximately 10:30 pm we went to bed and I noticed a huge bright red light through the mesh door of the tent. So I fumbled around in my backpack for the video camera, unzipped the tent door and about 20 seconds after I first saw it I started filming.

The bright red light moved slowly southward, then a white light emerged and went up from it. I tried to follow the white light with the camera, but it was really hard to see in my small viewfinder, hence the jerky camera. Shortly after the white light emerged, the red light blinked off while the white light went south at a pace that was about 3x faster than the red light had been traveling, then it faded and disappeared completely.

I'm not sure what this is, but I don't think it could be one of those flare/balloon hoaxes due to the increased speed of the white light. You can get a feel of the speed based on the silhouette of the plant in the final frames. Also, there was no wind that night. At any rate, it was pretty cool to see something like this in the sky. If anyone has seen something similar please comment about it. I'm curious about what this could be.

NOTE: first thing I thought of was that this was a rocket or firework. But, after watching it a few more times and reading some of the response, this probably something else...Lon

The witness later added:
If I could film it over again I would have not zoomed in. That was a mistake, because without the treeline it's hard to see how it's moving.

The red light was actually there longer than the video shows... about 20-30 seconds. It just sort of appeared & moved sideways.

It is hard to tell which object goes which direction from the footage. However when I saw this it definitely seemed to me that the white light was ejected upward from the red light.

It really didn't seem to move like a rocket when viewed with the naked eye. It moved straight to the south and the red light didn't change in size.

That said, I haven't ruled out the possibility that this could be some kind of firework or rocket, but it was in the air for over a minute total, the red light was extremely bright, and I just can't explain the white light coming out and moving quickly to the south in a straight line. Just weird.

Theater's Resident Ghost Up To Her Old Tricks

Ottawa Little Theatre's resident ghost "Martha" is up to her old tricks again after a fire alarm went off inside the building on Canada Day.

Over the years, theatre staff have reported strange and unexplained disturbances, along with a few sightings of Martha. It's believed the theatre is haunted because a tombstone bearing the name "Martha" was discovered after the excavation of the King Edward Avenue site's original building, which once housed Eastern Wesleyan Methodist Church.

Wednesday night, Ottawa firefighters arrived at the theatre and found no evidence of a break-in or fire. The fire alarm is in a backstage staircase where, years ago, Martha's partially broken tombstone was unearthed.

The plot thickens, as Wednesday's false fire alarm came 39 years to the day after a devastating blaze

destroyed the original theatre building.

"It sent a shiver up my spine when I heard the news," said stage manager Jim Hogan.

"We never had a false alarm at the theatre. We had one actual alarm that we triggered ourselves when we overloaded the green room and the heat sensor went off, but we never had a fire alarm go off when nobody was in the building."

"The (old) theatre burned down on July 1, 1970, before midnight, so it's such a coincidence," said John Muggleton, the theatre's director of marketing and communications, who arrived at the site after receiving a call from the alarm company.

He said a few people were in the building earlier on Canada Day, but the theatre had been closed following a performance Sunday night.

Martha's identity has long been a mystery to the Ottawa Little Theatre, said Muggleton.

"The story goes that, when it was a church, there was a small theatre group called Under the Stairs Players. They wanted a bigger performance space, so they excavated the walls of the foundation of the church, and when they were knocking out the walls a tombstone came through the earth. The only name on it was Martha."

The building was a Methodist church from 1873 to 1928, then home to the Ottawa Drama League. It was formed in 1913 and was a forerunner to the Ottawa Little Theatre.

The theatre staged plays in the stone and frame building until 1970, when fire swept through and destroyed it. A fundraising campaign was launched and a new building was erected on the same site.

The cause of the 1970 fire was never determined, said Muggleton.

Hogan has never seen the ghostly Martha, although he's been inside the theatre when strange things have occurred.

"I was there late one night by myself working the sound cues for a show, I think it was back in 1985," he said.

He was in the sound and light booth, high up in the ceiling of the hall. The booth is reachable by a corrugated aluminum walkway and anyone coming to the booth could be heard, he said.

"I heard the sound of someone running down the walkway. I first thought someone was trying to scare me, so I called out and nobody answered."

Hogan looked around, saw no one, and then again heard the sound of footsteps, which whizzed right past him.

"I'm not an easily spooked person, but from that point I left the building, and I didn't even go back to the booth."

AMAZING Videos: Massive 'Orb' Activity - Perth, Australia - UPDATE

These videos are, by far, the most incredible examples of paranormal activity I have ever witnessed.

Check out the bottom left of the screen near the 0.32 sec. mark. What does that look like to you? To me, it looks like something was moving near the floor.

I enlarged one of the 'orbs' from Paul's video 7-6-09. I enhanced it a has a yo-yo shape to it.

Here is an enhanced 'orb' from the last video. It's hard to get great detail but there seems to be some structure to it. I estimated that this object was just 2-3 feet from the camera.

NOTE: I'm going to continue reporting on this phenomena. We have contacted several paranormal groups in Western Australia to investigate this far, no response...Lon

(previous posting)

Remarkable videos of 'orb' activity in a small flat in Perth, Australia. The user has setup a CCTV as well as a video camera that monitors his computer screen. Currently, he has posted several weeks worth of activity though it has been present for much longer. Go to to view all the videos. Granted, it is hard to see some of the video (when the computer screen is captured by the video cam) but the activity and audio is detectable.

NOTE: the user (Paul) had contacted me previously in reference to this paranormal activity in order to pinpoint the problem. I have ask several friends and associates to contact him and offer advise...Lon


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