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Good Golly, Miss Molly's!

Miss Molly's Bed and Breakfast (the building itself) was constructed in 1910. Over the years it has been home to a boarding house and a bordello in the 1940's. This tidbit would certainly explain why some of the ghosts' have an affinity for the male sex.

Besides prostitutes, there appears to be a tip-giving entity and a young girl who lived at the old hotel are among those who haunt Miss Molly's.

In 2008, the Texas Paranormal Advanced Research Team (TEXPART) investigated reports of the haunting. During their investigation, one team member reported having "a couple of hairs" pulled from the back of his head. Another reported feeling his neck being touched. All investigators had some type of physical contact to report.

Witnesses have reported seeing shadows, lights turning on and off with no explanation, cold spots, full-bodied apparitions, and the smell of perfume. Item's have come up missing only to later reappear and doors left unlocked can't be opened, as if they are being blocked by an unseen force.

Spirits from an intelligent haunting are able to make their presence known in physical ways, whether it be slamming doors, making strange sounds, or being vocal. If it shows itself, it will look the same as it did in life.

Haunted History of Miss Molly's

Located in the middle of the Fort Worth Stockyards, Miss Molly’s is the oldest Bed and Breakfast in Fort Worth. Established as a boarding house in 1910 and called the Palace Rooms, it went through the prohibition period being called The Oasis and later as a Bordello in the 1940’s when it was called the Gayatte Hotel. Miss Molly’s is just old enough to have caught a glimpse of the Wild West and all of the time period of America’s speak-easy and bordello days. Its long history as a boarding house has included a vast number of residents. Apparently, some have decided to extend their stay. Perhaps the large amount of antiques and period pieces in the hotel remind them of the bawdy times that they shared there.

The seven themed rooms in the hotel all share stories of paranormal activity, with the Cattlemen’s and Cowboy rooms having some of the more famous sightings of apparitions. Visitations have also occurred in the current owner’s private room’s number eight and nine of a young girl, who is considered a former tenant of the hotel. Most of the sightings have involved the former working girls from the hotel’s days as a bordello.

The phenomena at Miss Molly’s includes full bodied apparitions, unexplained scents, items disappearing and reappearing, toilets flushing on their own, lights turning on and off, cold spots, unlocked doors refusing to open, and a variety of unidentified but entertaining sounds. According to the current owner, Dawn Street-Boyd, one housekeeper quit because she kept finding coins in rooms even though there had been no guests in that room and she had just finished cleaning only to return and find the coins where she had just cleaned.

Miss Molly’s has been visited by a number of paranormal investigation groups and is listed with Texas Christian University’s paranormal activity class, which makes regular visits to record the phenomena. Copies of unusual photos and tape recordings, as well as statements of the investigators and results are kept prominently in the common living area.

The hotel situated above Fort Worth’s Star Café takes visitors up a staircase to another era, period furnishings, furniture, and a number of stories about unexplained happenings provided with first hand accounts by the owner. Miss Molly’s is considered one of the most haunted properties in Fort Worth and one of the most active paranormal sites in Texas.


Video: The Brown Mountain Lights Phenomena - Burke County, NC

The Brown Mountain Lights are one of the most famous of North Carolina legends. They have been reported a dozen times in newspaper stories. They have been investigated at least twice by the U.S. Geological Survey. And they have attracted the attention of numerous scientists and historians since the German engineer, Gerard Will de Brahm, recorded the mysterious lights in the North Carolina mountains in 1771.

"The mountains emit nitrous vapors which are borne by the wind and when laden winds meet each other the niter inflames, sulphurates and deteriorates," said de Brahm. De Brahm was a scientific man and, of course, had a scientific explanation. But the early frontiersman believed that the lights were the spirits of Cherokee and Catawba warriors slain in an ancient battle on the mountainside.

One thing is certain, the lights do exist. They have been seen from earliest times. They appear at irregular intervals over the top of Brown Mountain - a long, low mountain in the foothills of the Blue Ridge. They move erratically up and down, visible at a distance, but vanishing as one climbs the mountain. From the Wiseman's View on Linville Mountain the lights can be seen well. They at first appear to be about twice the size of a star as they come over Brown Mountain. Sometimes they have a reddish or blue cast. On dark nights they pop up so thick and fast it's impossible to count them.


More on the Brown Mountain Lights Phenomena

Brown Mountain lies in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Parkway with an elevation of only 2,600 feet. The Brown Mountain Lights of Burke County, near Morganton NC, have intrigued residents and visitors for hundreds of years. The lights are mentioned in local Native American mythology, and by Geraud de Brahm, a German engineer and the first white man to explore the region, in 1771. The lights have been described in many ways from being a glowing ball of fire, to being a bursting skyrocket, or a pale almost white light. The fact that they never seem the same is as fantastic as the lights themselves. At times they seem to drift slowly, fading and brightening and at other times they seem to whirl like pinwheels, then dart rapidly away.

One of the legends explaining the Brown Mountain Lights was of a planter from the low country who traveled to the mountains to hunt, and became lost. One of his slaves came to look for him and was seen searching through the hills with a lantern, night after night. Now, according to the legend, the old slave is gone, but his spirit remains and the old lantern still casts it's light.

Another such legend is of a woman who disappeared about 1850, the general suspicion was that her husband had killed her. Almost everyone in the community joined the search for her and one dark night while the search was on the strange lights appeared on Brown Mountain. Some of the searchers thought that this was the dead woman's spirit come back to haunt her murderer and warn the searchers to stop looking for her body. The search ended without a trace of her body, but long years afterwards a pile of bones was found under a cliff and were identified as the skeleton of the missing woman.

The Cherokee Indians were familiar with these lights as far back as the year 1200. According to Indian legend, a great battle was fought that year between the Cherokee and Catawba Indians near Brown Mountain. The Cherokees believed that the lights were the spirits of Indian maidens who went on searching through the centuries for their husbands and sweethearts who had died in the battle. Early frontiersman believed that the lights were the spirits of Cherokee and Catawba warriors slain in an ancient battle on the mountainside. Some say the lights are just a troop of candle-bearing ghosts destined to walk back and forth across the mountain forever.

Of the many scientific theories made to explain the Brown Mountain Lights, none have been proven. Some suggest that the lights are caused by a combination of several minerals and gases in the area. One geologist suggested that possibly deposits of radioactive uranium ore in the area may be responsible for producing the lights. Another suggests phosphorus, but this element oxidizes quickly and is not found here. Pitchblende Ore, from which radium is derived, has been mentioned, but the rays from radium are invisible.

Some scientists have advanced the theory that the lights are a mirage. Through some peculiar atmospheric condition they believe the glowing balls are reflections from Hickory, Lenoir, and other towns in the area. The only drawback to this theory is that the lights were clearly seen before the War between the States, long before electricity was used to produce light.

A U.S. Geological Survey decided in 1913 that the lights were locomotive headlights from the Catawba Valley south of Brown Mountain. However, three years later in 1916 a great flood that swept through the Catawba Valley knocked out the railroad bridges. It was weeks before the right-of-way could be repaired and the locomotives could once again enter the valley. Roads were also washed out and power lines were down. But the lights continued to appear as usual. It became apparent that the lights could not be reflections from locomotive or automobile headlights.

A second U.S. Geological Survey report disposes of the cause of the Brown Mountain Lights by saying they are due to the spontaneous combustion of marsh gases. But there are no marshy places on or about Brown Mountain.

The lights can be seen from as far away as Blowing Rock or the old Yonahlosse Trail over Grandfather Mountain some fifteen miles from Brown Mountain. At some points closer to Brown Mountain the lights seem large, resembling balls of fire from a Roman candle. Sometimes they may rise to various heights and fade slowly. Others expand as they rise, then burst high in the air like an explosion without sound.

Brown Mountain is located in the Pisgah National Forest, in the Blue Ridge mountains of Western North Carolina. There are several places where the lights can be seen, here are a few of the more popular places.

* Brown Mountain Overlook Located 20 miles north of Morganton, on NC highway 181, 1 mile south of the Barkhouse Picnic Area.
* Wiseman's View Overlook Located 5 miles south of the village of Linville Falls on Kistler Memorial Highway a.k.a Old NC 105 or State Road 1238.
* Lost Cove Cliffs Overlook Located on the Blue Ridge Parkway, at mile-post 310, 2 miles north of the NC highway 181 junction.

The Brown Mountain Lights are a somewhat rare occurrence, and are not always visible. To see the lights you need good visibility between your viewpoint and Brown Mountain. Clear weather conditions with little or no moonlight are the most favorable for viewing the lights, but the lights have been seen during hazy conditions and light rain. The lights have been reported to be seen at all hours of the night between sundown and sunrise, but the best noted times are at 10:00 PM and 2:00 AM. The locals also say they are much more prominent in the months of September and October.

One thing is certain, the lights do exist. They have been seen from earliest times. They appear at irregular intervals over the top of Brown Mountain. They move erratically up and down, are visible at a distance, but vanish as one climbs the mountain. From the Wiseman's View on Linville Mountain the lights can be seen well. They at first appear to be about twice the size of a star as they come over Brown Mountain. Sometimes they have a reddish or blue cast. On dark nights they pop up so thick and fast it's impossible to count them.

Who knows what causes the Brown Mountain Lights, but if you view them, as I have, you can say you have viewed a natural phenomenon that scientists have yet to explain.


Photo: Double Orb UFO - Edgware, North London

A UFO has been caught on camera in broad daylight flying over Edgware.

Harrow Observer reader Mark Lawes snapped this shot of the mysterious aircraft on Tuesday just after 7pm.

After uploading his pictures onto internet site Flickr Mr Lawes wrote: "A glint in the sky caught my eye, this object was so far away I had trouble seeing it.

"I watched it for about 2 mins and it remained in the same place throughout.

"Decided to run for the camera, managed to locate it in the same place and focused camera best poss with 150mm digital lense on a Olympus E500 SLR."

Mr Lawes is now appealing for Harrow Observer readers to help him solve the mystery of the lights in the sky.

He wrote: "It was not a plane I see plenty of them living near Heathrow Airport (15 miles).

"This was strange, didn't move and the pictures now seem to mystify it more. I ran and got my binoculars and within 10 seconds of turning my back... it was gone."

Basajaun: Bigfoot of the Pyrenees

INEXPLICATA has written elsewhere about the "simiots" of Spain's Catalunya and Upper Aragon - creatures that may well find their U.S. counterparts in our very own Bigfoot.

Raul Nuñez of the IIEE sends INEXPLICATA an interesting article on another supersized inhabitant of the Pyrenees -- the towering "Basajaun", a regular feature of Basque folklore. The article, written by Roberto Aretxaga and J.M. Satrústegui, first appeared in issue 134 of the defunct Karma-7 magazine:

"There exist cratures of considerable height, completely covered in hair, that wander the Pyrenees with incredible agillity, and even along non-Pyrenaic ares such as Zenauri, in the Basque Country, or the caves of Muskia and Mailuxe. They are collectively known as the "Basajun", the lords of the forests.

"According to journalist Roberto Artetxaga, the existence of this folkloric creature is deeply rooted in Basque tradition, and adds that its very name is suggestive, as the Euskera words "baso" (forest, wilderness) and "Jaun" (lord) render the composite of Basajaun, master of the forests or the wilderness.

"The description is that of a creature endowed with extraordinary physical force, great agility and speed of travel, consierable height, quite taller than an average man, and fully anthropopmorhic features, covered in long hair and sometimes described as having long claws.

"Many people believed that these creatures posessed the secret of cultivating wheat and that humans learned from them how to plant and harvest it. They are also considered as the first ironsmiths and millwrights, from whom humans learned the secret of the saw, the millwheel and the welding of metals. Basajaun is considered as the protective spirit of flocks, and up to only a few years ago, Basque shepherds held the belief that when animals caused their bells to ring at the same time, it meant that the Basajaun was near. Shepherds found this reassuring, safe in the knowledge that their herds would not be decimated by wolves.

"Legend and reality have become interwoven, but J.M. Satrústegui points out in his book "Mitos y Creencias" that livestock farmers in Valcarlos and Ondorrola were fully convinced of this creature's existence. He even managed to secure the testimony of an elder who told him that he would receive visits from the basajauns at his homestead, but never knew why. They had not visited him for a long time. Another eyewitness account mentions a sighting of a young Basajaun basking in the sun at the opening to the Mailuxe cave, and the added description of this creature as being blond.

The Basajaun

In Basque mythology, the basajaun (plural: basajaunak) is a spirit dwelling in caves or in the woods who protects flocks of livestock and teaches skills such as agriculture and ironworking to humans.

The basajaun also exists in Aragonese mythology in the valleys of Tena, Ansó, and Broto under the names Basajarau, Bonjarau, or Bosnerau. Fifteenth-century carvings depicting the basajaunak can be seen in Burgos Cathedral and in the monastery of Santa María la Real in Najera.



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Investigators Wary Of All Paranormal Phenomena

Brad Smith entered a Stockton home recently when, all of a sudden, he felt an ice-cold grip on his left wrist.

There was nobody there to grab it.

Smith, who investigates whether ghosts exist at certain locations, said he doesn't know what it was, but it could have been a deceased relative.

Smith, a member of a Sacramento-based organization called American Paranormal Investigations, spoke to about 40 people attending Wednesday night's meeting of the newly formed Lodi Paranormal and Historic Anomaly Society.

Smith is what is his group calls a "debunker," someone who searches buildings attempting to prove that they aren't haunted. He looks for logical reasons for funny noises, like a running air conditioner, a breeze from the window or a creaky wooden floor.

In Stockton, Smith checked for a significant amount of electric and magnetic fields in the neighborhood, which could cause something that appears to be ghostly.

"It could be anything," Smith said.

It could be a ghost of someone who once lived in the house, it could be someone who once lived in the neighborhood.

"It may be passing through," he said. "They may be curious just like us."

Smith, who was a reporter for two years for the Siskiyou Daily News in Yreka beginning in 2006, said his group will return to the Stockton house for a more thorough investigation. He now writes for what he described as an "area newspaper" and does crime reporting online.

Dave Bender, who founded American Paranormal Investigations in 2001, told interested Lodians that he doesn't use the term "ghost" when discussing possible paranormal activity. Instead, he likes to use the word "apparition," an unusual or unexpected sight.

Bender said American Paranormal Investigations won't come to someone's residence strictly to look for ghosts.

"Twenty percent of the things we encounter are paranormal," Smith said. "The other 80 percent can be easily explained."

It's more important to listen to people's stories about what they think is abnormal in their house, Bender said.

"They don't want people to think they're crazy," he said. "What's important to them is to be willing to listen to their story.

"I can teach you how to investigate," Bender said. "I can't teach you how to care about people. We're here to make the family feel better."

Describing his most unusual experience searching for ghosts, Bender recalls visiting a house in a nice Sacramento neighborhood. He didn't notice anything unusual, but several women, including his wife, felt like they were choking.

One woman was walking in a bedroom at that home when something unexplainable bumped into her. She fell down and hurt her elbow.

"It was nasty, that's what it was," Bender said.

Smith said he was blown away one night in Auburn, where several people told him they saw creatures resembling "gray humanoids."

"So we scouted the area. At the driveway, I saw this blurred humanoid shape in the air, turn and go away," Smith said. "We tried to debunk it, but we couldn't explain it another way."

Video: Paranormal Group Probes North Carolina Home

George Matthis and his colleagues at the National Society of Paranormal Investigation and Research say their mission is to not only find out if ghosts exist, but to educate the public about paranormal activity and help them understand it. And since they are a non-profit organization, they do it free of charge and are funded by members and through donations.

During a hot, humid June night, Matthis and a team of investigators were invited to a property in Wake County owned by David Anderson to see if they can find evidence of paranormal activity. The exact location of this house is being kept private for the safety of the property.

“I think probably the best answer why it’s haunted is that the people who lived here identified very strongly with the place,” said Anderson. “So I think the sense of not leaving might be one reason perhaps traces of people still exist here.”

The investigators use a variety of scientific instruments, research, and other investigation techniques to help identify paranormal activity. On this particular investigation, the team invited psychic/medium Kathe Martin along to see if she can identify activity.

“We will be doing a channeling event with a medium we work with from time to time,” said Matthis.

Although Martin was unable to physically be there they used a cell phone to communicate with her. Martin went into the reading cold, meaning she knew nothing about the property or the owner.

Before hand David Anderson gave us a little background information about this particular house and how through family legend, it is believed that someone was shot in the house while trying to steal loot. So it was somewhat of a shocker when Kathe asked the property owner if someone had been shot in the house.

The night was pretty much quiet except for two, yet to be explained occurrences, that happened right around midnight.

While looking at a video feed of four cameras set up throughout the house, investigator Jeremy Mullins noticed a motion detector in the downstairs bedroom was lighting up. There was no one in the room and that detector is not sensitive at all. It takes someone standing relatively close by to activate it. The detector went off several times within that time frame.

The cameras do pick up dust particles flying in the air, that many can mistake as orbs but shortly after the motion detector went off in the room, an orb was seen flying around in front of the camera. It didn’t look like a dust particle, the flight path doesn’t seem to be natural.

In all cases, NSPIR investigators like to analyze all the information they’ve collected thoroughly and they try to scientifically “de-bunk” their findings before drawing a conclusion.

Space Shuttle Science Proves Comet Caused Tunguska Explosion

The mysterious 1908 Tunguska explosion that leveled 830 square miles of Siberian forest was almost certainly caused by a comet entering the Earth's atmosphere, says new Cornell University research. The conclusion is supported by an unlikely source: the exhaust plume from the NASA space shuttle launched a century later.

The research, accepted for publication (June 24, 2009) by the journal Geophysical Research Letters, published by the American Geophysical Union, connects the two events by what followed each about a day later: brilliant, night-visible clouds, or noctilucent clouds, that are made up of ice particles and only form at very high altitudes and in extremely cold temperatures.

"It's almost like putting together a 100-year-old murder mystery," said Michael Kelley, the James A. Friend Family Distinguished Professor of Engineering at Cornell who led the research team. "The evidence is pretty strong that the Earth was hit by a comet in 1908." Previous speculation had ranged from comets to meteors.

The researchers contend that the massive amount of water vapor spewed into the atmosphere by the comet's icy nucleus was caught up in swirling eddies with tremendous energy by a process called two-dimensional turbulence, which explains why the noctilucent clouds formed a day later many thousands of miles away.

Noctilucent clouds are the Earth's highest clouds, forming naturally in the mesosphere at about 55 miles over the polar regions during the summer months when the mesosphere is around minus 180 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 117 degrees Celsius).

The space shuttle exhaust plume, the researchers say, resembled the comet's action.

A single space shuttle flight injects 300 metric tons of water vapor into the Earth's thermosphere, and the water particles have been found to travel to the Arctic and Antarctic regions, where they form the clouds after settling into the mesosphere.

Kelley and collaborators saw the noctilucent cloud phenomenon days after the space shuttle Endeavour (STS-118) launched on Aug. 8, 2007. Similar cloud formations had been observed following launches in 1997 and 2003.

Following the 1908 explosion, known as the Tunguska Event, the night skies shone brightly for several days across Europe, particularly Great Britain -- more than 3,000 miles away.

Kelley said he became intrigued by the historical eyewitness accounts of the aftermath, and concluded that the bright skies must have been the result of noctilucent clouds. The comet would have started to break up at about the same altitude as the release of the exhaust plume from the space shuttle following launch. In both cases, water vapor was injected into the atmosphere.

The scientists have attempted to answer how this water vapor traveled so far without scattering and diffusing, as conventional physics would predict.

"There is a mean transport of this material for tens of thousands of kilometers in a very short time, and there is no model that predicts that," Kelley said. "It's totally new and unexpected physics."

This "new" physics, the researchers contend, is tied up in counter-rotating eddies with extreme energy. Once the water vapor got caught up in these eddies, the water traveled very quickly -- close to 300 feet per second.

Scientists have long tried to study the wind structure in these upper regions of the atmosphere, which is difficult to do by such traditional means as sounding rockets, balloon launches and satellites, explained Charlie Seyler, Cornell professor of electrical engineering and paper co-author.

"Our observations show that current understanding of the mesosphere-lower thermosphere region is quite poor," Seyler said. The thermosphere is the layer of the atmosphere above the mesosphere.

The paper is also co-authored by physicist Miguel Larsen, Ph.D. '79, of Clemson University, and former student of Kelley. The work performed at Cornell was funded by the Atmospheric Science Section of the National Science Foundation.

On July 1, Kelley will give a lecture, "Two-dimensional Turbulence, Space Shuttle Plume Transport in the Thermosphere, and a Possible Relation to the Great Siberian Impact Event," at a plenary session of the annual meeting of Coupling, Energetics and Dynamics of Atmospheric Regions in Sante Fe, N.M.

'The Ark of the Covenant' to be Revealed?

The patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Ethiopia says he will announce to the world Friday the unveiling of the Ark of the Covenant, perhaps the world's most prized archaeological and spiritual artifact, which he says has been hidden away in a church in his country for millennia, according to the Italian news agency Adnkronos.

Abuna Pauolos, in Italy for a meeting with Pope Benedict XVI this week, told the news agency, "Soon the world will be able to admire the Ark of the Covenant described in the Bible as the container of the tablets of the law that God delivered to Moses and the center of searches and studies for centuries."

The announcement is expected to be made at 2 p.m. Italian time from the Hotel Aldrovandi in Rome. Pauolos will reportedly be accompanied by Prince Aklile Berhan Makonnen Haile Sellassie and Duke Amedeo D'Acosta.

"The Ark of the Covenant is in Ethiopia for many centuries," said Pauolos. "As a patriarch I have seen it with my own eyes and only few highly qualified persons could do the same, until now."

According to Pauolos, the actual Ark has been kept in one church, but to defend the treasure, a copy was placed in every single church in Ethiopia.

He said a museum is being built in Axum, Ethiopia, where the Ark will be displayed. A foundation of D'Acosta will fund the project.

The Ark of the Covenant is the sacred container of the Ten Commandments as well as Aaron's rod and a sample of manna, the mysterious food that kept the Israelites alive while wandering in the wilderness during their journey to the promised land.

The Bible says the Ark was built to the specifications of God as He spoke to Moses. It was carried in advance of the people and their army by priests. It was also carried in a seven-day procession around the walled city of Jericho.

The idea that the Ark is presently in Ethiopia is a well-documented, albeit disputed, tradition dating back to at least 642 B.C. The tradition says it was moved to Elephantine Island in Egypt, then to Tana Kirkos Island in Ethiopia and finally to its present site at St. Mary's of Zion Church in Axum.

Ethiopians believe it is destined to be delivered to the Messiah when He reigns on Mount Zion – the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Jeremiah 3:16 points to a time when the Ark will vanish not only physically, but from the minds of the people: "And it shall come to pass, when ye be multiplied and increased in the land, in those days, saith the LORD, they shall say no more, The ark of the covenant of the LORD: neither shall it come to mind: neither shall they remember it; neither shall they visit it; neither shall that be done any more."

The Book of Revelation says the Ark is in the temple of God in heaven (Rev. 11:19). Muslim scholars say it will be found near the end of times by the Mahdi – a messianic figure in Islam.


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Photos: UFO Bright Colored Orbs - Rzeszów, Poland - 5/26/09

Rzeszów -Podkarpacie, Poland - 05-26-09

UFO sighting from ground Podkarpacie, Poland. This occurred on May 26, 2009, at about 10:00 PM.

A crowd of people had gathered that evening, and many of them saw as many as five balls of light. The balls made several turns and appeared to change shapes, then catch fire, and then go out.

Several times, objects shone with bright lights, and a person on the ground took a number of photographs of the balls.

Coordinator of UFO Research in Podkarpacie

Arkadiusz Miazga

Photos from

From Poster Girl to Spiritual Cleanser

It’s the sort of house you might fantasize about. Three stories. A deck with an ocean view. A Laguna Beach address.

But like the house in “Amityville Horror” or umpteen other scary movies, it creeped Lori Duarte out.

She woke up screaming from nightmares. Saw things out of the corner of her eye. Heard strange noises.

“It was a pretty house,” Lori says, “but it didn’t feel that way; I would rather be in a shack.”

In November 2007, after a year and a half together, she and her husband decided to split up. And sell the house. It was on the market for the next seven months. There were no takers.

Whatever was in that house, Lori says, was keeping buyers away. She told her ex that there was a woman in town they could hire to chase away the spirits.
“If you can get it to sell,” he told Lori, “do whatever the hell you want.”


Julie Belmont lives in Laguna Hills. She is an artist who works in oils and pastels and charcoal. She makes Victorian chokers. She knits scarves.

And, she says, she sees dead people.

Julie was 4 and living in Madrid when she woke one morning to find her aunt standing at the foot of her bed, wearing a gray dress and smiling kindly. The woman told her niece she had come to say goodbye. Then she faded away.

“OK,” Julie says she remembers thinking. “I am awake.”

She went to her parents and told them what she saw. She says they didn’t flinch.

“Get your coat,” they told her.

The family went to a hospital where the aunt had been ill. The old woman passed away soon after they arrived.


It was the fall of 2007 when Lori, a flight attendant and mother of three, met Julie at the Chakra Shack in Laguna Beach. The woman who usually reads Lori’s cards wasn’t in, but Julie was.

Some people might call Julie a psychic. She prefers the term “intuitive.”

“People still stereotype,” Julie says.

Since childhood, she says, she could see, hear and feel things that others couldn’t. The more she focused on her intuition, the more it developed. But, until relatively recently, she only shared it with friends and family.

After growing up in Madrid, she moved to Toronto where she fell into modeling, becoming Canada’s first poster girl. A 1980 magazine spread titled “Battle of the Poster Girls” shows her in a bathing suit and Farrah Fawcett hair alongside cheesecake swimsuit photos of Cheryl Tiegs, Suzanne Somers and Cheryl Ladd.

Soon, Julie moved to Newport Beach. She decided she wanted to be a cop. She enrolled in the Golden West Police Academy and, in a few years, she was a reserve officer for the Costa Mesa Police Department.

Less than two years after that, she got pregnant and quit her job to raise what would be her only child, a girl, Krystle.

For the next decade or so Julie was mainly a mom, living in Nellie Gale, making, and sometimes selling, her art.

But about five years ago, some of her friends who work as psychics told her, “You’re just as good as us. Why don’t you get a job?” She got hired at the Chakra Shack, reading cards. She also does hypnotherapy and has written some books you can buy on Amazon.

Then, about two years ago, watching yet another TV news report on foreclosures, Julie fell into a reverie about all those people leaving their homes in sadness and anger.

What sort of negativity, she wondered, are they leaving behind?

Julie arrived at Lori’s house armed with crystals, candles and rose water. Lori took her from room to room. Then Julie told Lori to go outside and wait, standard operating procedure since the person who lives in the home may become frightened.

“Spirits gain strength from fear,” Julie says.

Once alone, Julie walked through each room, counterclockwise, burning sage.

“It’s a modern, everyday house, and that day was sunny,” she says of the house that is, at most, a few decades old.

“Yet it felt dark, like something was there that shouldn’t be.”

Julie emerged about 40 minutes later. Then, Julie and Lori sprinkled rose water in the backyard and said a prayer, asking for “whatever it was that was there” to leave.

Julie calls what she does Spiritual Home Staging. “Don’t live in somebody else’s past,” her flier reads. Her most recent jobs were a house in Costa Mesa and an office in Long Beach. For both, she brought sage to burn and a mix of oils.

“If it’s a heavy duty entity, I will call the archangels to help me.”

Her fee for everything from basic “energy cleansing and balancing” to “communication with the unseen, and evacuation or dismissal of unwanted energies or other phenomena,” is $200 an hour.

Does she realize that some people out there might think she is a kook, or even worse, a fake?

“There’re always skeptics.”


Lori is not one of the skeptics. Still, she worries that people who read about her decision to hire Julie might think she is, in her words, “a fruitcake.”

“Some people just don’t believe in this sort of thing,” Lori says. “And that’s fine. But unless you’ve experienced it…” Her voice trails off.

The bottom line: “I would wake up at night screaming, open my eyes, and see people standing next to me. It felt like I was hallucinating. I hated being alone in that house. It just felt creepy.

“And everyone who would visit would say the same thing.”

After Julie left, Lori says, her house felt lighter. The cold, dark feeling was gone. And within a month she had a buyer.

Today Lori and her kids live only a few blocks from their former home, in a more modest house. Her daughter still plays with their former next door neighbor’s child, so they still go by the old place all the time.

“And it looks like a different house,” Lori says. “I don’t know how to explain it. Physically, nothing’s changed.

"There’s things out there you just can’t put your finger on. I don’t know. Do you believe it?”

Staff Reveals Strange History of the Cardiff Royal Infirmary

Imagine staring at a woman on a security camera filming the scene just yards ahead of you. When you look up there is no-one there. Then the ghostly figure on the camera turns and walks away.

This was just one hair-raising experience of security guards at the iconic Cardiff Royal Infirmary, but there are many more.

The CRI stands in the city center with stories of more than a century of history and heroism, illness and death in its walls.

It is soon to be partly demolished and reborn as a modern medical center for the city.

But staff overseeing its later years as a largely abandoned building claim to have seen sights to make your skin crawl.

Douglas Bragg, 74, from Roath, Cardiff, said he doesn’t believe in ghosts but when he worked at the infirmary as a plumber he saw something he can’t explain.

“I had a feeling that someone was behind me,” he said.

“I turned and I saw what I thought at that time was the matron Eileen Reese. She had a grey uniform on with some sort of bonnet. Something was a bit strange about it but I turned back to what I was doing.

“Something made me turn around again and there was nothing there.

“I didn’t think much about it until the following day. I tried to find out where Eileen Reese was and she certainly wasn’t resident at the hospital that day – in fact she was on a week’s holiday. My only explanation to myself was that it was a ghost, but I don’t believe in ghosts.”

Gareth Radcliffe, 61, from Pentwyn, Cardiff, has walked the corridors of the CRI as a security officer for eight years and has heard some haunting tales.

“There are meant to be three ghosts on the main corridor – the soldier of Mametz, the grey lady and another old lady,” he said.

Gareth’s family has a longstanding connection to the building. The Radcliffe Shipping Company gave money for the infirmary chapel to be built and a ward carries their name. His mother later worked as a domestic on the Radcliffe ward.

Gareth added: “My mother died in the infirmary so it doesn’t put me off. The building doesn’t frighten me, I’ll go anywhere. I don’t think she’d let anything happen to me.”

However, other hardened medical professionals have been troubled to the point of calling in an exorcist, Gareth said.

“In pathology, they had an exorcism about eight or nine years ago,” he said. “They work in pathology so they’re not frightened of ghosts, but they called the police in for an exorcism. For them to work in pathology and not to want to go back up there they’ve got to have seen something pretty terrible.”

Father Roy Doxey, who has been vicar of nearby St German’s Church for the past 12 years, said: “A ghost comes back to try to connect to something in its life, or with something it has an affection for. The ones that do come back are mostly benign spirits, they come back for various reasons. As Christians we would want that soul to move on.”

Another security man who has had a disturbing experience is Gareth Owen, 64, from Pontypridd.

“Sometime last year I was monitoring the cameras here and something caught my eye,” he said.

“A figure went into the security office 10 to 12 yards from me. Knowing the security officer was out on patrol I thought it was a bit strange.

“Five or 10 minutes later I saw the figure coming back out of the office.

“According to the camera, that figure passed me but in front of me there was no-one. It was a lady, who wouldn’t have been in the security office in the first place.

“She was dressed very smartly, but I wouldn’t say it was in this era but from quite a few years ago.”

The mysterious woman seen by both Douglas and Gareth Owen could be a former matron, whose portrait used to hang in the infirmary.

Elizabeth Bragg, 70, who worked at CRI between 1988 and 1995 as a clerical officer based in the X-ray, casualty and MRI departments, said: “There was a painting about the size of a chimney breast and it was of a sister in the old-fashioned bonnet, the big long cape and white starched apron.

“She was tending an injured solider and judging from his uniform it was sometime around the Crimea War.

“As you walked in, there was this glorious feeling and she was just our grey lady and anyone who’s seen her I think has had a blessing.

“As long as the infirmary exists she will be there because of the way she cared.”

According to Stephen Harris, director of development at CRI, the painting was a well known oil painting of an army commander and matron at the bedside of soldier.

Latvian Finance Firm Plays Devil's Advocate

A financial company in Latvia is offering residents loans secured by nothing but their immortal soul.

Riga-based firm, named Kontora, does not require credit history record or proof of employment. It grants loans of 50 to 500 Latvian lats ($100 to $1,000) to any adult after he or she signs the a very short agreement.

According to the agreement, the only security required of the borrower is their immortal soul, which they are asked to confirm as their previously unmortgaged property.

The loan is subject to one percent per day in interest until full repayment.

The period of full repayment is 90 days, and in case the borrower fails to return the money, the creditor gets full possession of his soul.

The Heavy Stuff: The Phenomenology Of 'Oneness'

Interesting esoteric piece by Rick Phillips:

Hello, welcome back to The Heavy Stuff (THS) - thanks for returning or for hitting the link on another website. If you are a returning reader - you may be familiar with my posts about what I call the Phillips Phenomenology - if not - and if you have some free time - here’s my internal link to that material The Heavy Stuff. And, as I’ve referred to before in these posts - the Phenomenology came to me in `altered states’ in the 1970’s - almost as a ghost writing - as I had never even read any Phenomenology. Later, when I came across Edmund Husserl, I realized that I was writing about were very similar ideas and thoughts. And, as you may know, thoughts about Phenomenology - can be taken to almost any extreme - as is shown by Sartre’s book - Being and Nothingness (to me, the Heaviest book ever written).

But, today, I’d like to keep it all a little more basic and examine instead one of the underlying `ideas’ about `esoteric’ or altered states in general - and - that is the `idea’ that somehow - we - humans - are connected not only to each other (as of course we are thru our DNA) - but - are indeed - connected to the world and indeed the universe in a manner that can be interpreted by our consciousness as almost mystical. Some call it `oneness’ that they experience in these `higher’ states. Continued reading at The Phenomenology Of 'Oneness'


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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Interview: FEMA 'Ground Zero' 9/11 Videographer Goes Public

As official videographer for the U.S. government, Kurt Sonnenfeld was detailed to Ground Zero on September 11, 2001, where he spent one month filming 29 tapes: "What I saw at certain moments and in certain places ... is very disturbing!" He never handed them over to the authorities and has been persecuted ever since. Kurt Sonnenfeld lives in exile in Argentina, where he wrote "El Perseguido" (the persecuted). His recently-published book tells the story of his unending nightmare and drives another nail into the coffin of the government’s account of the 9/11 events. Below is an exclusive interview by The Voltaire Network.

Click for interview: 9/11 FEMA videographer at Ground Zero goes public


Kurt Sonnenfeld graduated from the University of Colorado (USA) with studies in International Affairs and Economics, as well as in Literature and Philosophy. He worked for the United States government as official videographer and served as Director of Broadcast Operations for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)’s National Emergency Response Team. Additionally, Kurt Sonnenfeld was contracted by several other governmental agencies and programs for classified and “sensitive” operations at military and scientific installations throughout the United States.

On September 11, 2001, the area known as “Ground Zero” was sealed from the public eye. Sonnenfeld, however, was given unrestricted access enabling him to document for the investigation (that never took place) and provide some “sanitized” pool video to virtually every news network in the world. The tapes that reveal some of the anomalies which he discovered at Ground Zero are still in his possession.

Accused of a crime that did not occur in a manifest frame-up scenario, especially in light of ensuing events, Kurt Sonnenfeld has been persecuted across continents. After several years of fear, injustice and isolation, he has decided to take a public stand against the Government’s official story and is prepared to submit his material to the close scrutiny of reliable experts.

Click for interview: 9/11 FEMA videographer at Ground Zero goes public

Was Government involved with accusing Sonnenfeld of killing his wife?: Sonnenfeld Charges Dropped

Recharged in 2004: 9/11 Videographer Re-Charged For Wife's Shooting Death

From 2007..seeking political asylum: Claims of 9/11 conspiracy have suspect running scared

NOTE: I have watched this story since the beginning...but this interview contains more than previously disclosed. What's the truth? ..Lon

Volunteer Fundraisers Dare Legendary 'Grey Lady'

<-- The 'White House' in an earlier photo

Brave young souls will be raising money for their local area by spending the night in a community centre that is rumoured to be haunted.

Members of the Prince's Trust are set for a sponsored sleep-over at the White House Community Centre, in Eden Lane, Peterlee, tomorrow night.

Around 20 daring volunteers, aged 17 to 21, will stay at the centre – known for its ghostly goings-on and sightings of the legendary Grey Lady – to raise money for work on Easington Colliery's bid for success in the Northumbria in Bloom competition.

The group has already raised £240 to buy flowers, seeds and equipment through various other activities including pedalling the equivalent of the Whitehaven to Sunderland coast to coast bike ride at Peterlee Leisure Centre, becoming a soldier for the day at the Territorial Army (TA) Centre in Hartlepool and a football bingo for members' parents.

<--Prince’s Trust students Leanne Smith and Rob Sherringham prepare to spend a night in the White House in Peterlee

Another of the members' contributions to the gardening campaign was through a floral display in the shape of the trust's logo, which is situated in Seaside Lane, Easington Colliery.

Now the tenacious trust members are to try to get some shut-eye in the spooky community venue.

Prince's Trust member Leanne Smith, 18, who is taking part, said: "We're all a bit scared, especially the boys.

"There's local legend that the Grey Lady haunts the centre and people have said they have seen her walking past the windows.

"If I saw the Grey Lady I think I would run home!"

Leanne, from Horden, added it was important for young people and the whole of the community to get involved with east Durham's effort for Northumbria in Bloom success.

The former Shotton Hall School pupil said: "We are raising money for Easington in Bloom to make Easington look better. The area has had bad feedback, but we want to show people it can be somewhere to be proud of."

NOTE: the house is believed to have been originally built for mine owners in the early 1900's with the dance-hall added in 1945. It is now used as a local community center. Many people believe that there is a lot more to this place than meets the eye and that many of its spirits were there long before the house...Lon

Deceased Ballroom Owner Still Greets Guests

Neil White says he hasn’t seen it or heard it, but he knows plenty of people who have.

The owner of the The Aerie Ballroom in downtown Centralia, Washington is speaking of course of “Jorris,” the name given to the ghost said to haunt the halls of the historic building.

White is among a growing list of locals to be visited by the Northwest Paranormal Investigation Agency, an organization of about 18 “ghost hunters” from throughout Western Washington. A team from the organization collected evidence and readings at the ballroom earlier this month.

“We got the full examination,” White said, adding that “I’ve never seen anything but I know people who I respect their opinion and they swear to God they have seen the ghost.”

“Jorris” is a reference to former building owner Jorris Haarstad, White said.

Northwest Paranormal Investigation Agency Case Manager Vaughn Hubbard said The Aerie was paranormally active, though he said the findings haven’t been completely vetted and the results won’t be released for a while. The group uses digital recorders, cameras and other tools to log bumps, creaks, moans and anything else that might allude to a ghostly presence.

Hubbard said the group also visited the Lewis County Historical Museum in Chehalis. It marks the second time ghost hunters have descended upon the old train station after South Sound Paranormal Research visited earlier this year.

Hubbard said the museum visit and subsequent returns to Lewis County are examples of a new strategy for his band of ghoul chasers. He said the NPIA plans to visit other suspected haunted sites throughout the state. In Lewis County, he said the museum pointed his team toward The Aerie and the Olympic Club, where they plan to return in mid-July.

“It helps us find out exactly where there might be a history of paranormal activity going on,” Hubbard said. “We don’t have a lot of money or resources, so it helps to get that information.”

The potential for ghostly tourism isn’t lost on Hubbard either. He said that by visiting more rural, less-publicized haunts, his organization has a chance to conduct its tests and draw attention to historic locales at the same time.

“It’s a win-win situation for everyone,” he said. “We get to do our paranormal investigation and hopefully we can bring more interest to towns like Centralia and Chehalis.”

Video: San Antonio's 'Ghost Tracks'

Statement with video: This video was recorded on October 20, 2008 in San Antonio, Texas. We heard the stories about these railroad tracks located on Shane Road where a train struck a school bus during the 1940s and killed the bus driver and all children on the bus.

We decided to do some investigation on our on, and to our amazement we actually found some shocking evidence. The car did indeed go up the hill and over the tracks with the ignition turned off even. We even tried it with the car going backwards and it still worked. We even noticed very apparent fingerprints on the trunk of the car after pouring baby powder on it and going over the tracks. We even caught some pretty clear EVP's towards the end of the video right before we left.

Legend has it that the ghosts of children killed at the intersection are pushing the car over the tracks, and that powdering the back of the car will reveal their handprints. When performing this experiment, any handprints that might appear were probably already there; the powder allowed them to show up. This area is known as the Ghost Tracks to locals, and the subdivision adjacent to it supposedly has its streets named after the children who died on the tracks in a school bus accident with a train in that spot.

NOTE: these 'magnetic hills' are scattered all over the world. Frankly, most seem to be mere optical illusions. I don't know how the school bus accident legend evolved from this phenomena but I do know that it started sometime in the early 1970's. Anyway, watch the video and form your own opinion...Lon


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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Crop Circle 'Expanded' the Following Evening - Alton Barnes, Wiltshire

(original crop circle - June 21, 2009)

This crop circle was originally created on early morning June 21st, 2009 on Milk Hill near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire.

The crop circle was expanded to a remarkable shape the following day.

(same crop circle expanded following evening)

NOTE: If anybody has further information on this crop circle, please forward...Lon

Restless Spirits Roam Connecticut Punk Bar

Is there a ghost in Snapper Magee’s? After an investigation this past weekend it is possible.

Around 2 a.m. Sunday morning, after the popular Water Street bar closed, the Northwest Connecticut Paranormal Society came in to investigate reports that the building may have a spirit inside. A team of five investigators, including a sensitive and a psychic came by from the Professional Investigations and Presentations group, equipped with an assortment of tools to conduct a proper paranormal search, said John Zontok, the director of the organization.

Word first got out that the building may be haunted after ghost hunter-types had come by Snapper Magee’s a few weeks ago, said Travis Myers, bar owner. After rumors of shadows being witnessed in photographs and different feelings from some guests, Myers said he agreed to have a paranormal team come in and investigate.

From 2 to 5 a.m. the team remained, setting up eight infra-red night vision cameras, EVP sensors to pick up voices, and tools to measure the electro-magnetic field, Zontok said.

The result: there was a high amount of magnetic energy in the front of the bar as well as in one room on the second floor where there was no electricity at all, he said.

“Which could possibly mean there was a presence there, trying to show itself to us,” he said.

In particular, the energy in the front of the bar was peculiar, Zontok said, as it was not as heavy towards the back of the first floor nor was it detected outside near the street.

Now, after conducting the initial research, the group is scheduled to come back next Tuesday.

In the meantime, historical research will be done, to clarify rumors of the building being a brothel in the past, Zontok said, as well as a rumor that a prostitute committed suicide there.

Whether there is in fact a ghost in the building remains to be seen, he said.

As for now, Myers said he the news of a possible ghost will not hurt his business. In effect, it may help, he said.

One of his bartenders, Jessie Thomsen, said she always thought that the basement of the building was creepy even before knowing there was possible paranormal activity.

“But now it’s even more creepier,” she said.

When asked about her visits to the basement — to pick up necessary beverages for the bar — Thomsen said her visits are shortened.

Despite the five years of research into this paranormal hunt, Zontok said he is a skeptic. He said he finds it hard to believe in any type of afterlife at all.

Of the 200 residential cases that the group has been asked to investigate these past years, only 8 percent have turned out with unexplainable occurrences, he said.

“Something that happens that you actually can’t explain scientifically,” he said.

The group is made up of legitimate people, he added, including two college professors, a retired marine, nurses and college students.

“There are all walks of life in our group,” Zontok said.

In investigating these unexplainable occurrences, sometimes it is necessary to conduct methods of freeing these paranormal presences, if they are demonic, he said.

Sometimes, the group will utilize an Native American-style spirit cleansing and other times there will be a Christian or Catholic crossing ceremony, often involving prayers, crying and songs, Zontok said.

Ostrich Inn's Murderous History Basis For Investigation

As part of our ongoing ghostly investigations, the Observer joined psychics from Mystic Paranormal on a real-life ghost hunt at the Ostrich Inn in Colnbrook High Street.

The 13th century inn has a notorious reputation for being home to a murderous landlord, Jarman, who slaughtered more than 60 wealthy guests, prompting the mediums to carry out the investigation along with members of the public who joined in for the thrill.

During dinner we learned that in the 17th century Jarman and his wife would retire their unsuspecting guests to the Blue Room, where the bed was flipped upside down by the pull of a lever and the sleeping victim met a gruesome end, plunging into a vat of boiling liquid.

The spookiest experience of the evening happened during a grand seance when 38-year-old Yately resident Chantelle Armstead uncontrollably collapsed to the ground. She said: “This was the first paranormal encounter I have ever had. It just felt as though I was rocking on a boat and the next thing I knew I was on the ground. I can’t remember what happened except that I had pins-and-needles and a sharp pain in my stomach. The incident has not made me scared and I am keen to go on a ghost hunt again.”

Overall, the night was interesting and provided a lot of entertainment, but even after doing these investigations for the last three weeks, I am still not fully convinced that any spirits have made contact while I have been in the room, but that certainly does not mean that they do not exist.

Physicist Constructs Time Machine to Save His Father's Life

<--Physicist Ronald Mallett shows ABC's John Berman his time machine. Although the invention won't allow him to go back in time to visit his deceased father, Mallett hopes his work in science would have made him proud.

From ABC News

For some, the idea of time travel is about fantasy. For others it's science. But for Ronald Mallett, it was love -- a son's love for his father.

You might even call it his lifelong mission.

"I thought if I could build a time machine to save my father's life and see him again," said Mallett, whose father died when he was just 10.

"My father was someone who was the center of my life -- I was the oldest of four children and we grew up in the Bronx. And my father was a television repairman," Mallet said.

"He was terrific at his job, as a matter of fact. He really spent a lot of time with me, gave me little scientific toys like gyroscopes and crystal radio sets. I just I just worshipped him."

Mallet said he kept his plan a secret.

"I was astute enough to realize that people were worried about me already and if I told them that wanted to build a time machine I might not want to deal with the consequences," Mallett said.

People might think he was crazy, even though he has worked his way to a job as a tenured physicist at the University of Connecticut.

But it's not a secret anymore, because of something really crazy. He said he thinks he has come up with a way to do it.

It's complicated, but not crazy, according to some other scientists who have studied Mallett's idea.

Albert Einstein theorized that space and time are linked, and that gravity can bend time just like it bends space.

Mallett said he believes that if he can create a gravitational swirl -- a whirpool -- he can actually twist space and time.

"So if I'm twisting space violently enough, ultimately what will happen is that that timeline will get twisted into a loop," Mallet said.

Think of the loop like a time tunnel. Where Mallett thinks maybe we might be able to move back and forth. He said he will use criss-crossing lasers to try to create his time tunnel.

But even if Mallet builds his time machine, and proves his theory, which would be an epic breakthrough, there is still one major limitation.

"It only works from the moment the machine turns on," Mallet said.

That means you couldn't go back to a time earlier than the time when the machine begins to work. So Mallett could never go back to 1955 to see his father. But still, he said, he is certain his father would be proud.

Scientology: New Shocking Expose - Archive

The St. Petersburg Times in Florida publishes a 3 part expose where high-ranking defectors provide an unprecedented inside look at the Church of Scientology and its mercurial leader, David Miscavige.

Also, here is a link to our archive with Scientology related news and information P&M Scientology Archive


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Monday, June 22, 2009

Giants Stadium is Coming Down...FBI Not Looking For Hoffa's Remains

In the November 1989 issue of Playboy, Donald "Tony the Greek" Frankos said Jimmy Hoffa's body was buried at Giants Stadium.

Cut in pieces. Put in a steel drum.

Emtombed in concrete at Section 107, near the end zone.

Gives new meaning to the term "coffin corner," joked Sports Illustrated.

Twenty years later, a new billion-dollar stadium is rising in the Meadowlands, and the old Giants Stadium will host one last round of pro football - and Bruce Springsteen concerts.

Next year, the walls will come a-tumblin' down.

So, will the authorities check for the remains of the Hoffa, the legendary Teamsters boss, last seen alive in Detroit in July 1975?

Apparently not.

The FBI officially punted that idea back in 1989.

"Never say never, but it is a remote possibility he is buried there," said Special Agent Hal Helterhoff then, after the investigation failed to find "any substantiation."

The teardown changes nothing, said Special Agent Bryan Travers yesterday.

"If there was some credible information, we wouldn't wait until the stadium was being demolished," he said. "We would go in there and aggressively look for it ...

"We would never wait this long. ... We would have no problem digging a giant hole at the 50-yard line if we thought there was reason to act," he said.

"No, there are no plans," said Alice McGillion, spokeswoman for the New Meadowlands Stadium Corp., the company formed to build the privately financed new home of the Giants and the New York Jets, and tear down the old one.

The decision's up to law enforcement, but so far no agencies have spoken up, she said.

"The stadium will taken down next spring, and the area will become a parking lot," she said.

Nationally, the last big buzz about the Hoffa case was in 2006, when the FBI's Detroit office, acting on a tip, brought a bulldozer to the Hidden Dreams horse farm in Milford Township, Mich.

No hidden Hoffa.

In 2004, investigators tested bloodstained floorboards from a Detroit home, because of published allegations that Frank Sheeran, a Philadelphia and Delaware union leader, confessed, just before he died, to shooting Hoffa.

The blood, though, wasn't Hoffa's.

A backyard pool was excavated the year before, again to no avail.

But it can't be said that no hair from his head was ever found.

A strand was recovered from a car that an associate, Charles "Chuckie" O'Brien, drove the night of the disappearance. Testing identified the hair as Hoffa's in 2001.

Other theories: His remains were dumped in a Florida swamp, rendered in a fat-rendering plant, became part of a scrap-metal block shipped to Japan.

No plans have yet been made to sell or auctions parts of the old Giants Stadium, McGillion said.

One wonders if mementos of legendary Section 107 might fetch a nice price with collectors.

As for an old 50-gallon drum showing up, encased in concrete there - well, that might be a case of Jimmy Hoffa rolling over in his grave.

Historic Hotel For Sale: Old West Feel, a Few Bullet Holes...and a Ghost

The historic Eklund Hotel — complete with refurbished guest rooms, a saloon with bullet holes in the tin ceiling and a resident ghost — has closed its doors.

Worried townspeople in Clayton, population 2,100 in far northeastern New Mexico, are looking for someone to buy the downtown landmark and reopen it.

"It's been here since 1892. It's just the center of our town," banker Craig Reeves said.

The Eklund's closing comes just five years after completion of a $2.3 million renovation of the stately, three-story sandstone block building, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

The small hotel has been a popular stop for travelers, from nearby Texas and Oklahoma, in particular, as they shuttle back and forth to the cool mountains of New Mexico and Colorado.

"It's heartbreaking," said Brian Moore, a former state lawmaker and a Clayton grocery store owner. "It's especially a blow to downtown. It was our main restaurant, our main bar."

Kendyl Monroe, chairman of the Eklund Association, Incorporated — the group of mainly local investors that has owned the hotel since 1992 — said business shrank with the struggling economy and debt from the renovation was hefty.

"Where we are, at the moment, is right in the middle of the downturn," said Monroe, who grew up in Clayton and was a Wall Street lawyer for 34 years before returning to the area.

"That presumably will turn around some day ... but right now we're just suffering through the continuing decline," he said.

Monroe said the owners struggled to keep it open until this summer, typically the peak season, but couldn't. It closed April 24.

The economic slump has sharply hurt travel as consumers and businesses cut back on discretionary spending, said Patrick Ford, president of Lodging Econometrics in Portsmouth, N.H., who tracks the hotel industry.

"Smaller hotels, particularly hotels that don't have a nationally recognized brand, have tremendous difficulty in a down market," Ford said.

The Eklund's renovation created 26 rooms with private baths. The renovation was financed by a $2.16 million loan from the First National Bank in Clayton that was guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Development business program.

The State Historic Preservation Office loaned an additional $200,000 for the project.

Reeves, the bank's president, won't say what's still owed on the bank loan, citing customer privacy considerations.

According to the historic preservation office, there's still $147,600, plus 3 percent interest, owed on the $200,000 state loan.

Clayton started in 1888 as a tent town for cattle drovers and then became a bustling railroad stop for the Fort Worth & Denver City Railroad halfway between Amarillo, Texas, and Trinidad, Colo.

Swedish immigrant Carl Eklund developed the hotel, which dates to 1892 but took on its current, three-story appearance in 1905.

Local lore says the Eklund has a ghost named Irene, although Monroe said not much is known about her.

"But when the renovation was done a few years ago and we had a lot of workmen on the site, there were some who thought they observed Irene in the stairwell and became a little frightened," Monroe said.

The hotel isn't officially on the market yet. The bank is still in the foreclosure process.

"The goal is to find somebody that ... wants to be part of our town and will want to buy it or lease it," Reeves said. "They would receive a tremendous amount of support from the community."

Minnesota Mom Claims Paranormal Community Saved Daughter

A South Saint Paul family believes the world's paranormal community helped heal their little girl through the power of prayer.

While most 8-year-olds are out enjoying their summer vacations, Gabby Mathis is stuck in the house.

Last Sunday, Mathis was riding her bike down the alley to her grandfather's house when she was hit by a car.

By the time Mathis got to the hospital, she was bleeding in her brain and doctor's didn't know if she would ever wake up.

That's when Dave Schrader, who hosts a local radio show about the paranormal, heard about the accident and asked his listeners to pray for Mathis both on the air and on his Myspace page.

By Tuesday, Mathis was awake and acting like nothing was wrong, much to her doctors’ surprise. As a paranormal investigator, Mathis’ mom has seen her share of strange sights, but she says this one tops them all.

Mathis will have to undergo therapy for some short term memory loss, but other than that, doctors say she should make a full recovery.

Video: UFO / Israeli Air Force - Rishon Letzion, Israel

From Michael Cohen

As I have discussed in previous articles, unmanned UFO probes sent by an extraterrestrial civilization are believed to be entering our atmosphere through UFO vortex exits located at various points around the globe. These probes are being sent to monitor the planet and convey messages to humanity about the cosmos.

Army jets mounted with special receiving equipment are scrambled to chase the UFOs, get close and record these alien signals. This remarkable film that has all the signs of being genuine footage has managed to leak out of Israel and onto the World Wide Web. It clearly shows an Israeli Air Force jet attempting to get close to a small probe-type UFO, probably for the purpose of receiving the unworldly information being conveyed.

Over two thousand years ago the biblical prophet Ezekiel recorded what many regard as the most important and credible UFO event ever. Countless sceptical scientists have been stumped by this account where an ancient figure describes, in great detail, technology in a manner that seems impossible.

During this historic encounter Ezekiel witnessed Wheels within Wheels descending to earth accompanied by fire and smoke. These wheels were described as being the colour of electrically charged metal, moved of their own accord as if the living spirit was within them and made the deafening sound of crashing waves.

Inside these wheels unworldly figures wearing white linen clothing were seen handing glowing objects to one another. Secret texts deep within the Kabbalah tell us that these beings came from a planet far away from ours referred to as The World of Atziluth. The Bible records the message the beings had for Ezekiel.

It was the usual: If the Jews didnt get their act together they would be expelled altogether from the land of Israel. However, the beings promised that eventually the children of Israel would return to their land in triumph.

A few thousand years and a couple of exiles later and the Jews have returned to the Holy Land and it appears that communication with these beings has resumed, in this case symbolically above the town of Rishon Letzion: Modern Israel's first settlement.

What could they be discussing? The Israelis might be telling the aliens just how much stuff has gone down since they last spoke, or asking why their outer-space friends never turned up when the Jewish people really needed them.

Perhaps the famous refrain of Jewish mothers worldwide was mentioned: "Why don't you call more often?"

NOTE: The video is interesting, but the interpretation of what is being seen is strictly that of the writer (M. Cohen). Hopefully, an official account of this incident will surface. In the meantime, I'm going to reserve comment...Lon

Black River Historical Society Claims House Is Haunted

For some time now, members of the Black River Historical Society (Lorain, OH) have been hearing things.

“They’re squeaks and noises and the sound of little things falling,” according to John McGarvey, chairman of the board of trustees of the society, which has called the West Sixth Street residence of former mayor Leonard Moore its home since 1994.

A good number of the sounds seem to emanate from the attic, but, when anyone goes to investigate, everything appears normal.

“Nothing seems changed, and nothing has been moved,” McGarvey said. Still, “it can’t all be squeaking wood.”

“We think it is Leonard,” McGarvey said matter of factly, referring to Moore, who built the house in 1906. Moore was a bank trustee, businessman and contractor before getting into politics, serving on City Council and, eventually, one term as mayor from 1916-18.

“He must have become sick because he died a few years later,” McGarvey said. “That’s why he only had the one term.”

Enter Banded Spirits, a group of northern Ohioans with a passion for seeking the supernatural. This weekend eight members of the group will descend on the house to see if they can capture any visual or audio evidence of Moore — or any other spirits.

“They claim he’s watching over the house, and that they feel like they’re being watched,” Karlo Zuzic said. A Parma resident employed by a Cleveland-based mailing house, he serves as project manager for the 18-member group formed in 2007 by Chris Page and Amy Cobb, both of Fremont.

The group uses ghost-hunting gear, such as infrared cameras, digital voice recorders and equipment that registers changes in electromagnetic fields, which paranormal probers claim can mean the presence of unearthly spirits. But it is digital voice recorders that offer the best chance for picking up evidence of otherworldly voices, according to Zuzic, who said investigators ask basic questions seeking names of presences or spirits, as well as why they feel compelled to remain at a specific location.

One of the commonly accepted tenets of paranormal work is that a person’s spirit lingers in a fixed spot following a tragedy, accident or extreme emotional distress. But Zuzic believes there are cases in which presences remain under far more tranquil circumstances.

“Sometimes they go back to where they felt the most comfortable, where they were loved,” Zuzic said.

The group recently visited Brunswick Heritage Farm, where members say they recorded the voice of a spirit named David who owned the property in the mid-1800s, according to Zuzic.

The group and members of the historical society plan to stay in the house for several hours one night, said Zuzic. “If any activity picks up, we’ll stay a little longer.”

After compiling reports and any recordings they make, the Banded Spirits group will present its findings to historical society members, Zuzic said.

If someone or something is manifesting itself in the house, it isn’t scaring anyone, according to McGarvey.

“It hasn’t hurt anyone yet,” he said.


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