Monday, October 19, 2009

Video/Photos: Bigfoot Evidence Surfaces in Arizona - Seligman is the birthplace of historic Route 66, but could it also be the home of Bigfoot? "Java" Bob Smallsback of Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. is in town researching two reported Bigfoot sightings by a Phoenix man who is building a cabin in the area. The sightings reportedly happened on two different occasions over the past two years. Smallsback says he was called in after the most recent sighting and claims he was able to track the creature, finding what he says is a fingernail where the Sasquatch had stubbed his toe on a rock.

Smallsback says a team from Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. will be in Seligman for the next few months in hopes of making contact with the elusive creature.

NOTE: well, looks like is back at it again...remember the Georgia Bigfoot Hoax? Yep, this is the group that was right in the middle of it...does the name Tom Biscardi ring a bell? I'm NOT saying that this particular investigation is bogus, But I feel the information behind the story is worthy to comment on...Lon

In the meantime, I've received the following email recently:

These photographs were taken by someone else who wishes to remain anonymous.
This person attempted to notify the local media as they (media) were interviewing a BF researcher.
This person was told by media rep that someone would come by and view the pics...but no one showed.
After several more attempts...there were no responses.
So my friend just stopped.
I just happened to see the pics at this person's place of business and it piqued my interest so I took it upon myself (with pics owner approval) to have more experienced BF investigators view the pics and ascertain their (pics) validity.
I was told the pics were taken in the White Mountain area of Arizona near a place called Hawley Lake.
I actually fish and camp there quite often.
I will be sending you more details as it becomes available.

NOTE: maybe someone can comment on these photos and the email. I'm hoping information is forthcoming...Lon


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