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Video: Michael Jackson's Ghost Captured at Neverland Ranch?

NOTE: At the 8:22 mark, an apparition 'walks' across the room at the far end of the hallway during an interview and tour of 'Neverland Ranch' on the Larry King Show...Lon

Recent Nogoya Mutilations Reminiscent of Attacks in 2002

From the July 3, 2009 posting, it seems that cattle mutilation activity has returned to Nogoyá in Argentina’s province of La Pampa.

On June 26, 2002, two cases were reported in this very same area and made known in the city of Paraná’s “El Diario” newspaper. The authorities were no more certain then about what was going on:

“Two new cases of bovine mutilation became known at this time in the Department of Nogoyá. One of the animals was found in Laurencena, and another in the Urquiza Sector.

“Pablo Seeling, a veterinarian for the Police Department’s Cattle Theft Unit, indicated his astonishment at the find. He recalled that the Laurencena case involved “a bull missing its testicles, and its tongue had been removed in a very special way. These are very special characteristics, given the fact that it is necessary to have a specific scalpel or something similar to make a cut as clean as the one that appeared on that animal. I do not wish to believe in extraterrestrials or anything, but I wonder how such a perfect incision could be made. I made an cut of my own with my scalpel right next to the existing one, and it was completely different.”

“Regardless, the expert believed that tne animal must have been dead for at least five days, yet its flesh “looked like what one sees in a butcher shop. This certainly caught our attention.”

Sewer Monster Confirmed as Bryozoan Colony

A slimy, pulsating blob living beneath the streets of North Carolina is not an extraterrestrial "sewer monster" as first feared.

It is, instead, a colony of prehistoric creatures called bryozoans — thousands of worms — that eat using a set of brown tentacles, the Charlotte Observer reports.

The harmless worms, moving around 10cm a day, normally live near ponds although environmental inspector Ed Buchan said the phenomenon was rare to see.

The blob was captured on film by a maintenance company doing a routine inspection on the sanitary sewer, which is located beneath one of America's oldest shopping centres.

A two-minute video showing the worms throbbing and contracting when shone with light made it to YouTube, sparking conspiracy theories about aliens and extraterrestrial life.

News outlets also went monster-crazy with headlines like: "Sewer monster is this summer's Susan Boyle" and "Mystery life form ... looks like heart meat!"

A spokeswoman from Malphrus Construction, the firm that shot the video, said the blob was the size of a golf ball and appeared much larger on video.

Authorities will not remove the blob as it is not clogging the pipes.

Videos: Massive 'Orb' Activity - Perth, Australia

Remarkable videos of 'orb' activity in a small flat in Perth, Australia. The user has setup a CCTV as well as a video camera that monitors his computer screen. Currently, he has posted several weeks worth of activity though it has been present for much longer. Go to to view all the videos. Granted, it is hard to see some of the video (when the computer screen is captured by the video cam) but the activity and audio is detectable.

NOTE: the user (Paul) had contacted me previously in reference to this paranormal activity in order to pinpoint the problem. I have ask several friends and associates to contact him and offer advise...Lon


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Friday, July 03, 2009

Crop Circle 'Expanded' the Following Evening - Alton Barnes, Wiltshire - UPDATE!

Researcher Colin Andrews is reported the following:

Dramatic Development in the Crop Circes - A Design Has Been 'Visited' Three Times

When I received an e-mail a few minutes ago from researchers in the fields back in England, I was shocked to see what has taken place. Ive been to many countries over nearly 30 years looking at the now thousands of crop circle designs - but Ive never felt the reaction I had when I saw the attached aerial photograph.

A design which was discovered some days ago now near Milk Hill in Wiltshire, England, had received a visit and new elements added. Now a third visit has taken place and the evolving design is quite shocking. At least that is how I automatically reacted. I am making several inquiries at this very moment, to try and establish who, if human have done this. I would be curious to know other peoples reactions. Please take a look at this design and let me know on my 'Contact' button. The design is #45 at the bottom of that page. Select the heading above to go to the link on my site.

Colin Andrews - 1st July 2009

Original post below

(original crop circle - June 21, 2009)

This crop circle was originally created on early morning June 21st, 2009 on Milk Hill near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire.

The crop circle was expanded to a remarkable shape the following day.

(same crop circle expanded following evening)

NOTE: If anybody has further information on this crop circle, please forward...Lon

Solar Design Crop Circle - Waden Hill, Wiltshire

Medium size solar design crop circle found on July 1, 2009 at Waden Hill, near Avebury, Wiltshire. This is one of the more interesting designs because of the of wavy features depicting solar flares...supposedly, since it closely mimics a few ancient pictograms. Though, there very well may be a different meaning to the design.

'No Rational Explanation' to Mutilations in Nogoya, Argentina

The police found four cows whose eyes, uteruses and tongues had been removed. The animals were found dead in the rural area of Nogoyá. The absence of water in a nearby lagoon also drew their attention.

Residents of the rural area known as Crucesita Tercera, in the Department of Nogoyá, are shaken by the strange death of four cows in the interior of two fields and the unforeseen draining of a lagoon. Personnel of the Office of Cattle Theft and the Nogoyá Police ascertained that the cows had succumbed to a mysterious mutilation, but also noted that a nearby lagoon, which a day earlier had been full of water, was now empty.

Once more, fantasy, myth and mystery began to weave themselves over the deaths of these animals. Apparitions of the so-called “Chupacabras” and even a UFO sighting are now part of the comments being made in the heart of the province.

The cows found by police officers were missing their reproductive organs, tongues and eyes. For this reason, the veterinarian attached to the Office of Cattle Theft, a part of the Nogoyá Police force, stated that there is no rational explanation for the animals’ deaths and much less for their strange mutilations.

The dead bovines, according to police, were the property of Gustavo Cabañas, an employee of the Banco de Entre Rios, Nogoyá branch. The man owned the field and the herd of cows and calves within it.

A few days later, Cabañas had surveyed the farm and found that everything was in good order. Even the volume of water of nearby lagoon presented a generous quantity of the vital fluid, considering the drought. But for reasons that remain unclear, the lagoon dried up in a few hours, forcing the field’s owner to transfer the animals. He found the dead animals as he performed the transfer.

Nogoyá’s cattle rustling authorities and agents of the Sheriff’s office confirmed their investigation and the mysteries that surround it. The events cannot be explained scientifically.

Crucesita Tercera is some 50 kilometers from the departmental capital. Due to this event, the Cattle Theft officers spoke to local residents, who gave scant details on elements that could help explain the deaths of these animals.

The subject expanded yesterday when it was learned that Police found another mutilated bovine in an adjacent field. The carcass displayed the same characteristics: it was missing both eyes, its tongue and uterus. The cow belonged to a woman surnamed Sanchez and the incident was discovered only a short distance from the Sheriff’s office.

The Cattle Theft office noted that they had reported the mutilations on the three cows found over the weekend, but that the bones near the mutilated parts were clean, as if death had occurred some time ago, and not a matter of days, either. Furthermore, surgical incisions were confirmed, some of them without scarring or blood on the grass of the animals’ hides.

Three years earlier, a pair of bovines was found lifeless and mutilated only a short distance from this last discovery.

Veterinarian Esteban Puntín, who investigated the events a while ago explained, “while he is aware of these last cases from remarks, he believes that [all of this] is the result of natural action.”

Puntín noted:“due to uncontrolled deforestation, predators began looking for food in smaller and cleaner fields. With the onset of cold weather and the drought, there is very little grass. Therefore, animals are hungry. Bovines look for grass, and they may end up eating “yuyos” (brambles) which are poisonous, such as the Mio Mio. When the animal dies, foxes, weasels, vultures and even mice report to the site, eating the softer parts of the carcass, which are generally the anus or vulva, the udders and the tongue. Carrion animals also eat the eyes. These animals are great feeders, and only stop at bones and harder tissue.”

He added, “If there is no blood to be found, it is due to the cold weather, which dries up all manner of fluids.”

Strange Activity During Examination of Kansas Masonic Temple

While a thunderstorm blew through Fort Scott on Saturday night, an investigation of the ghostly kind was underway at the Fort Scott Scottish Rite Temple.

About 9 p.m. Saturday, members of the Wichita Paranormal Research Society began investigating the Scottish Rite Temple in order to determine whether or not there is paranormal activity occurring at the Temple.

According to Scottish Rite Temple Executive Secretary Terry Claar, when he was contacted by Nancy Wimmer from the Fort Scott Chamber of Commerce about allowing a paranormal investigation to be conducted at the Scottish Rite Temple, he was excited to allow the researchers access to the temple.

Wimmer said the paranormal investigators were in Fort Scott in April to investigate the Chamber of Commerce building and a private home. While they were in the area, they expressed an interest in investigating the Scottish Rite Temple. After getting the okay from Claar, the investigators scheduled a day to begin the research.

According to Shane Elliott, founder of the Wichita Paranormal Research Society, the investigators brought in eight infrared cameras that were hooked up to a DVR system.

"We broke up into small two-person groups to capture things on audio and video," Elliott said.

According to Elliott, the group of investigators research different places to either "prove or disprove" that there is paranormal activity going on. An official determination that either proves or disproves paranormal activity at the Temple has not been reached yet because the investigators are still examining the data received during their investigation. However, research participants said they had several "personal experiences" during the investigation that could indicate paranormal activity could exist.

According to Wimmer, who was present during the investigation, all of those involved in the exploration saw, heard and felt indications that something out of the ordinary could be present at the Temple.

"We all had some personal experiences," Wimmer said. "We were trying to go on the balcony, and we heard a piano playing on the stage. One of the girls heard a door at the back of the stage open and shut. We can't confirm anything. It was just personal experiences."

According to Elliott, the investigators did come away with five possible electronic voice phenomenon (EVP). However, researchers still have to examine the recordings before a determination can be made as to their source.

"When you are recording with a digital recorder and you play back and listen, you hear a voice that wasn't there when you were talking," Elliott said, explaining what an EVP is.

In addition to the recordings, Elliott said he too had strange personal experiences during the investigation.

"I did find bats up in the theater," he said. "That was interesting. Two of them kept flying around my feet."

Claar said he would not be surprised if the investigation proved the existence of paranormal activity inside the Scottish Rite Temple. The existence of a cemetery next door to the temple is one of the reasons Claar said it would not surprise him to find out there is paranormal activity going on.

Claar explained that before the building connected to the Scottish Rite Temple was built, town officials had to exhume the bodies of about 16 people who were buried in a small cemetery at that location. The bodies were re-buried in the Evergreen Cemetery, and a hotel was built on top of the very spot the cemetery once stood.

"I'm pretty much convinced that there's forces or whatever you want to call it, especially since I found out there was a cemetery next door ... The spirits don't like to be moved around," he said.

Claar said he believes, if the investigators prove the paranormal activity exists, that existence might be caused from a combination of the spirits from the cemetery and spirits from the Scottish Rite Temple.

"I think it's intermingled," he said. "I think we have our own and some of it is over there (building next door). I am anxious to hear the results. We'll wait and see what they say."

Elliott said it usually takes about two-weeks for his team to go through and analyze all of the data collected during the investigation. He added, about 85 to 90 percent of the time he and his team are able to disprove the existence of paranormal activity.

Reports of a Monster Snake in Rumford Canal, Maine

OK, snake owners. Check your cages. Anybody missing a 17-foot-long boa constrictor?

On Wednesday morning, two people contacted Rumford police dispatcher Sue Milligan and told her they'd seen a monster snake entering the canal system off Canal Street behind Bartash's store.

Milligan said that based on the descriptions of the reptile, she believed it to be a 17-foot-long boa constrictor.

Because an apparent large snake sighting isn't a police matter, Milligan said she alerted the Maine Warden Service.

"Once it gets into the water, it's not our problem," Milligan said.

Wardens will be investigating, spokeswoman Deborah Turcotte said early Wednesday evening via e-mail.

"The Maine Warden Service has received a report of an apparent large snake in the river, and a broad description of where it may be," Turcotte said.

"If anyone has detailed information of a specific location where it may be for an extended period of time, please call the Warden Service so that the snake can be identified and removed, if necessary," she added.

If there is a giant snake in the Rumford canal system, it would most likely be a red-tail boa constrictor or a Burmese python, according to Robbie White of Mexico.

White keeps several large snakes as pets and is regarded as the local expert based on his annual show-and-tell sessions using his snakes to teach youngsters about the reptiles during summer reading programs in libraries.

"When people see a snake of that length, they automatically think it's a boa," White said. "But there are no snakes in the state of Maine that I know of that are going to grow to that length, unless it was a pet and it escaped."

If it's at least 14 feet long, it's a red-tail boa constrictor, he said.

"But if it's much bigger - like 16 feet or 18 feet - then you're talking more along the lines of what I understand is a Burmese python," White said. "But a Burmese python, once it gets that size, would be very aggressive."

"I mean, you wouldn't want to go in there after it unless you had a catch pole and a couple of people with you, because they are quite strong and they are very aggressive," he added.

When told of the Rumford sightings, White said a 17-foot-long boa would have an elongated head the size of a grapefruit. It would also be right at home in the water.

"Boa constrictors love the water, oh yeah," White said. "My 10-foot red-tail boa, she stayed in her pool of water for almost two months one time; just had her nose sticking out of it."

So how does one spot a monster boa constrictor that enjoys its watery environment?

"When it gets hungry or whenever the sun comes out so it can sun itself," White said. "That's the best chance to see it."

If a 17-foot-long snake is actually living in the water and brush along the canal, it isn't likely to go anywhere if it's got plenty of food, he said.

"When I get some free time, I will go over there to the canal system and see if I can spot it, because I can tell what it is from a piece of snake skin," he said. "I can also tell by the byproduct from them digesting something if it's a large pile of poop."


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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Public Utilities Group Confirms 'Sewer Monster' Is Real

If you've been following the ongoing sewer monster story from North Carolina, I've got some seriously crazy news for you. First of all, the video of the throbbing creature has been confirmed as real. But what is it?

We've been tipped off by an anonymous source about how the city of Raleigh, North Carolina, is responding as the viral video of a seething blob in the city sewers made its way across the internet yesterday. Marti Gibson is the Environmental/EMS Coordinator for Public Utilities in the city of Raleigh, North Carolina, and she has been as confused as the rest of us. When she first looked at the video, she emailed our anonymous source to say it was a slime mold that was in the phase of its lifecycle where it looks like a throbbing, breathing animal.

She assured our tipster that any water passing by this slime would pass through a treatment plant and be thoroughly cleansed.

But then, a few hours later, Gibson retracted her statement in an email:

The video was taken in a private sewer system by a private contractor working for them. It does not belong to the City of Raleigh nor will it reach the Neuse River Wastewater Treatment Plant. This is the response from our director: "The video is of the private sanitary sewer in the Cameron Village and was taken by a private contractor working for them and not taken by our staff. The blob has been identified by others as worms."

Worms? What kind of worms look like that?

Also I love how the privatization of the sewer system under this particular town has led to a terrible situation where the city's public utilities commission has no ability to guarantee that the situation will be dealt with in a reasonable way.

Can some environmental scientist or worm expert please step up and tell us what this really is?


According to the News & Observer:

Actually, the sewer monster is made up of thousands of tiny organisms called bryozoans, or moss animacules, said N.C. State University biologist Thomas Kwak. Invertebrates, they bunch together in colonies and feed with tiny tentacles.

But another scientist said no way to bryozoans. DeepSeaNews interviewed Dr. Timothy S. Wood, an expert on freshwater bryozoa and an officer with the International Bryozoology Association. He said:

No, these are not bryozoans! They are clumps of annelid worms, almost certainly tubificids (Naididae, probably genus Tubifex). Normally these occur in soil and sediment, especially at the bottom and edges of polluted streams. In the photo they have apparently entered a pipeline somehow, and in the absence of soil they are coiling around each other. The contractions you see are the result of a single worm contracting and then stimulating all the others to do the same almost simultaneously, so it looks like a single big muscle contracting.

NOTE: I'm not buying any of these explanations, especially the Tubifex worms. Anyone who has raised exotic fish knows that Tubifex worms (used to feed some fish species) don't look like this mass. The mystery continues...Lon

Here We Go...Conspiracy Theorists Claim Michael Jackson 'Faked Death'

It's Elvis all over again - but this time, it's happening to the former King of Pop.

Just days after Michael Jackson died, rumours are flooding the internet that he faked his own death.

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton was first. He claimed Jacko pulled a similar stunt in 1995 when getting ready for a big TV special. Jackson died just weeks before a big comeback tour in London.

Perez seems to have toned it down since then, after howls of condemnation from fans of the gloved one.

Many lesser-known sites have followed though. Some even use the tried and tested journalistic terms "sources" and "insiders".

Blogger Derek Clontz, says it's all a ploy to pump up Jacko's comeback tour. "Sources in a position to know" claim the star is hiding out in Hungary.

And that led, naturally, to the comparison with Elvis.

"Michael is following in the footsteps of a man he greatly admired – another rock icon, Elvis Presley, who also faked his death and is still alive, and in hiding, today," Clontz writes, quoting "exclusive" comments from William Stern, a man who has written extensively on Presley.

Given Elvis has seemingly toured the world since, showing up everywhere but conventions for lookalikes, who knows where Jackson will next be sighted?

Gutter press tabloid The Weekly World News (which carries the laughable tagline: "The world's only reliable news") claims to have broken the fake death story 15 years ago.

It quotes "world-renowned psychic and metaphysician" Andy Reiss, who specialises in "celebrity predictions". These words are from 1994: "The only way out of this mess he's in is to fake his death, cut his hair and go underground. The cover story will be that Michael Jackson suffered a fatal heart attack while riding his Ferris wheel (at the Neverland ranch). Jackson's 'remains' will be cremated and his 'ashes' will be scattered on the grounds of his estate."

Another site reckons he's moved to this bedsit above a Lebanese restaurant in London. Easy access to the concert venue, maybe?

And then there's this photo on supposedly taken of Jacko on Saturday, almost two days after he died.

The website claims the man who actually passed away on Friday was part of the scam. "Those close to Michael have known about the plot for years, it was a very expensive and intricate venture," the website says.

"The man who died had a terminal illness and his death was long overdue. He was given facial surgery to resemble Michael exactly. Even the fingerprints will match. No doubt his family will be taken care of."

The body double theory has proved popular, with other sites claiming the Jackson who recently appeared to announce his series of London concerts was in fact a body double.

Other bloggers, have even wilder theories, including that Jackson and the recently deceased Farrah Fawcett were killed by the "Triad of Death".

But even the sceptics have a softer side.

A "top internet psychic" named Chele says they saw him ascending to heaven. And the first bloke to greet him? You guessed it ... Elvis.

Johnny Depp Convinced Dillinger's Spirit Was With Him

Johnny Depp was visited by the spirit of a gangster on his new movie.

The Hollywood star portrays John Dillinger in 'Public Enemies' and insists the notorious bank robber was watching over him while he was filming scenes.

He told BANG Showbiz: "It was magical to be able to literally walk in the same steps that he took. You could almost feel him. I did feel him, not to be spooky or anything, but there were moments when I felt his presence. There were moments when I felt a certain level of approval from the guy.

"To be able to fire my Thompson gun out of the very window Dillinger was firing his Thompson out of during the gun battle at Little Bohemia - you can't put a price on that."

After playing a string of charismatic male leads Johnny is now ready for a totally different challenge - and is keen to portray an 88-year-old American singer-and-actress.

The 46-year-old hunk explained: "I would like to play Carol Channing next. I do like Carol Channing, I really do."

Johnny is so determined to test his acting skills he has set his sights on portraying another unlikely character.

He laughingly explained: "In the digital age you can do anything. I could even play a 12-year-old girl at this point."

Audio Evidence From Oklahoma Theater Probe Captivates Investigators

The Constantine Theater in downtown Pawhuska once having hosted Vaudeville acts, silent movies, operas and original showings of movie classics such as “Gone with the Wind,” is now said to host ghosts. In fact, it is one of the top haunted sites in Oklahoma.

People have reported hearing the sound of opening and closing doors, footsteps going up and down the stairs and once reported was a mist seen drifting in the crawl tunnel underneath the theater’s stage.

Because of the strange experiences at the building, it has been investigated a number of times, with some of the investigations resulting in recordings of footsteps, a gunshot followed by a gasp and laborious breathing.

Originally built around 1880 as the Pawhuska House Hotel, the building was purchased by Greek immigrant Charles Constantine in 1910. He then renovated the building and turned it into the theater it is today.

“The first time we came here we walked in and we go, ‘Wow!’” said the co-founder of Northeast Oklahoma Research, speaking of the elegant Greek d/cor of the theater. He identified himself as Dustin and refused to disclose his surname to the Journal-Capital.

Dustin and his team of investigators from N.O.R.S. conducted an investigation on the theater on May 23 and from 7:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. took approximately 40 hours worth of video and audio recordings focusing much of the equipment on the stage where most reports of paranormal experiences seemed to have their source.

N.O.R.S. returned to the theater Saturday evening to present their findings. to the public.

“The things on the Internet have been people walking across the stage during a bar room brawl kind of setting — hear glass breaking,” he told the dozen people in attendance at the presentation. “We didn’t experience that.”

He said the team did, however, have some findings but the events didn’t seem to occur on the stage as they had anticipated. Rather occured around the boardroom.

“The boardroom above the lobby ended up being a very interesting place,” he said, adding he regretted focusing the most highly sensitive equipment on the stage. He said if he were to do it over, he would put it in the boardroom. “That is were we had some experiences. That is where we heard someone walking up and down the stairs. It’s not disturbing its just a little awkward.”

He said the video evidence, although capturing some dark movements and shapes was overall not so impressive, but that rather it was the audio that was especially interesting.

He played audio clips of odd whooping, whipping sounds, and then later a knocking or tapping sound.

Then he played a recording of a whisper from what sounded like a male saying “Where is she?” He said the team members before the investigation agreed to speak at normal tones during the recording and if they accidently whispered, to tell the other team members and to log the instance so as not to mistake it as a paranormal event.

Dustin then played a clip of someone whispering “Peter, I was right here when the store closed.”

“Nobody that was with us is named Peter or rhymes with Peter. That is what we thought what interesting,” said Dustin. “We heard Peter clearer than anything.” He said team members debated whether the voice said “door” or “store” but the name Peter was clear. “So that was a little awkward.”


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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Oops! NASA Reacquires Original Moon Landing Footage

NASA has seemingly confirmed that the original taped recordings of the first Moon landing have turned up in Australia - almost three years after the agency admitted it had carelessly mislaid them.

The Parkes Observatory in Australia captured the 1969 live images straight from the lunar surface to magnetic tape. What the US public saw, though was a compressed feed "downsized" to local TV resolutions, while NASA itself grabbed a 16mm copy from a TV monitor.

The Parkes Observatory tapes were apparently shipped to the Goddard Space Flight Centre in Maryland a year after the landing, but in 2006 NASA confirmed that despite an extensive search, their whereabouts was unknown.

However, the Sunday Express now claims the footage was actually gathering dust in a storage facility in Perth among other tapes containing Moon dust data - presumably the same material which Oz scientists hoped to run through a vintage IBM 729 Mark V tape drive earlier this year.

A NASA spokesman confirmed the Apollo 11 landing recordings are the real deal, and said: "We’re talking about the same tapes."

He added: “At this point, I’m not prepared to discuss what has or has not been found. The research team is preparing its final report and we’ll release those findings publicly in the coming weeks.”

The Sunday Express notes that "if the visual data can be retrieved, NASA is set to reveal them to the world as a key plank of celebrations to mark the 40th anniversary of the landings next month".

Whether the world will finally enjoy high-quality pics of Aldrin and Armstrong strolling the Moon's surface remains to be seen. When NASA coughed to having lost the original tapes, John Sarkissian of the Parkes Observatory noted that even if a machine could be found to replay them, they would be "so old and fragile, it's not certain they could even be player"

Searching For Ghosts On Cannery Row

The good news is that the Willy's Smokehouse kitchen is absolutely free of ectoplasmic goo. Which is phenomenal, since — as anyone who's seen "Ghostbusters" knows — getting "slimed" is one of the foremost hazards of paranormal investigation (that, and having a major metropolis terrorized by a giant, marshmallowy mascot).

And the bad news? Well, there really isn't any. If there are ghosts at the Cannery Row barbecue joint, they seem content carrying out harmless — albeit mysterious — doings.

That's the verdict of NorCal Paranormal Investigators, a San Francisco Bay Area outfit that recently made a sweep of the Monterey restaurant. Executive Chef Abe Vickery, who was contacted by NorCal, allowed the investigation after dinner one night, following reports of unexplained events throughout the building.

"Monterey is one of the most haunted cities in the world," NorCal co-founder Doug Carnahan said after the investigation. "Per capita, it has the most spirits in this part of the West Coast."

While Vickery hasn't personally seen anything other-worldly going on at his restaurant, he has heard stories from a staff member who claimed he was checking out a noise during an electrical blackout and found a hand mixer whirring away on its own — without electricity. The same person says his wrist was once grabbed at Willy's by an invisible, cold hand, which sent him fleeing from the room.

In another instance, a Willy's patron asked if the place was haunted when his little girl claimed to see a man in the restaurant that no one else saw.

That young diner may have a future in ghostbusting. While it may not be a lucrative profession (NorCal provides its services free), it's nonetheless fulfilling, Carnahan said.

"We're the ones running into haunted buildings when everyone else is running out," he said.

Carnahan said his team's three-hour sleuthing at Willy's discovered minor stuff — urinals flushing for no apparent reason, a traveling light, cold spots and perhaps even a "shadow person" or two sliding along a wall.

For those who are intrigued, Willy's is allowing further investigations by participants of the upcoming NorCal Paranormal Conference, being held July 17-19 at the Monterey Marriott.

The gathering, spearheaded by Carnahan, will feature guest speakers like Brian Harnois and Donna LaCroix of the paranormal television shows "Ghost Hunters" and "Ghost Hunters International," which air on the Syfy (formerly the SciFi Channel), as well as other leading names in the industry. Tickets for weekend activities at the conference start at $81. Attendees will be privy to "ghost tours, paranormal investigations, psychic gallery readings" and more, says Carnahan. He estimates that more than 400 people will attend.

Carnahan became interested in paranormal investigations in his 30s (he's now 53) after he got up late one night for something to drink, and, out of nowhere, felt "two hands hitting me in my chest," he said. "It was enough to knock me back three or four steps. Thinking I'd find an intruder, I spun around and no one was there. It happened three or four times that evening. Over the next six months, something would happen every few days. The attacks became extremely violent, from punching and slapping to being scratched and having marks. The only thing I knew is that there was an entity there."

Finally, one day, the attacks stopped, and Carnahan embarked on a study of paranormal phenomenon.

Time passed, and three years ago he and a co-worker, Shane Thornton, began discussing these and other strange happenings. The pair discovered that they shared similar interests and experiences, and they launched NorCal Paranormal Investigators.

During the last three years, the team has conducted about 30 investigations in the Bay Area, and Carnahan has conducted about 350 team investigations over the last 25 years.

A NorCal investigation includes a good deal of waiting and listening, soaking up the energy in a potentially haunted house. During the Willy's stakeout, investigators dimmed the lights, shut down the air conditioning and set up a series of video cameras and audio equipment to capture anything unusual. For the next several hours, the team fanned out through the three-story building; they waited, listened, recorded everything with an infrared camera and put their senses on high alert to see if anything paranormal reared its ghost-like head.

It all sounds like smoke and mirrors to skeptics, but Vickery said NorCal isn't what you'd expect. They're not snake-oil salesmen, they don't wave any magic wands and everyone seems quite normal.

And while he's more skeptic than believer, Vickery admits it would have been interesting to find conclusive evidence of ghosts at the restaurant.

But keep an eye out the next time you conduct a personal investigation of your plate Willy's Smokehouse. That mouthhwatering glaze on the ribs could very well be ectoplasmic goo.

Scotland's Fernie Castle Hotel.... Heed 'The Green Lady'

You would expect it to be shrouded with a tree or two, or hidden by ivy crawling up the walls. At the very least, you would expect it to be dark, gloomy and grey. However, it is not. And as you drive up the winding trail you can’t help but be a little disappointed. The green shrubbery is pleasant and draws your eyes to the imposing, but not really frightening, stark white structure that is Fernie Castle Hotel, near Cupar in Fife.

It doesn’t look at all haunted. In fact, it looks positively welcoming - and yet, the hotel ghost is well known in these parts.

The reception has plush, comfy sofas decked out in Latin writing and gilded mirrors above the open fireplace. But there is something in the air that says "This place has a history." An eerie chill breezes past every so often. You get the feeling that Fernie Castle has something to tell.

Manager Neil Blackburn isn't the least bit perturbed by the fact he works in haunted hotel. But then, he's used to it - prior to this job he worked at Dryburgh Abbey Hotel, where a Grey Lady was a well-documented visitor. This time, it's a Green Lady who sometimes crosses his path.

"If there is anything it will stay out of the way," he says. "I do believe. I just haven't seen anything as yet…but I know one day I'll bang into a ghost!"

The castle is in the parish of Monimail and was built in the late 1530s, although its foundations date back even further to at least the 11th century.

"The original castle contained a stone-vaulted keep area, a first floor which contained living and dining areas and The Great Hall, and various other rooms above that," says Neil, signalling to the stone keep which is now the bar. "The Victorian extension was added later, but when I don’t know."

There is a similar lack of evidence when it comes to the Lady in Green. No one knows who she was or why she chose Fernie as her haunting ground.

Neil says: "The Lady in Green was reputed to have been fleeing with her lover and was hidden on the third floor." Why? "Not sure, perhaps her father was storming the castle. She panicked and from three floors up, she fell to her death. Apparently she haunts the West Tower and sometimes appears in guests’ bedrooms with a sad expression.

"The last sighting of the Lady in Green was nearly two years ago, although recent guests have reported 'feelings' on the west side of the building - one boy accused his mother of poking him in the back when she wasn’t.

"What I’d really like to do is to start searching previous plans and historical documents and find out the history."

The History of Fernie Castle

The ancient Castle of Fernie was first recorded in 1353 when it belonged to the Earl of Fife - Duncan the 13th. the family of Fernie held the lands as early as the 15th century - Walter Fernie being dead before1496. In 1527 Andrew Fernie obtained a charter erecting Fernie into a free barony and he conferred the life-rent on his wife, Barbara Logane. Their son succeeded in 1551 and he sold it to William Fernie of Foxtoun 1582.

Sir Michael Balfour of Balfour or Burleigh, died in 1619, leaving an only daughter, Margaret, who married Robert Arnot, younger of Newton. He assumed the name of Balfour, and sat in Parliament as second Lord Balfour of Burleigh.
His youngest daughter married her cousin, the last Arnot of Fernie, and on extinction of that line the property of Wester Fernie fell to Lady Arnot's eldest brother John who succeeded as third Lord Balfour. His estate was forfeited to the Crown because his second son was concerned in the Rebellion of 1715.

The ancient Castle of Fernie was first recorded in 1353 when it belonged to the Earl of Fife - Duncan the 13th. the family of Fernie held the lands as early as the 15th century - Walter Fernie being dead before1496. In 1527 Andrew Fernie obtained a charter erecting Fernie into a free barony and he conferred the life-rent on his wife, Barbara Logane. Their son succeeded in 1551 and he sold it to William Fernie of Foxtoun 1582.

His eldest son, Arthur Balfour, remained attached to the house of Harrower, and George 1 granted to him and his five brothers the lands and barony of Western Fernie in 1720. Arthur died in 1746 leaving three sons who succeeded to the estate consecutively. John Balfour of Fernie became heir male in 1757 of the Lords Balfour of Burleigh , but he died without issue in 1795. He was succeeded by his only surviving brother, Francis who died in 1818. In 1854 the grandson Major Francis Balfour, claimed the title of Lord Balfour of Burleigh, but the house of Lords on the reveal of attainder 1869, ajudged that dignity to Alexander Hugh Bruce of Kennet, who was the descendant in the female line of Robert, fourth Lord Balfour. The duties of Forester of Falkland and Constable of Cupar were associated with the Barony of Fernie.

Rosewood Hotel, Queensland Investigation Follow-Up

It's official. Something strange is going on at the Rosewood Hotel.

Ghost Tours, in partnership with the Queensland Paranormal Investigators, hosted a ghost hunt at the iconic pub on Saturday in an effort to solve a series of spooky incidents.

The hotel is believed to be haunted by a water ghost, who according to local legend, caused a fire in the building in 1914.

The ghost took residence when the present hotel was rebuilt and water has been said to drip from the ceiling and bedsheets have been found damp ever since.

Co-owner of the hotel and Ipswich Councillor David Pahlke said Saturday’s investigation returned interesting results.

“The investigators picked up quite a bit of activity. It was all a bit of fun, but I don’t think they left disappointed,” Cr Pahlke said.

“One of the things they picked up were words (through Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP) on tape of an English lady talking. She was speaking phrases you wouldn’t use today.

“A few psychics who visited said similar things which also seem to line up. They mentioned a pioneering lady in early costume who was a cook.

“They also spoke of a man named Billy with red hair and a man named Rusty with red hair, who could be the same person.”

Cr Pahlke said he had no doubt the hotel was home to ghostly residents.

“There’s too much anecdotal evidence over the decades to say there isn’t anything there,” he said.

“The similarities between what the psychics have said is amazing, there’s too much consistency.

“You can’t really have a closed mine to all of this.”

NOTE: below is the previous post in early June...Lon

Owner Says Notorious Ghost Still Roams Queensland Hotel

While it has been the stuff of local urban legends, paranormal investigators are set to officially unlock the mystery behind Rosewood's notorious ghost.

Ipswich councillor David Pahlke, who co-owns the hotel where the mysterious sightings have been reported, said the supernatural story goes back 100 years to a fire at the Rosewood Hotel in 1914.

Cr Pahlke said according to local legend, the fire was started by the person whose spirit remains at the pub.

While he hasn't sighted the ghost, believed to be called 'Rusty', he said he had felt its presence.

“I have had doors open on me and in one instance water came off the veranda of the hotel when I came in,” Cr Pahlke said.

“We had a Gold Coast darts team staying here once and they complained about music at 3am, someone playing a piano. We don't have a piano.”

Water has also been said to drip from the ceiling on to the bar below.

Cleaners have also been said to notice damp bedding in the front bedroom.

On Saturday, June 27, Ghost Tours, in partnership with the Queensland Paranormal Investigators will host a ghost hunt at the Rosewood Hotel.

Managing director of Brisbane-based Ghost Tours Jack Sim said those on the tour would have the opportunity to do their own paranormal hunting.

“Customers are given the opportunity to use scientific methods such as EMF readings, or detecting disturbances in the electro magnetic field, and old fashioned methods like flour through to divining rods and spiritual boards,” Mr Sim said.

Tour guests are also encouraged to bring their own cameras (still and video) to aid in the investigation.

The self-proclaimed dark historian said he had spent a very eerie night at the hotel.

“The ghost stories seem to date back at least four decades,” Mr Sim said.

“Pubs are known for attracting great story telling and in the case of the Rosewood Hotel, it seems to focus around a particular room,” he said.

“On the night at the pub, we will try to find at least some proof of paranormal activity.”

Cr Pahlke said he hoped the hunt wouldn't scare 'Rusty' away.

“He is a friendly ghost. He lives here in harmony,” he said.

Video: Alien Lifeform Discovered in North Carolina Sewer?

This link was forwarded to me this morning by a reader. It appears to be some type of unknown lifeform living in a residential sewer in Cameron Village, Raleigh, North Carolina. As you can see on the video, the object does move. The video is dated 4/27/09. I don't have any further detail currently.


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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

His Heart Was Still In Ireland

In July 1997, I received a telephone call from a cheerful lady who was answering my newspaper ad for autographs and old documents. This is my actual means of making a living. I have been a collector and dealer of autographs for over 25 years. She stated she lived in Thurmont, Maryland and that she had a steamer trunk full of artifacts and documents, mostly from the late 1800’s. We made an appointment for me to come to her home the following day.

It was late afternoon when I arrived and the first thing I noticed was the house, a beautiful Victorian style house painted deep brown with many high hedges and thick pines. A stereotypical “haunted house” we used to see in the old horror movies. I parked the car in the front and walked up the steep pavement and porch steps, each footstep on the porch creaked and moaned. I knocked on the large wooden door and almost immediately the door opened and a pleasant woman reached out her hand for mine and introduced herself. “Just call me Mary, everybody else does” she said. I said “OK, Mary. Thank you for inviting me to your wonderful home.” That was no overstatement, this place was like a step into the past…gasoliers, pedestal sinks, sconces, bronzes, etc.

She motioned to the large sitting room where a steamer chest was sitting by a beautiful daybed. She explained that her late father had collected the contents and simply placed everything in the steamer trunk. He had an interest in documents that described historic events. As well, he had collected several older autographs. The trunk was used by him when he immigrated from Ireland in the 1918.

I opened the lid and was hit in the face by the typical musty aroma of old paper. I started to sift through the items and quickly read over the papers to see exactly what was before me. Many of the items were personal letters written in Gaelic. Included were soldiers correspondence from France, no doubt during the First World War. Then I came across a 7x9 inch photo of King George V of Great Britain that was signed by the monarch. As I touched the piece, I knew there was a history behind it.

I sat motionless for a minute or so, long enough to be noticed by Mary. She inquired if anything was wrong? I told her that I got a sense of hatred and pain when I touched this photograph. She then noticed what I was holding and sighed….then tried to hold back tears. I explained to her that I was able to sense residual feelings and events and that I had performed paranormal investigations for many years. She smiled and told me why she was displaying tearful emotions.

Mary explained that her father was a member of the Irish resistance in Dublin and that he had always blamed King George V for the death of his brother during the 1916 “Easter Rising”. Her father was also captured by the British troops but managed to escape and make his way to the United States. He always wanted to go back to Ireland to reunite with family but was afraid that he would still be considered a fugitive. He eventually got married and raised a family. He worked as a gunsmith and bricklayer. Mary said he would pace in his study daily wondering how his friends and family in Ireland were getting along. In 1935, he had gathered enough money together to visit Ireland after he had received a visa. Then tragedy struck when her father suffered a severe stroke. The money he saved for his trip was used for his cremation and funeral.

Mary then stood up and said “please, follow me.” We walked down the hallway into a study and library. “This is where my father resides.” Mary stated. “I hear his footsteps and moans every night.” I was speechless. I asked her if she would mind if I tried to communicate with her father. She said “No, that’s not necessary. He wouldn’t understand…besides, he talks to me every evening.”

I did purchase the items and the steamer trunk. The signed photograph of King George V of Great Britain remains in my collection and continues to remind me of the sad Irish immigrant who simply wanted to see home one more time.

NOTE: this incident actually took place as described. Mary's recall of history may not have been totally correct but I felt that the encounter should be written as stated in her words. I continued to purchase pieces from Mary for several years after our original meeting. Sadly, Mary passed away in 2002 while on Ireland. I was told her father's ashes were sent to Ireland to be mixed with Mary's ashes and scattered at an undisclosed location...Lon

New Cattle Mutilation Report From Puelches Region, Argentina

Another animal was found mutilated in a field in the Puelches region, some 280 km distant from the city of Santa Rosa, the provincial capital of La Pampa. The specimen involved was a Hereford, known locally as "raza pampa" (Pampa breed).

The animal presented typical incisions on one of its jaws, and was also missing one ear and inner ear, an eye, and had had all of its anal structure removed. The event took place at the Las Piletas ranch.

The owner, who works in the area, says that "lights" are frequently seen in the region and that in the month of April, during a warm evening, he was in the backyard accompanied by his son when the night "was suddenly turned to day" as a very large, bright object hovered over one of the cattle pens.

Terrified, both witnesses entered the house and monitored the strange object's maneuvers, as it hovered for some minutes and then took off at dizzying speed into space. None of the farm animals were injured on that occasion.

An aspect that intrigued them was the fact that not even dogs would approach the dead animal. Neither would the farmer's horse, which refused to approach the carcass despite its rider's insistence. The man was forced to dismount and approach the mutilated cow on foot.

This episode does not surprise them in the least, as they saw the strange incisions on dead animals during the 2002/2003 mutilation wave.


The Haunting of Penfield Reef Lighthouse

Since 1874, the Penfield Lighthouse has alerted boaters to the hazards of Penfield Reef, that extends for over a mile. It has also had a reputation for being haunted by a lighthouse keeper, who, anxious to see his family for the Christmas holidays in 1916, headed toward shore in a small rowboat.

Frederick Jordan, the keeper, never made it. His boat capsized and as Jordan's assistant watched helplessly, Jordan drifted away, never to be seen again -- at least not in the flesh.

Legend has it that Jordan's successor once claimed to see a hazy presence coming out of the dead keeper's former room, and after looking around the station, found the logbook had been taken down and opened to the page that described Jordan's death.

Others have reported the light not flashing properly, for no apparent reason, though the problems were attributed to the atmospheric conditions, and still other boaters claim they see the ghost of the keeper guiding them to safety in bad weather.

Plans by the Coast Guard in 1969 to tear down the granite structure and replace it with a pipe tower met with vocal opposition and the original structure still stands.

The lighthouse was automated in 1971 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990. Ownership of Penfield was transferred in 2008 to Beacon Preservation, which plans to use it a research facility.

The Haunting

On December 22, 1916. Lighthouse Keeper Frederick A. Jordan (sometimes spelled Jordon) rowed a dory for the mainland, to join his family for Christmas. The sea was rough, and about 150 yards (140 m) northwest of the lighthouse, the boat capsized. Assistant Keeper Rudolph Iten said he was unable to launch a boat against a strong wind and an outgoing tide, and so he could only witness Jordan's disappearance into the water. Jordan's body was soon recovered, and Iten was absolved of blame for the death and became the next keeper.

According to a local legend, Jordan has haunted the place ever since. Iten wrote in the keeper's log that Jordan's ghost appeared two weeks later. Iten wrote that the ghost floated down the tower's stairs before dissolving into the darkness, and Iten said he found the log opened to the page that recorded the man's death. Iten also said the Penfield light began "behaving strangely" when the ghost appeared.

Jeremy D'Entremont, author of The Lighthouses of Connecticut, said that since Iten had tried to save the man, the new keeper would be unlikely to make light of Jordan's death by fabricating a ghost tale. Other lighthouse keepers later said Jordan's ghost appeared to them, and Iten even got them to sign affidavits describing the apparitions.

In one tale, Jordan was said to have pulled two boys from the water in 1942 after their boat capsized near Penfield Light. The boys said a man rescued them, but they couldn't find him when they went to the lighthouse to thank him. The boys identified Jordan as their rescuer after seeing his picture, the story goes.


Monterey, CA Native Sets Sights On Bigfoot

The wilderness is pitch-black at night and Monterey's Bart Cutino says he and his colleagues like it that way as they try to solve one of the enduring mysteries of folklore.

Cutino, 35, is an unabashed, unapologetic member of The Bigfoot Research Organization, a diverse group of about 200 researchers and adventurers. They wander through the deep woods for days at a time in search of a legendary creature — indeed, they believe there are thousands of them — inhabiting the forests of North America and the world.

The vast majority, they're convinced, are in the Pacific Northwest. Cutino says there have been at least 10 sightings over the years in Monterey County, the most intriguing by a University of Southern California psychology professor who says he saw one at dusk at the Fort Hunter Liggett military base while boar hunting in 2002.

"Sometimes I'll just drive through the forest with the headlights off, moving at about 4 mph, using a thermal-imaging unit to see every living creature. I'll do that for seven or eight hours at a time," Cutino, who was born and raised in Monterey, says.

Other times, he and fellow researchers will go out in pairs or small groups, watching, waiting, listening and searching in the darkness for any evidence of a mostly nocturnal animal with an eternal life-span that got its nickname from a newspaper in 1958.

The "Bigfoot" moniker, he says, makes many of his fellow researchers wince because it implies to too many people that there is only one. It is believed to be a shy, enigmatic, probably mythical creature that reveals itself for precious seconds at a time, almost always to somebody without a camera or a camcorder.

Misinformation and pranksters have further belittled the ongoing quest to find the real-life Sasquatches, believed to be wood apes.

'It wasn't scary'

Cutino, an associate with NCW Group Wealth Management in Monterey, believes there are actually about 6,000 to 7,000 in North America alone — and is convinced that there's nothing mythical about them.

Indeed, on Aug. 18, 2007, he feels certain he saw one on Chinook Pass, near Naches, Wash., during an outing he took with about 14 friends, including several other Bigfoot researchers.

According to a report he filed that summer for the Bigfoot Research Organization, he was standing a short distance from his campsite around midnight when he heard the breaking of a branch. He decided to check out the sound with a hand-held thermal-imaging unit, a device that uses body heat to make living things visible in the darkness.

What he saw 50 yards down a path appeared at first to be human being peering at him from behind a large tree, peeking first around one side of the trunk, then the other.

"About 20 to 25 seconds later, it stepped out from behind the tree and dropped on all fours, knees on the ground, arms extended and did this little head rotation in my direction," Cutino says. "At that point I knew what it was, and it was surreal. It wasn't scary. I just couldn't believe it was happening."

He says the Sasquatch propped itself momentarily onto its right shoulder and inched itself forward, at which point Cutino began snapping his fingers, trying to get the attention of a colleague who was 30 yards away, near a truck containing recording equipment.

"Every time I snapped my fingers, this thing would make a full-body, convulsive-type movement — very agile, very animalistic — and it would pause-freeze every time I stopped snapping my fingers," Cutino says. "Then it rotated back onto its right shoulder, put a hand up next to its face, and splayed out the hand so I could clearly see all five digits on the hand."

The creature stood up, went down again, then stood again before Cutino made a decision to run in the opposite direction, toward his friend with the recording equipment. By the time his colleague got the complicated recording equipment set up and directed, the Sasquatch was gone, Cutino says.

He's convinced

Based on measurements taken later, using a 6-foot-3, 175-pound colleague as a model in the same location, Cutino estimates that the creature stood about 7 feet tall and weighed up to 575 pounds, with the vast majority of the weight in its upper torso.

The head was relatively small and unusually round, and its arms were an astounding length, perhaps even longer than its legs.

That there is no photographic evidence is disappointing, but Cutino says it didn't temper his exhilaration that night.

"At the time, I'd been going out there looking for one of these for about four years, and wasn't 110 percent convinced that they really existed, even though I had talked to a lot of people who said they had seen one," he says. "But after that night, I'd bet everything I love and I'd sit back and smile, knowing that Bigfoot is real. That's how certain I am of what I saw out there."

Legendary Sasquatch

Cutino hails from a well-known Monterey family. His father, Bert, is co-founder and chief operating officer of the Sardine Factory restaurant and a principal in Cannery Row Co. and Foursome Development Co.

His late uncle, Pete, was a Hall of Fame water polo coach at the University of California-Berkeley. Both of his grandfathers, first-generation Sicilian immigrants, were fishermen on Monterey Bay during the heyday of the sardine era.

"Both of my nanus — my mom's dad and my dad's dad — used to see our version of the Loch Ness Monster out there in the bay. All the fishermen called it 'Bobo,'" Cutino says. "Looking back at all the reports, I'm guessing that it might have been an oar fish — a very lengthy, serpentine-like fish that looks like it has a mane."

Those tales, plus an interest his brother, Mark, had in Bigfoot, captured Bart's fascination when he was only 6. He began reading everything he could about the legendary Sasquatch, watching TV reports and later scouring the Internet for information. Over the past six years, he's spent over 200 nights in the forest.

Sightings have been reported in every state except Hawaii and Rhode Island, numbering in the thousands, with Washington (465) and California (411) at the top of the list. Nine Canadian provinces, and seven other countries — led by Malaysia, with 36 — also have turned in reports.

Skeptical scientists

The vast majority of the scientific world considers the Bigfoot phenomena to be largely bunk. Scientists have expressed doubts that such a species could exist in numbers great enough to perpetuate itself, wondered how such a creature could find enough food to sustain itself and noted that nobody has ever found the remains of a Sasquatch. They have also questioned the validity of the famous Patterson-Gimlin film, shot in Bluff Creek in 1967, that purports to show a female Sasquatch retreating from her pursuers.

But Bigfoot researchers have arguments to combat each of those concerns.

"People have a right to be skeptical, especially when you consider an evidence pile littered with hoaxes, and what a poor job we've collectively done presenting our case as researchers," Cutino concedes. "However, even sifting through the debris, one will find more viable, intriguing physical evidence and eyewitness testimony than 99 percent of our court systems receive."

Technology, he says, is finally catching up with the needs of researchers, and he believes irrefutable images of a living Sasquatch are likely to be captured in the next few years.

Until that happens, and as long as his family — including his wife and baby daughter — remains supportive, he intends to continue his quest.

"My idea of a good time might be unpopular, being a Peninsula resident, but everybody else can have their tee times," Cutino says. "Just put me in the middle of a dark redwood forest at 3 a.m. and I'm the happiest guy in the world."

Reports of Distraught Michael Jackson Fans Committing Suicide

The man behind the world's biggest online Michael Jackson fan club has said heartbroken followers of the star have committed suicide because of his death.

Gary Taylor, president and owner of, said he understood the tragedies had mostly taken place outside of the UK but he believed one may have been British.

"I know there has been an increase, I now believe the figure is 12. I believe there may have been one Briton who has taken their life," he said.

"It is a serious situation that these people are going through but Michael Jackson would never want this. He would want them to live."

Jesse Jackson, a friend of the singer, has recorded a YouTube film on the site urging fans not to "self destruct".

He said: "This is a time when hearts are heavy. There is great pain but great cause to celebrate Michael's life.

"It made Michael happy saying 'We Are The World'. Don't self destruct.

"We fall down sometimes, we get back up. That's the right thing to do. In Michael's name let's live together as brothers and sisters and not die apart as fools." was formed 10 years ago by Mr Taylor, a London office manager, and has more than 14,000 online users and 30 staff worldwide.

He said the singer's death had left his fans on the forum "in a surreal place".

"They can't accept it, they feel in some sort of different reality," he said.

"I'm stunned that he's dead. One minute he is coming here for concerts and the next he is gone.

"I think the funeral will be where the reality kicks in that he is gone and won't be coming back, there will be a huge depression in the fan community when that happens."

Thousands of Michael Jackson fans are expected to gather for a vigil on July 13 at the O2 Arena where the star was due to perform.


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Monday, June 29, 2009

Video: Pink / Green UFO - Mexico City, Mexico - 6/22/09

Prof. Ana Luisa Cid writes to inform about yet another sighting - substantiated by videotape - in the vicinity of Mexico City International Airport (MCIA):

"Lic. Daniel Sánchez Rosales recorded a luminous shape in the skies over Mexico City, in a neighborhood near the airport, around 20:00 hours on June 22, 2009.

"The witness remarks that he saw the same object the next day, adding that in both cases he was accompanied by his nephew (corroborating witness)

"It should be noted that I received a similar videotape in 2008, taken by Ing. Victor Gonzalez in Texpepan, Mexico State."

Crop Circles Appear in Southern Russia’s Krasnodar Region

Mysterious pictograms consisting of several circles have appeared on a wheat field in Southern Russia’s Krasnodar region. Was it someone’s joke or did aliens visit us?

Sky watchers in southern Russia are trying to explain the appearance of geometrically perfect crop circles in a field. The mystery has attracted dozens of UFO experts in search of extraterrestrial life.

From a bird’s eye view you can clearly see the perfect geometrical figures: giant circles and connecting lines drawn on a wheat field.

Who or what caused them to appear overnight remains a mystery.

The site is near the small village of Dinskaya in Russia’s southern Krasnodar region, right next to a busy highway. Nonetheless the circles usually appear at night and nobody saw the culprits.

Local reporters have already turned it into a landmark and families go to take photos.

According to enthusiasts from Kosmopoisk (Space Search group), it’s not the first time such a phenomenon has been discovered. Group members have visited the spot to carry out research and film the area from an unmanned helicopter.

“The figure consists of eight circles and rings around them that are interconnected,” the group coordinator, Vadim Chernobrov, told Interfax news agency. “Their sizes vary from 5 to 25 meters.”

He said they had known in advance of an approximate date when signs would appear.
How do they appear?

Most people are certain that the circles were made by aliens, although some give the credit to local farmers, saying the figures are not that hard to make. All you need to do is stretch a rope across and walk along it, and the wheat will be pressed down.

The Kosmopoisk website reports that according to area residents, the night the circles appeared shining balls were seen in the sky. The experts now seek to determine whether the marks in the fields are man-made or whether their origin can be explained by someone’s joke.

The activist from the group set up special “watching points” to spot the appearance of the pictograms in the areas where they might appear, judging by past experience. They choose the highest places in the area.

According to Chernobrov, each time it happens the same way. At about 1.15 AM some animals start to show anxiety, especially cows and dogs. But in exactly five minutes they all calm down and complete silence falls within a radius of 20-30 kilometers from the place where the circle will later appear, and no sounds of frogs or insects can be heard.

Then the observers notice a shining light in the field, it can last from a few minutes to several hours. Sometimes people begin to panic by this time and feel a desire to leave the zone. Also, from time to time cars won’t start and mobile phones and cameras may be down.

Farmers fear

The mysterious phenomenon hit several areas in the region. Pictograms appeared not only in Dinsky district, but also on one of the fields near the town of Armavir. But the Ufologists had no opportunity to study them: the farmer who spotted the circles was scared that the mysterious things will make superstitious customers refuse to buy his wheat, so he leveled the pictograms with a tractor.

The activists of Kosmopoisk often complain about locals. When similar things happen in the West, many farmers use it as an opportunity to earn money from the sensation. But in Russia many people fear radiation (while its level doesn’t rise in the “enigmatic zones”) and, as they call it, “dangerous” wheat in the area. So they do everything to trample the pictograms down.

While skeptics are trying to prove that the circles are a hoax, Ufologists from groups like “CosmoResearch” are expecting another visit from outer space.

Their tools are simple, but their intentions are serious. To catch little green men, or whoever may come out at night, the Ufologists have night vision goggles and magnetic field analyzers that beep whenever the magnetic field changes.

Many “CosmoResearch” members have degrees in engineering and physics, but they say the circles are too complex to be forged by humans.

World enigma

Just like in the movies, most Ufologists would love to get in touch with the extraterrestrials. Chernobrov, who has spent more than a decade exploring the unknown, says this may happen someday, but for now even observing the crop circles could lead to a breakthrough if we break their secret code.

“You cannot forge these figures easily, like in Photoshop. It’s a complex matter of non-human origin. According to many we are already being contacted, and crop circles are like text messages that we have to decode,” Chernobrov says.

Groups of enthusiasts investigate the pictograms in the fields and work in 35 countries throughout the world. Similar phenomena have been reported in the UK, the US, Canada, Denmark, Spain, and Germany.

Some researchers say that the geography of the circles is not chaotic, claiming that if one draws the lines on the map, connecting the places in Europe where they appear, he will draw several parallel arcs.

New Apartment High Rise 'Falls Over' in Shanghai, China

A construction worker was killed on Saturday after a 13-story block of flats collapsed in China, highlighting fears that building safety standards are being overlooked in the country's rush to modernization.

The block, in the outskirts of the eastern city of Shanghai, toppled around dawn and ended up lying on its side in a muddy construction field.

Construction work on the block appeared to have been nearly completed, with windows fitted and a tiled facade. Other identical blocks in the same property development were still standing nearby.

The official Xinhua News Agency said that a 28-year-old worker, surnamed Xiao, had gone into the building to get his tools and tried to jump out the window when the building fell. He was from Anhui province in eastern China.

The accident occurred in the "Lotus Riverside" residential community in Shanghai's Minxing district.

Sub-standard workmanship has been a major concern in China's building sector, as the country rolls out enormous city expansions and finishes off vast infrastructure projects to keep pace with fast economic growth.

Whales May Equal Apes In Human Character and Emotion

As the annual International Whaling Commission meeting stumbles to a close, unable to negotiate a compromise between whaling opponents and people who’ve killed more than 40,000 whales since 1985, scientists say these aquatic mammals are more than mere animals. They might even deserve to be considered people.

Not human people, but as occupying a similar range on the spectrum as the great apes, for whom the idea of personhood has moved from preposterous to possible. Chimpanzees, gorillas and bonobos possess self-awareness, feelings and high-level cognitive powers. According to a steadily gathering body of research, so do whales and dolphins.

In fact, their capacities could be even more ancient than our own, dating to an evolutionary explosion in brain size that took place millions of years before the last common ancestor of the great apes existed.

“If an alien came down anytime prior to about 1.5 million years ago to communicate with the ‘brainiest’ animals on Earth, they would have tripped over our own ancestors and headed straight for the oceans to converse with the dolphins,” said Lori Marino, an evolutionary neurobiologist at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center.

The idea of whale personhood makes all the more haunting the prospect that Earth’s cetaceans, many of whom were hunted to the brink of extinction in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, are still threatened.

At the annual International Whaling Commission being held this week in Portugal, officials failed to curb the continuing killing of some 1,000 whales every year, mostly by hunters from Japan, Norway and Iceland. Many scientists say populations are still too fragile to support commercial hunting or, in the case of Japan, “scientific research” that appears to kill an especially high number of pregnant females.

Mortality from hunting, however, may be the least of the whale’s worries. Industrial pollution has suffused their bodies with heavy metals and toxins. Noise pollution drowns out the vocalizations on which whales rely to find food and navigate. Overfishing punches holes in oceanic webs of life. Whales and dolphins are also accidentally caught in nets and struck by ships.

Such collisions appear to be pushing the North Atlantic right whale to oblivion, and the IWC says that ship strikes “should be reduced to zero as soon as possible.” But though the U.S. has set speed limits off its northeast coast, the World Shipping Council has fought such measures internationally. It’s also possible that Navy sonar tests, which may have caused mass beachings in the Bahamas, are to blame. The U.S. Supreme Court has struck down restrictions on the tests. And though President Obama has noble intentions on ocean policy, pollution and overfishing is a global problem.

nur02002In the midst of this, research has continued on whales and dolphins, which have long been difficult to study. Whales can’t be kept in captivity. Scientists require expensive ships and tools that, despite their sophistication, produce relatively low-resolution readings of whale life.

Most findings come from bottlenose dolphins, killer whales, sperm whales and humpback whales — the species that scientists have painstakingly studied for a few decades, and now continue their work with improved gene sequencing and song analysis tools. In these four species, scientists see considerable social complexity and individual distinction. They talk of whales and dolphins in terms of cultures and societies, and say cetaceans possess qualities of personhood. They say the same is likely true of other species, who simply haven’t been studied yet.

“It’s only due to our lack of knowledge that humans remain this exclusive species,” said Shane Gero, a Dalhousie University marine biologist. “We’re getting a lot of long-term studies in cetaceans, hitting multiple generations, and we’re finally able to get at these questions.” Though there’s still more evidence for primate than cetacean personhood, Gero said accumulating research “will start tipping the scales.”

Gero trained under Dalhousie University biologist Hal Whitehead, who started studying whales in 1977. Researchers from his lab and that of St. Andrews University biologist Luke Rendell, another former Whitehead student, have studied sperm whales around the world. They’re responsible for much of what’s known about the whales’ social behavior, which involves wide variations in group formation, hunting and child-rearing. Groups even appear to communicate in their own unique dialect.

“Based on what we know, I’d guess that cetacean culture is intermediate between humans and chimpanzees. Not in material culture, but in most other respects,” said Whitehead.

Culture is an especially important measure of personhood in whales, since it’s difficult to administer the sorts of tests that have found chimpanzees to be capable of basic math, altruism, laughter and complex communication, the latter of which can be neurologically imaged in real-time.

dolphinrecognitionBut if cetaceans can’t take these tests, they have met one critical laboratory benchmark of higher cognition: self-recognition. With Wildlife Conservation Society cognitive scientist Diana Reiss, Lori Marino showed that bottlenose dolphins can use mirrors to investigate marks hidden on their bodies. “When they look in the mirror, they’re saying, ‘That’s me,’” said Marino. “They have a sense of self through time.”

And in a much-celebrated first documented example of tool use in marine mammals, a family of dolphins in Australia uses sponges to hunt.

Cetaceans even surpass most primates in their use of sound. “We’ve known for some time now that the communication systems of these animals is more complex than we can imagine,” said Marino. “People are starting to use some interesting statistical methods to look at their vocal repertoires, and they’re finding structural complexity that suggests there may be something like grammar, syntax, even language.”

Fueling the evolution of cetacean communication is an ability, observed in dolphins, humpback whales and sperm whales, to pass songs and codas between generations and individuals.

“One of the ways in which dolphins are unusual among mammals is their ability to imitate sounds. Most apes are barely able to modify the sounds that they make vocally, based on what they hear,” said Peter Tyack, a biologist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. “To be able to learn sounds and incorporate them is really important for human communication.”

According to Tyack, the individually distinctive calls of dolphins may even be equivalent to names. “That’s an open research question,” he said.

In addition to cultural evidence, researchers who’ve studied cetacean brains — many of which are among the largest in the animal kingdom — have found highly developed analogues to human structures. Whale brains appear to have undergone massive growth about 30 million years ago, a process linked in primates to the development of complex cognition and culture.

“The parts of the brain that are involved with processing emotion and social relationships are enormously complex, and in many cetaceans even more highly elaborated than in the human brain,” said Marino. “If we assume that the limbic system is doing what it’s doing in all mammals, then something very high-level is going on.”

As for the nature of a whale’s inner life, it’s difficult to say but possible to speculate.

“My strong suspicion is that a lot of sperm whale life revolves around social issues,” said Whitehead. “They’re nomadic, live in permanent groups, and are dependent on each other for everything. Social structure is vital to them. The only constant thing in their world is their social group. I’d guess that a lot of their life is paying attention to social relationships.”

These relationships would be “interestingly different from ours, for a variety of reasons,” continued Whitehead. “There’s nowhere to hide, they can use sound to form an image of each other’s insides — whether you’re pregnant, hungry, sick. In a three-dimensional habitat, it’s probably much harder to say something is mine, or yours, whether it’s a piece of food or a potential mate.”

Tyler Schulz, another researcher in Whitehead’s lab, recently refined a method for linking sperm whale codas to the individual who composed them. That should help researchers get an even better appreciation of personal traits.

“He found that in one group, most of the animals had a similar repertoire of calls, but the mother of a baby had a different one,” said Whitehead. “As we analyze the data, we’ll be able to figure out whether that was the mother’s originally vocabulary, and she was a weirdo, or if maybe that was just baby talk. We all know women who change their vocabularies when they have babies.”


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