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Sanger Paranormal Society States Bigfoot Photo Authentic


The Sanger Paranormal Society has confirmed the object that was photographed with a trail camera is not a tree stump or a bear. The team returned on Wednesday July 1, 2009 to the exact spot where the photo was taken. It was verified by Jeffrey Gonzalez, his wife Cheryl, Emerald Bonilla, Investigator for Sanger Paranormal and David Raygoza, veteran Bigfoot investigator. Other photographs were taken by the same camera during that same time period but were not posted because we wanted to see what kind of a reaction we would get from the paranormal field. Many Bigfoot investigators simply said the object was a tree stump or a figment of our imagination. Other said it was a bear standing on its hind legs and / or scratching its behind on a tree. One Bigfoot organization simply said and I quote, “we went to your site but we didn’t see anything”. But there are several problems with the opinions stated by the public and the paranormal investigators. For example, its not a tree stump because the dark object is no longer there. (see photo’s) Another problem with the bear theory is that if you notice the head, it does not have a snout. You can see the features of a human face such as the nose, mouth and chin. The arms on a bear, when standing, do not hang that far down. We also took measurements on how high this thing was. According to the leaves and the branches that were covering the objects face, the tape measure said it was between 8 and 9 feet tall. The same camera that took the picture of the object also took pictures of other animals such as black bear and deer, which does not resemble the object in any way. These cameras were left up in the Sierra National Forest Memorial day weekend and retrieved on June 7, 2009. The memory cards were downloaded that same day on my computer and the memory cards were taken back home with David Raygoza. We did go through the photos on my laptop while we were in the forest but never saw the object until 3 days later. I received a email from David Raygoza telling me to take a look at picture # so and so and look at the top left hand corner. I had all the photos on my laptop so I was able to look at them. David Raygoza has been visiting this location for 6 years now and was told about this spot by an elderly native American. He told David this particular spot in the forest was sacred Indian land and that weird things happened there. David Raygoza has had many individual sightings with many footprints but has never had the shot until now. With examining all the evidence and debunking the tree stump and bear theory, we can honestly say that we have captured a photograph of a bigfoot. I don’t care what people are going to say...this is for real……Jeffrey Gonzalez

UPDATE: I received this next batch of photographs from Jeffrey Gonzalez taken at the same location as the original photos. There are images from different times during daylight for comparison. Jeffrey points out that the angle of the hill is close to 45 degrees which would make it very hard for a bear to stand upright. As well, he states that there is no stump and that the object is clearly brown in color (not a black bear). Anyway, he promises that his group will continue to investigate the area. Jeffrey Gonzalez states ..."If this bear was walking up the hill on his hind legs, well, I better go find it because it needs to be in a circus. Also, they say it was a tree stump, well, the tree stump grew legs and walked away. They were saying that it was a bear rubbing its ass, what....between the 2 tree's and at a 45 degree angle? Quote me...we have a photo of BIGFOOT!" (click images for larger detail versions)
(3 filtered images of original photo - Copyright - David Raygoza)

Photographs of the same location (click images for larger detail versions)

(click images for larger detail versions)

(click to enlarge image)
(Copyright - David Raygoza)

I received these images from the Sunday June 28th with the following note:

Please look top left hand corner. You need to zoom in. Feel free to crop it and clean it up or go to my web site where its already cleaned up. If you use the picture on this email, please put on there Copyright-David Raygoza. He is a BFRO investigator who was with me and this picture is his property. We are going back this Wednesday to take measurements of the tree and see if there are any tracks or hair samples. I am also going to stand in the same place and have a picture taken. This is not a bear. Look how long the arms are. They go past the knees. Also, the face looks more human than bear. Jeffrey Gonzalez

NOTE: since I was not involved in the investigation and asked only to initially release this information, I will reserve any and all personal comments at this time. I thank Sanger Paranormal Society for giving me the opportunity to present these findings to the public...Lon
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