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Ghostly Sighting Aboard The Queen Mary...Is It Psychic Peter James?

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ireport - Chris Morrow, who is a frequent contributor, told us she was "creeped out" and had a hard time sleeping after this happened. The Queen Mary's owners acknowledge the ship's "haunted" history by staging an on board show called "Ghosts and Legends."

This is REAL! I spent the night on the Queen Mary and was at the piano bar late with about 10 witnesses. Marty Morrow (husband) took our small Sony pocket camera and clicked a photo of Leslie the Bartender while she was playing the piano. The ghost 'Bruce' appeared as a reflection on the piano. This has been documented only once before.

I can't explain it - I was there - and there are witnesses!

About the Queen Mary

The Queen Mary has played roles throughout her illustrious career, and upon her Maiden Voyage in 1936, was considered the grandest ocean liner ever built. During her heyday, many considered her the only civilized way to travel. With the outbreak of World War II, she was transformed into a troopship overnight. By the end of the war, "The Grey Ghost," as she was fondly called, had carried more than 800,000 troops, traveled more than 600,000 miles and played a significant role in virtually every major Allied campaign. Retired in 1967, she was purchased by the City of Long Beach and has remained an icon for the city for over 40 years.

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Update: our spiritual consultant 'SW' forwarded the following:

That picture is not of a spirit named "Bruce". The spirit's name is "James" (don't know if it is a first or last name) but I do know he is not a "resident" spirit of the Queen Mary. The initials "J" and "P" are important. The ghost has a mustache and dark, thick wavy hair. I get the sense he was on, or stayed on the ship before he died. Also, I think he may have had some psychic ability. A ghost hunter himself, perhaps?

Sure enough, after some research 'SW' forwarded this information to me:

Obituary: Peter James, World-renowned Psychic

Psychic Peter James, who spent a lifetime communicating with those who have passed on, died July 31, 2007, following a brief illness. He was a long-time resident of West Hollywood, California.

"There are many who view my career of intense research into the 'other side' as a testament to my abilities as a gifted researcher and accomplished psychic," Peter James said recently. "However, personally I feel as though I am just now fully prepared to reach even greater heights of understanding in my efforts to reveal the unexplained."

Peter James had been a full-time ghost investigator and psychic since 1980 and had studied ghosts and explored his own psychic abilities since his first ghost encounter when he was eight years old. In the apartment building where he lived in Rochester, New York, a past fire had claimed the lives of three young children, and, in his words, "these three children became my playmates for nearly three years. With childlike innocence, I soon learned to communicate with my new friends. This happened easily and quite naturally, as it does among children the world over, by playing together. At that time, I didn't know what a ghost was, nor did I realize what was meant by being psychic. Now that I do understand these things, I believe the broad range of psychic abilities I possess today is largely due to my early experiences with these children." He believed that this kind of communication is an ability that can be developed in all of us.

"Since those early days, I have met kings and queens, heads of state and numerous players on the world's stage, and made many amazing and carefully-documented discoveries regarding my ghost investigations," James said. He took great pride in the fact that his discoveries had been verified by independent researchers.

His method for communicating with ghosts was unique. He would go to the place where the ghost was said to reside and communicate directly with the spirits, calling them out for a conversation. He said he could see ghosts as clearly as he could see any other living human being.

His following grew during his eight years as resident psychic on the television show, Sightings, and he appeared in many other movie and television projects relating to the world of paranormal research. He regularly conducted ghost tours of the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, based on his paranormal investigations of the ship dating back to 1991. He claimed to have identified more than 600 resident spirits haunting the ship - 150 he said he had spoken with personally. A DVD chronicling his work will be released nationally in late September.

"Peter's investigative tours of the Queen Mary, as recently as a couple of months ago, were quite remarkable and very popular with our guests," said Queen Mary President and CEO Howard Bell. "His deep and sincere belief in his work and his well-reported conversations with the Queen Mary's resident ghosts were enhanced by his dramatic appearance and warm, generous personality. We plan to create a permanent memorial for him aboard the ship and hope that Peter's spirit won't stray too far from the Queen Mary where he has many friends."

Many may not have known that the psychic was also an accomplished vocalist and a life-long devotee of jazz and rhythm and blues.

In the conclusion to his recent biography, he said, "I've helped scores of people over the years by offering insight, guidance and enlightenment to help better focus their lives. I will continue these efforts, and I am planning astounding ghost investigations with the hopes of discovering something so profound that the world at large will be more accepting of things going bump in the night."

Peter James is survived by his brother, Tommy Nast; sister-in-law, Luanne; niece, Ali and nephew, Nicholas. He also leaves behind his beloved friends, Victor Guzman and Grant Collins. Peter and Tommy were recently preceded in death by their sister, Marion Stimus.

"Peter had a remarkable gift," said his brother, Tommy, "and he always utilized it for the benefit of others. Peter's credibility and integrity were unparalleled in the paranormal world as well. Our family and friends will miss him, but his memory will stay in our hearts for eternity."

A private memorial service is being planned aboard the Queen Mary.

Ghost Hunting Aboard the Queen Mary with Peter James

NOTE: is this Peter James' spirit? Lon


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