Sunday, October 04, 2009

Wisconsin Woman Claims 'Translucent Beings' Outside Her Window - A woman in Wisconsin supposedly witnessed three translucent beings sitting in the trees outside her window.

At around 10:00 AM in the first week of July, 2009, the woman states she had been sitting watching television in a recliner, with a clear shot out the window when the beings appeared.

Startled, she found herself frozen in place as she examined the beings standing side-by-side.

Each entity was somehow attaching itself to the tree four feet off the ground.

The beings were about six inches wide, and approximately a foot tall, but the report also says it may have been difficult to judge height since the creatures may have been sitting.

The woman also described their arms as being extremely long.

The woman said their faces were cone-shaped, their arms were extremely long. and she couldn’t make out any features on the strange conical snouts.

The creatures appeared to be translucent, and did not reflect light properly. The woman said it was as though they were cloaked or invisible with only their outline visible.

The creatures and the woman stared at each other for approximately four minutes. The woman finally got up the nerve to slowly extricate herself from the room and leave through the front door.

She had heard stories of people getting abducted, and this only added to her unease, “I was afraid they would come in and abduct me. Or do experiments as we hear about what happens to people.”

She turned her back to them for no more than a couple of seconds, but they had vanished by the time she looked back.

She quickly ran to her neighbor who asked her if she had seen a ghost, to which the woman said she had indeed seen something very weird.

The next person who saw the creatures was the woman’s boyfriend who woke her and asked if she had seen anything weird outside of their rear window.

Having not told him the story of the bizarre creatures, she tentatively said yes, but nothing else.

The boyfriend described the three creatures with cone-shaped faces identical to the ones she had seen, and that they had eyes or possibly holes where eyes should have been.

The beings were apparently riding some form of platform or stationary device, busying themselves at a control panel when he spotted them.

Their bodies were also translucent, although the platform held a faint milky color to it.

He was certain they didn’t see him, and was able to watch them for about four minutes.

As they shared their stories, each was relieved that the other could confirm the sighting, but they were also unnerved by the possibilities of strange creatures stalking their window.

Two days later, at approximately 0:00 AM, as the couple was sitting watching television, she again saw movement again in the trees.

Only one of the beings had returned. He stood hanging in the middle of the window at the same height as before.

His conical face stared blankly at them before it vanished.

The boyfriend, terrified at the prospect of seeing the creatures yet again, didn’t turn his head to look out the window, and the creature vanished.

The sighting had a toll on the occupants of the house. They are now terrified and looking for answers as to why the creature is appearing outside their window, and what it wants from them.


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