Friday, August 07, 2009

Photo: Spectre Appears at Beach Outing - Imagine the shock a Stevenston mum got when a photograph of her daughters appeared to have an extra person in it.

Charlene Wieringa is the latest Three Towns resident to have one of her pictures occupied by a 'ghostly' figure.

Her partner Scott Arthur took the photo on his mobile phone and it shows Courtney (12) on the right with little sister Elise (5).

Charlene said: "We were down at the beach because some friends of ours had come over with their camper van. We had a bonfire and Scott took a picture of the girls and we didn't notice anything.

"It wasn't until later when Scott was going through his phone deleting pictures that he came across it again and we thought we could see something.

"Scott thinks it's smoke from the fire but the girls and I think it looks a bit like a Scottish soldier. We'd be interested to hear what other people think."

Several people from the local area have contacted the Herald with similar pictures that feature uninvited guests in the background.


Mr. S said...

It does look like a man kneeling with a hand on his knee...but it could be smoke. Damn you, ghosts! Just come out and give us a clear pic!

Rev. Roger said...

It certainly looks like more than a trick of light and smoke. The lines are too well defined.....and he probably didn't bring any of the marshmallows.

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