Thursday, October 01, 2009

Paranormal Group Seeks R.M.S. Titanic EVPs

NOTE: A group called "The Titanic Endeavor Tour" is seeking sponsorship to the site of the sunken oceanliner in an attempt to record voices of the dead spirits that may remain...Lon

The Titanic Endeavor Tour is Seeking Sponsors

Statement: The Titanic Endeavor Tour...a project being undertaken by Society of the D.E.A.D. (Direct Evidence After Death) is an ambitious project that...if successful...will bring back the first recorded evp's...(Electronic Voice Phenomenon) from the location where the RMS Titanic sank those many years ago back in April of 1912.

With a bit of luck and plenty of dedication, we may even bring back evidence beyond the level of evp's. An expedition to this location for the purpose of paranormal research has never been done...or even attempted. The expedition will take place on April 14/15 of 2010.

There will be more than paranormal research being conducted while we are on this site though. As you are no doubt aware, the Titanic's condition is degrading rapidly.

We plan to take a side scan sonar image of the vessel so that we may determine her current condition. Rust colonies are consuming this grand old lady at the rate of 240 pounds per day.

At some point within the next few decades her hull will no doubt cave in upon itself. That will be a sad day for a vessel that has stood proud on the ocean floor for nearly a century.

Her history has been one that has touched each and everyone of us. We wish to preserve this history as best we can and to create a sonar image that will aid in her future.

This expedition will not include diving on the site. The research that we intend to do can be done on the surface with the exception of a few underwater microphones that we intend to lower down a few hundred feet.

Respect is of paramount concern to us which is why we will be conducting a memorial service as well. Prior to leaving the site we will be placing 1533 white roses into the water. One for each victim.

Generating the funding for this project is slow going but it is coming together though. We are currently in negotiations to sell the film rights for the documentary that we will be filming during this investigation entitled "Titanic...You Know Their History...Now Hear Their Voices".

This may not be enough to insure the needed funds to will this project into reality though. We are asking you to attach your name to this project by becoming a sponsor.

There are many ways to do this. You can simply purchase one of the white roses that we will place in the water as a tribute...roses cost five dollars each...or you can simply become a contributor by making a donation to this expedition.

All sponsers will have their name and or business or media venue forever attached to this project. As project have my word that you will be listed in the end credits of the documentary...all literature that we release and the book that I will be releasing of the same title after the project has been completed. I will also send you a letter written in my own hand to thank you for aiding us with this project.

We are going to make paranormal history...join us in this venture. Thank you for taking the time to read this bulletin and help us bring the science to you and the world.
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