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Haunted Milwaukee Hotel Spooks Visiting Major Leaguers

There are any number of things to fear when visiting the fine city of Milwaukee.

Among them: Ryan Braun in the batter's box, a cholesterol increase by simply entering the city limits and being publicly shamed by that noisy delivery guy for not living his supposed high life.

If you're a visiting baseball player, you can also add one more fear to that list: Being harassed by ghosts while staying at The Pfister, a luxurious 116-year-old hotel that's said to be haunted.

According to the Palm Beach Post, "at least two pairs of Marlins" shared a room during this week's series against the Brewers because they're scared of the ghosts that haunt The Pfister.

Though the paper doesn't identify the spooked players, it's a well-known legend that The Pfister is often visited by the spirit of Charles Pfister, who founded the hotel in 1893.

Here's a primer on the hotel's scary story from

Mr. Pfister still visits to ensure that his guests are well taken care of at his "Grand Hotel of the West." A "visitor" has been spotted surveying the lobby from the grand staircase, strolling the minstrel's gallery above the ballroom, and passing through the ninth floor storage area. He is always described in roughly the same terms: "older," "portly," "smiling," and "well-dressed." Upon seeing a portrait of Charles Pfister, witnesses swore that it was the man they had seen.

The Post reports that several pro players in the past have been scared, with the most famous incident coming when then-Dodger Adrian Beltre(notes) went to bed while brandishing his bat for protection. (The Dodgers no longer stay at The Pfister while in Milwaukee.) Another run-in came last summer when the iPod of Minnesota's Carlos Gomez(notes) kept vibrating even after the outfielder repeatedly made sure it was turned off.

No Marlins reported any paranormal activity or sightings of Pfister during the stay, though it was the subject of some jokes among the young Marlins team.

"Every time there was a noise, JJ would yell, ‘It's the ghosts,''' said pitcher Dan Meyer(notes), who had separate but adjoining rooms with staff mate Josh Johnson(notes).

However, it is worth noting that Florida did get swept by the Brewers this series so maybe The Pfister has become part of Milwaukee's homefield advantage.

Siberian Locals Complain Yeti Eats Too Much

The local Shor people in Kemerovo Region, Siberia, are reporting that something is snatching up the wild leek crop that is a staple of their diet, Itar-Tass Siberia reports. The onion-lovers leave behind abundant large footprints with clearly defined toes, similar to the prints found in the area earlier this year, the news service continues.

Bigfoot sightings are common in this remote section of the taiga and they have received attention worldwide. An expedition headed by director of the International Center for Hominology Igor Burtsev visited the area at the end of March to study footprints found in Azasskaya Cave, but the effort resulted in little new information.

Now local Tashtagol District administrator Vladimir Makuta notes that he has received 14 new written reports of yeti sightings near the cave and the nearby Mrassu River. The witnesses say the creature – thought by some to be a relict hominoid – is 1.5-2 meters (5-6.5 feet) tall and covered in reddish black fur.

Apparition Creates Hysteria In Granville,Trinidad and Tobago

Throughout history, it appears goats have always gotten a raw deal.

There is the Bible telling of the scapegoat carrying away the burden of the sins of the people.

The Devil is also often depicted with the face of the poor ruminant.

The symbol of Satan-the pentagram-is shaped like the head of the goat.

Goats are sacrificed as part of religious rituals.

Even the goatee-that little beard under the chin-is out of fashion these days.

Only the "three billy goats" fairy tale made them heroes-the oppressed animals eventually conquer the troll and make it to the green, green, grass on the other side of the bridge.

So it was perfectly supernatural that when the evil spirits decided to make trouble for the people of Granville, Cedros, two years back, it came in the form of a goat possessed.

The people of the fish and food crop community came out in their numbers to stage a religious procession through the streets.

It looked more like witch-hunts of centuries past-complete with torches, burning incense, chanting of prayers and reading from the holy scriptures-to rid the village of an evil spirit after strange things started happening to women there.

The alleged paranormal activity began in Granville after a 27-year-old woman with a blood-related illness died mere days after being diagnosed.

Her death was followed by the death of another female villager, who took her own life shortly after attending the first woman's funeral.

Dohmatie Seebran, who had complained of feeling nauseated and had vomited-although not ill before attending the funeral-placed her baby into a play pen one day, walked to the back of her home and set herself on fire.

Her husband, Mookesh Seebran, said his wife was never suicidal, but did complain to him about something talking to her.

The police report also stated that Seebran had told friends that she had been hearing a voice that told her to kill herself.

After Seebran's funeral, at least three other women in the village were said to have had encounters with the demon, and one of them said she too was prompted but disregarded a voice telling her to kill herself and her child.

There were residents who spoke of sensing the evil force and those who even said they had seen a white goat wearing a gold chain going in and out of the forest during the night.

The fear was real, few daring to go out at night or even into the forested areas to tend to their crops. There was no choice but to fight the evil with good.

Pundit Praboodeo Maharaj, also a police corporal, led the interfaith procession. So through the streets of Granville they walked-the Christian holyman, Bible in hand, reading scripture, the pundit sprinkling holy water. The idea: since the spirit was born of an occult ritual, only collective prayer would be able to exorcise the evil goat.

Of course, there were the non-believers.

Dr Harry Ramnath, a psychologist who had seen many patients describing paranormal experiences, believed counselling and not prayers would help the people of Granville, simply because their actions reflected mass hysteria.

Ramnath said the Granville incident was similar to what happens at schools: one child falls ill and a dozen others complain of similar ailments when they have none.

Explained away too was the death of Seebran, who appeared to have symptoms consistent with a brain tumour.

Pundit Maharaj disagrees. More than a year and a half after the religious procession through the streets of Granville, the village remains peaceful and devoid of spirits, or at least evil ones bothering people. Maharaj said: "Things are back to normal. The goat has not been seen since."

And the people are no longer afraid to tend to their land or walk the streets after dark, as there have been no more sightings of the white goat wearing the gold chain and no one has complained of hearing voices since then. And that, he believes, is the power of prayer.

Minnesota Paranormal Group Inspects Two Local Businesses

Amidst the rich wood paneling and the floral wallpaper at Chaska’s Peacock Inn, some say a man sits quietly in a cream upholstered chair on the landing of the stairs. And though many pass by him each day, few notice his presence. Kathy Machowski is one of those few.

That’s because the man is not one of the living. He is a spirit and Machowski is a ghost hunter.

Machowski said she has had encounters with the paranormal since she was a little girl. Back then she didn’t seek out the encounters, but today, she is among a growing number of people who do.

Machowski, who lives in Jordan, started Minnesota’s Beyond the Veil to gather a group of those who, like her, were interested in delving deeper into the possibility of ghosts and using equipment to investigate strange occurrences in houses, churches, prisons, hospital and other older buildings.

Buoyed by interest in television programs like Ghost Hunters and Paranormal State, Machowski said her group is now busier than ever, fielding requests to investigate possible paranormal activity and lead ghost hunting classes.

They recently visited the Peacock Inn and Carver’s Treasure Chest Antiques after hearing that people at both businesses had been witness to unexplained phenomena.

“Ghosts are real,” said Machowski. “A lot of people co-exist with ghosts and don’t even know it.”

The Peacock Inn

Joyce Bohn has been well-aware of strange happenings at her business for years.

Guests at the Peacock Inn, located in a historic mansion off of City Square Park, have told her about rocking chairs rocking empty and cats jumping up on their beds in the middle of the night when there are no cats in the house. Flowers have fallen off of the wall for no good reason, and silverware has repeatedly gone missing at meals only to later be found back in the drawer.

“I’m a pretty logical person,” said Bohn. “But there are not logical explanations for everything.”

This spring, Joyce offered to open up the inn to Minnesota’s Beyond the Veil to see what they could uncover.

Using standard ghost-hunting equipment like cameras, tape recorders and EMF (electromagnetic fluctuation) meters, Machowski’s crew descended on the nearly 100-year-old building.

“I go in there expecting a ghost,” said Machowski. “I expect to hear a ghost, see a ghost. You have to expect the most and if you get nothing, it’s not haunted.”

A typical session includes a walk through of the building, identifying and examining paranormal hot spots. “You’re looking for things that shouldn’t be there,” said Machowski.

That can include things like unexplained levels of energy, random cold spots and anomalies on photographs. But ghost hunters also use their basic senses – listening for foot steps or watching for mists and shadows.

“Anyone can ghost hunt,” she said. “All you really need is a camera and a tape recorder.”

Machowski noted that there are several places that are now opening their doors to welcome ghost hunters. Bohn said she is considering letting in classes provided her “spirits” aren’t disturbed. Bohn would like to keep her friendly spirits in good spirits.

“I’ve been to places where you get hit with a ‘Get out!’ but here you get a welcome feeling,” Machowski said, of the Peacock Inn.

Her group got a chance to experience some of the activity Bohn and her guests have talked about. While going through the inn, the ghost hunters picked up some high EMF readings on a bed in one of the guest rooms.

“Half of the bed had a high EMF and half didn’t,” said Machowski, noting that spikes can often be explained by electrical current, but adding, “I couldn’t find an explanation for that.”

They captured some photographic anomalies downstairs – several photos taken during the investigation feature strange crescent moon-like images in unexpected places.

“I’m not going to say it’s a ghost,” said Machowski. “But it’s interesting,”

The most exciting part of their investigation took place upstairs, Machowski said, where they experienced an unexplained thump as if something had dropped. They also report picking up EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) on their tape recorders with a man’s voice telling them there were two spirits in the room and a little girl’s voice saying “yes” when asked if she liked the room.

Some of their findings didn’t make sense until after the crew had left though. During their investigation Kathy’s psychic in the group said she picked up on a man named Arthur who kept telling her that the Peacock Inn was his house and that he greeted people. Later, Bohn put two and two together as she took down a photo in the foyer of the house’s architect. His name was Arthur Klaussen.

“No one could have known that,” she said.

After reviewing all of their evidence, Machowski was able to come to a conclusion as to whether or not the Peacock Inn was haunted.

“The spirits that are connected to the house are good,” said Machowski. “They are protecting it. So I wouldn’t say it’s haunted. I would call it a spiritually protected house.”

For Bohn, that sounds just about right. “I have always felt safe and secure in that house,” she said. “And I’ve always wondered why.

“I never had answers before,” she added. “It’s nice to know why and what it is.” continued below

Treasure Chest

Dennis Vogt knows how Bohn feels. In the last nine years that he has run Treasure Chest Antiques in downtown Carver, he has also had experiences he cannot explain.

“I’ll be at work on the computer and someone will walk up behind me,” he said. “But when I turn around, no one’s there.”

Vogt also reported hearing someone sneeze when the room is empty. Others in the 141-year-old building have reported things like temperature fluctuations and hearing things rattle.

“We didn’t get that much activity there,” Machowski reported after her first visit. Her team contacted Vogt about doing an investigation and first came through with their equipment in late April.

“It was different,” Vogt said of the ghost hunter experience.

The crew noted a 20-degree temperature difference between rooms in the building and also picked up the sounds of a little girl talking on their tape recorders. But the majority of their experiences were personal ones.

“The team got chills,” Machowski said. Most notably, they had consistent problems with their equipment at the store.

“Near the staircase the cameras kept going off like the batteries dried up,” she said. “When they went away from the staircase, they worked again.”

Machowski is still analyzing the data from their visit, noting that the process can take weeks to complete.

“This is actually research,” she said. “It’s science. You’re exhausted when you’re done.”

But she hopes to return to the store for a second visit to collect more evidence of paranormal activity. “They do have spiritual activity there, but it’s not very active,” she concluded.


When asked how she reacts to people who don’t believe in ghosts or ghost hunting, Machowski offered little defense and more philosophy.

“I’ve been criticized for ghost hunting,” she acknowledged. “But I’m the one living the adventure.”

For Machowski, ghost hunting provides her with proof of an afterlife. “There’s always going to be a question of if there’s life after death,” said Machowski. “Which is exactly how it should be.”

“But there’s more to it,” she continued. “Is this heaven? Is this hell? Are these people in limbo? There’s a lot of questions. When I find the answer to one question, I open up the door to 10 more.”

“This is my proof,” she said. “I know there is life after death. I can’t convince everyone but it’s my proof. That’s what keeps me coming back.”

Vogt is still wavering on whether or not he believes in ghosts, but Bohn has come to a similar conclusion as Machowski after having the ghost hunters come through her inn.

“This really has changed how I think about death,” she said. “It gives me comfort to believe there is something more.

“Who knows, maybe when I’m dead and gone I’ll be here.”

Firehouse Spirits Have Unfinished Business

Have you seen a fireman dressed in full gear standing looking out of the front glass door when passing the now closed Lee Park Fire Station on Lee Park Avenue? Well, you might have seen a ghost.

And you’re not alone; at least five other people have seen the ghostly white presence.

Hearing this piqued Mike’s interest. He’s heard stories for years that two of the township’s fire houses are haunted.

Mike and the other team members declined to release their last names because they feared people would try to call or come to their homes in the middle of the night.

Mike, who hunts ghosts in his spare time, thought this would be the perfect investigation for his team, the Luzerne County Ghost Hunters. He co-founded the organization with his mother, Marie, in December 2007.

There are no fire department personnel working at the station since its doors closed last spring as part of a fire department consolidation plan. The fire trucks once stored at the station, built in 1914, have been moved to the township’s other stations.

Luzerne County Ghost Hunters received permission from the Hanover Township Commissioners during a March board meeting after requesting to conduct intensive investigations of the Lee Park and Hanover Green fire stations. The investigations are being conducted at no-cost and no liability to the township.

Township Supervisor Jeff Lewis said he’s never experienced any paranormal activity at either station, but knows some fire department members have experienced things they can’t explain. All the township supervisors approved the request.

Armed with night-vision cameras, high-end audio recorders and continuously running video cameras, Mike and his seven associates arrived at Hanover Green Fire Station on Center Street about an hour before sunset on March 24 to set up their equipment. Team members spent the next five hours inspecting every nook and cranny looking for apparitions or other unexplained activities.

They weren’t disappointed.

After reviewing 1,400 photos and several hours of audio and video recordings, team members said they discovered the equipment recorded two figures – a man and woman – looking into a window on the station’s second floor and five audio recordings where an apparent ghost speaks responding to questions and comments from team members, according to results posted on the group’s Web site.

“We did find some evidence, but it is not the most haunted place. If it’s haunted, it is very docile and timid. It’s nothing that anybody has to be worried about if they work there,” Mike said.

The Hanover Green station is still active with firefighters and emergency response personnel working inside the building.

Marie is the “sensitive” member of the group, with the ability, she says, to sense when ghosts are present without any electronic devices. She wants to return to the Hanover Green station to communicate more with the two spirits – a woman and a man – possibly a firefighter.

The male spirit provided her with a name of Ray, she says, but the team is now trying to conduct more research to determine who this spirit might have been. Possibly a firefighter who in death feels attached to the building?

Some ghosts remain attached to a building or a site because of “unfinished business or being afraid to pass over ... afraid of what God’s judgment would be,” said Marie, adding that it’s unknown how long these ghosts have called the station home.

Spiritual presences can be around for years or decades wandering the Earth until they find someone they can communicate with, Marie said.

She noted that other investigations the team has conducted at the Huber Breaker in Ashley and the Hanover Green Cemetery are much more haunted with some ghosts being fairly mean and negative.

“As you are in life, that is how you are in death. When you are rotten in life, you are rotten in death. So people really should try to change,” she advised.

The team conducted an investigation at the Lee Park Fire Station on Lee Park Avenue in mid April. On their Web site they posted photos of unexplained events that occurred during their investigation.

They are eager to see what paranormal activity might be occurring at Lee Park station, which once housed the township’s municipal building, police department, township jail and fire department decades ago.

“There is a lot of history, so we are looking forward to that one,” Mike said.


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Friday, May 15, 2009

A Century Worth of Hauntings at the Pierpont Inn

The Pierpont Inn was built in 1910 as a respite for travelers along the 101. The Inn was Josephine Pierpont’s inspiration, and some say she still inhabits the Inn she loved so much. Other suspected spirits-in-residence include Mrs. Mattie Gleichman, who ran the Pierpont for 70 years, and Emma Darling, a former guest.

The property features unique architecture from different decades: two 1925 English Tudor Revival cottages, a 1935 Spanish Revival Banquet Center and A Mid Century Modern retreat – The 50’s Flat (for an excellent background on the Pierpont Inn’s history, see:

We were there to see whether these buildings retained some of the spirit(s) of guests past, or previous occupants; with a little luck, perhaps we would find some evidence that Josephine herself still wanders the lush grounds of the Inn she devoted her life to.

We began our investigation in the Vickers’ Estate. We started in the library, and moved to the main room with the fireplace. While members of the team set up the video and audio, we asked questions of Ted, one of the former occupants of the 1935 Spanish Revival Estate. Questions ranged from the simple (”are you still here?”) to the more complex (”how do you feel about the renovations on this property?”). In between taking pictures, asking questions, and soaking up the atmosphere, there was some light-hearted banter; at one point I state, “I don’t feel anything here at all,” which is ironic given what the audio revealed later.

In the background, someone or something is walking upstairs. It might also be interpreted as soft, continuous tapping, but Layla had mentioned during the session in the library that she heard footsteps. At that point, some of us heard them and others didn’t. In any case, the digital recorder clearly picks up sounds that we were not making. The four of us were completely alone in the building at the time, a fact I verified at least once during that session. It is well-known among ghost hunters that the most interesting material can surface even when one doesn’t feel the presence of anything or anyone in the room. I reminded myself of that later, since one’s senses are not always the best guide when it comes to perceiving the paranormal; that is why we lug around so much equipment.

We continued our investigation in the bar area, the restaurant, the staircase up to the staff offices and the offices themselves, which are located in the original area of the hotel. This section of the Pierpont Inn is now closed to the public. The staircase leading up to the office area was alive with activity; besides eliciting a definite, creepy impression (the area is reputed to be haunted by a young girl) our EMF (electromagnetic field meters, used to detect unusual energy sources) devices were lighting up like Christmas trees. Although it is true that wires in the walls can set off an EMF meter, in this case the energy source was not consistent; sometimes it spiked in a certain area, and other times it didn’t. In a few instances, the lights seemed to be responding to our questions.

The staff offices provided us with our eeriest experiences. We produced a few unusual pictures in the Catering Office, showing light anomalies that our photographic expert (Ty Supancic) cannot explain by normal means. This was during a session where the EMF meters were again behaving strangely, in areas where there was no obvious energy source. It was in these same offices that a pen moved by itself, under the watchful eyes of Layla and Grant. Staff of the hotel have reported pens moving around of their own accord in those offices, so this finding was especially interesting. Unfortunately, the pen would not perform this feat on command, so we were not able to capture it on video.

The entire hallway seemed active. In different spots, the EMF meters blinked on and off, with no predictable pattern. We took various pictures of the glass paned door where people have seen the reflection of a woman in white, but we were unable to capture her. We ended our investigation sometime after midnight, and we headed off to our well-appointed rooms for some much needed rest.

I would like to point out that the staff at the Pierpont Inn was exceptionally accommodating and generous. Ali, Tom, Anthony and Morgan were gracious hosts, and we would like to thank them for the time they took explaining where the “hot spots” were, and detailing the reports of paranormal activity. We could not have completed the investigation without them, and we look forward to working with them again.

We are still in the process of reviewing all of our evidence from the Pierpont Inn investigation, but our preliminary findings are quite suggestive of a haunting, especially in the staff offices and around the staircase near the lobby. The energy there is different from the other areas of the Inn; you feel it as soon as you round the corner from the lobby. While it’s not possible to say exactly what or who might be lingering at the Pierpont, there is certainly the feeling that we were not alone there. Something with intelligence and apparent consciousness appeared to be quite interested in our activities, and gave us much food for thought. We hope to have more photographs and EVPs to share with you in a few days.

We recommend that you enjoy a fine meal at the Pierpont’s restaurant, followed by a drink at the bar, perhaps a nightcap in the lounge, and then–maybe–you’ll be ready to walk up those stairs. Bring your camera and don’t trip when you come running back down.

Kirsten A. Thorne, Ph.D.
Co-founder, Los Angeles Paranormal Association

Experts Attempting to Verify Bristol UFO Video

Andy Hadlington saw the mysterious blob silently hovering around and filmed it from the window of his office.

The mysterious grey object glided around the residential area of Knowle, Bristol, at 5.30pm on Sunday without making a sound.

UFO experts have been trying to verify the sighting and are hoping to speak to more witnesses and views of the eerie episode.

Computer game writer Andy, 36, said: "It was the freakiest thing I have ever seen in my life. I was sitting in my office and saw it out of the corner of my eye.

"We're not far from the airport so I thought it could even have been a low-flying plane, so I was quite alarmed.

"It was quite exciting – it sort of hovered past the houses. There was no sound. I ran downstairs and out of the garden to see where it went but I couldn't see anything.

"My fiancée was out at the time but I'm sure other people must have seen it. It was so clear."

Denis Plunkett, of the British Flying Saucer Bureau, based in Winterbourne, near Bristol, was unable to comment on the video but said there were ways to verify its authenticity.

Mr Plunkett, 78, said: "There are ways to sort out good from bad. Firstly they are silent, there will be no noise.

"They can also become invisible. They can go in and out of MoD radar. They can change speed, direction and height in seconds.

"The best thing is if there are multiple witnesses to the sighting. If more people saw this I'd be very interested."

NOTE: I really don't know what to say about this video though the source seems credible. I'll withhold any judgement until the investigation concludes, though I'm leaning towards CGI at this time. Stay tuned...Lon

One Year Ago: Colorado River UFO Crash Update

One year ago, residents in the tri-state area of Nevada, Arizona, and California saw something weird blaze out of the sky and crash on the banks of the Colorado River, south of Needles.

Reports about the needles UFO were sent all over the world and brought a lot of visitors, including men-in-black types to that region. Residents have had a year to think about the object that crashed and to ponder some new, similar sightings from the past few months.

A trio of yapping dogs, excited about something outside their Bullhead City home is what caused Tutu Martin and her husband Paul to awaken just after 3 a.m. on May 14, 2009. "The whole bedroom lit up, like they had lights on it, so I pushed the blinds back and looked," said Tutu.

The glowing object blazed across the sky in a southwest direction and appeared to slow down, then speed up. Minutes later, Martin says, she saw and heard a formation of helicopters as they sped south past the Laughlin skyline. "They were definitely following the river heading south. About another 20 minutes or so, they were coming back," she said.

"It was bright -- bright enough that it illuminated the ground," said former police chief Frank Costigan.

A few miles away, a cantankerous cat caused Frank Costigan to awaken. He also got a good look at the streaking object, saw it slow down, then speed up, then zip below the horizon. "I expected to hear a boom or siren or something," he said.

Down on the Colorado, a fisherman we call Bob on the River had the best view of all. The oblong object with a turquoise hue lit up the water and then smashed into the sandy bank 100 yards away. "It didn't look like a meteor. I've seen meteors before. It looked like a plane crashing," he said.

Within minutes, Bob says, the air was buzzing with helicopters, and then a large sky crane somehow attached the object, picked it up, and carried it away.

In Bullhead City, Brad Allen watched the aerial procession with his son. "I looked thru the binoculars and below one of them was a green object. It was glowing a faint green," he said.

Tutu Martin saw the same procession. An hour or so later, she says the Laughlin Airport, located just below her home, was invaded by several 737's which were identical to the famed Janet planes used to transport workers from Las Vegas to the Area 51 military base. "It was white with a red stripe," she said.

In the days that followed, residents in and around Needles reported encounters with mysterious men-in-black types in odd unmarked vehicles with government plates.

Radio station owner Dave Hayes says the vehicles were similar to, but not exactly like, a government convoy the I-Team ran across. The group the I-Team stumbled upon turned out to be a team from the agency which transports nuclear weapons.

In the year since the needles UFO incident, plenty has happened. Hayes' station, KTOX, which is also where Costigan works, has become an unofficial clearinghouse for UFO reports.

Most are explainable or not believable, he says, but Costigan thinks there's no question the object that crashed near Houseboat Bob was the real deal, though every military unit within 200 miles denies knowing anything about it.

Although the story has raised the public profile of the area and has drawn curious tourists, sort of like Roswell on the River, Costigan says the locals think it's a serious matter, even if it was a military test of some sort, which is the prevailing view.

"I think it was military or the military was tailing it or knew it was coming down. But my gripe, why didn't we get warning we were in danger of something falling out of the sky? We want answers," he said.

Residents of Lake Havasu would also like answers about what's been flying over their heads in recent months. In March and again in April, eyewitnesses saw a large triangle, some say boomerang, cruising over the lake in the wee hours. The craft was flanked or followed by warplanes. The reports are similar to huge triangles seen all over the world in recent years.

A Las Vegas think tank known as NIDS found an apparent correlation between the sightings and military facilities, but the Pentagon denies having anything this big in operation.

Costigan says the Havasu sightings ring true to him. "It was seen up and down the whole West Coast. I've got several descriptions, but always with a military presence," he said.

NOTE: here are links to the 'UFO Hunters' episode that references this incident...Lon

UFO Hunters - UFO Crashes - 1/5
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Video: The Internet as Imagined in 1969

This fascinating video dates back to 1969 and presents what could be described as an early idea of the Internet.


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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Breaking: Interfax Reports UFO Crash In West Kazakhstan

A UFO incident that took place in Kazakhstan is being widely reported by the media in Kazakhstan and neighbouring countries including Russia and The Ukraine.

Interfax, Russia's government news agency, has reported that at 3am on May 13 a farmer in the village of Razdolnoye in West Kazakhstan, Vladimir Bychkov, was working his fields and noticed three luminous objects falling from the sky. They were emitting red and green sparks as they descended to earth.

The farmer alerted other villagers and they located the objects in the fields. The perfectly spherical objects were about 60cm in diameter.They were hot to touch, silvery and made of a substance the villagers were not familiar with. Each UFO had a hole on its side. When the curious villagers tried to chip the UFOs with a chisel colourful sparks flew out but to their astonishment they were unable to mark the objects in any way.

Shortly after, emergency services and the police arrived at the scene and began their formal investigations.The story is being reported in over fifty news outlets.

Did a mothership UFO lose a few parts? Does this have anything to do with the UFO base and alien embassy that the government of Kazakhstan is building?

NOTE: since this report is supposedly coming from Interfax I'm currently giving it guarded credibility. BTW, the report states Interfax as a government run news service...officially, it's not (if you really want to believe that). The Interfax-Kazakhstan website only reports through 24 hours and this incident is no longer on the latest news roll. Hopefully, something else will come to light...Lon


2 UFOs Crash Land in Kazakhstan - Report

UPDATE: From Moscow News

Two luminous balls have fallen from the sky into a field near a village in Kazakhstan. The Local Emergency Ministry is studying the objects, believed to be UFOs.

Residents of Razdolnoye village in Western Kazakhstan saw the UFOs at night.

“This was around three o’clock in the morning,” eyewitness Vladimir Bychkov told Interfax news agency Thursday.

“I was near my tractor, and heard guys shouting: ‘look, there are flying balls!’ They were big balls, and they had sparks falling off them – yellow, red, and green,” Bychkov said.

The balls were reported to have fallen on agricultural lands.

“We were afraid to approach them at first, but after they fell and cooled down, we came up to them and tried kicking them,” another eyewitness, Viktor Dyakov, said.

He said the balls were made from a "weird" material.

“We tried beating them with a chisel, but they didn’t give in, didn’t crease, only gave off sparks.”

According to Dyakov, the balls are silvery in color and around 60 cm in diameter. They also have a small hole on one side.

Emergency Ministry experts did not immediately give any comments.

British Ghost Hunter Develops Camera For Capturing Spirit Images

A ghostly child reaches out from the darkness in a snap taken on a revolutionary new spirit-catching camera.

British spooks hunter Paul Rowland reckons he's invented a gizmo for capturing spirits.

It works by using ultraviolet and infrared lights to enhance images other cameras miss.

And it was only after taking this chilling snap Paul learned there had been reports of a spirit child haunting that very room of the Welsh mansion he was working in.

Amateur ghostbuster Paul said: "You can see a child-like figure and what appears to be an arm reaching out towards me.

"I was standing with my back against the window ledge, just a metre away.

"This picture is my prized-possession."

The eerie shape was spotted at the haunted Plas Teg mansion, which is popular with paranormal groups.

The swirling in the centre isn't anything paranormal - just a laser pen over a long exposure.

Paul, 49, developed his gadget after watching TV shows like Most Haunted and believes it will help him capture dozens of spirits on camera in the near future.

He explained: "I used to shout at the screen 'why don't you use this, or that.

"But when I researched I found the technologies simply didn't exist - so I started inventing them.

"The equipment I build is specifically for the purpose of paranormal investigations, unlike the borrowed technology used by other investigators.

"My belief is it will take new technology to reveal new evidence."

Paul got to work, drawing on his background as an engineer.

The ghost-cam device - which is yet to get a proper name - is the latest in a line of gadgets he is working on to photograph and communicate with the dead.

Speaking to The Sun ahead of this weekend's Edinburgh Ghost Fest, Paul continued: "The idea came about because I wanted to be able to carry technology around in one unit.

"I use blue and ultraviolet lights to enhance our capability in the dark.

"It also has a digital stills camera and camcorder - both of which can see in ultraviolet light.

"And there's a live EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) system hooked up to it.

"With all great respect to mediums, nobody else can hear what's going on.

"But I believe my devices can - through feedback - let people hold yes/no conversations with the dead.

"It's almost as if the machine senses an energy build-up in the room and records it."

We uncovered Paul's freaky photography as part of our ghost tour of Britain.

He will be leading an investigation called The Paradox Experience in Scotland running until Sunday.

Turkish Singer Claims Aliens Gave Her Cure For Cancer...Then Took It Back

UFOs took her on a trip around the world and gave her the cure for cancer, only to take it back, singer Reyhan Karaca told daily Bugün over the weekend. She said she had first met the aliens a week before the devastating 1999 Marmara earthquake, when they kidnapped her from her bedroom.

She said aliens took her around 4:30 a.m. "A tall man wearing black clothes arrived. He was bald and had a big nose. He took me toward the window and showed me his spaceship. Suddenly I was transported onto the ship. I later learned that I wasn’t transported, but they had transformed my bedroom into a spaceship. There were five or six aliens that looked the same," she said. She said she had asked them for a cure for cancer, which they immediately handed over. But soon afterwards, they said the human race was not ready for it and took it back. They then took her on a trip around the world that lasted only a few seconds. "They then asked me to sleep and told me there would come a time when I would remember everything that happened," she said. She said her brother had cancer and that she had lost her father from the same disease.

Fish That Triggers Hallucinations When Eaten Discovered Off British Coast

The species of bream is normally found in the balmier waters of the Mediterranean and South Africa, was found by fisherman Andy Giles in his nets in the English Channel.

Mr Giles, 38, caught the fish, which is instantly recognised by its gold stripes running along its body, six miles south of Polperro, Cornwall.

"We were trawling for lemon sole and hauled up the net at the end of the day and almost immediately saw this striped fish, we didn't have a clue what it was," he said.

"I had never seen one before and after taking a photograph of it I tried to look it up on the internet and called some friends to see if they knew what it was.

"I put it in the fish box and brought it back for experts to have a look at it.

"Now I realise what it was and the effects it can have, perhaps I should have taken it into town to sell to some clubbers!"

There have only been three previous recordings of sarpa salpa in British waters before, with one of them being off the Channel Islands in 1983.

James Wright, a senior biologist at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, said: "These are a fairly common fish off Tenerife, Malta and Cyprus but it is very rare to get them this far north.

"It could be a single fish that was shoaling with a different species but it could be that there are more of them in our waters."

Sarpa salpa are a popular dish in many Mediterranean restaurants.

But according to marine experts, certain species of plankton-eating fish, like the sarpa salpa, can give off hallucinogenic fish poisoning if the heads or other body parts are consumed.

The effects include vivid hallucinations within minutes of eating it which can last for days.

In 2006 two men, one aged 90, were hospitalised in the south of France after eating sarpa salpa.

The elderly man suffered from auditory hallucinations a couple of hours after eating the fish followed by a series of nightmares over the next two nights.

The younger man, aged 40, endured similar effects which took 36 hours to disappear.

Reader Mail: Orbs, Aliens and the Unknown

My name is Jeffrey Gonzalez. I am a paranormal investigator in Fresno, California and also a Section State Director and Investigator for MUFON in Fresno, California. This photo happens to be of my family taken on Christmas Day 2008. I am the one holding my son on the top right. If you noticed far top left at the window valance, there is a purple object radiating. There was another photo taken a couple of seconds after using the same camera without the orb. You can see the photos are almost similar but there are a few details that are different so you know the photo is not the same and was taken at different times. The camera that we used was a Sony 12x Cyber-shot DSC-H5. All of our grandparents are no longer with us and we think one of them wanted in the picture.

About 1987, I was in a car heading down from Grand Rapids Michigan to Detroit to see an Elvis Costello concert. Because I am very tall I usually get to take the front passenger seat, but this time I got stuck in the back with three other people and I had to sit sort of sideways in the small vehicle. There was nothing to do but stare out the side window.

After traveling for about an 90 minutes or so I noticed an animal standing beside the road up ahead. It was maybe 3 feet tall, on its hind legs, just kind of standing there looking a the car as it passed. It was wearing a thick bulky white outfit. The head that was coming out of the collar was thin and hairy like a weasel maybe, but larger, with long brown hair. As you might imagine, I only saw this being for a moment as we drove by. I pointed it out to the others in the car, but we were already past it and no one saw anything. No one believed me and it was quickly forgotten.

I hadn't thought about for years, but recently some of us were discussing some concerts we had a seen together and we started to talk about that Elvis Costello show we had seen way back when. I suddenly remembered what I had seen, and I started to mention the animal beside the road. One of my friends turned white as a sheet, ran to her room and slammed the door. I asked her boyfriend what I had said and he told me that she would NOT discuss what had happened that day and that I shouldn't talk about aliens and flying saucers around her. I wasn't aware that I had said anything about aliens, just a animal standing by the side of the road.

I haven't gotten her to discuss what is going on with this. I'm beginning to wonder if something larger happened on the way to the concert. Have you heard any reports of anything like this?

I grew up in a house in the Northeast part of Kansas City, Missouri. When I was just a little boy, I was getting ready to go downstairs, and as I had just gotten on the small landing before going down and suddenly felt a hand on my back which pushed me downstairs. Since I was so small, thankfully it did not hurt me. I ran back upstairs to see who had done it, and I went from room to room. Well, nobody was there!!!

About 30 years later, I mentioned this event to one of my older sisters and she proceeded to tell me that my parents had bought the house from the estate of a deceased older man who had died exactly at the spot from which I had been pushed downstairs. She agreed that since he was known as not being a very friendly man, by his neighbors it was probably him who had pushed me from the stoop as that was where his body was found.

By the way, another strange event at that address happened about a year and a half later when I was sitting outside on the top part of the outside steps to the house, when I had a close encounter with a UFO. When I first noticed it I asked mentally to go for a ride in it. I got back a mental message. "No. Not now. Not yet." So for me, that house had many strange events, though the last experience had more positive meaning for me.

Fred Schollars


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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

North Carolina Man Claims Intimate Knowledge of Local Bigfoot Colony

Tom Burnette is a man with a mission. He found his life's calling unlocked for almost 20 years ago in the woods near Old Fort. That's when he encountered Bigfoot.

Many people over the years have seen what they believed to be sightings or physical evidence of Bigfoot. But Burnette is different in one respect. The creature he saw came back. And, as it turned out, there was more than one. Indeed, he now believes, there's a whole colony of them.

Where, exactly? He's a bit guarded about exact locations, but said he sees the creatures "way up Curtis Creek, near the Parkway."

What brings them back, again and again, to the woods Burnette haunts?

He has several guesses. For one, he believes a large community of them have lived in the area for a long time. And because their home territory coincides with the woods he haunts, they have become familiar with him.

In other words, he has made peace with them. Although he says he has not come face to face with the reclusive creatures, he has found what he believed to be gifts left for him; mushrooms, meat, and other items harvested from the woods.

"They know I'm not out to hurt them, that I'll protect them," he said. "They're used to me now." That familiarity has led to several opportunities to observe them, at a distance, for more than just a few seconds, he said.

So how is it that more people haven't seen them? Simply, he answered, because people tend to think of Bigfoot as a dumb beast, no smarter than a bear. In fact, the Bigfoot culture is well developed and they are highly intelligent creatures.

"They're more aware of you than you are of them," he said. "These are very alert creatures."

After years of observation, Burnette believes the Bigfoot domesticates the wild animals of the forest the same way humans domesticated dogs, and for the same reasons.

"They use bear to hunt," he explained. "They hunt in groups."

Earlier this spring, Burnette got what he believes is confirmation of this theory, when he came very close to a hunting party accidentally.

"I felt sure something was watching me," he said of one day's excursion into the woods. "I turned around and felt eyes on me." He didn't see anything out of the ordinary, he explained, but long years of romping the woods has taught him the limitations of the human eye in the dense foliage.

He raised his cell phone and took pictures of the woods in front of him. It was only after he had detail shots printed at maximum enlargement that he saw the evidence he had in hand.

One eerie picture shows what appears distinctly to be a humanoid face, with flat, wide mouth and heavy brows. The face's left are the shapes of what could be faces of bears or other beasts.

Burnette was chilled to think he had come so close to a hunting party, but said that, by this time, if the Bigfoot had wanted to hurt him they could have done so. The fact he has remained unharmed is evidence, he said, that the Bigfoot mainly hunts small game.

This latest close encounter is not the first. Several years ago, he continued, he found what he believed to be an infant Bigfoot left on his property. Why would a mother Bigfoot abandon her baby?

Burnette suspects that the baby may have been in danger from a male. He said in the primate kingdom, a male will sometimes kill an infant in order to get the female to go into heat. Holding the infant, he made what he now regards as a great mistake.

"I took it back into the woods," he said, "and left it, hoping she would come back for it." Sadly this did not happen. Days later, he found the skull of the young creature; whether it had been eaten by dogs or killed by an adult Bigfoot, he didn't dare speculate.

He explained that he realized this was the evidence the world had been waiting for. He photographed the skull, then sent it to Texas laboratory for DNA analysis. Today, he is upset about the lab's progress, and speculated he might have to go to court to get the thing back into his possession.

Meanwhile though, two pictures he shot of the skull are featured in the book he published a while back about his observations. Entitled "Natures Secret Agents," the book is a dialy account of his experiences and observations over the years. Many sightings are detailed, along with the occasional exchange of gifts and, sometimes, terrifying harassment by less friendly members of the Bigfoot community.

Burnette has learned to keep his distance. He tries to get the best photographs he can, but does not ever wish to put them on the defensive. The size, strength and cunning of the creatures means no human would stand a chance. He feels safe so long as he maintains a healthy respect for the Bigfoots' privacy and space.

He said that several years ago an Indian chief told him the Bigfoot is the guardian of the forest and all the animals in it. After several years observation, he is inclined to agree.

"They don't want anything to do with us," he said, because they know the violent ways of Man. "I want to share what I have learned so that we can understand them, not fear them, and respect them and their home."

Additional Ray-Shaped Cryptid Sightings in WV Ohio River Valley Revealed

The Mothman Prophecies: Mothman witness artwork
I received the following email in reference to the Winged Manta Ray Shaped Cryptid post on August 16, 2010 (reposted below). I had heard that there was buzz in reference to this phenomenon recently....a few attendees at the 9th Annual Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, WV apparently mentioned new sightings. If anyone has witnessed anything unusual, please contact me at

This is a very interesting report. I've been researching ghost, monster and cryptid reports in West Virginia for a few years now. Wrote a wee slim book on the topic. We now have a growing body of reports and stories about an odd "ray-shaped" cryptid in the area. For my book, I collected a story (which at the time I thought was an excellent story but very unlikely--just too weird to credit much beyond its campfire value) about a man who encountered a huge ray-shaped thing straddling the road ahead of him. Initially it was visible only as two reddish-orange spots that he mistook for bicycle reflectors in the fog. When he honked his horn, the "reflectors" blinked at him, then the whole body lifted up off the road and sort of glided down over the hill to disappear into the fog-filled valley below.

There is a sighting reported in Bob Tweet's excellent "West Virginia UFO's: Close Encounters in the Mountain State" in which a boy in a car spots a white "furry" shape gliding along beside the car. It was described as being four feet across with no discernible limbs or separate head.

More recently, a woman and her daughter reported the "Horton Horror" near Horton WV. This was also a manta-shaped Something that glided along over or near their car.

There's an old story about something in the fog at Foggy Bottom (I believe this particular "Foggy Bottom" is an area near Wheeling, WV--since developed) in which a dog is lifted up above the fog and is whisked off--sitting on the top of something that glides away. Dog is never seen again. That story is presented as a sort of UFO encounter, but I think it fits the pattern forming for these other stories.

There are now at least three stories/sightings from near Point Pleasant and others up the Ohio Valley. Strange.

I have no idea what is going on, what people may or may not be seeing, but I think there are enough reports now to say that this represents SOME kind of phenomenon. Folks, we have an emerging Monster tradition! All fresh and relatively new! Something that is most definitely not another manifestation of "Mothman", but a phenomenon in its own right!

Hey! I'm excited! It's not everyday you get to watch a paranormal or cryptozoological pattern form almost right in front of your eyes!

Kurt McCoy
(author "White Things: West Virginia's Weird White Monsters" and self-confessed monster aficionado)


Winged Manta Ray Shaped Cryptid - Near Ashton, WV - 12/3/2004

I received the following email in reference to my post The Mothman Cometh: John Keel's Reports on August 13th. Much of this was included in a piece written by Chris Holly, but there have been a few changes. images for larger version:

Hi Lon, thanks for responding so quickly. Here are my drawings and report. Chris Holly reported my story pretty much verbatim, so I will repeat it here for you in a slightly different form.

Date: Dec. 3, 2004

Time:6:00 - 7:00pm

Weather Conditions: clear and already dark. Moon hadn't risen yet

Location: Traveling south on Rt.2 in WV from Point Pleasant to Huntington WV. Near Ashton WV (see map)

A friend and I were traveling on Rt. 2 towards Huntington WV. I was on my way to set up my booth for an art show and my mind was occupied with the booth set up and show logistics. We had just gone over the railroad tracks outside of Ashton WV and were on a long straight stretch of road. There was distant oncoming traffic and the headlights were on. There were no cars behind us in sight. I was in the passenger seat and my friend was driving. I noticed a sudden movement in the sky over the Ohio River to my right in front of the car. It was a greyish, smooth, winged shape. the shape swooped in a figure 8 in front of the windshield and then was suddenly gone to the left of us. It didn't fly out of sight, it was just gone. This happened very quickly, but as I am a visual artist, it was impressed into my memory banks!

Size: Bigger than the car. The wingspread was wider than the 2 lane road we were on. The wings seemed to stretch wider somehow as it did the figure 8 swoop. It was never more than 25 feet away from us as it flew towards the windshield. We thought it was going to crash into the windshield! At one point during the swoop it was only about 5 feet off of the pavement.

Color: Grey, translucent like a jellyfish. As it banked and swooped I could see many angles of it and somehow it looked more transparent as it turned some parts to us. I immediately thought it was like a manta ray. The body was flattish like a manta ray or a bat. The wings were long and smooth and sort of pointed at the tip. I saw no texture or roughness on it, only smooth surface.

Characteristics: Only body and wings- no head, eyes, tail, or feet. It did not look humanoid in any way. On the other hand, it wasn't a bird either. It moved more like something in the ocean would move - Did not flap the wings like a bird, or flutter them like a bat, but stretched them instead. My friend (who alas passed away a year ago) said to him the wings looked ragged like there were pieces coming off of them.

He also said he got a good look at the underneath and it looked grey and smooth. This absolutely was not a machine! It was articulated like a living creature and seemed like something organic.

As I look back on this sighting, I wonder if it was something playing with us - It happened so quickly that the only scary part was when we thought it was going to crash into the windshield. It was so beautiful and strange! It reminded me of a sea creature more than anything else, maybe our air is like water to them.

The only other time in my life I have ever seen anything remotely similar was in 2000 in Clay Co. WV, driving along a one lane road along the Elk River (a river was present in both instance -I just realized) In that case, I was alone and for about a mile as I drove, I kept noticing a shimmer in front of the car about 15 feet ahead of the car. This was late morning in the summer. It preceeded the car at the same distance for several minutes, then I noticed a shadow on the road too, large and shaped sort of like a bird. I looked up out of the windshield and there was a large crow flying above me. But what I first saw in front of the car was not a shadow, it was a disturbance in the air in front of my car that looked like a heat mirage sort of but was very close. This was a curvy country road right by the river. I had never seen heat mirages on that road before or since. At the time I thought that it was just sort of weird, then very close to that time I had a very lucid dream that I was in my car flying over the river right near the place where I saw the shadow.

As an artist, my mind is open to many possibilities and explanations - I think the unseen world is just a small vibrational frequency away. As a child I was fascinated by fairies and nature spirits and spent a lot of time alone outdoors.

NOTE: though there have been several variations in describing the 'Mothman', this particular description is unique and most likely represents another cryptid or non-terrestrial entity. As well as the Mothman sightings, the area along the Ohio River (southern Ohio and southwest West Virginia) has had a large number of other paranormal events including UFOs, large apparitions and hauntings, native and folklore based creatures, etc...Lon
Purchase your copy at Mothman Dynasty: Chicago's Winged Humanoids

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