Monday, August 17, 2009

Photos: Multi-Colored Shape-Changing UFO - Indio, CA

Unedited MUFON witness statement: June 11, 2009 - my family and I were traveling to California for vacation. We stop at rest stop near the AZ/California border my son pointed out a bright slow moving object that seemed to change colors from "bright" white, amber, orange, to a light blueish/purple. This object also seemed to change shapes from a tear drop, to some what of a cross which is what really caught my attention, then to an orb sort of shape? I was able to get 5 pix using a Fugi f480 digital camera 8.2 mega pixel. 3 of the pix were shot around 6:30pm, the to night shots were take from a gas station just outside of Indio, California, when my son informed me that it was still visible and he had kept his eye on it since it first became visible to us back at the rest stop. Sorry that I had not post this sooner, but I just came across the pictures yesterday!
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