Sunday, December 27, 2009

Todd J. Sees Investigation

All current information can be found at Todd Sees Investigation (Ongoing)...Lon


Chris Holly said...

I am not shocked at this report. I do feel extremely sorry for the victim and his family. I interviewed and wrote about a group of hunters in New York that walked upon a large UFO with a beam of light or ray attached to a large group of power lines. I think after reading this report that they were very lucky they were not seen by those occupying the craft. Mr See's was not as lucky. My heart goes out to him and his family
Chris Holly

Joseph Capp said...

Thank you for posting this. I posted a article about it myself with Butch Witkoski presenting on this subject at PA MUFON Conference. It scared the hell out of me because it was the last thing I wanted to hear about our visitors.
However you have to follow the data where ever it leads.
Thanks again
UFO Media Matters

Polish Giant said...

I wonder if there were any "men in black" spotted in Northumberland during this 2002 late summer period of time?

Lon said...

I've been fascinated with this case since it was first reported. Honestly, I'm amazed how there has not been more commentary on this case though, there seems to be a force behind the scene suppressing the information...Lon

Inexplicata said...

Having written at length about the subject of human mutilations by unknown forces, I'm always reminded of the words of Salvador Freixedo when it comes to such cases, to the effect that the greatest danger is to those who are "found" by these forces in an isolated location (lonely road, empty field, etc.) Thank you for posting this.

BrandonD said...

Polish Giant asks about "men in black"... I suspect there were men in black involved, they were mentioned in the story.

Is there anything to confirm that the men who arrived quickly on the scene were in fact FBI? Other than simply their own testimony, of course.

This seems to be yet another case involving a group of men who arrive immediately on a ufo-related scene with uncanny promptness, always claiming to be "FBI" or "Air Force" or some such authority.

BoyintheMachine said...

Wasnt the "official" cause of death from cocaine?

Todd R said...

I know that there have been a few abduction/dissections with humans that slipped into public eye before it could be covered.

Having had close encounters and abductions through my life has shown me how we are lied to about such.

They can and do is not all and always that it happens..or I would not be commenting.

I have shared my encounters..and I will stand up for truth. I know far more than people think..and..I am ridiculed for it.

I do pity the ignorant.

ET is very real and here..We all will know this in our lifetime.


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