Saturday, November 14, 2009

'I was attacked by a Reptilian!'

Witness report (revised) - Great Britain: I awoke one night in a state of which I can only explain as a spasm, my body was in a rigid state. I could not move a muscle and felt like something was on top of me.

I fought to get movement back in my body. I could not turn my head or move at all. It was like I was having a fight to get control of my body.

After a few panic stricken moments, I could just barely move my fingers, only a little bit. I then felt that there was more than just a spasm. I felt dirty and touched. It was a horrible feeling from deep inside me.

I could barely move my toes, again very slightly. My throat felt like it was being held. I could feel something was on top of me. My hands where by my side, but it felt like they were around my own throat, holding tightly. I was using all my might to break free from this spasmodic state.

Then could feel something breathing into my left ear, a sound of a growl-like noise right next to my ear. I struggled to move my head to the left, like breaking free from a strangle hold.

I could barely see the outline of a head, a big long head next to my own face. As the spasm-like feeling started to wear off, a tiny bit at a time, I could work out that this thing on top of me looked like a lizard/newt thing. It was like a blending together of all that was around it, or maybe invisible. I'm not very sure which, but I could see it clearly as the seconds passed on.

It was reptilian. I growled at it, or I think I did. My mind and my body gave all it could to do so. I bared my teeth at it and I could feel it could read my mind. I was swearing at it and shouting all sorts of obscenities at it. I felt violated and used.

The next thing, it was quickly off of me and was standing to one side of the bottom of my bunk bed. A light came through the thin gap in the curtains. There were different shades of a golden light which also had very small particles inside it, like dust or small stars which moved around like little bright lights.

This reptilian creature was about 6 feet tall. I could sense it was either proud or happy with itself, maybe both. I tried to sit up as best I could and through my mind I swore at it again.

The creature walked forward and stepped into the light beam. As it did, the feet and legs vanished into the light. The more the creature moved forward towards the window, the more of it vanished.

After it was gone I felt relaxed, but I could still feel where I was held around my throat. I felt I was raped by this horrendous monster.

I awoke to a bright sunny day. I could hear my mother downstairs, washing up and doing housework. I laid in my bed and didn't move a muscle. I ran the incident through my mind again and, yes, I could still feel where I was held around my throat.

I know this happened. My mind, heart and soul knows that this happened. For the life of me, I could not run downstairs to explain to my mother about this. Who would have believed it? How would my parents have handled such a thing? I did not know what to do?

Since that night, my stepfather passed away. I asked my mother if she believed in aliens or ufo's. She replied that my stepfather said once that he saw a ufo near Brighton while at sea in the 1960's and he swore that it was a ufo, but only told my mother this.

I never told my mother about my experience, as I thought it would be to harrowing for her to hear.

What do I do about my experience? I would love to do something about it. It may help somebody, as I am being very honest. Things like this should be disclosed. An answer has to be found on why this is happening.


Ai said...

Sounds like a classic example of sleep paralysis (which I experience often), in my opinion. Obviously the paralysis, but also the feeling of a weight atop of your body, the panic it often induces, the sound of something near by breathing heavily...

Those who are not familiar with it often seek paranormal explanations... Hallucinations are not uncommon.

I'm sure others have concluded the same of this case, and other like cases. I just wanted to point out the similarities.

Erich Kuersten said...

I had a similar encounter once with a really bad fever - when a reptilian demon figure manifested itself in the light reflecting from outside streetlights onto my bookcase by my bed. I also was paralyzed then got up and yelled at the apparition until it finally disappeared back into the lights of the bookcase... but I felt and still do feel that it was real, and its resemblance to common reptoid motifs is spot on.

I believe that in between common sleep paralysis and actual documented UFO abduction is a whole realm of psychological weirdness we know nothing about, so I'm always reticent to say "just sleep paralysis" - there's more to sleep, paralysis and extra-dimensional beings than we may ever consciously know

Erich Kuersten said...

I just reread this post and for what it's worth, also remember the feeling that the being had a triumpant, mocking grin on--seemed to laugh at me, and to be 'incorporated' from the air and imagery around it (my bookshelf).

I also later dreamt the same being from a farther distance, like a statue, with the grin frozen on, and also that weird interdimensional gateway warping aura that seemed to use whatever was in the background around it to form itself. Also, my mom was downstairs while I was screaming at the beast and also never heard anything.

And I had the first dream before I ever heard of retpilians or reptoids, a good 20 years before!

Again, not to say I don't believe in sleep paralysis, just that I think it's an example of scientific labeling-dismissal, if they have a name for it and a rough idea how it happens, then problem solved. There really is almost nothing known about sleep paralysis or why it occurs. Science always tries to devalue that which it can't explain... just because they gave it a name doesn't mean it's not true, freaky, or worth discussing.

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