Thursday, December 03, 2009

UPDATE - Paranormal Team Claims Apparition Led Them To Bones

I received an email and images in reference to this case:

"My name is Frank Lovoi, Co-founder of H.I.T Men “Haunting Investigative Team of South Louisiana. We are the group that took the picture of the apparition of the ghost and the group that found the bones. The picture was submitted to the newspaper on disc but for some reason was not publicized. It may be for pixilation reasons. We have in our possession the digital memory stick plus copies on disk as well as copies saved on computer in files. What makes this story unique is that had we not taken these pictures we would have never investigated the house. I really believe that there is a lot more to this story that will soon come out. I don’t buy the Indian bones theory... but than again I may be wrong."

The image: "notice the two sliding glass doors and before you zoom on the picture you will see his arm. Slowly zoom it in and you will see a big guy in denim is amazing. There was no one there!!! The house is vacant!"

Here is the posting link from 11/29/09 - Paranormal Team Claims Apparition Led Them To Bones

NOTE: the following images are those of the bones found in the house. I have since learned that a huge sawmill (Dibert, Stark & Brown Cypress Co. Ltd. - Donner, Louisiana) once stood on this property. Spiritual consultant, SW, examined the images and states the following. "As for the photo, that is not overalls the man is wearing. It is a blue apron. I immediately picked up on that he worked around animals... a lot. Either as a farrier (blacksmithing/horseshoeing), or as a butcher... probably both. See how powerfully built he is? That tells me he was used to rough and heavy work.

I need to see some of the bones. I can get more from them, I'm sure... but I don't get the impression that this apparition was a criminal. He died somewhere on the property... somewhere near that house. The house is just inside an area that is deemed "sacred". Many native peoples died there, in strife."
If more evidence is forthcoming, I will post here...Lon

For comparison, as you can see in the images below, the apparition is not visible.

SW has forwarded the following comments in regards to the bones and the area surrounding the house:

"I looked at the photos and now as I write to you, I let the thoughts come to me, as they will. Most of those bones appear to be old... from a time way past. I keep sensing "out of the ground". I believe most of those bones were dug up and moved there. It is no wonder there are so many restless spirits but I'm sensing the blending of remains. There is a sense of "scattering of pieces"... and... something... dark. Oh... Oh, crap.

I just had a tightening in my throat.

I might add that there were 3 'haints' in the house at the time the photos were taken. One looking out the door and 2 looking out from the window. Bad mojo. I would warn the investigators."


Colpittsdragon said...

I would like to know a few things. First and foremost, why the different angles in the comparison pics? An image could easily disappear with a change in angle (a la face on Mars). Secondly, I would like to know why the bones are considered human, I saw no skulls, nor any other indications that the bones are anything other than animals. Thirdly, and I had this concern when I first read this story, what tipped them off that it was an "Indian Burial Mound"? From the pictures posted here I see absolutely no indication that it's anything other than a hill.

naughtyzut said...

If the police took the bones away, the coroner would know by now whether they are human or of some other animal. If they are human, it's inconceivable that this story didn't make the local papers. Is there any information available other than what this paranormal group is providing? All I see are small bone fragments and something that might be part of a skull, but all animals have skulls and this picture isn't really very good, at least not for the purposes of bone identification. For all we can tell, they might have stumble upon the remains of a basement pet cemetery. I'm surprised they didn't take any close-up shots.

Frank said...

Hi , I am Frank Lovoi, Co-founder of H.I.T. men, haunting investigative team and i would like to thank you guys for your interest and answer any questions you have so i will start with Colpittsdragon. We did not take the other pics for the reasons of comparison. when we went to our computers and seen the apparition we went back to try to get more images and we were not able to. We simply posted these pics to illustrate that there was nothing to give off any reflection that would cause that apparition.For your second question, When we found the bones the real estate agent insisted we call the police and have them check it out. once they got there they made us leave as it was then a potential crime scene. The local coroner then came out and determined that they were human and that they were going to send them to LSU college forensics department to determine the age and ethnicity of the bones. and for your third question here is the answer. I was looking on line for some some property for a friend of mine whom wanted to buy some property for their horses. the house is 100 years old and comes with a fallout shelter. Anyone that lives in south Louisiana will tell you that there is no way to have a basement in South Louisiana. For the most part we are below sea level. From the pics on-line i could see the hill and knew that it had to be an indian mound. Let me make myself as clear as possible. There are NO natural hills in Southwest Louisiana and because we are below sea level the Indians built mounds to bury their dead. Along our bayous there are many indian burial mounds and most of them are now protected with fences. And one last thing on that question. On the adjacent property there is another mound which is at least 20 feet high but it is overgrown with trees and shrubbery. From the road it is hard to tell it is there.
naughtyzut here are your answers. The story did make the local papers. All of them. And as for the picture quality, i was documenting an event. i wouldnt know a human bone from a cow bone but i did take plenty of pics and when i wanted a close up i pressed the zoom feature on my camera and that worked good enough for me. Now i am sure that the coroner got some close ups. If you want to follow the story Just google and in their search engine type in bones and you will get every story printed about the subject. I hope ive shed some light on your questions and appreciate the interest you have in the article. Thanks for listening ....Frank Lovoi Sr

jessica said...

Well I did see the apparition in your picture and I do believe in ghosts and spirits. Your explanation to the other two comments was very clear, thank you for your articles. I love anything that has to do with paranormal stories. Goodluck. Happy hunting!

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