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Sydney's Haunted Annandale Abbey For Sale

Sydney's most mysterious mansion - The Abbey in Annandale - will go under the hammer later this year and is expected to fetch $10 million.

But buyers beware - you will be sharing this slice of Sydney history with the original occupants, said to include a "lady in white" who haunts the tower.

Gervase Davis and his wife - who live alone in the house at 272 Johnston St - use their trusted feline as a barometer of spectoral activity.

When Merlin the cat's hackles rise, Gervase knows to clear the room because something unseen has entered.

"If you live here you need a cat to warn you. Cats are sensitive to that kind of thing, that's how I know someone has come in," Ms Davis said yesterday.

There are other oddities: Doors open and windows close on their own, visitors catch glimpses of dark shadowy figures, and the Lady in White roams the halls.

Looming over Sydney, the Victorian revivalist manor spookily swathed in Boston ivy goes on sale this year after being shrouded in secrecy since Freemason John Young spared no expense in building it to impress his wife in 1881.

They never lived in the house, and the grand design of gables, arches, lions, gargoyles, chimneys, turrets and gothic intricacies sat vacant, occupied only by housekeepers, while the ballroom and stables were a superior boarding house to private Sydney schools from 1887.

The house was subdivided and turned into flats in 1924. The grand old dame was rescued by Sydney surgeon Geoffrey Lancelot Davis, who paid £4500 cash for the house in 1959.

Dr Davis leased out the flats to folksy artists while he began a lifetime of work to restore the creation.

During the acid-dropping, folk singing 1970s, ghost hunters would brave the night with ectoplasmic machines.

"Everyone has a ghost story to tell," said Francesca Davis, who was raised in the house with her brother Gervase and five other siblings.

"The seven children all know it is haunted by ghosts, especially the Lady in White. The basement and the main bedroom are notorious for ghosts."

Ms Davis said her family could not afford to properly restore the manor, which is plastered with signs warning that you enter at your own risk.

The sale brings "enormous sadness" to the seven children.

All hope the manor, decorated in symbols only a Freemason would understand, is restored.

Its contents, dusty great collections of books, music, and instruments including a harp, grand pianos and gramophones - and event four lamps that once lit the Sydney Harbour Bridge - will be auctioned today.

Mitcham Common's Mysterious Past Revealed

Mitcham is so haunted that one resident has compiled a book, website and map charting the ghoulish going-ons in the area.

From a phantom child cycling silently across the Seven Island Pond on Mitcham Common, to tales of drowned factory workers walking through walls, 39-year-old James Clark has investigated dozens of hair-raising episodes.

And now the life-long Mitcham resident has put the town’s dark history online for all to see with an interactive map showing all the different haunted locations.

But James, who is now turning his attention to the haunted history of Lambeth and Wandsworth, claims he is no great believer in the paranormal.

He says: “I’d describe myself as an opened-minded sceptic. I’m certainly no great believer but as someone once said, you should keep an open mind, just not so open that your brains fall out!”

The new website contains updated stories first published in his book Haunted Mitcham, written in 2002 and free to look at for the first time.

He says: “I spent about five years going through local newspapers, asking around and checking all the local history books I could find. Generally, the stories that are the most striking are the ones with a fair bit of local history attached.

“People are saying there are stories about where they live which they’ve never heard before.

“I hope this map will help people find stories that interest them.

"Also, I’ll be honest, I hope that when people read the summaries they’ll be inspired to buy the books!”

To view the map and find out more, log onto

Mitcham’s Haunted History

Mitcham Common: In 1990, computer operator Tony Dowe was walking home across Mitcham Common in the early hours having finished his night shift.

Out of the dark appeared the eerie apparition of a young boy riding a bicycle.

The boy and the bicycle were both entirely white and made no sound at all as they approached and then passed him, the boy turning to stare at Mr Dow with a unnaturally fixed gaze.

Still staring back at Mr Dow, the unnerving apparition cycled steadily on, closer and closer to Seven Islands pond - and then out onto the surface of the water.

Any lingering thoughts that the figure was simply a flesh-and-blood boy were dispelled when the apparition did not sink, but just continued cycling out across the surface of the water and on into the darkness beyond.

Rumour has it the figure was that of 10-year-old Leonard Lascelles who drowned in the pond 70 years ago.

Commonside East: In the early 1960s, the occupants of an old house on Commonside East were terrified by mysterious 'faces' which appeared on the walls.

The faces made their first appearance after some old wallpaper was taken off the living-room wall in the house. New plaster was put on the wall and as it dried, strange images became visible.

According to the occupants, Mr and Mrs Johnson, about a dozen faces - including images of cavaliers, grenadiers, women and young children - had manifested on various walls throughout the house by the beginning of February 1962.

Builders working on the house said they would not stay after one of them thought he saw his dead father's face on a wall. Another builder and decorator was taken aback by a powerful smell of perfume apparently coming from a wall.

Mr Johnson, a lorry driver, worked nights and Mrs Johnson was so scared to be alone in the house that she left to stay with her mother in Paddington. ”The faces looked at me all the time,” she said.

Fair Green: In 321 AD, the Roman emperor Constantine decreed that Sunday was to be observed as a special day of rest and Christian worship.

Over time, it became accepted that to work on a Sunday meant sinning against God but towards the end of the 19th century there were shopkeepers in Mitcham who were quite willing to risk annoying the parish priest if it meant increasing their profit margins.

One such man was Mr Currell of Currell's sweet and greengrocery store, which used to stand facing the Fair Green.

His attitude changed dramatically one Sunday afternoon though, when a particularly strong blast of wind uprooted a tree and sent it crashing violently into his shop.

It seems that Currell interpreted this 'Act of God' as a divine judgement against Sunday trading and from then on he was careful to observe his weekly day of rest.

Video: UFO Formation Intercepted By Helicopters - Horn Lake, Mississippi

Statement with video: Around 10:30 a formation of lights sit in the sky as helicopters head for it. And towards the end watch as 3 lights appear below them. You get to see one appear out of nowhere. Its amazing thing to excited.Hope to get more videos of these strange lights. We did go down to Memphis but its too far so we stopped.

MUFON Report - Unedited: As me and my friends were driving down the road I noticed a group of bright lights sitting in the sky. I immediately speed for a place to park and film. I was extremely excited to be able to film this event. I was in horn lake filming in the shnucks parking lot.

I got out the car and quickly began filming. It started off with 5 lights in a formation and as i began filming there were four but one was leaving. When i first noticed these objects i knew that these were not planes. Planes dont sit in the same spot for an hour.

But as i filmed helicopters began to head for the lights. As i filmed the helicopters as they multiplied i film back at the ufo lights and BAM one was missing. But how can it just vanish and not be seen? An airplane would still be seen if it was leaving but this light was gone completely leaving only 3 lights left. The formation then began to shift. Then two smaller lights appear below the big 3 lights and they all sit in the same spot and then another small light appears out of nowhere and sits there.

The lights then all seem to be coming towards each other. We then decide to head closer to the object as we thought we could get a better view but we didnt. The video i filmed lasts 5 minutes. Its good quality and our reactions are just shocked i guess. I mean what else would you do if you love to read and hear about ufo's and you finally get to film one. I am extremely happy to have caught this footage. I have always believed in ufo's and that the government is indeed hiding something from us. I hope this video attracts many people into believing that there is something going on in our skies, and that i was very lucky to capture this footage. I hope you enjoy.

NOTE: are these flares dropped by the military during a training operation with helicopters? I'm keeping an open mind...though, this seems to be something other than a military procedure...Lon

Photo: UFO w/ Ground Searching Beam - Hampshire County, WV

(Illustration by witness)

MUFON Report - Unedited: May 21, 2009 - roughly spherical illuminated object its light was golden with small red lites also sometimes. It was very definitely beaming a "spotlight" onto the earth

I just went out on my deck before retiring. My house is elevated -- very clear views for a great distance. To the North of my deck is a large mountain that I believe is Town Hill Mt which I think lies in Maryland - I am very close to Maryland and am just beside the Potomac - I am in Hampshire County, WV.

Honestly -- I keep my eyes open for UFOs here because I can see so far and it is rural -- no lights, lots of stars.

So -- tonight I finally saw one. It was roughly spherical - it was totally illuminated a rich golden, almost the color of cantaloupe. It very very definitely was beaming a spotlight down onto the ground.

Where it was - is a location I look at every day -- I know it well. There is nothing there but trees -- it was the base of this mountain and at times it "beamed" farther up the mountain. As if it were looking for something -- but there is nothing over there I dont think even any houses.

It stood PERFECTLY still a lot of the time. Usually with its "beam" shining down. If it were a helocopter I should easily have been able to hear it here -- it is very quiet here and this object was not very far away -- maybe 5 miles. Maybe 2 miles.

It eventually moved off toward the West -- that might put it heading over Keyser, WV, maybe Springfield or Ft Ashby - maybe it would eventually get near Cumberland MD. When it moved off, it was slow. Still beamed down from time to time.

I assume that a helocopter does not glow golden with a consistent bright golden light all around it. I think a copter would have headlights -- but not the entire thing would be shining bright gold.

I dont know how quickly you read these reports -- but if you could forwarn someone west of me to be ready I think they could film it.

I tried to photo it -- will review the pix in a minute but I dont think they will be helpful.

NOTE: the witness claimed the spherical-shaped object hovered near his home as it beamed a spotlight onto the ground. He stated the glowing and silent object appeared to be searching for something on the ground...Lon

Father Receives 100 Year Sentence For Poisoning Children's Soup

A Georgia man was sentenced to 100 years in prison for poisoning his two children to extort money from Campbell Soup Co.

William Cunningham was sentenced Thursday after a jury found him guilty of five counts of cruelty to children and two counts of aggravated assault, said Kellie Perry, a clerk at the Clayton County Superior Court.

The girl and boy, then 18 months old and 3 years old, were hospitalized after Cunningham fed them soup tainted with prescription drugs and lighter fluid.

On one occasion, authorities said he used the prescription drugs Prozac and Amitriptyline _ both used to treat depression _ to poison the children.

Cunningham was arrested in March 2006. According to prosecutors, the former dump truck driver called Campbell in January 2006 and threatened to sue the company because its soup was contaminated. He pleaded guilty in 2007 to a federal charge of making false claims against the company.

Authorities said there was no evidence the soup was tainted when it was purchased. A family member said the children may suffer lifelong respiratory problems after swallowing the poisoned soup.

The children's mother, Rhonda Cunningham, filed for divorce during the case.


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Friday, May 22, 2009

Photo: Shape-Shifting UFO Spotted Over Ocean - Kemer, Turkey

The beautiful coastal resort town of Kemer in Turkey has succumbed to UFO fever. At 3.30am on April 25 in the wee hours of the morning a group of security guards outside a hotel saw a bizarre object hovering over the ocean and managed to get a photograph to boot.

Security guard, Erman Bulut was at the front of the hotel when he saw the hexagonal object doing impossible manoeuvres above the sea and changing shape and colour.

'At first I couldn’t understand what I was witnessing. I saw this large object rising from the sea. It definitely wasn’t a plane or balloon. It was leaving a trail and it was glowing. My hands were shaking from the excitement. As it descended towards the sea I ran to the beach but then it began to rapidly rise eventually merging with the stars.

'It was hexagonal, orange and fluorescent. As far as I am concerned it was a definitely UFO. One does not get the chance to see such things often and I feel lucky to have witnessed this. When one takes into account the size of the universe and the number of stars UFOs and aliens become a certainty.'

Erman's co-workers Mehemet Aydin and Sezgin Cesur also saw the object and described it much as Erman did. 'It was hexagonal but at times it's shape changed. It descended and then rose disappearing into the sky.'

'I didn't sleep all night from excitement' concluded Mr Cesur.

Reports On Memory-Metal Nitinol 'Missing'

With a boost from Sarasota resident Tony Bragalia, the enduring Roswell UFO controversy is about to swing the spotlight onto one of the most successful research and development entities in America — Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, OH.

At issue are some missing reports from Battelle’s study of a nickel/titanium alloy called Nitinol, renowed for its resilience as a “memory metal.” Contracted by the U.S. Air Force to assess and exploit its compelling properties in the late 1940s, Battelle participates in or manages six national laboratories for the U.S. Department of Energy, including Oak Ridge, Lawrence Livermore, and Brookhaven.

The problem is, neither Battelle nor the USAF can produce copies of what the scientific literature refers to as the “Second Progress Report on Contract AF33 (038)-3736.” Bragalia suspects that’s because the data is still highly classified due to its source — a flying disc that crashed outside Roswell, N.M., in 1947.

“Personal testimony is one thing,” says Bragalia, whose research skills have been polished by his business as an executive-search consultant. “But when you start talking about documents and the history of science, unlike testimonials, their provenance is not questioned.”

Bragalia says his curiosity about the Roswell debris began accelerating in 2007, shortly after a retired Army Air Force veteran from Ellenton named Ben Games told De Void a tale that no one had ever heard before — in July of 1947, he flew Gen. Laurence Craigie to Roswell during the furor over the alleged UFO recovery.

As chief of the Research and Engineering Division at AAF headquarters, Craigie had offices at the Pentagon and at present-day Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio. In October 1947, he became Director of Research and Development for the U.S. Air Force. At the end of the year, he authorized the first-ever USAF study of flying saucers. From 1948-50, he served as commandant of the USAF Institute of Technology at Wright-Pat.

In 1991, retired brigadier general Arthur Exon confirmed for author/investigators Schmitt and Kevin Randle that the Roswell debris was transferred to Wright Field in ‘47. Civilians and military personnel who handled the stuff compared some components to aluminum foil, except that it would conform to its original shape after being crumpled.

Exon, a lieutenant colonel on base at the time, said lab chiefs in charge of testing the material “knew they had something new in their hands. The metal and material was unknown to anyone I talked to.” However, Exon, who was promoted to Wright-Pat base commander in 1964, never had access to the debris.

But who did? And if, as skeptics contend, the thing that went down in Roswell was simply a classified but hardly exotic balloon project, why did Craigie make a hurried flight to New Mexico from Washington?

Enter Nitinol, which made its debut in 1939. The nickel/titanium metal was created as a byproduct of another project and initially studied for its crystalline structures. Bragalia was unable to find any research on its shape-recovery properties until encountering references to a WPAFB contract with Battelle produced in 1949.

Its “Second Progress Report” — authored by Battelle employees listed only as C.M. Craighead, F. Fawn, and L.W. Eastwood — implies a first progress report, for which Bragalia could find no references at all. Although unable to get his hands on the “Second Progress Report,” Bragalia lists four references to its existence in 1952, 1965, 1972, and 1984.

Bragalia didn’t read the “Second Progress Report” because nobody appears to know where it is. Kemberly Lang, manager of the Battelle Library, couldn’t find a copy, and neither could Annette Sheppard, special collection librarian at WPAFB. Lang reconfirmed to De Void her futility at learning anything about the 60-year-old project beyond published references to it.

“There’s something strange going on here, but there is no copy of the contract. And Wright-Patterson doesn’t have it, either. Evidently it was never submitted for retention,” says Lang, who coordinated her search efforts with WPAFB. “Both sides have miraculously lost their copies of it.

“I don’t know what’s in it, I don’t have a clue. I don’t think there’s anything malicious going on, but it’s kind of in my ‘open’ file now. It’s a mystery.”

Bragalia doubts the USAF farmed out the actual Roswell debris to Battelle. More likely, he suspects its scientists were tasked to simulate its morphing abilities through Nitinol, which requires 99.99 percent purity and the application of heat.

Curiously, Braglia says military reports announcing the unveiling of Nitinol as a memory metal cite every year from 1959 to 1963 as its point of discovery. The last word from the U.S. Naval Ordnance Lab lists its debut as 1962 or 1963.

Today, Nitinol has blossomed into the commercial sector, finding its way into everything from medical hardware to bendable eyeglass frames. Among the most ambitious firms incorporating the latest generation of metallic elasticity into a vast array of products is LiquidMetal Technologies, a publicly traded R&D company headquartered in Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.

Attributing its “amorphous alloys” to researchers from California Institute of Technology — managed by Battelle in cooperation with Lawrence-Livermore — LiquidMetal’s Web site says it has collaborated on “numerous shuttle missions for NASA scientists to study its technology in space first hand.”

“The NASA connection is huge,” says Bragalia. “When you begin taking stuff into space and testing it under microgravity conditions, it allows you to develop material of exceptional purity.”

Battelle, listed as a charitable trust exempt from taxation, is most famously known in UFO circles for producing a 1954 Air Force Project Blue Book study called Special Report No. 14. Concluding that 21.5 percent of UFOs in the military database were unknowns, Battelle directly contradicted then USAF Secretary Donald Quarles’ assertion that only 3 percent of its sightings were unknown.

“Battelle is very artful at concealing its connections,” says Bragalia. “When people say ‘the government’ knows about UFOs, I wonder. Especially when you consider that Battelle has more or less privatized six of our national laboratories.”

By Billy Cox - Memory-metal files are missing

Photos: UPDATED...Black Light Scans Reveal 'Glowing' Patches On Abductees

The following links are the account of a close encounter and possible abduction of a couple in Nevada on May 7th 2009. The images where anonymously uploaded on the MUFON report site...though it seems it is related to this incident because of the dates and location referenced. Are these cellphone images of the interior of an alien craft?

Boomerang-shaped UFO witnessed by young couple in Nevada desert

Possible UFO contact in Nevada

NOTE: I personally don't know what to make of these images and offer the information "as is". I have made some inquiries though, I am receiving zero response. If any further information on these images and the incident come to light, I will post an update...Lon

UPDATE: there has been no claim that these images were taken with a was only suggested as the easiest means to secure images. For those who are questioning that, fine...these images were posted 'as is'. For those mature enough to respond sensibly, I appreciate it. May I suggest that you go to the Phantoms and Monsters Wiki - Alien Images Thread if you wish to make comments. The blog comment mailbox is sending out an error message because of the heavy response and my email is blocking it.


UPDATE: Additional information has now been received concerning the recent experience of a young couple in Nevada. The two reported observing strange lights initially appearing to the east of their location. They saw three boomerang-shaped objects with five lights on each, one on the center, one on the middle of each side, and one on both ends of each object. As they watched intently, one of the objects separated, shut off three lights and appeared to be landing, or crashing. One of the witnesses indicated to Mufon field investigators that he has lived in the area all of his life and is familiar with every type of aircraft flying into, and out of a nearby Naval base. The witness further indicated that these objects did not resemble any conventional aircraft he has ever seen. After the initial sighting, the witness decided to chase the objects in his pick-up truck. He headed north, then turned east when one of the boomerang-shaped objects came along side to his left and appeared to begin pacing the truck. The object was about 100 yards away, and about twenty feet from the ground. There was also a second object following the witnesses from behind. The witness drove approximately 30 miles per hour, and the object stayed alongside, then he accelerated to 50 miles per hour and the object increased speed and stayed with the truck. It was at this time that the witness was able to describe the object as being about 50 feet across in size. The witness continued driving about five more miles until reaching a dead end, and then turned around. The witness pulled off of the road and came to a stop. At this time, there was an object behind their location, at an altitude of 50 feet, and an object circling above them at a similar altitude. The second witness (a passenger in the truck) described that the main body of the craft appeared silvery, but when it banked and turned it appeared to be transparent. The second witness also described what appeared to be two horizontal "grills" on the back of the object glowing red, similar to heating elements on a toaster or heater. The first witness went on to describe the movements of the objects to be similar to conventional aircraft - "banked like a plane would", and "made smooth movements like a plane". The objects stayed to the rear of the witnesses at all times, as if to be watching them.

The first witness decided to grab his father's spotlight and shine it on the circling object. The spotlight had an intensity of a million candle power. The witness took his hand and shaded the light off and on to "signal" the object. The object descended and approached even closer while circling above them at an altitude of twenty feet. The incident now takes on an interesting twist, as both witnesses could not remember what transpired after the light was directed to the object and they began signaling it. The second witness said that the next thing she remembered was being afraid and jumping back into the truck. The first witness agreed and remembered starting the ignition and continued driving towards the north to their respective homes. The first witness returned to the site, this time with his father. They report that the area was being combed by military helicopters and black SUV's with dark windows. Military personnel were also combing the area on foot, with flashlights. The witness, and his father decided not to approach the area any further. Helicopters were using spotlights to view the area from the air. The father of the second witness was a former security officer at the nearby Fallon Naval Air Station. The station reported that there had been three C-130 aircraft, in addition to an "unspecified aircraft incident" captured on their radar.

There now appears to be some physical abnormalities reported from both witnesses. The female witness reported three "itchy" bumps on her left leg. A black light scan revealed several glowing areas on the male's right forearm. He scrubbed the area very hard, but they would not come off. He also indicated that the areas were very "itchy" as well. The male witness went on to describe another outcome since the event. He normally has bouts of insomnia, but has felt a sense of gratification since the event, and now sleeps peacefully. The female witness, on the other hand, has been fearful and has had trouble sleeping since the incident. However, she continues to return to the site with her friend, who is watching and hoping for a return of the objects.

Source: Possible UFO contact in Nevada


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Spooked Mayor Enlists Paranormal Group to Inspect Museum

A night at the museum, and an evening in the chamber of horrors. Would a paranormal investigation of Newtown's Mayor's Chambers and the Robert Owen Museum reveal spirits still holding council.

Mayor Sue Lawson called in Newtown Paranormal after sensing an other-worldly presence.

"It's not necessarily eerie," she told the County Times, "but you know there's something there.

"You talk to people and they say the same thing. That's why we wanted to do a proper investigation."

Cllr Lawson was part of a team that headed straight for the museum – and immediately felt uncomfortable.

"We went to go in there and straight away I felt I didn't like it. I wouldn't go in," she said.

They conquered the fear and entered the museum. Immediately a 'cold' spirit made its presence felt.

"You see it on the television when they say they can feel cold," she said, "but I've always thought it was just a draught – but it's totally different. I could feel it on my right arm then I felt it go behind me and around the left side."

She then had a similar experience in the council chamber itself.

"Rory had sensed a presence by a chair, and I said I would go and stand there myself.

"I could feel her, my right arm was ice cold yet my left arm was warm."

Cllr Lawson said the cold in the museum was just 'unbelievable'.

"Even in the day time there's something about the place," she said, "but at night what doesn't help is the bust of Robert Owen which is down there. You feel like he is watching you."

Newtown Council Chamber was built in 1902 and is Grade-II listed. Originally built as a library and meeting room, the Co-operative Union paid part of the cost in memory of social reformer Robert Owen.

The Robert Owen Museum now occupies what was the library.
In the museum hangs a door – part of Robert Owen's old house – but a doorway to where?

The team's report stated: "A number of light anomalies were captured, mainly in this corner. Three members of the group also had problems with their throats, sore throats or coughs, in this area."

The door backs onto a back room of the adjoining bookmakers Corals.
Shadowy figures have been seen on both sides of the door.

Corals manager Dave Campion is in no doubt there's something lurking in the shadows. "One of my assistants, Zoe, saw a figure standing there in the recess," he said.

"She saw a shape standing there when she was finishing up one night, a guy in a top hat and dark clothes.

"A former member of staff, said she saw something down the back of the shop, felt a dark presence."

"A number of staff refuse to go in one particular toilet, particularly late at night. One member of staff saw something in there, everything went black and she felt really cold, and then suddenly it cleared," he said. "She will not go back in there now, and she's not the only one."

"I'm sure there's something here," added Mr Campion, "I would not say it's bad, but it is definitely there."

The building is believed to have once been Robert Owen's storeroom.
The group picked up a name while in the museum – William Price – who was wearing black striped trousers, a black waistcoat and a top hat. A figure fitting that description has been reported in the past.

A black-cloaked man was also picked up – with an apparent dislike of woman being in authority. Described as an aggressive spirit, tapping noises and breathing were also heard in the same area as the spirit.

Cllr Lawson said: "He didn't have a problem with us being there, but he didn't like the fact that a woman was in power. In the time he was around women probably just stayed in the home."

Creaking and sounds of movement were also reported in the museum.

Most group members reported sensing a 'presence in the room' – but who was it? A name Sarah was attached to the female presence sensed in the council chambers – and Cllr Lawson suggested Sarah could possibly be linked to the Sarah Briscoe Trust, which operates the museum.

The name John Price was also picked up. But no significance has been attached to any names as yet.

Deputy mayor Joy Jones accompanied the team on the investigation.
She said in the museum she thought she saw a shadow – but couldn't say what she saw.

"It might have just been my eyes," she said, "I just saw something I can't explain but don't know what. I wouldn't want to use the word ghost."

However, she added: "I have just never felt comfortable in the museum anyway." With statues peering at the investigators in the dark, it had immediately put people on edge. "Not long after we went in the camera flash bounced off the statues. I just screamed and ran.

"But I had to confess it was just the statue. There was nothing there, I'd just panicked."

The team's scientific investigation of the museum revealed several 'cold spots'. However, the team's digital thermometer failed.

With all batteries charged before they started, some investigators claim that equipment failure is the spirits themselves using the energy from within.

It also revealed high electro magnetic field readings in both the conference room and council chamber.

High readings in a confined area can cause a 'fear cage' effect – making people feel nauseous, have headaches and hallucinate. These symptoms, if evident, disappear quickly upon leaving.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Videos / Photos: Recent Paranormal Activity Captured

This house, located on Cleveland's historic Franklin ave., is teeming with paranormal activity. A lot of evidence has been gathered and is still in the process of being analyzed. For the first time, Acid Entertainment utilized security cameras on investigation and the results are staggering. As it was a surprise that the equipment would be there, they've not yet figured out how to upload it directly to the computer. For this reason, it was filmed it from a screen television to share with you. NOTE: I will post Brandi's entire investigation of this location once it is completed...Lon

Video: Shadow 'walks' by window doors of an operating suite in a Mexican hospital

Statement: Photo taken at Auschwitz - I had not intended to photograph during my tour of the camps but after being there a few minutes, I felt compelled. With every step I wondered about the people whose feet had walked in exactly the same footsteps. I wondered if their spirits still lingered there today.

This is a photo taken by designer Neil Sandbach at a farm in Hertfordshire for inclusion in some Wedding Stationery he was preparing for a couple due to host their wedding at the venue.

One of many strange anomalies captured on film by Austin Paranormal at Longhorn Cavern.

This photograph seems to have captured a hazy image of a man sitting on a chair in the attic of the Edward Jenner Museum in Berkeley, Gloucestershire.

Claim: Extraterrestrials Advised JFK on the Cuban Missile Crisis

A rare video has surfaced with important interviews and testimony concerning George Adamski’s claims of having filmed flying saucers and having met with their extraterrestrial occupants. Among the more controversial of Adamski’s claims is that he privately met with President Kennedy in late 1961. Adamski claims he passed on a message from his extraterrestrial contacts about a future world crisis. If true, Adamski and his extraterrestrials played an unknown role in advising Kennedy on the best strategy for future events such as the Cuban missile crisis.

Adamski’s claim of having an ordnance pass which gave him access to U.S. military facilities was confirmed by William Sherwood. Sherwood himself had previously worked for the U.S. Ordnance Department and possessed his own ordnance pass. Sherwood saw Adamski’s Ordnance pass thereby giving credence to Adamski’s claims that he secretly briefed the Pentagon about his extraterrestrial contacts.

If Adamski did regularly brief the Pentagon and European VIPs, then it's very possible that one or more U.S. Presidents also met with him, and received messages from extraterrestrials. This leads to Adamski's claim that he secretly met with President Kennedy around October 1961 to deliver a message from the “space brothers.” According to Major Pederson, the message contained advise on a world crisis to occur in about a year that was later revealed to be the October 1962 Cuban Missile crisis. If true, the contents of the message may have helped Kennedy develop the right strategy for dealing with a conflict that could easily have escalated into a Third World War. The extraterrestrial message, apparently, also contained an invitation for Kennedy to meet with them in Calfornia. While there is no direct independent evidence supporting Adamski's claim, there is important circumstantial evidence that President Kennedy accepted the invitation.

Firestarters: Accounts of the Phenomenon

In 1982 Benedetto Supino, an Italian adolescent boy, discovered something quite strange about himself. He was sitting in a dentist's waiting-room reading a comic book when all of the sudden the thing burst into flames right there in his hands.

At the time, no doubt, he claimed total innocence to deaf ears. Once a fiery pattern was established after a few more incidents, his surrounding adults may have been more likely to believe him - especially when they actually saw him accidentally ignite things without a match in sight.

As we already said, Benedetto Supino discovered his strange powers at a young age - around 10 - when a dentist's comic book flamed-up in his hands. Although there were instances of the boy starting a flame with sufficient intention and concentration, it seems that usually neither was the case. gives an example of the latter happening:

"One morning [Supino] was awakened by a fire in his own bed – his pajamas were in flames and the boy suffered severe burns."

Doesn't sound like a terrific gift there, does it? The same article goes on to give other instances of flames starting by his intention, or merely by his presence:

"On another occasion, a small plastic object held in his uncle’s hands began to burn as Benedetto stared at it. Just about everywhere he went, furniture, paper, books and other items would start to smolder or burn. Some witnesses even claimed to see his hands glow at these moments."

Everywhere he went - according to some sources, fuse boxes ignited, newspapers burst into flames and non-specific 'small objects' would smoke and burn. Obviously the boy's parents worried. They sent him to physicians and scientists who apparently found no reason for the strangeness. He was also sent to an Archbishop with the same result - nothing. The burden taxed the boy - he himself can be quoted as saying:

"I don't want things to catch fire, but what can I do?"

It seems though, that with some help he was finally able to learn control. According to Prediction Magazine:

"When an entire army of doctors were unable to help him, he turned to parapsychologist Dr. Demetrio Croce, who taught him to control and hone his abilities."

Now we haven't found any specifics as to what exactly is meant by the word 'hone' in this case. We don't know whether Supin's just managed to turn it off completely, or just to burn things he wants to burn.

The following cases of apparently paranormal firestarters involve some aspects common in people who exhibit psychic / poltergeist - like powers. Unfortunately we don't have much detail about the girls involved, so the case must remain intriguing though unsupported by independent evidence. However, it would be interesting to know if prior to or at the time of the alleged fire-starting incidents, these two girls had made claims of mediumship, telepathy or any other 'psychic' abilities.

In November 1890, in Thorah, near Toronto, Canada, strange things started happening around a 14 year-old English girl called Jennie Bramwell, the adopted daughter of a farmer, Mr. Dawson, and his wife. The girl had been ill and gone into a trance, crying out 'Look at that!' pointing to a ceiling which was ablaze. Shortly after, to the astonishment of Mr. and Mrs. Dawson, she pointed to another fire. The following day numerous fires broke out around the house; as soon as one was put out, another started. In one instance while Mrs. Dawson and the girl were seated facing a wall, the wallpaper suddenly caught fire, Jennie's dress then burst into flames and Mrs. Dawson burnt her hands extinguishing the fire. Fires continued to break out in the house for a whole week. A report in the Toronto Globe, for 9th November, described charred pieces of wallpaper, which looked as if they'd been burned using a blazing lamp.

The situation became unbearable, all the furniture was moved into the yard, and the unfortunate girl, blamed for the fires, was sent back to the orphanage from where she'd come. With her leaving, the phenomena stopped. The reporter from the Toronto Globe depicted her as 'a half-witted girl [who] had walked about the house with a match, setting light to everything she came across.' However, he had difficulty explaining how the fire on the ceiling, and those on the walls had been started. Charles Fort, describing the case, commented wryly - 'I'll not experiment, but I assume that I could flip matches all day at a wall, and not set wallpaper afire.'

The reporter wanted to know if Jennie had any knowledge of chemistry, as according to him the 'half-witted' little orphan was 'well-versed in rudiments of the science.' He subsequently made inquiries around town, and discovered that the girl was also 'an incorrigible little thief', and that she had visited the chemist many times on errands.

So, the mystery was solved: the girl had stolen "some chemical," which she had spread over various parts of the Dawson's house in order to start the fires.

In January 1895 there were fires in the house of an out of work carpenter, Adam Colwell in Brooklyn, New York. The fires were investigated by police and firemen who witnessed furniture burst into flames and subsequently reported that the cause of the fires was unexplained. However, the Fire Marshall suspected the pretty adopted daughter of the Colwells, Rhoda, as playing some part. He stated that 'It might be thought that the child Rhoda started two of the fires, but she can not be considered guilty of the others, as she was being questioned, when some of them began. I do not want to be quoted as a believer in the supernatural, but I have no explanation to offer, as to the cause of the fires, or of the throwing around of the furniture.'

Mr. Colwell asserted that on the afternoon of the 4th of January whilst in the company of his wife and stepdaughter Rhoda, a crash was heard - a large, empty stove had fallen over, four pictures also fell off the walls. Shortly afterwards a bed caught fire, a policeman was called who saw wallpaper start to burn. Another fire started and a heavy lamp fell from a hook onto the floor. The house burned to the ground and the family, who had lost everything apart from their clothes, were taken to the police station. Captain Rhoades, of the Greenpoint Precinct said that he could attribute the strange fires to 'no other cause than a supernatural agency.'

However, a Mr. J.L. Hope of Flushing, Long Island, came to see Captain Rhoades and told him that Rhoda had worked for him as a housemaid and, between 19th November and 19th December, four mysterious fires had broken out. This was enough to convince the Captain of Rhoda's guilt in the present case as well, and she was warned to admit the truth. Frightened, she wept that she had indeed started the fires as she disliked the place she lived and wanted to get away. The girl had also knocked the pictures off the walls and dropped lighted matches into the beds, continuing with her mischief even after the police, firemen and detectives arrived at the house.

Though the police Captain had previously thought the fires 'supernatural' he now found a natural explanation in Rhoda's now well-attested fire-starting tendencies. The New York Herald ran the story as 'Policemen and firemen artfully tricked by a pretty, young girl.' So instead of investigating the fires in Flushing the Captain gave the girl some 'wholesome advice' to which she apparently listened, and closed the case.

Such fire starting seems intimately connected with poltergeist activity (the moving about of furniture for example) and young girls (see A.W. Underwood and Carole Compton articles on this site for more examples). Some, though not all, of the fire-starters seem to be orphans in unhappy situations, and this may, in some cases, explain the motive. But since the methods by which these unusual fires were started are a mystery (explanations at the time obviously being ludicrous i.e. tossing lighted matches at the wall, ) we are still left with the puzzle that certain young people are possessed with the allegedly paranormal ability to unconsciously start fires without any visible means. As mentioned time and time again on Mysterious People, however, the sources for such 'paranormal' stories, especially those from the 19th century and earlier, are usually newspaper accounts, which unfortunately means that the events may or may not have happened as described. We can never be sure.

In the year 1882, in Paw Paw, Michigan, Dr L. C. Woodman heard rumors of a man with a remarkable ability. It was said a 24 year-old man, named A.W. Underwood, had to take great care whenever he breathed, apparently to avoid causing fires.

At first the doctor thought the stories were mere exaggerations, but one day there was a knock on his door, and in walked A.W. Underwood himself, looking for help.

Dr. Woodman was persuaded to make tests in the presence of himself and some of his colleagues, and to their amazement Underwood performed incredible feats which they could not explain. In an article from Michigan Medical News, dated September 11, 1882, Doctor Woodman stated:

“He will take anybody’s handkerchief and hold it to his mouth rub it vigorously with his hands while breathing on it and immediately it bursts into flames and burns until consumed. He will strip and rinse out his mouth thoroughly, wash his hands and submit to the most rigid examination to preclude the possibility of any humbug, and then by his breath blown upon any paper or cloth envelop it in flame. He will, while out gunning and without matches desirous of a fire lie down after collecting dry leaves and by breathing on them start the fire.. ”

Dr. Woodman stated publicly that he was sure that Underwood’s ability was authentic.

The doctor also noticed that Underwood would hold the cloth or other material against his mouth so that he could force his breath through it, thus condensing whatever strange process it was.

The doctors washed Underwood’s mouth out with various mixtures, and obliged him to wear surgeon’s rubber gloves - but it made no difference - the phenomenon carried on as normal.

A similar case was reported In 1927, when Vice President of the U.S., Charles Dawes, personally investigated the case of a car mechanic in Memphis, Tennessee, who supposedly had the mysterious ability to set inflammable material alight merely by breathing on it.

The man took General Dawes’ handkerchief, breathed on it, and it caught fire.

No reasonable explanation could be found, but Dawes and his colleagues decided it was a genuine ability and not a trick.

If genuine, these cases are unusual in that both Underwood and the anonymous car mechanic seemed to be able to control the phenomenon and produce it at will.

Paranormal researcher Charles Fort wrote of an incident which took place at Bridgewater, Scotland, in May 1878. Mysterious fires were being started with no apparent cause, loud raps were heard and household items such as dishes and loaves of bread moved about. After a police investigation a servant girl, Ann Kidner, aged 12, was arrested, and accused of tossing lighted matches, but was released by the magistrate because of insufficient evidence.

In October 1886, a 12 year-old boy named Willie Brough, of Turlock, Madison County, California, was accused of setting things on fire ‘by his glance,’ and was expelled from Turlock School after five unexplained fires had started in his presence. His parents thought him possessed by the devil and sent him away.


Menacing Spider Has Invaded Great Britain

The False Widow, a purple and black creature with a body the size of a 1p piece, is said to carry enough venom to kill a human.

Since arriving in Devon from the Canary Islands, the spider has established colonies in Devon, Dorset and Cornwall.

The spiders do not usually survive in colder parts of the UK, but a series of mild winters have led them to migrate to other areas.

Spider recorder David Haigh, of Cheltenham, has reported sightings of the species in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.

One was in a shed in Tewkesbury and the other was spotted in Longney, he said.

The False Widow is one of 12 arachnid species known to bite humans in the UK.

In January, Lyn Mitchell became critically ill after she was bitten by one of the creatures while in bed at her home in Egremont, west Cumbria.

Ms Mitchell, 52, suffered a serious allergic reaction to the bite and was rushed to hospital.

"I jumped out of bed, pulled the duvet and sheets back and saw a spider running over the other side," she said at the time.

"It was only tiny, black and shiny, and it ran so quickly.

"When I looked down I noticed two little pin marks on my chest."

The False Widow first started to arrive in banana shipments from the Spanish islands about 140 years ago.

Its bite is not deadly but can cause swelling and severe pain.

Haunted Santa Rita Hotel May Soon Be Gone

As if Downtown renewal wasn't enough of a horror story, now some say ghosts have taken over the doomed Santa Rita Hotel.

As owner Humberto Lopez prepares to sell the beleaguered, graffiti-tagged property to Tucson Electric Power, which plans to have the building demolished, the possible current spiritual tenants may be doing a little spooky protesting.

On April 12, police responded to a call from hotel security reporting potentially ghostly happenings. The guard heard footsteps coming from the fourth floor, but police searched the hotel room by room and found nothing. A week later, a guard reported that a light on the fourth floor came on, and it sounded like someone was moving around in the room. Police checked the room and adjacent floors and found no one.

The hotel, vacant since 2005, is at East Broadway and South Scott Avenue.

In recent weeks, construction workers near the hotel say they've heard stories of rocks skipping down the hallways and doors slamming shut. And a Star reporter walked by the building Monday night and heard a creepy belly laugh emitting from the building. He hopped a fence and spoke to a security guard, who said the noise didn't come from the hotel.

So if the cops can't do anything to bust these ghosts, who you gonna call?
Hotel staffers have already tried hiring a medium, and that didn't calm things down.
Parapsychologist Amy Allan, who now lives in Denver, used to own a ghost-hunting operation called Lost Souls Paranormal Investigations in Tucson and studied the Santa Rita from 1998 to 2006 at the behest of jittery staffers who called her in. She said the Santa Rita is as haunted as San Diego's Whaley House, which the Travel Channel's "America's Most Haunted" rated as the most haunted house in America.

"There are many, many, many, many, many, many, many entities there," Allan said of the Santa Rita.

Allan said hotel staff members called her to investigate because they were terrified of ghosts who were harassing them.

"The owner really wanted us to keep it on the down-low," Allan said, adding she did the work pro bono. She said a lot of the ghosts told her they were being kept there by a sinister, powerful spirit Allan believes was an American Indian who is buried underneath the property. Allan said the entity draws on the fears and anger of others.

"He moves objects, he throws things around the room, he opens and closes doors," Allan said. "He's not evil, just upset, and kind of rightfully so." Imagining things
Lopez, who adamantly denies any spiritual presence inside the hallways, disagrees with Allan and said he had no problem with her study. He's owned the building since 1979 and used to live there. He said he couldn't recall any guests or employees complaining to him that the building was haunted.

John Cousins, general manager of Lopez's properties, agrees.

"I think what it is, is you hear stories and your mind plays tricks on you. They say they hear doors slamming. Well, the windows are open because we're trying to air it out," Cousins said. "Most of the things that have been said, I've been able to debunk."

Cousins forbade his security guards from talking to the Star.

Roy Harguess, an electrical foreman who was working Monday near the hotel on a Scott Avenue paving, streetscape and waterline project Downtown, said he's heard stories about ghosts at the hotel but doesn't believe them.

"People I've talked to said they've seen rocks flying across the hallway," Harguess said Monday as he wiped the sweat from his brow. "Personally I don't believe in it. If you're there in the middle of the night, you might imagine things."

If the hotel is indeed haunted, you'd think Juan Ayala would know. One of the owners of Ayala Contractors, Ayala — who worked maintenance at the hotel when he was a teenager in 1983 and 1984 — has been digging out the innards of the hotel's adjacent ballroom.

Not exactly a way to get on a bitter ghost's good side.

The foreman of a five-man crew, Ayala said neither he nor his workers have been spooked, although he's had passers-by tell him that the hotel is haunted.

Swarming with spirits

Teresa Ortiz, owner of Lost Souls Ghost Tour of Downtown Tucson, which stops by the Santa Rita every Saturday and hits other paranormal hot spots, including the Fox Tucson Theatre and Hotel Congress, isn't surprised by the reports because she says she's met the ghost she believes is responsible for some of the mischief.

His name is Ferguson, he hangs out in Room 822 and he's partial to turning the lights on.

Ortiz said sometimes you can see Ferguson's silhouette from the street at night.
Ortiz, who says she's sensitive to supernatural activity but can't communicate with spirits, said she's seen Ferguson in her mind's eye.

"He's very tall and slim, with white hair that's short, almost balding, and big teeth," Ortiz said. "He just likes to sit there and hang out."

Ortiz, who said the Santa Rita is one of Tucson's most supernaturally active hotels, conducted a paranormal investigation of the hotel before it closed in 2005. She said Ferguson — who was not necessarily a Tucson resident — was part of a torrid 1920s love triangle.

Ferguson was married to a younger woman who started an affair with his business partner.

When Ferguson discovered his wife was pregnant with the other man's baby, Ortiz said, he killed them both.

He then hanged himself in a hotel elevator shaft.

Allan said it's natural — well, supernatural — for ghosts to be able to turn lights on.

"When we think about deceased people, what they consist of is energy," Allan said. "If they're able, if they have enough power — which let me tell you, that place does — they can affect light sources or anything with energy or that creates electricity. I'm not surprised (about the lights)."

The mischievous Ferguson and the malevolent, controlling spirit aren't the only ghosts haunting the Santa Rita, according to Ortiz.

"There's a little boy at the swimming pool and his footprints show up around the pool. When the hotel was open, people would say there were kids talking in the hallway on the third floor and would send for the security guard, but they wouldn't find any kids there."

Allan said if TEP moves into the space, the company can expect its new offices to be as haunted as the Santa Rita was. TEP spokesman Joe Salkowski declined to comment on the prospect of buying a haunted building.

"That'll be interesting," Allan said with a chuckle. "I don't think it should be torn down because it could contribute to a lot of studies and frankly, I don't think anyone should be there."


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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Exorcists: Battling Evil or Folklore?

Seemoy Attong holds Fr Leo's crucifix

If you ever saw the entire Exorcist movie-unlikely since we all squeezed our eyes shut in fear most of the time-you would have seen elements of a very real ritual performed by priests of the world's most powerful religion-Roman Catholicism.

Much of the horror we felt, of course, was the inexplicable things the girl-or the evil that possessed her-could do with her body and voice, and the power of the demon to command others.

But it was all illogical, the rational mind tried to make us believe. For to accept this as real, was to accept all the things we grew up being delightfully scared of-from the ghosts and goblins, to lagahoo and La Diablesse.

However, the holy men of the Roman Catholic Church accept the spiritual realm as fact.

And there are at least three Roman Catholic priests in Trinidad, schooled in the ancient teachings of The Roman Ritual, and prepared for the epic God vs Satan battle to remove from the body of a believer, the evil which may dwell within.

American priest Fr Clifford Graham is one of the exorcists. He is based at a church presbytery in rural Coryal Village, near Sangre Grande. Graham has written extensively about The Roman Ritual.

Exorcists too are Frs Neil Rodriguez, Vincent Compton, and Reginald Hezekiah. They have always declined to describe a personal experience with the possessed.

Former Catholic bishop John Mendes, who died recently, was the famed priest known to have performed several exorcisms locally. He took his secrets to the grave.

Mendes succeeded Dom Leo van Leuween, who passed on in 1983.

But it is through a devotee and confidante, businesswoman Seemoy Attong, details of one of his exorcisms have emerged.

So momentous was the day, that Attong remembers it with clarity.

The demon, she said, had possessed the body of a 15-year-old girl from Arouca.

The evil was the work of an Obeahman who had done the deed on behalf of a family jealous that the girl, a college pupil, was doing better in school that their child.

Attong remembers "the parents found that their child was not the child they knew. She was doing all kinds of wrong things and there were sweeping pains over her body. So they carried her to Fr Leo."

Said Attong "they didn't tell the girl where they were going. Along the way, the person inside the girl was telling the driver, 'I am fed up being in this child. This child is not worth the while. Carry me where I can be free'."

The exorcism, said Attong, was carried out at the Catholic church in Mon Repos, San Fernando.

Attong said, "I heard Fr Leo talking to the spirit and the spirit telling him that they had put him in the child. The thing did disappear because it wanted to go to rest. When I got there, the child appeared pale and like a dead person. But when she got up, she was okay. Fr Leo, when he came out of the room, was exhausted, wet with perspiration from head to foot, from his fight with the devil".

Fr Leo, born in Holland, died at the San Fernando General Hospital at the age of 69.

Attong said he asked her to sprinkle his bottle of holy water on his body before he died, much like he would have done during the exorcism of the girl, as he held the crucifix and made his incantations in Latin. Attong has kept as her guard Fr Leo's crucifix.

Trinidad & Tobago Folklore

(La Diablesse)


Douens (Dwens) are the souls of children who have died before they were baptized. They are doomed to roam the earth forever. They are seen playing in forests and near rivers and the odd thing about them is that they have no faces and their feet are turned backwards. They may approach children and lead them astray in the forest until they are lost, or they may come near people's houses at night, crying and whimpering.

Old people talk: To prevent the Douens from calling your children into the forest at dusk, never shout their names in open places, as the Duennes will take their names, call them and lure them away.


Duppies are ghosts that roam the earth at night. It is said that to keep duppies out of your house you must either sprinkle salt or rice grains all around the house; as the duppy must first count each individual grain before entering. By which time the sun will have arisen and they must then return to the spirit world.

Gang Gang Sara

Gang Gang Sara (Tobago Folklore by Alice & Gerard Besson) - The legend of Gang Gang Sara, the African witch of Golden Lane, has its origins in the latter half of the 18th century. On a stormy night she was blown from her home in Africa across the sea to Tobago and landed quite safely at the village of Les Coteaux. From there she journeyed to Golden Lane in search of her family who had long ago been transported there. She lived to a great age and is remembered for her wisdom and kindness. She became the loving wife of Tom, whom legend says she had known as a child in her native Africa. She lived to a great age and is remembered for her wisdom. After her Tom had died, wishing to return to her native land, she climbed a great silk cotton tree and tried to fly, not knowing that she had lost the art of flight as a result of having eaten salt. To this day the names of Tom and Sara can be seen inscribed upon the head stones of their graves where they have lain side by side for close upon two hundred years.


The Jacakalantan is said to be a mysterious light that appears and attracts people, misleading the unwary into desolate areas far away from their intended destinations. And then vanishes.


Jumbies are mischievous or malevolent spirit or creature.

La Diablesse

La Diablesse (Lajables), the Devil Woman, roames at night. She has eyes like burning coals and a face resembling that of a corpse, but hides it under a beautiful wide-brimmed hat and a veil over her face. She is dressed exquisitely in a blouse with puffy sleeves and long, petticoated, skirts. She has one cloven foot, which she tries to hide under her long skirts. She turns up at village dances, where she is immediately disliked by the women present, but she utterly charms the men and then asks one of them to take her home. He follows her, totally under her spell. She leads him deep into the woods and then suddenly she disappears. Unable to find his way home, the poor fellow stumbles around in the dark wood until he either falls into a ravine or a river to his death or gets attacked by wild hogs.

Old people talk: If you feel you may encounter a La Diablesse on your way home, take off all your clothes, turn them inside out and put them on again, and this will surely protect you from a La Diablesse.


A Lugarhoo (Lagahoo or Loup Garou) is a person who can change themselves into a half animal from the torso down; and can also alter its size from tiny to very large in an instant. This is done at night as it rattles and drags chains and carries in its hand a whip-like bunch of dried sticks and reeds.

Old people talk: If you want to see a lugarhoo and not be seen by it, take some yampee from the corner of a dog's eye, put it in your eye and peep out of a key hole at 12 midnight.

Mama Glow or Mama Dlo or Mama Dglo

"Mama Glow" or "Mama Dlo" or "Mama Dglo" whose name is derived from the French "maman de l' eau" which means "mother of the water" is one of the lesser known personalities of Trinidad and Tobago folklore. A half woman, half snake with long flowing hairwhich she combs constantly. Her upper torso is a naked, beautiful woman, the lower part coils into a large form of an anaconda snake that is hidden beneath the water. She is sometimes thought to be the lover of Papa Bois, and old hunters tell stories of coming upon them in the 'High Woods'. They also tell of hearing a loud, cracking sound which is said to be the sound made by her tail as she snaps it on the surface of a mountain pool or a still lagoon. Mortal men who commit crimes against the forest, like burning down trees or indiscriminately putting animals to death or fouling the rivers could find themselves married to her for life, both this one and the one to follow. Sometimes she takes the form of a beautiful woman 'singing silent songs on still afternoons, sitting at the water's edge in the sunlight, lingering for a golden moment, a flash of green - gone. Nothing but a big Morte Bleu, rising in the sun beams.

Old people talk: "Did you see a fish jump?" "Yes, but it did not go back in again!" If you were to meet Mama Dlo in the forest and wish to escape her, take off your left shoe, turn it upside down and immediately leave the scene, walking backwards until you reach home.

Mermaids and Fairymaids

Mermaids and Fairymaids (Tobago Folklore) - There be mermaids here and Leviathan, great denizens of the deep. Amongst the swirling currents and white capped blue-green waters, just where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean, close by St. Giles and near to Misty Marble Island, past Anse Gouleme and Anse Brisant, towards the Bird of Paradise Island and down the coast past Speyside to Fat Hog Bay, it is remembered from long ago that this was where the mermaids came to play.

Tobago mermaids are male and live in the deep, deep sea. They mate with the fairy maids of the rivers and the secret mountain pools. Riding upon the crest of waves, they are handsome men like kings of old or warriors of long ago, beplumed and richly garbed. They may grant a wish, transform mediocrity into genius and confer wealth and power. Sometimes the water people seek relationships with mortals. Some men are particularly attractive to the fairy maids, especially men with smooth skin.

Fairymaids are said to be beautiful with long lush hair and one tiny foot in the shape of a deer's hoof, she may use her power to "turn" a man's head. She may steal his shadow and leave him quite demented. In which case, accompanied by friends and family and with the help of a "workman", he must go to the river and address the water pleading for the restoration of his lost shadow. This done, he must leave the water's edge and not look back. Fairymaids may be found in caves behind waterfalls or beneath certain bridges where the river runs deep and swift. In days gone by, they were seen near certain water wheels. To discontinue a relationship with a fairy queen, offerings of two pairs of shoes must be made. The first must be burnt on the beach, the fairymaid will then rise out of the water and ask if she is to be paid for past services. The answer must be "nothing but this pair of shoes". The second must then be thrown into the waves.

Papa Bois

Papa Bois, also called MaƮtre Bois, lives in the forest and he is the father or protector of the animals that live there. He is often seen by hunters and other people who live near the forest. He gets animals out of snares and treats sick animals at his dwelling. He is an old man who is very hairy, like an animal and usually is only dressed in a pair of ragged trousers with a bamboo horn hanging from his belt. He can turn himself into the form of a large stag or any other animal as well to be able to observe the hunters unnoticed. He is usually very kind, but can be dangerous when crossed. He might even cast a spell on a bad hunter and turn him into a wild hog.

Silk Cotton Trees

Silk Cotton trees are regarded with a kind of awed reverance and fear. These are huge trees. It is reported to be very difficult to be able to find someone who will cut down a silk cotton tree as they are said to be the home of spirits and duppies. To cut it down is to free them to roam the earth.


The Soucouyant (Sukuya), also called Old Hag, is a supernatural being who has made a pact with the devil to be able to change herself into all kinds of different forms. At night she sheds her human skin and changes into a ball of fire or any kind of animal and casts spells on people to turn them into animals also, but she has to slip back into that skin before dawn breaks and the cock crows, otherwise she will not be able to get back into it. So it may happen, that, when people suspect that an old woman neighbour of theirs is, in fact, a soucouyant, they may trick her by going to her house at night and destroying the skin she left behind by putting salt on it so that it will shrink and she will not be able to get back into it and thus die. In Trinidad, if somebody walks around with a "hicky" (soukie) on his neck, he may get remarks from his friends like: " Eh, Eh, Soucoyant suck yuh or wha ? "

Old people talk: If you wish to discover who the Soucouyant in your village is empty 100 lbs of rice at the village crossroads where she will be compelled to pick them up, one grain at a time - that is how you'll know the Soucouyant.


Witchdoctors, or as they are known in Trinidad, Obeah men, are said to abound. It is said that you can visit one to have any manner of spell performed to grant your desires. It is thought that curses are powerful and can be cast by anyone. Even your neighbour may put the evil eye or MalYeux(Maljo) on you. Any discomfort, hardship or illness may be attributed to this. It can supposedly be warded off by placing blue bottles around your property and by wearing bracelets or anklets made of Jumbie beads.(a little black and red bead found growing on certain bushes.)


Several News Sources Claim Major UFO Event Over Tashkent, Uzbekistan

A massive UFO event has occurred in the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent. Numerous residents claim to have seen a UFO on May 15 at around 6pm. The UFO was seen for around half an hour before disappearing. Witnesses included foreign Journalists and Directors of local corporations. The incident has been widely reported in both Uzbeki and Russian media outlets.

The UFO, which was clearly observable, consisted of two luminous silver spheres: one above the other. The lower sphere was larger and brighter than the higher one.

Russian language UFO forums are buzzing as researchers and UFO buffs argue as to whether what was seen was a UFO or possibly just a meteorological probe.

Igor Bronikov, a director of a well-known local IT company saw the object with his family and believes they witnessed an alien craft. A journalist from the Russian language newspaper 'Regnum' who was in Tashkent at the time saw the object as well and also thinks it was UFO of possible alien origin. He noted that the lower sphere disappeared and re-appeared from time to time. The object eventually traveled away from the city in a south-east direction.

Other witnesses also stressed the extra-ordinary nature of the object although a number of sceptics who did not see the object noted that the description seems to fit a meteorological device.

No pictures have surfaced yet, although it is believed the object was filmed.

NOTE: there are currently 5 news services reporting the incident, though none have translation tools and are in cyrillic only. If any updates or images surface, I'll post it here...Lon

Investigating Korner's Folly, the 'Strangest House in the World'

A Triad-area landmark known as the strangest house in the world is getting some attention from paranormal experts.

Officials from the Southern Paranormal and Anomaly Research Society plan to conduct an investigation to see if the creaks and moans of the more than 100-year-old Korners Folly home are those of age – or something more.

Officials say the home has always been surrounded by an air of mystery.

“People say, well, it was vacant for 30 years, people over time have remembered it when it was boarded up. They've heard strange sounds, maybe when they went by,” Bruce Frankel, executive director of the Korners Folly Foundation, said. "People have interesting minds in how they look at something and because it's not a traditional-type house, I think even more so."

But SPARS hopes to settle the many active imaginations. The society plans to investigate the house in the next week.

“SPARS comes into a property under the assumption that it is not haunted, and what we try to do is prove or disprove a haunting. We try to figure out natural explanations of any supposed paranormal phenomena,” Deonna Kelli Sayed, an investigator-in-training from SPARS, said.

And she says they use science to figure it out.

“We'll have a thermal imaging camera, which gives us heat signatures and cold signatures.” Sayed said. “We will use digital audio to hear if there are any noises or disembodied voices that we can't hear with our human ears.”

Paranormal experts say one of the things that makes this house so unique is that 90 percent of it is filled with original furniture, something that's important during their investigation.

“There are some theories in the paranormal community that whatever is there, whether it's spirits or entities or energies, may attach themselves to objects,” Sayed said.

And whether it's really a ghost or a tricky mind, Sayed said by the end of the investigation, they hope to have definitive answers.

“We are just trying to find ways to understand things that perhaps we don't yet understand,” she said.

SPARS is affiliated with The Atlantic Paranormal Society, made famous by the Sci-Fi Channel's Ghost Hunters.

History of Korner's Folly

Korner's Folly, dubbed "The Strangest House in the World," has long amused visitors who gape at its fanciful Victorian rooms and showy furniture. Starting next month, the historic home in Kernersville hosts a year-long set of activities to celebrate its 125th anniversary. Festivities include a community party with barbecue and masquerade costume ball on April 2, and an ice cream social on June 25.

The eccentric Victorian structure was born when a dapper interior designer named Jule Korner broke ground on what he intended to be a showplace home. His unconventional design rose in the sky at a snail's pace, and reportedly caused a local to remark, "That will surely be Korner's folly." Jule overheard the crack and delightedly named his house thus, even setting an ornate nameplate out front. When Korner's Folly was "finished" in 1880, Jule continued to vigorously revamp it.

The house's original design featured three floors, but because Jule placed steps, up or down, at most doorways, the house has seven staggered levels. Ceiling heights for the Folly's 22 rooms range from six on up to 25 feet.

Jule's ad hoc approach included transforming stables into a sewing room/library and turning the drive-through carriageway into a dining room. Shortly before his marriage to Polly Alice Masten, he renovated rooms for family life, converting storage spaces into children's playrooms with floor-to-ceiling windows visible from rooms below.

On the front porch, the words "Witches Corner" are playfully inscribed into the tile, arranged to appear as throw rugs. Inside, intricately carved moldings frame the ceilings, with other decorative flourishes in abundance such as silk damask panels, maiden statues and painted frescoes. Jule was afraid of fire and only permitted cigars in a tiled "smoker" room.

One window there is about three feet high,while the other extends upward and is shared by a room upstairs. Neither window opens. The master bedroom includes grand furniture Jule designed, such as his S-shaped conversation chair. It's a three seater, with room for a chaperone. Many of Jule's inventive pieces were so massive they could not fit through doors and were constructed in the room. Jule also included whimsical "courting corners" where guests could sneak smooches behind silk curtains.

In keeping with its experimental spirit, Korner's Folly boasts the first little private theater in the United States, located in soaring attic space. Like Jule, his well-traveled wife (who went by "Alice") loved the arts. The Folly's theater got its start when a local girl came back from Boston hoping to give an elocution recital, only to be denied use of all community meeting places. In that time, play-acting was considered sinful. Alice decided to present her at the Folly.

Korner died feeling that his work-in-progress was unfinished. Later, the house fell into neglect and eventually Preservation North Carolina oversaw the establishment of Korner's Folly Foundation, which owns it now. "There are no two rooms alike:' says Connie Martin, the foundation's executive director. "People are amazed at its insight and ingenuity." Today, the plays live on at the Folly every fall, staged by the Kernersville Little Theatre, along with family puppet shows per formed every fourth Saturday. And just like its original owner, the house still causes talk.

"There are no two rooms alike. People are amazed at its insight and ingenuity. " -Connie Martin, Executive Director Preservation North Carolina

Searching For Answers at Austin's Paramount Theater

Many people consider the Historic Paramount Theater in Austin to be haunted.

The question is, is it really?

We set out to try and answer the question along with a group of professional ghost hunters.

Scott Anderson manages the historic Paramount Theater in Austin and says he thinks the theater is haunted.

One of his most compelling pieces of evidence is a picture taken by a couple of tourists.

A picture that shows the stage, the ceiling above it, and something that shouldn't be there.

"One of them took a picture with their digital camera and said my God there's a picture of the moon. I looked over at the viewfinder and sure enough there's a perfect circle. And it looks just like the moon, well it's not... actually there. I said well, the ghost made it happen,” says Anderson.

"The Paramount was opened in 1929,” says Nick Larson.

Several weeks ago, The Investigative Paranormal Society of Minnesota, aka TIPSMN, decided to take a look for itself.

Along for the hunt, nearly a dozen students from Austin Community Education who were learning how to ghost hunt.

Armed with devices that register electro-magnetic fields, electronic voice phenomenon and digital cameras, everyone including myself began to eagerly explore every corner of the theater.

It wasn't long before some of the students began to capture what may have been ghost orbs on their cameras from the main floor.

But most of the unexplained experiences took place in the balcony.

Things like cold spots.

“It was up to 72 and then I pointed it this way and then it went all the way down to 65," says Gary Shaw.

And dead batteries…

“Normally my camera would be able to go through the whole investigation with no problem but it's died three times and I can't get it to turn back on,” says Larson.

Strange to be sure, but ghostly?

That decision would have to wait until all the evidence could be reviewed.

Just a few days ago TIPSMN regrouped at the Paramount to go over what they had found.

The first piece of evidence is what they call electronic voice phenomenon, a disembodied female voice captured on audio.

"This one we believe is saying a name and saying Jenny,” says Larson.

The second piece of evidence involves digital photos, both of them containing.

"A giant white orb... pretty much in the middle of the stage area,” Larson says.

"We thought it might be dust. Normally with orb photos that could be dust there's a lot of orbs or what they call an orb party. But in this case we didn't have that, we only had one singular orb,” says Larson.

So, does this make the Paramount haunted?

The ghost hunters say sadly, the answer is no.

"We don't have enough evidence to support that it is haunted. So right now we'd have to say it's not," says Larson.

Even so, those two photos are strikingly similar to the one Scott Anderson has.


Maybe so, but then again, maybe not.

The Paranormal Investigative Society of Minnesota, along with Austin Community Education, has more ghost hunts coming up throughout the area.


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