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UFO Photographed Over Rice Lake, Ontario, Canada - August, 2008 - UPDATED

Part of a letter written to

....He also noted that many have been seen in the month of August mostly. I have spoken on the phone with Sal to follow up the details regarding these extraordinary pictures. Sal told me the following about these pictures he has kept up to today.

He sounded quite sincere in tone, as I feel the pictures are genuine. These pictures were taken by his daughter Leanna, back in August 2008. Sebastian, her 11-year-old brother, was also was taking pictures randomly that day.

They were traveling on Hwy 45 in the Kawarthas region, near Rice Lake. Leanna took many pictures as they traveled along up the northern road, near dusk, as illustrated. Many pictures were taken through the windshield, in testing her new camera heading to their cottage.

Later at home, Sal noted the image on the computer, and had no idea who to send these pictures to in sharing. He said there were other pictures taken before and after these two pictures. This strange square craft is only in the two pictures I sent, no others.

Talk about a picture that says a thousand words in description. For your eyes to examine this type of rare craft? This is just another example of the many types/shapes of crafts flying out there around us, even here in Ontario!...

NOTE: Wow...this is one of the most unusual UFO images I've seen. Is this a larger craft photographed from the side? It doesn't look aerodynamic in structure. Is that vapor or another material coming off the back of this object? What do you think?

UPDATE: I received an email stating that this is a 'pulse-detonation engine' vapor exhaust. The following is from wikipedia:

A pulse-detonation engine, or "PDE", is a type of propulsion system that can operate from subsonic up to hypersonic speeds. In theory the PDE design can produce an engine with a burn efficiency higher than other designs, with considerably fewer moving parts. The burn efficiency of a PDE can exceed even turbojets and turbofans. However, the impossibility of including a bypass fan in a PDE (which increases the overall efficiency of turbofans above the theoretical maximum for a no-bypass engine) restricts the competitiveness of PDE to applications where turbofans are impractical or impossible.

To date, no practical PDE has been put into production, but several testbed engines have been built and one was successfully integrated into a low-speed demonstration aircraft that flew in sustained PDE powered flight in 2008.

In June 2008, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) unveiled Blackswift which was intended to use this technology to reach speeds of up to Mach 6. However the project was cancelled soon afterwards, in October 2008. DARPA MAY 2009 notes on PDE
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